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RE: Trailer brake advice

“I don’t want to tow the trailer home without trailer brakes but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the truck since I will be selling it next month.” As long as you don’t hit or kill anyone on your way home, including yourself, it is a go to drive without trailer brakes. Glad to hear you’ll be level with the WDH. Form over substance. I hope this is tongue in cheek. Without trailer brakes, that 150 is likely to be overloaded by about 250-300%. And by the OP I would bet the driver has no experience driving with heavy load. Am I the only one who's phone sometimes drops calls. Or who sometimes needs to push button more than once to turn down the TV with remote? What the sam hill is the deal with "got to have wireless" for everything? If I want to stop, I want the brakes to work. If I need to STOP!, truck any wireless snot in that system. OP, get a good controller wire it up right. When you get your new truck, move the controller. Not brain surgery.
JRscooby 09/01/20 07:14am Travel Trailers
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

F350 6.7 w an SCT tuner towing 14k at 70-72, that's the speed this truck likes for best fuel mileage. The 5W had LT tires before I took possession. Why drive 65, that was speed when ST tires were rated at 65, old school. If you have good equipment & tires why not drive the speed limit? I drove this 750K in the 11 western states grossing 80,000 at what ever the posted speed was, 75 posted 75 on the speedo,Detroit readout & GPS. No accidents. I can't post picks of my old Pete, or any of the other truck I worked. But my name on title, insurance policy, and very important, the fuel bill helped me decide that in most instances best speed was set cruise at 62. Nobody but a idiot would advocate anybody driving faster than conditions allow. But conditions can and do change in a heartbeat. Faster you are going when that change happens, the more distance you travel before you adapt. And another major problem; Everybody knows for a fact they are a better than average driver. This leads to the "my tires good at 75, so I'm good" and "if your as good as me you would go fast, go slow, you are putting me at risk" Fact is a slow, or faster vehicle is a change in road conditions. If you can't adjust safely, it is you that is not driving to conditions. You think we should change. BTW, I have seen a lot of cars tore up when hit a deer on 2 lane road. But a deer jumping into a 4 lane is the only time I have seen 3-4 cars banged up by the same deer. Then the rubber necks bang together on the other side.
JRscooby 09/01/20 05:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Wide open roads 75mph "EQUIPPED PROPERLY" is NOT a problem. Wide open roads 62 mph "EQUIPPED PROPERLY" is NOT a problem either.
JRscooby 08/31/20 03:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30 foot run of sewer hose--downhill?

The perfect slope is: For 4-inch PVC piping and a building sewer less than 50 feet long, the minimum slope is 1 inch in 8 feet, or 1/8-inch per foot, and the maximum is 1/4-inch per foot. This per an internet search. When installing sewer lines we said we wanted it to flow or drop. When got too close to surface install vertical, then flow again. For dumping a RV, you should have a slug of water behind any solids. OTOH, the ribs in a sewer hose would change the flow, and I'm not smart enough to know if better or worse. I think if I was looking at OP's problem I would use PCV, and build a above ground system that could be set in place, used, flushed then stored
JRscooby 08/31/20 06:51am General RVing Issues
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Like I have said, I have drove millions of miles. Somebody driving 20 per below flow of traffic has never put me close to a accident. (Me driving 20 faster than flow has) But one thing I wish is when you are on open road, decide what speed you want to drive and hold that speed or slow if somebody is passing. You cruise control is everybody's friend. The 'he's passing speed up' is bullsnot. If I come up behind a slower car, I can check traffic behind, decide what will be better, slow a little, or drop the hammer. And if you step out to pass, get it done, and get out of that left lane. No matter ho fast you drive, somebody wants to go faster. The more time vehicles run side by each, the more traffic will stack up behind. And no traffic engineer can tell me the stacks are safe.
JRscooby 08/30/20 06:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tow vehicle

