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RE: 2021 Dodge 3500 Diesel ??

Nope - not personal vehicle - definitely a working truck. She owns an entertainment company - one that sets up party weekends in shopping malls - she supplies those blow-up slides and bounce houses for kids, etc. She works year-round, but the holidays (any holidays) she gets very busy - usually booked out months in advance. Yes, hauls heavy trailers with her equipment - blowers, generators, etc. Is she planning running under dot radar or full commercial vehicle with a dot number. I'll assume she has all her ducks in a row for that type of work. If she plans on working just under dots numbers a blinged up truck isn't her friend but is a big dot target. Dot loves pulling these guys over (no dot numbers) for a roadside looky-see..... or have those with dot numbers pull into the right hand lane and around back at scale houses. She sure don't need that type of grief.
JIMNLIN 12/08/21 06:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: anyone seen one of these in person?

This looks like the one my cousin has. The converters frame goes all the way under the trailers main frame rails like the picture taken in South Dakota. The thing is big and massive.
JIMNLIN 12/05/21 12:08pm Toy Haulers
RE: anyone seen one of these in person?

I haven't seen that brand but the conversion is a old idea from the late '60s/'70s around here anywayz. My cousin has one that was mfg in KS on his 23' tandem axle TT. In fact he still has it sitting behind the barn used as a horse tack shed. He pulled it for years with a 1/2 ton Ford.
JIMNLIN 12/04/21 07:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: Do's and don'ts of towing a loaded 12" tandem behind 5vr??

I'm heading south w/my side by side on trailer behind 30' 5th wheel, I have never done this before. I have to say I am a little nervous. I know there is only straight ahead. Any words of experience from the Knowing? Thanks We towed doubles for 8 years all over southern plains states and NM/CO mountains with a 2500 chevy/26' 5th wheel trailer and a 3500 lb fishin' boat. Total length was 63'. The boat trailer had guide ons that stuck out to the side enough for me to see the boat trailer. I never tried keeping up with the flow when pulling doubles. This was before the computer and the net. Use google maps to make a looky for fuel stations/pit stops that have plenty of room to get in and straight out without having to back the combo up. Just take it easy.
JIMNLIN 12/02/21 07:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Half ton towing

My door says 1565 max cargo 2 adults and a 1k tongue weight and your done. Looking at flagstaff micro 25fkbs. Acccordijg to every forum on the net, the listed weights are way off. So when you add hundreds of pounds to get the teal weight it’s always over or at best exactly at it. My wifes 1500 chevy has a 1640 lb payload sticker. The sticker isn't used for any legal issues with dot or civil lawsuit issues. I keep axle scale tickets in all my trucks. That way I know approx weight the truck can safely carry. Her 1500 crew cab 4wd short bed has a 4000 rawr with a 2320 lb rear axle weight. Leaves the truck with a 1680 lb payload on the rear axle as its carrying all the trailers hitch weight and part of in the cab weight. I use the truck pulling a 10k car hauler with 7640 lb blue tractor (9200-9400 lbs on the trailers axles and 1040 lbs on the trucks rear axle. The WD hitch brings the truck front axle load back to its 3120 lb nominal weight. The 355 hp/383 torque 5.3 6 speed tranny has plenty of power pulling this size trailer. I also use my 2500 Dodge/Cummins pulling the same trailer out on longer trips to a job site. This trucks rear axle has a 6000 rawr and weighs 2840 lbs empty....makes for around 3200 lbs for a payload. This year model truck like all older trucks has no payload sticker to confuse new folks to the towing world. I have 3 flatbed GN and bumper pull trailers. These type trailers can be loaded to stay at or under any trucks rawr numbers. A rv trailers hitch weight is fixed so get your trucks front and rear separate axle weights and plan from there.
JIMNLIN 12/02/21 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: New Reese hitch; confused about unhitching.

As another member says Reese has several different jaw types depending on which hitch model you have. What is the Reese hitch model number.
JIMNLIN 11/28/21 08:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do I need my WD bars just to move in the driveway?

