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RE: Lockdown Hazard

JIMNLIN 11/26/20 06:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Long Road trip

Nope..... not for me.
JIMNLIN 11/25/20 06:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

Burning LP creates even more condensation. Our sweat problem was so bad the walls would sweat and drip especially when temps went to single digit....wife was cooking especially where heating water for cooking purposes was required....or a quick shower. The really bad part was closet walls stayed wet and I had to keep the bedroom mattress pulled away from the walls or it stayed soaked around the edges. My above reply describes the trailer. I would add it had 12 windows plus the door and was a aluminum framed sidewalls/roof trusses. Two dehumidifiers cured the sweating walls/wet closets. I made inside storm windows from 1/8" Lexan plus installed mobile home skirting. A better insulated model with fewer/smaller size windows would have worked better.
JIMNLIN 11/25/20 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

We lived in a 30' 5th wheel with a super slide for one winter while the house was being built. The unit was the typical summer time camper with R7 walls..roof....floor. Condensation was terrible. We tried the vent cracking...window cracking but all that did was make a very cold drafty camper/furnace going 24/7 with wet walls. I finally bought a dehumidifier which helped but not enough capacity. Bought another and no more wet walls. That was in the mid '90 and I don't remember brands or sizes but we think they came from a Lowes.
JIMNLIN 11/24/20 08:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2012 F-150 tow rating

The truck's tow rating is correct but it's not that simple. You have to use your head and figure out the other ratings like payload and axle weights. There are many different kinds of trailers: flat bed, dump, horse, cargo, boat, equipment, cattle, and RV. They all have their differences. A hard sided RV trailer is by far the most challenging. They have a huge frontal area, a high percentage of tongue weight, a large side "sail" area to catch wind, and very limited ability to adjust the weight balance. The same truck that might pull an 8,000 pound boat very well might be a struggling hand full with a 6,000 pound RV. So, yes, your truck can pull 11,500 pounds. If that's a flatbed load of bricks or a dump trailer load of gravel you're probably fine. If you're talking about a hard sided RV I wouldn't even want to tow 9,000 pounds with a 1500 series truck. Good points. Lots of newbs get taken in by GVWR based payloads... especially on many of todays new gen trucks with high gvwr numbers. Even one ton srw and 3/4 ton trucks can have higher payloads than the trucks rear axle/tires/wheels/rear spring packs are rated for. The F150HD did have a 8200 gvwr but those gvwr based payloads were far exceeding the F150HD 4800 rawr numbers. Even the newer 7850 gvwr with the 33xx lb payload overloads the 4800 rawr in many cases. Tow rating cover all types of rv and non rv trailers.
JIMNLIN 11/23/20 08:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: I Hope This Doesn't Get Taken Down Right Away

I was 21 and at work building house trailers (mobile homes now) and a new rv TT line. Supervisor came by and says the president was just shot. As the news spread to about 50 employees the building got quiet.
JIMNLIN 11/23/20 07:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Seems to me you are talking the way Ford plays games with GVWR’s! Yep, Ford will sell you a F350 SRW with a 9,900# GVWR, or a 12,400# GVWR and several in between! Exactly. Fords F350 srw has over 10+ different gvwr numbers depending on year models and three different rawr numbers with payloads all over the place. Even less than some F250 trucks. If the OP decides on a F350 srw he needs to be aware of all the gvwr/rawr packages. Choosing the wrong F350 srw and it may have less payload than a F250. Ram and GM 3500 srw vs 3/4 ton owners have reported much the same payload issues depending on year models and how the truck is configured. Moot points regardless as the OP looking to get a 10k gvwr trailer works fine behind a HD 3/4 ton... gas or diesel truck.
JIMNLIN 11/23/20 06:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Why are you bringing up different configurations. Let’s say the OP wants a crew cab short bed any brand ,the 1 ton in that truck is the higher payload , thats my point . Its simple here , get the 1 ton in the same truck , that’s what’s being said . Again... reread what I said. The point I made was and still is not all one ton SRW brands have more payload than some brands of 3/4 ton trucks. Your the one stuck on just using a single truck configurations. However for your specific truck configuration which is a '21:fleet ford clicky F250 crew cab 2wd 159" wb 7.3 gas shows a 3780 lb payload. F350 srw crew cab 2wd 159" wb 7.3 gas shows a 3610 payload. Both trucks have the same 10000 gvwrs. I'm not going back and forth with you anymore. I've made my point about not all one ton srw truck brands have more payload vs a 3/4 ton truck.
JIMNLIN 11/23/20 06:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

