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RE: Mobility Scooter and RV Ideas

We also have a 4-wheel scooter, I think with 8" tires, that comes apart. We didn't want to invest in the carrier...would have also had to put a hitch receiver on the I take the scooter apart and load it into the SUV. On our long summer trips to the Oregon coast, I have to load the car like a puzzle. First the scooter goes in, then the walker, then our crabbing paraphernalia, and a few other little things. Got a wrench thrown in at the end of our trip this past summer when we had a relative make the drive back home with us. Had to put one back seat up so he could sit there when we went sightseeing. Even taken apart, the heaviest piece is pretty heavy for me. I'm trying to use a foldup step stool to lift it half-way then rest it on the stool, then lift it again. Ramps into the SUV won't work because the little safety wheels at the back end of the scooter won't allow the angle. Anyway, the situation gives me motivation to exercise and keep my muscles fit. :)
Janss 11/28/21 11:19am RV Lifestyle
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

It'll be a few days until I can work on this again. So I may be back. I appreciate all the original and additional information. I will flip the generator and in coach circuit breakers off and on again, even though I had already done that to begin with. No pacemakers here, but thanks for the warning. Bobbo...I wouldn't know where to plug that tester in. My generator and shore power are hardwired to the automatic transfer box. I know that there is no power inside the coach. The power management panel is not indicating that generator power is coming in while the gennie is running. I need to determine if the generator is not producing power or the automatic transfer switch is not working. I do not know exactly how to check these things. I may end up hiring an RV tech or electrician.
Janss 10/17/21 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

Thank you all for your responses. bgum...Onan 5500 Marquis Gold schlep1967...Had already pushed GFI several times, black and red, with no clicking. If shore power is powering everything, should I assume no problem with GFI? wolfe10...I had already done that. BB TX...I don't see a reset button. Yes, I totally agree that I need to isolate exactly which step is not putting out power. But I don't know how to do that and realize there is a safety issue. I have a multimeter (which I set on "Volts"), but don't know exactly where to touch the red and black probes. And with or without gennie running? I see on the generator a positive terminal and also the word "ground" on a piece of metal. I had opened the transfer box and touched the probes on screws holding wires in place (without gennie running), but no reading. I sure don't know much about electricity, so need baby step instructions :)
Janss 10/15/21 06:29pm Tech Issues
Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

We were parked at a casino overnight. Generator and electricity worked fine in the evening. Next morning, electricity stopped midstream as the coffee was filling the cup. But generator was still running. Shore power works, as our next several days were in RV parks. No circuit breakers appeared to have flipped off, but after this happened, I purposely flipped them all off and then on again....on the generator and every breaker inside the coach. Aux batteries are good. One had a slightly loose negative cable. Tightened that, but still didn't fix the problem. This coach has an automatic transfer switch box in the electric storage bay. Didn't see anything loose in there. Nothing felt hot. Any ideas?
Janss 10/15/21 10:57am Tech Issues
RE: toilet

Have you checked your flush mechanism (foot or hand)? While our seal is fine, it's our foot flush pedal that does not spring the blade completely shut. We have to get our foot under the pedal and lift up at the end of our flushing.
Janss 09/27/21 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Redwoods...Ave of the Giants and Newton Drury Pkwy

Thanks again. I will be careful. The drive might be on a Thursday. We've done the drive years ago. Can't even remember if it was in the car or our old little Class C. Actually, can't remember much..ha ha! That's why I'm asking about it. Plus we will have a relative from KY with us who has never seen this area (or any of our drive home!).
Janss 09/22/21 01:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Redwoods...Ave of the Giants and Newton Drury Pkwy

Thank you very much for all the information and suggestions. I have limited time, driving down 101 from Oregon Coast on the way home. So I'm trying to pick and choose what we want to do. The Redwoods are definitely very worthy! Have spent some time in the area over a decade ago. Just may not have time to stop and explore on this trip.
Janss 09/22/21 11:18am Roads and Routes
Redwoods...Ave of the Giants and Newton Drury Pkwy

Regarding these two Redwood drives (southbound).... 1. Can I drive the whole length of these roads in my motorhome with tow car? Any low bridges or anything else of concern? 2. Any place on either drive to pull over while driving motorhome with tow car and take a very short walk in the redwoods?
Janss 09/21/21 10:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Small Class A vs Large Class C

I don't think you're missing anything. We've had 3 Class C's and then 2 Class A's in 30 years. Don't think I'd ever want to go back to a Class C. I actually think driving a Class A is easier, and especially when backing up...because it is all one width.
Janss 09/10/21 11:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wanted - Fresh Water Hose for "Olds"

I have a brass elbow on my motorhome city water intake connection. Like this brass elbow. Then I just hold the hose still with one hand and turn the brass elbow end with the grips to tighten onto the hose. Works great for me. I have used quick connects in the past, but I actually find that disconnecting is a little hard for me.
Janss 09/02/21 02:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Highway 191 north of Morenci towing trailers

Subscribing so I can see the replies. I've also lived in AZ for years and years. Been to Alpine, but not south to Morenci. I just told friends not to drive that portion in their motorhome because I thought I remembered that advice here on these forums.
Janss 08/01/21 08:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Loss of power when driving

