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RE: Refrigerator not working Norcold N611

These absorption refrigerators are junk. Too many controls and ******** to contend with and in hot weather they barely cool . Have to use fans and other gimmicks.. Junk I say !
JCR-1 06/12/19 09:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Roof coating

I have a glued sheet on my roof. Is this Vinyl or EDPM ? Which Heng coating is correct?
JCR-1 06/08/19 06:46am Travel Trailers
Best white paint

What is best white paint for an aluminum sided trailer. Brush or is spraying the best technique. I assume spraying but I have seen boat finishes brushed on with smooth results. What is the best paint ? Thx
JCR-1 03/07/19 06:16am Travel Trailers

Have they(Manufacturers) yet to conquer the delamination problems associated with fiberglass?? Any new composites out there that will not delaminate ?
JCR-1 01/31/19 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken axles

They never take into account a dip , bump,hole,or speed hump.. This is where the loading is magnified and the axle gets bent the wrong way resulting in inside tire wear.Takes only one bump. How much safety factor is built into these axles.. No one knows if any at all.. probably not, thats why so many bend.Cheap manufacturing in USA, and yet we complain about China???
JCR-1 01/20/19 06:34am Travel Trailers
Diesel heaters ?? Any good ??

!2 volt portable , low fuel consumption , just wondering how effective and other comments on its usage.
JCR-1 01/20/19 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire wear, bent axle, replace or trade

Lets face it. American made trailers today are on par with Chinese quality.The axles they use barely meet specs and the build quality has an expiration date of only a few years.. Cant always blame the Chinese as American made products in many cases these days are in the same category.RV is one !
JCR-1 01/15/19 07:31am Travel Trailers
Late Fall Camping Smokies

Does The Smokies have any campgrounds open beyond Oct 31.and does any of the National Park Campgrounds allow any parking even when they are closed. I understand the facilities are down , but can you still park and overnight in the Camgrounds or scenic observation cut-outs Suggestions appreciated.
JCR-1 11/09/18 04:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Back up camera

Waste of money.. Most have a wide angle view and everything is highly distorted. Perspectives will be off in reality.I have one and never use it ..waste of time.. I just use my side mirrors when driving and get out to see where I am backing.
JCR-1 09/29/18 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Open Frame Generators

Are you kidding ? There is a huge difference between an open generator and an inverter quiet generator. I cant hear mine 25 feet away but I can hear an open frame generator 50 -100 yards away.
JCR-1 09/10/18 07:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Open Frame Generators

Yes rules are rules, and etiquette is relative as is the term generator. As I said one has to be a half wit to run a noisy open frame construction site generator in a crowded campground. Yes you don't have to camp there , but what happens when one parks next to you. The RV community should make a stand against this rude and dim witted practice.
JCR-1 09/08/18 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Open Frame Generators

Rules are rules , beyond etiquette, you have to be a half wit running an open frame noisy construction generator in a packed C. G. and yet I see it from time to time.Good luck finding a Ranger. Maybe someday campgrounds will outlaw open frame generators and only allow Inverter type generators .
JCR-1 09/07/18 06:26am Travel Trailers
Open Frame Generators

Rules of etiquette should not allow open frame generators in public campgrounds. Especially in today's world campsites are packed close together and an open frame construction site generator has no place in this environment. I see people still use them and in some very expensive rigs..
JCR-1 09/06/18 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Coachman Clipper tires (17 FQ)

yes 24.6" vs 26.1".. about 1.5 in not going to give adequate clearance Have 3 inches..Cutting to 1.5 does not allow for safety.I think it will rub on a pot hole or speed bump. Any 14 inch tires with ST or LT 8 ply.. Don't think so. close to 25 in dia??
JCR-1 08/26/18 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Coachman Clipper tires (17 FQ)

Yes sir, you are correct .. I now have the D rated tires in 13in ..but was looking to go to something in the 2000 lb range. A 14 inch rim has more options and higher load ranges.. When you think about it my trailer on the road is about 3300-3400 lbs.. The tires are rated for approx. 3500 lbs together. Seems close as when you are in high heat and pot holes etc the tires seem borderline. The 14 inch adds about an inch to overall diameter ..which adds about 1/2 inch less wheel well clearance.Not that bad ?On a single axle you need a good safety margin as a blowout can be damaging.
JCR-1 08/25/18 06:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Single axle TT's

Single axle saved me a lot of money in tolls. The whole Northeast is littered with tolls and expensive on two axles. I have had blow outs and never had any issues with the trailer tipping or getting squirrely. The only issue I had was the tire casing did chew up the well a bit but not a big deal to fix at least in my case.Not crazy that they equipped it with a 13 inch tire D range so I want to upgrade to a 14 inch 8 PR tire for extra safety.
JCR-1 08/24/18 06:40am Travel Trailers
Coachman Clipper tires (17 FQ)

Anyone upgrade the tires from the 185 75 r13 to a 14 inch tire D rating. I want to increase load rating as the current tires although adequate , but I feel can be borderline under high heat and duress and want the extra safety of a more robust tire with a higher load rating.. Appreciate recommendations Thx
JCR-1 08/24/18 06:03am Travel Trailers
Latest on flex solar panels?

What is the latest experiences with the flexible solar panels. What type is best, how they are holding up. Thinking of gluing one down on my roof ...don't want to have it portable ..Plug and play and forget . Thx and appreciate comments/recommendations.
JCR-1 08/18/18 09:01am Travel Trailers
Dometic refrigerator Questions ??

I have a Dometic refrigerator /freezer in my TT.On a recent trip in summer heat my refrigerator barely got cool. It was on propane most of the time.I checked to see that when electric was disconnected the propane burner ignited just fine and lit up but not much cooling resulted. When I got home I did a test and bypassed the circuit board and ran 120 v direct to the heating element. It froze and cooled great.So I think the refrigerator is OK but somehow not working on propane. I see the flame but looks small. Any way to know what correct flame size should be ? Appreciate thoughts and comments why cooling only on 120v and not propane.. Thanks and appreciate feedback
JCR-1 08/08/18 02:42pm Travel Trailers
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