I'm 80 years old and wear glasses. I have no problems seeing regular brake/clearance lights. However some LED brake lights are so bright they make turn signals almost impossible to see depending on the where the turn signals are located w/i the fixture.
JIMNLIN 11/22/20 01:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

There is no physical difference in the truck size between a 3/4 ton and a one ton STW, so the smart money is on getting the one ton. It has slightly stronger springs and a higher GVWR and Payload. Depending on new/used brands and year models and configurations and gvwr/rawr package the OP is looking at we have certain 3/4 ton trucks out here with more actual in the bed payloads or even GVWR based payloads than certain one ton srw trucks. Like others have said the 3/4 ton HD will work fine for a 10000 gvwr 5th wheel trailer which certainly don't need a one ton srw...unless he just wants one.
JIMNLIN 11/22/20 01:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

I would like to see the numbers you claim on 3/4 ton has the same payload as the 1 ton, show me the numbers on any brand that has more payload , apples to apples, not different configurations, but the same truck . Never said apples to apples truck configurations. I said quote.... "Never saw the need for a one ton SRW which depending on truck brand may not have any more in the bed payload than the 3/4 ton HD." Hell anyone that knows how to read Fleet Ford specs knows some F350 srw can have the same GVWR/RAWR as the F250 and the same payloads. But you did bring up a good point of a loaded F350 SRW 6.7 crew cab 4wd 159" wb with a 2500 lb payload vs a F250 std cab long bed 6.7 2wd 141" wb with a 3450 lb payload.
JIMNLIN 11/22/20 01:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Having made a living using them all I prefer a 3/4 ton HD which can handle 3000-3400 lb of load in the bed safely/legally. BTDT. Never saw the need for a one ton SRW which depending on truck brand may not have any more in the bed payload than the 3/4 ton HD. Everyone has their likes/dislikes in truck sizes which is fine with me. Any of the 3/4 ton truck will serve the OP with room to spare.
JIMNLIN 11/20/20 07:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Thank you, I am loving reading people's opinions. When anyone mentions a 3/4 ton truck pulling a 5th wheel trailer you get opinions all over the place depending on what truck is owned. You won't need a one ton anything to tow the size trailer your looking at. A 3/4 ton Ford/GM or Ram will serve you well. Having owned several of both trucks mentioned and even made a living using both.... there can be a big difference in ride quality especially if you live in a rural area like myself where county roads are very bouncy and all sizes of potholes in the road. Most late model 3/4 ton trucks are the same as a one ton srw truck..execpt The one ton srw has a heavier rated rear spring pack and can be a butz kicker over the 3/4 ton when empty as a DD vehicle. The 2500 GMC/chevy trucks have the best numbers up to 11500 gvwr and those big 6600 rawr for carrying weight. The 2500 Ram has rear coil spring suspension rated up to 6500 rawr depending on models. Some owners like the softer empty ride vs leaf springs. Ford F250s are no slouch either with up to 10800 gvwr and 6340 rawr. Choose the camper package or heavy service package and you get the same suspension as the F350 srw. Gas or diesel is your choice. The 7.3 gas Ford...6.6 GM gas and 6.4 Hemi gas engines will handle that size trailer with ease. I tow a 11200 lb 5er with a old '03 quad cab short bed 2500 Dodge/Cummins. No worn out feeling after a 12 hour hard run.... and under all legal weights.
JIMNLIN 11/19/20 07:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: E load tire pressures for daily use and how I came to it.

