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RE: Camper Jack

when changing a tire on my trailers with leaf spring suspensions in soft dirt/sand I use a 12 ton shorty hyd jack under the axle tube next to the U bolt. Simply raise one end of the axle enough to do the change.The jack has a 10" X 10" wide base for side of the road work. The jack stays in my truck when on the road. If I'm on concrete by my garage I use my floor jack raising one end of a axle enough to make the change. A floor jack can weigh 80-90 lbs and gonna' be a bit heavy for lifting it off the ground under a trailer. Some folks like to pull one tire up on a ramp hopefully raising the flat tire off the ground enough to make the change.
JIMNLIN 08/08/22 08:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire wrench

I have a 2008 Cruiser 5th wheel, does anyone know what size the lug nuts are and where is the wrench to change my flat tire? Thank you. A year model or trailer brand doesn't tell us what size lug nuts any trailer has. You have the trailer so its easy to find that out on your own. I have several 4 way lug wrenches. The one that fits the lugs on my 5th wheel rv trailer stays in the trailer. I also keep one in the wifes 1500 in my 2500 Dodge truck ....and one in my old 3500 drw chevy beater....two in my garage. TSC stores (tractor supply) or a farm and ranch store or a automotive parts store may carry the size(s) you need.
JIMNLIN 08/08/22 06:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just a pic of interest

Some times in the mid/late '00 era GM derated their 3500 drw trucks rawr down to softer rear suspension at 8200 lb range while Dodge/Fords were going into the low 9000-9375 rawr range. Maybe the drw in the pic is one of them. GM later admitted they made a mistake going soft suspension thinking they could sell more drw trucks to rv folks. Wall street crash in '08 bit GM hard in this size truck sales. I think in the 2010 ?? era GM fixed that with a higher rawr numbers in the 9250 range. Now their leading pack with 10500 lb rawr.
JIMNLIN 08/04/22 01:34pm Towing
RE: Jacking For Tire Change

Seems there is a lot of controversy over where to place a jack on a 2-axle travel trailer to change a single tire or service wheel bearings. All rv forums are like that mainly because many rv owners are pulling their first trailer or haven't been introduced to a easier or safer way to change a flat tire. Then you have some that may make a living by jacking trailers/vehicle for some type of R&R or maintenance daily. Then other who may have made a living pulling all type of trailers with years of jacking a stupid trailer that gave the driver some thing to do and caught a flat tire. I have a old 2 speed 4500 lb scissor jack with a 56" handle that I started with in the late '60s. It has a 4" wide X 6" long saddle that works great under the axle tube next to the U bolts. It cranks down to maybe 4" tall and my go to all purpose jack around the place. Later in the early '70s the company I sub'd with came out with 12 ton stubby hyd jacks. The jack came with a round axle adapter that cradles 1750 lb up to 12000 lb axle tubes. Slide either jack under the end of the axle next to the U bolt and raise one end of the axle high enough to get the spare back on the wheel. Both have a 10" X 10" wide base for soft side of the road conditions. One problem lifting the whole side of the trailer with the suspension hanging or let one axle hang is side links can flip causing several problems. BTDT and not fun on the side of the road getting the link to flip back in the right position. Everyone has their way of raising the trailer to change a flat or R&R. There is no correct way as trailers (rv and non RV) vary in weight from 2000 lbs up to 25000 lbs. Make a different in what works.
JIMNLIN 08/04/22 01:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Truck More Payload

New Truck More Payload The 5500 Ram CC has those big 13500 rawr. This will get you in the 9800-10200 lb payload range depending on std cab vs crew cab. I have no idea how much a loaded Host weighs but say it weighs 6000 lb wet. The 5500 truck will have around 4000 lbs for lots of extras. These number are a estimate and actual payload comes from scaled axle weights. I see lots of 3500/4500 CC ranch/farm flat beds and a few 5500 CC trucks around stock yards pulling 40' GN stock trailer with 10k-11k lb axles ( tandem dual axles). Braking with the 5500 pulling a toad shouldn't be a issue. Those big 13500 rawr plus the trucks 7000 fawr = 20500 lbs of braking performance at a minimum.
JIMNLIN 08/03/22 02:00pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

If anyone has any thoughts or experience when it comes to clearance issues and hitches it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Now you know the weight cops won't give you a answer to your hitch question. Pullrite at one time made Superglide for Fords 5' 5" bed. I saw a used one at my rv dealer a couple years back. Service mgr says a customer was using it and was selling it due to the back of the older model trailer pin box that was contacting the sides of the bed. I see Pullrites web shows several models of Superglide for Fords 5' X" beds. superglide clicky
JIMNLIN 08/03/22 06:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV wind deflectors do they work we will see