Dissecting minutia is a barrel of fun...for some; boring for others. Like most rv trailer forums folks get stuck on just their reason their trailer had sway issues. Some even think there is just one reason a bumper pull trailer will sway. Then we have the type that never had a sway issue. And of course we have the forum know it alls who bash others who have had sway issues and found their way to eliminate it. Towing trailers full time will show several reasons bumper pull trailer can have sway issues regardless of the size of the tow vehicle. The idea is too eliminate sway...regardless of the "reasons". TerryAllen a troll 'cause....??..... really ?? Some times the troll can be found in a mirror.
JIMNLIN 11/28/21 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 2500/Cummins

My 11200-11400 lb 5th wheel rv trailers pin weight adds 2200 lbs-2400 lbs to my '03 2wd 2500 Dodge/Cummins rear axle. I keep scale axle weight tickets in all my trucks. This truck weighs 2840 lbs on the 6000 rawr leaving it with a 3140 lb in the bed payload. Actual scaled rear axle weights after loading the trailer and hooked up runs in 5200 lbs to 5400 lb range varies depending how we load the trucks bed and in the front of the trailer. Well under the trucks 6000 rawr. Certain years and configurations of 2500 Rams came with 6000/6200 or 6500 rawr.
JIMNLIN 11/25/21 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anti sway question.

Like any add ons/tow vehicle options for sway/suspension help/etc you have the truck so buy the trailer you want then load it all up and make a short run. If the combo doesn't behave the way it should then add a WD system.
JIMNLIN 11/22/21 04:51am Towing
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

Lots of good opinions here. I appreciated the feedback on this thread. Your tire mfg "Goodyear" says this about tire pressures used on trailers; clicky link Goodyear Tire and Rubber .... weighing RVs Special Considerations **Unless trying to resolve poor ride quality problems with an RV trailer, it is recommended that trailer tires be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Trailer tires experience significant lateral (side-to-side) loads due to vehicle sway from uneven roads or passing vehicles. Using the inflation pressure engraved on the sidewall will provide optimum load carrying capacity and minimize heat build-up.** Of course Goodyear assumes the trailer has properly matched tires/wheel for the trailer...and hasn't been over tired as some rv trailer owners have done like using a load G at 4400 lbs capacity on a trailer with 2600-2700 lb load on the tires.
JIMNLIN 11/21/21 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do I need my WD bars just to move in the driveway?

I pulled a 10k car hauler with a 7640 lb tall blue tractor with a cab for a couple of years before Barney (mod) talked me into getting a Husky Centerline TS hitch/1200 lb bars for this combo. Boy was he right. I can go forward or backward with the Husky WD hitch just as sharp as I did before (till the rear bumper contacts the trailer). Your truck will be fine moving in around the rv park/campground/yard or a few miles down the road.
JIMNLIN 11/20/21 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Additional fuel carrying capacity on pickup

My '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins HO 305/555 engine nv5600 tranny 3.73 gears short bed came with the factory 34 gallon fuel tank = 300-325 miles when pulling my 11200 lb 5th wheel trailer. On the road I look for a refill when the tank shows 1/4 mark. At 300 miles and my age I'm looking for a potty brake anywayz. The old truck is showing its age mechanically at 360k+ miles. Sure wish I could buy a new one just like it.
JIMNLIN 11/20/21 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

Yeah those cordless chainsaws are the cat meow. I cut and sell a bit of firewood each winter and I use mine for delimbing the tree out once I get it on the ground. Its so light and instant power cutting off limbs up to 6"-8" diameter. My 311 Stihl with the 25" bar says it weighs in the 15-16 lb range but my age and arm/shoulder muscles says its closer to 50 lbs.
JIMNLIN 11/19/21 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

I bought Dewalt to match all the rest of my tools. They all take the same batteries. Same here. I'm running a chainsaw...hedge trimmer....drill motors...big blower cordless 20v DeWalt. As my other corded/gas tools wear out their gonna' get replaced with a DeWalt 20v cordless tool. Except the the Stihl chainsaw.
JIMNLIN 11/19/21 09:07am Tech Issues

uhhhhnn...any ST tire can make those kind of miles. Come back after 15k-18k miles or so and give us a report. These newer ST load G all steel carcass tires are hands down better than the run of the mill load C/D/E poly carcass tires as far as long term use goes. I'spect those CSL Carlisle's will match other steel ply carcass load G tires.
JIMNLIN 11/17/21 06:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide Support