I have the Workhorse 8.1L, but not W24. Few years ago I was driving on the freeway and suddenly heard a loud sort of backfire noise and dropped to about half power. Limped off the freeway at the upcoming exit and went to a repair shop. The O2 sensor in the exhaust pipe had popped out. It was actually hanging down from its wire, creating a hole in the exhaust pipe up in the front half of the chassis. You might want to get under the rig and inspect the whole length of the exhaust pipe. Another time I was driving on a different freeway and suddenly lost all power. That was a fuel pump failure. No warning. It worked, then it didn' Grit dog stated.
Janss 07/30/21 12:00am Tech Issues
RE: Fuel Mileage on 8.1 Workhorse

We usually get 7.x mpg with our 8.1 Workhorse. Don't know if a newer motorhome than ours would be any better.
Janss 07/22/21 12:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reno, NV over to I-5 north

NamMedevac 70...That is my planned route, as I mentioned in my original post. I've driven it before. I really like it!
Janss 07/15/21 11:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Reno, NV over to I-5 north

I forgot...I don't want to take 101 up north because of the major road construction at Last Chance Grade south of Crescent City. Timed closures and long waits, and I'm thinking possibly broken up crappy section of road. Don't want everything rattled loose on my motorhome. I'll probably go to Reno and hope for the best. Thanks for the update time2roll. Hope it stays that way. MarkTwain...Actually, I think we do have an old CB with a very tall magnetic antenna in our storage room. I'll have to look for that. Thanks for letting me know.
Janss 07/14/21 10:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Reno, NV over to I-5 north

Thank you so much for all the wonderful replies! We go to the Oregon Coast annually, but planning the route is getting trickier each year. We like to drive up western NV mainly to avoid as much of CA gas prices as possible! We could always just go I-40/58/I-5. If we go the Reno route, I just thought driving down I-80 to Sac was backtracking, so wanted to know about the other routes. But it sounds like I don't want to drive 20 from Reno to Yuba City. I may end up driving 20 from I-5 to 101, but I'm planning to come back that way to show more of the coast to a relative who is joining us on the return home. What about Hwy 36 west from Susanville. Anyone know how that route is for a motorhome towing? Last time we went this way, Hwy 44 from Susanville had just reopened a day before we got there. CA Traveler...I remember hearing about that fire. What an awful experience! I can imagine how conditioned you are now to think about that. MarkTwain...I didn't know people still use CBs. We have a portable one. I'll have to hook it up and see if it still works. I'll be checking all the fire and road condition websites. Thanks again!
Janss 07/14/21 08:57pm Roads and Routes
Reno, NV over to I-5 north

Soon I will be going to Oregon, entering via I-5 northbound. I know that the wildfire situation can change every day. I just want to be prepared with alternate route choices in case any roads are closed on my planned route, which from Reno is up to Susanville, then 44 and 89 to Mt. Shasta/I-5. So as an alternate, from Reno, I'm looking at I-80 then exit onto Hwy 20 across through Grass Valley, Yuba City to Williams/I-5. I'd like to know if this section of Hwy 20 is RV friendly. (MH and tow car in signature) Also what about Hwy 36 west from Susanville to Red Bluff/I-5? I've done another route before that is on my list.....north from Susanville, 139/39 to Klamath Falls then 140 over to I-5. I'm fine driving on 2-lane roads through the forest, sweeping curves, a few passing lanes, some inclines/declines. But I don't like driving on the edge of cliffs or heavy duty switchbacks. (Though I've done some of both!) Thanks for any help!
Janss 07/13/21 08:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Internet question????

Well, I called Earthlink today. My current account charge is $5.95 monthly. I asked about a yearly prepay. What she quoted me made it $4.95/mo. I said to her...hmmm, someone told me they called today and got a yearly plan at $3.45/mo. She said they must have a lesser plan. Huh? Didn't know about lesser plan. Turns out it is for up to 2 email addresses instead of 4. Well, I didn't even know my current account was for 4. We've only ever used 2. Of course, they never offered or advertised this difference to us in 20 years. And of course, I told her to change my account to the lesser one at $3.95 monthly or $35.40/yr, which makes it $2.95/mo. Yay!! I've never been so happy about saving 3 bucks a month! Ha ha! Thanks again y'all!!
Janss 07/12/21 06:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet question????

Gdetrailer....Thanks from me too! I'm going to call Earthlink too about this yearly deal. Thanks also joelyn for reporting back after you called them!
Janss 07/12/21 01:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet question????

I have the same issue I've been thinking about for years. I haven't used Earthlink for my internet service provider in a very long time, but still use that email address, for which they charge me a somewhat nominal fee. I see in the webmail preferences, under "General" there is Email forwarding, which allows you to have all incoming email forwarded to a different address. So that might help you. I don't know how to move existing emails over other than to open and forward each one to your new email address. In preferences you can also export your contacts in csv format. Then maybe you can import them into gmail.
Janss 07/11/21 06:45pm Technology Corner
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