So I have bought ( but not gotten yet ) a wind deflector for the RV ( goes on the back/top of the truck ) . I have been reading and watching videos about them and it seems a very mixed bag. some people claim 1.5 to 3 MPG while others seem to have even seen a loss in MPG. One thing we all know is either you get better mpg with the wing or you won't. Either way pro or con, much depends on the combo tested.
JIMNLIN 07/31/22 06:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where is the photos

Am I the only one seeing the irony of this thread? OP indirectly asked why this forum doesn't attract new campers and then others go into a rant on how ignorant and inconsiderate new campers are. Here's Your Sign Like button.... one that this website is bad about is a new member can ask a question and gets attacked by regulars with rude sometimes off topic comments...attacking other members replies. Then the OP is never heard from again. Rude members/comments/verbal attacks aren't tolerated on all rv websites.
JIMNLIN 07/31/22 05:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Hitch Buyer's Guide

I'd love some input from knowledgeable people about what to look for when buying a 5th wheel hitch, what to avoid, and any personal experiences with specific brands or models. I'm happy to provide my email in a PM if anyone wants to talk off the record. Thanks, Dave Your asking a chevy vs Ford vs Ram type question so all you will get is my brand is best and some even bash other brands they have no experience with. Also Brand bragging and brand bashing will change depending on which rv websites your using. I've towed for a living and found with light duty 5th wheel rv type hitches there is no best brand or especially any brand to avoid. Some hitch brands have models that are better suited for 20k lb + heavy weight trailers and in between. Other brands have models better suited for lighter weight trailers. JMO I've been towing trailer since the early '60s and discovered their are no best brand truck....rv Personally I avoid any publication claiming this brand is the best for all trailers. Way to many variables to make that claim.
JIMNLIN 07/29/22 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Deep rumbling when truck loaded (with cargo or TT)

Service writer can't be certain, especially sight unseen....but said something like, "years ago, in the previous series of 1500's, we had this issue...traced it back to the drive shaft being shifted to a weird angle when the vehicle is heavily loaded"...apparently their (then) solution was some sort of lifting block, that solved the problem when under load but created the situaation of rumbling when the trucks would be empty Its called drive line shudder. When Dodge came out with the new 3rd gen 2500/3500 trucks in '03 they had a SB to cover that issue with the two piece drive shaft. My '03 (in sig) had the shudder under hard acceleration under 15 mph with a heavy load. The new 3rd gen had no upper over load spring pack and was a weak sister with just 1800 lbs in the bed. I fixed my drive line shudder issues before the SB came out by adding Supersprings to the rear suspension. The SB changed the drive line angle with a different center carrier bearing mount.
JIMNLIN 07/27/22 01:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

I take my 3500 drw long bed crew cab 4wd chevy to town also....but it sure won't go or fit every where I may want to go. My wife will ride in it but will not drive it in town. Were in the middle of cow/horse country out here. Lots on cow/horse queens driving a one ton drw crew cabs/srw short and long beds pulling a 40' LEQ or a 4 horse slant or a 21k tri axle GN or tandem dual axle stock trailers or a 30-40' 5th wheel rv trailer. GM/Ram/Ford trucks with long and short beds are well represented out here....folks drive what they want....even a Ty'uta on occasion.
JIMNLIN 07/27/22 07:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation From reading all the replies you've asked a age old question like ...chevy trucks or Ford truck-- warranty and reputation. Google says Thor has 17 North American brands and 14 companies. Same search says F/R has 20 different rv brands. To find the best/worst rv would have to make a survey of each rv brand w/i the same company. Even changing a rv brand names will get about the same type answers. Whats really amusing is some claim these particular brands they name are the best. Looking thru all the different rv forum websites their are no bests as they all can have issues. JMO from owning three different brands of 5th wheel rv trailers and three truck campers as others noted its the dealer where you get good warranty service or not.
JIMNLIN 07/27/22 06:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

I drive a 8 FT bed truck and will not have a short bed truck. I see too many short-bed trucks and 5ers with broken windows or a boo-boo on the cab. Ken I see a few also...... Altho ones I see some are long bed trucks like my work buddies '19 4wd 2500 long bed Ram/Cummins. He has no rv trailer but his back glass/cab damage was taken out by a 1200 lb round bale he thought didn't need tied down. Or a F350 srw short bed 4wd same damage done by a transporting a feeder bin from one pasture to another. Just because we see a LDT short bed that has a busted back glass or dented cab does not mean it was done by a trailer. *********************************************** Short bed vs long bed. I own short bed srw trucks and a long bed crew cab 3500 drw. My 3500 long bed sits in the tractor barn as it will not fit in my garage and close the door nor will it go where my short bed srw trucks have to go in town or off road places. Its always amusing at the same ol' opinions/reasons everyone should own a long bed truck they do.
JIMNLIN 07/26/22 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