Slide supports are from the era before our modern powered (gear/hyd) slide outs and were needed to keep the then called tip out or pull out level. I guess its possible some of those old trailers are still in use but I can't imagine they sell very many of those old supports.
JIMNLIN 11/17/21 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

Do people go by rear Axle weight rating or vehicle weight rating? You bet. You see those one ton drw trucks with dot numbers on their door pulling heavy GN trailers. We legally/safely load our trucks or trailer up to the vehicles gawrs/tire load ratings if need be. We don't face a DOT overload violation or a lawsuit for exceeding the gvwr based payload number. Ford may give a F350 srw a 22000 lb trailer tow rating but that doesn't mean all type of trailers. I haul cattle/other stock with a 36' triaxle GN trailer with 7k axles. I load the young stuff up front over the truck and heavy stock over the trailers axles or just aft of he axles. This allows me to load the trailer so it doesn't exceed my 2500 Dodge/Cummins rawr. You can't do that with a fixed hitch weight from a rv trailer...especially a 22000 lb 5th wheel rv trailer. You have the truck so drop by your local CAT scale and weigh the trucks separate front and rear axles. Simply subtract the rear axle number from Fords 7230 rawr. From other Ford owners weight reporting your trucks rear axle may weigh in the 3400-3500 lb range leaving around 3700 lbs for a max in the bed payload. Some with heavy trailers or a heavy truck camper with one ton srw trucks go with 19.5" tires and wheels and rear suspension help. Anywayz get those axles weighed.
JIMNLIN 11/15/21 07:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

PullRite Superglide auto sliding hitch has been the gold std for many years. However where any sliding hitch is located in the bed one can still have contact with the trucks cab. At a campground in AR I was talking with another camper about his ding in his cab even tho he had the Superglide and a chevy truck. GM has the longest C/A (cab to rear axle) so most GM owners never use a slider even if the have a manual slider. Anywayz looking at his hitch in the bed it was set 4" in front of the trucks rear axle. That 4" brought the trailer closer to the cab on sharp turns ,especially right had turns, at a stop sign the bottom of a steep hill like many campgrounds have. I had him look at mine that sits zero over the rear axle for max sliding capabilities. He was a newb with a truck and trailer and let the hitch installer decide where to locate the hitch in the bed.
JIMNLIN 11/15/21 06:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replace just one tire?

If a person doesn't trust the remaining 3 tires, why would you save one for a spare? Buy 5 new tires. For my use the spare is used to get me to the next tire shop to fix or replaced the ruined tire that was on the trailers axles. Using a quality tire on the trailers axles means the spare may hang for many years before or even if its ever needed. I assume the stock tires, Castle Rock ST205/75R14, 8PR load range, D105/101L, are fairly cheap tires? I think maybe they are only 6 ply tires as it says 2 ply tread, 2 wire ply and 2 sidewall ply. The 8pr (8 ply rated) is the "ply rating" (not actual number of plies). The tire has 2 sidewall plies which is the number of carcass plies but is equivalent in strength to the old tires of years gone with actual 8 plies. Castle Rock tires ?? Not the best tire for cruising 8k-10k miles a year with lots of all day runs at interstate speeds. Myself I would sell them to some one with a lawn service trailer and go with a Provider ST or the Endurance ST. Years back I ran LT tires on my non rv trailers. We had lots of 14" sizes available but their all history now.
JIMNLIN 11/13/21 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sailun Tires

I see on Taskmaster website Providers come in a all steel ply carcass in a ST235/80 16" G @ 4080 lbs and a ST235/85-16" G @ 4400 lbs capacity only....and have 19/32nd tread depth. Thats a serious tire for haulers trailers. Should be good for 80k-90k miles per set.I don't heard about Taskmaster probably made in China it can be good but not to many reviews. The Providers first hit the streets in the 2010 era on several types of equipment trailers. They are the usual poly carcass tire with two steel belts plus the nylon cap and among the first ST tires to have the higher speed ratings and come in 13"/14"/15" and 16"E/F load range. Some rv owners have said the Providers came OEM on their trailers. The all steel carcass Providers I mentioned above is a newer line from Taskmaster. And as usual they show up on commercial type trailers first till some rv folks see the type of service haulers are getting.
JIMNLIN 11/13/21 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
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