You could do both, but changing gear ratios would likely help a lot. If you are down to 30 mph it sounds like you are in first gear at the top of the hill. Lower gears might allow you to pull the hill in second to give you another 10-15 mph. But like was pointed out, you only have around 200 hp or so. If you change the gear ratio to 4.11 a GearVendors unit would give you about the same final drive ratio in overdrive as what you have now. It's a little spendy and like was mentioned previously doesn't work in 4WD. Lower gears might would help on the up hill. My first question is are you overheating? That is the first sign the engine is overloaded. Any change to bump the power will make that problem worse. I know many feel it is a assault on manhood to have somebody pass. But what percentage of the miles you run in a day are you on a hill that will pull you down to 30? 6 miles at 60 takes 6 min. If the hill drops you to 30 as soon as you start up, that same 6 miles will take 12 min. Spend money build things up to where the truck is more likely to damage itself, but it can now climb at 45, you save 3 min. Spend your time keeping the old girl cleaned and polished up. You might go by slow, but you will be looking good as you go. Your truck will last longer.
JRscooby 08/29/20 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Moles

Moles? The only way I have ever seen to get rid of them, and keep them gone involves getting rid of grubs. Nothing to eat? Gone.
JRscooby 08/29/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

I have driven a lot of miles. And if I needed to my truck would stroll. (once hit reset on GPS at Iowa/Neb. line. Next reset at CO. line. All the way across the state, average speed, 76 MPH. Yes I was scolded by safety dept) But most times I would run 62, unless that was higher than the speed limit. And for everybody talking about how a vehicle rolling 20 MPH below limit, in the right lane of a 4 lane divided highway? Are you saying you drive with your head so far up your rectum that you can't miss a parked car while driving 20 MPH? And calling somebody else a hazard?
JRscooby 08/29/20 04:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Storing ball hitch

Wow! I pull more than 1 trailer, and always leave ball mount locked in coupler. The right one is there when needed. And most important to me, when I pull the ball out of coupler, put it on TV I know the coupler is open. Can't set the latch on top of ball.
JRscooby 08/28/20 12:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wood working question

Joining pieces of oak with a 'live edge' (bench or table for example) would be one project. There re many. Guess if working with seasoned lumber. The work bench I built, bolted boards of the top as tight together as I could, had half inch gaps a couple years later. Covered with sheet metal, so don't know if gaps continued to grow. (built in mid '80s still good workbench. They did replace the shed I first put it in)
JRscooby 08/27/20 08:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Wood working question

I know it is not the topic of discussion, but I wonder what project using rough cut oak requires a fine cut with table saw? All the work I have done with that, a good sharp chain on small saw will cut as fine as I need to.
JRscooby 08/27/20 06:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Trunnion Lube?

Gear lube is good for high-pressure applications, but any place it is used it is constantly re-applied. Plus, it stinks.
JRscooby 08/26/20 08:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 12 volt frige

Modern inverters don't waste much. (Besides, those 12v compressor refrigerators work by having an internal 3 phase inverter !) Strange. My studies on Truck Fridge, the compress runs on 12/24 V DC. Some models have a converter for when 120 is available.
JRscooby 08/25/20 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12 volt frige

We have a 2020 Coachmen Pursuit xps that has a 12 compressor refrigerator. No propane. Recommend some solar panels. The refrigerator is 12 cubic feet and works very well. We only camped in it once and had to run the generator for AC so I am not sure if the 200 watt solar panels can keep up. Run gen for AC. On MH this is another that baffles me. APU on a truck uses a small engine to drive a AC compressor, and a alternator
JRscooby 08/25/20 07:01am Travel Trailers
RE: 12 volt frige

question if its only 12v ?it would run a battery dead real quick. find a friend and have then do a walk threw on your rv,show you where things are and what they do,have fun. Look for a controll panel on the fridge. It might be outside under the fridge vents. Or on the front. I've really never seen a fridge that was just 12 volts in a camper. As stated it will drin the battery fast. Plus they dont cool very well on 12 volts. More then likely you have a 3 way fridge. Both of these assume you have a absorption fridge. In the unlikely event you have one that is 12 only, they speak true. But for at least a couple of decades the trucking industry has had available a 12 V compressor operated fridge I have heard some are making way to RV world. I never had 1, but friends did. One had to catch the bird home from Dallas, left his truck in a truckstop. By the time I got there to bring it home it had been sitting 4 days in Aug sun. I expected to need to jump start it because truck had same batteries as mine. When Cat started, I decided to do him another favor and MT the fridge. Opened the door, stole a ice-cream bar, and headed for home. I do not stand under why RVers want to store solar power as 12 V then waste some turning it into 120 to power the fridge.
JRscooby 08/25/20 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Engine Runaway - 2005 Cummins