RV ed for 20+ years with up to 35 ft 5th wheels, pulled to Alaska 3 times, all over lower 48- never had a slider, never needed one, never got into cab or window. Guess I was just lucky or ???? I've never been to Alaska but I have towed three different 5th wheel rv trailers with short bed trucks since the early '80s. First one was a new 1984 26' on a '84 short bed chevy. This truck even towed double with a 3400 lb bazz boat for over 8 years. This was before sliding hitch became available. Last two were short bed 2500 Dodge/Cummins...both with a manual slider. My current 5th wheel rv trailer is a 1997 11200 lb 32 footer with a square corners using the same manual slider. No problems. Lucky.....luck has nothing to do with it if you pay attention to details required.
JIMNLIN 07/25/22 12:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cross winds?

I have a Husky Friction Sway Control and while driving in a cross wind (not strong enough to stop) is it better to tighten the friction bar or loosen it to try to reduce the effect of the wind on the driving vehicle? thanks JMO but what person A says is a crosswind isn't strong enough to stop may be strong enough for others to park it. Do you lube the bars/L bracket as some do ?? There is no generic answer for your particular (or others) truck/trailer combo. You have the combo so make a small (tighter) adjustment and see how it goes. I assume your 1500 GMC has P tires....and the rears are pumped to max (44 or 51 psi) sidewall pressures.
JIMNLIN 07/24/22 05:48am Towing
RE: just a little more power

The difference between 74 and 67 pounds on an 8000lb truck pulling a 12000lb trailer is not going to make any difference. Agree. Those numbers were to represent how heavy certain LT E tire types can be in certain 17" and 18" sizes vs say a all season OEM LT285/80-17 E at 40-43 lbs (depending on brands). Speculating anywayz on the OPs tire sizes/brand/tire types. Now if the OP had a new gen diesel with 800-1000 lb torque then tire/wheel weights aren't that big of a deal.
JIMNLIN 07/11/22 12:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: just a little more power

We quite often see 250/350 owners who bit into towing 14k-15k lbs with the small block 6.2 engine. Many swapped for the same 250/350 with the diesel. Just to add to MFL on point comment on tire/wheel diameters. Also I've found with gas small blocks, and big blocks, tire and wheel weight can drag down their towing performance. Example of a tires weight;..... a BFG Mud Terrain KM3 LT295/70-18" that weighs 74 lbs. Now add the wheel and the little V8 has over 400+ lbs of tires and wheels to keep the load moving. Even the same brand BFG same tire type in a 17" weighs 67 lbs. Yeah.... I know we have lighter weight tires out here but this is just a example of parasitic drag on the small engine.
JIMNLIN 07/11/22 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

I've done both and it really isn't much of a hassle to go solo with a trailer. And you have the freedom of your tow vehicle without the rig when you need it. Just MHO but I wouldn't invest in another RV if I were you. X2. We started out camping in the late '60s with three different truck campers till around '80. We wanted a bit more room so we found a 26' 5th wheel trailer. This gave us the ability to tow doubles with the bazz boat and use the 4wd truck for side excursion for sight seeing/etc where a TC/trailer couldn't go. I'm 80/wife 79 now and sitting up and breaking down isn't that big of a deal. I would try the TT and see how it goes for you. If it doesn't work then is the time to go to another type of rv camper.
JIMNLIN 07/10/22 10:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Travel Trailer

A 7000 lb TT ?? is that 7000 lb dry or a gvwr ?? A 1/2 ton diesel pickup ? What the trucks brand/specs (gvwr/rawr/tow rating/gear ratio/which tranny/etc ?? Not knowing any more than that a informed decision can't be made other than wild assumptions.
JIMNLIN 07/10/22 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Raccoons - 1, Me - 1. (UPDATE!)

I have a old (10 years) Havahart metal box trap with doors at both ends. Its 12" X 12" x 36" long and big enough for 'dillos and coons. I've been looking for a new one. 'dillos bend it up up and I rebuild it but after dozens of rebuilds its on its last leg. Coons love black oil sunflower seeds. I close one door and a handful of seeds under it....scatter a tea spoon by the open door. Works every nite the rascals come around looking for something to tear up or eat. I usually haul them on farther down my county road (10-12 miles) and release them far from houses/barns. Out here where people feed their stock (ie; calf feeders) or grow farm crops they are a pest....along side of feral hogs and deer.
JIMNLIN 07/07/22 12:36pm Around the Campfire
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