TNrob: Did you ever hear back from Ram or NHTSA? The thread has been dead for over 4 years so the OP most likely has moved on as nothing in his profile shows up.
JIMNLIN 11/18/20 08:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shopping for a camper...

common mistake many new folks make is upgrading tires to carry more weight but not the OEM wheels with a lessor capacity. OEM wheels just barely cover the trucks RAWR numbers. Years back it was the other way around. IMO the 165/70-18" must be a typo ??
JIMNLIN 11/17/20 08:06pm Truck Campers
RE: 1500 curb weights

Fleet Ford specs show a 2020 F150 reg cab..3.3 gas engine..2wd..122" with a 4069 lb base weight. Same specs shows a F150 supercrew..4wd..156" wb with a 5335 lb base weight. Thats 1266 lbs difference so its not hard to see a fully loaded supercrew HDPP with its heavier frame all the options may weigh in the 5800 lb range. The F150 has three different frame material thickness and sizes. Ram and GM 1/2 ton trucks don't have as many different size 1/2 ton trucks as Fords F150.
JIMNLIN 11/17/20 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

The 21’s are so butt ugly, they sent them back. X2. Ive owned a lot more GM trucks than other brands since the late '50s. I always thought the '67 chevy, I had, front end was the butt ugly winner but the '21 chevy HDs front end have it beat. I'm looking at the GMC HDs with a classy looking front ends. My home town has a chevy and Ford dealer. Both lots are loaded with 1/2 tons and a few one ton DRW trucks but only 2-3 stripper 3/4 or one ton SRW work trucks. Both dealers say their sold as they come off the truck and the district sales people say the factory assy lines can't keep up with sales.
JIMNLIN 11/17/20 06:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: are my truck leaf springs shot? f350 2001 srw 4x4

The trailers pin weight plus other stuff in the bed and back of the cab can overload your F350 FRW 6300-6700 RAWR. RAWR = a tire/wheel/rear spring pack. We can't tell you if the rear springs are shot. I would say if its had a heavy truck camper on it all these years then I would think about replacing the rear spring packs ...or a air bag system. Like any truck/vehicle you need to weigh the axles when loaded. Then decide what action to take. I would also check with our truck camper forum as these guys/gals carry lots more weight 24/7 than the hitch load from a rv trailer. it has not had a heavy camper on it all these years,, probably 30k miles of towing my fifth wheel,, i do not know the pin weight. Then I would go with old biscuits reply.
JIMNLIN 11/17/20 06:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1500 curb weights

What is the real ,actually using it, curb weight of a late model 1500 pickup? The factory brochures give GVWRs and payloads,but the latter is not at all helpful if one doesnt have some ballpark idea of curb weight. I find one F150 owner weighing in at 6600; one online site suggests any where from 4900 to 5300 for a GMC. That's quite a range! Actually 1/2 ton trucks gross weights across the brands will vary much more than that. Same with one tons or 3/4 ton trucks. New trucks have a shipping weight as it leaves the factory which can be on the window sticker...sometimes. If you need a weight to register a truck then use its GVWR or the sum of FAWR and RAWR. If your trying to figure how much a track can safely carry then curb weight minus its GVWR numbers isn't always good/safe number to use for a newer pickup truck that carries its payload over the rear axle.
JIMNLIN 11/16/20 12:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth Wheel Purchase

Not that it matters for a 5th wheel, but I transposed the numbers on the payload. The sticker on the door well is 1612lbs... NOT 1162. We started out looking at travel trailers and let my friend convince me to go the fifth wheel route. If we decided to go with a TT, what should I look for to safely tow? Tongue weight and overall weight? Regards, Sonnie Your 1500 Ram can tow a 5th wheel trailer but it would be a small one. Those that say a 1/2 ton truck can't/shouldn't tow a 5th wheel trailer. They are not all the same size. GVWR can go up to 8600 gvwr but more importantly RAWR up to 6000 lbs depending on truck brands/year models. You have the truck so like all truckers you need front and rear axle weights, after loading hitch/folks/junk, to know how much capacity you have to work with which I would bet is going to be close to that 1612 lb payload numbers. I would stay under 8000 lbs max "gross" TT weight for a more relaxing operation on long day trips. The 5.7 Hemi at 395 hp/410 torque coupled with the 3.90 rear axle ratio sure won't have any issues pulling a 8k trailer. You mention a 5.8 etorque engine. Is that a typo ??
JIMNLIN 11/16/20 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
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