JRSCOOBY had a JD backhoe that started to have a runaway on a gasoline pipeline leak. With it just shut it off. If you go to YouTube and type in runaway Diesel there are several videos. Any compression fired engine will run on, if there is combustible vapor in the air. Lube oil leaking into the turbo from the the seal that is to keep it in the bearing is most common. For that matter, when they first leaned out the fuel mixture on spark plug engines they had issues with them continue to run when shut off. First solution was let the air flow shut off tighter when shut off ignition.
JRscooby 08/24/20 04:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Engine Runaway - 2005 Cummins

Marine, aviation, train engines, all have positive fuel never required. Your only option is what he did to stall it, which could cause damage, OR pinch fuel line closed with vise grips, OR crack a filter... if you can get to it safely. He may get lucky. If a engine is picking up "false fuel", from someplace else, or burning it's own lube for fuel, it does not matter how positive you shut off the normal fuel, it will keep running. The 2-stroke Detroit Diesel, and old Cats had a butterfly that would cut off air when a cable was pulled. Pushing cable back in did not rest the butterfly. My first time engine run-away was using military deuce and half air compressor to run a paint gun. The paint vapor was picked up, burned as fuel. Another thing some diesels can do that can fill the owners pants. If you turn it backwards, or pull it down to a stall and clutch just as it stops, it will start and run backward.
JRscooby 08/23/20 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A plea to get involved

I see the issue with pole judges, I hope younger people will get involved as voting is so important to our democracy. Yes, we can all hope for younger people to step up. But for me, and I expect most, until I retired there was no way I could donate the block of time to do the work. Many young are unemployed right now, and could say "Yes, I could work next week" But can they be sure to not have job in Nov? Will their new boss let them off? IMHO, to commit, then not show for this important job would not be good. Working a full shift like that is kinda beyond my legs' ability now. Sigh. Here's hoping some younger folks who may not be attending in-person classes could help out. That would be great for everyone. As for the leg issue. Check with your election board, find out what duties are. We all enter the polling place at 5. Supervisors set up the box/counter, and make sure nobody has tampered. Set up ADA ballot marker, make sure it marks the choice. Rest of the crew is hanging signs, doing all the rest to get ready. Most times ready to open 10-15 minutes before 6:00 open. Until closing, other than cleaning, most everything the judges do is done sitting down. Our place, cleaning is done by anybody not busy with voters. Anybody in line at 7P can vote. After the last voter leaves another flurry of work packing stuff up while supervisors close out the machines, make sure all ballots are accounted for and packed up to take to the office. (last election, 35 min) Then we all pick up the stuff that must go to office, and all leave at same time. Rest of judges are thru when they see the ballots with a supervisor of each party leave for office. As far as Covid safety; Judges are required to wear a mask. In our area rules require a mask for anybody in a public. Judges are only allowed to "politely remind" voters of the rule, can not insist on use. Because of the percentage that don't mask, I also wear a face shield. As voter comes in, they are offered hand sanitizer, and given a pen/stylus combination. Day before election, I worry about what can go wrong. Election day, working to make sure nothing goes wrong, don't even notice how tired I am. Day after, mostly eat, nap and witch about the aches and pains. Then for weeks I feel "I done good" plus I got a few bucks in the fun pocket.
JRscooby 08/23/20 07:55am Around the Campfire
RE: increasing tongue weight

There are limits to how much you can do it, but a lower tongue will increase percentage of TW.
JRscooby 08/23/20 06:30am Travel Trailers
RE: A plea to get involved

All my life, for every primary, I have been asked which party ballot I want to vote. Never did I need to say and be recorded which party I support, until I signed up to be a judge. They need to know,because each poll must have even number D/R because every job must be done by both parties. Still, there is no mandate that tells me I must vote for the party listed. I keep replying to this, hopping others will decide This needs to be done, and I could do that. Democracy is not a spectator sport.
JRscooby 08/22/20 03:57pm Around the Campfire
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