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RE: RVing with a HD Pick up in Ontario

Any vehicle in Ontario with a gvwr over 4,500kgs (9900lbs) is automatically deemed a commercial vehicle regardless of its purpose. That’s not true, there are certainly many vehicles that are not caught in that. Motorhomes are a prime example. All 3 of mine, A, C and a ‘work in progress’ truck conversion have “passenger” (blue) plates on them. The C has a 10,500 lbs GVWR, the A has a 22,000 lbs GVWR, and the TC has a 60,600 GVWR.
JaxDad 05/18/22 05:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: We all use different ways.

To the folks who just pulled in with their 1979 c class with more rust than panel. I can only imagine the memories you’ve made in that thing. I bet that dent has a story.. Y’all, we all camp differently, and we may not agree on it all, but we have to remember the only thing that matters is memories are being made, and you’re getting 120% out of your time with your loved ones. You have to forget HOW you go camping, and remember WHY you go camping. THAT is camping my friends. Spread love at the campground this season. Amen brother!! I have a (now) very good friend that brought exactly this sentiment to mind, it’s how I first met him (and his now thankfully ex-wife) years back at my ‘home’ park in central Florida. It’s a large condo type park, the lots are member-owned, and it has its own airport within the property. They were renting a site near mine and having a loud squabble outside and it was obvious it was over staying or going. Everyone was doing their best to ignore them. Then I heard her say (yell) something like “we have to go home I may never see her again“ to which he replied something like “it’s more than 10 hours driving and you’re not going to get home on a plane any faster.”. I couldn’t ignore that. I went over and (tried to) introduce myself and offered to help get them ‘there’ sooner. The missus snootily pointed at my 20+ years old C and said “In that?” “No” I said, “in my plane.” and pointed towards the airstrip. “10 hours driving is 2 hours flying, and we can be wheels up in 10 minutes. Where do you need to go?” All the wife said was “Really?” and before I could finish nodding my head she was running into the m/h. I told the hubby to meet me at the strip and started heading that way myself. Bottom line, in just over 2 hours we were in Jacksonville NC, she saw her Mom just a few hours before she passed, and I have a new friend. BTW, he left her behind with her Mom, we went back home in time for a nice ‘bachelors’ steak dinner (on him) and we've been good friends ever since. Don’t judge a book by the cover……..
JaxDad 05/10/22 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Brake and Turn Issue

I can’t believe in all of this nobody suggested plugging a $5 tester into the TV’s trailer lug to see if the issue is TV or trailer. That’s the FIRST place to start, not the last.
JaxDad 05/08/22 06:07am Tech Issues
RE: catalytic converter stolen

So why don't converters have VIN numbers on them like so many body parts? First, because that would be unworkable from a manufacturing point of view, a secondly, because it wasn’t an issue until fairly recently.
JaxDad 05/01/22 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What to use for GPS

Aside from it being far easier to me to input my route, I just prefer to use GPS app on an iPad (or iPad mini) because it means I get a really big screen which can be very easily seen at just a glance and I can get voice cues in an ear bud even with the music cranked up. Being able to put the antenna in a better location is great too. It also means one less device to tote around and keep plugged in. I can use the iPad as my main internet access device and other tasks that a traditional GPS is useless for.
JaxDad 04/28/22 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Boondockers Welcome"

I’ve been both a member and host since the very early days of Boondockers Welcome. It was started by two great gals near Toronto here a few years back. It was different than Harvest Host in that it was often just a place to park at a members house. Last year the owners of Harvest Host bought the Boondockers Welcome network and merged it with their own. I’ve met some really great folks over the years because of this network, some of whom I still stay in touch with.
JaxDad 04/25/22 05:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: catalytic converter stolen

Just had the converter stolen while rig was in storage. We had trouble finding a replacement so we just welded in a straight pipe, which works great except the engine check light is on all the time now because the O2 sensors aren't connected. The issue is not just the light on, without input from the O2 sensors the ECM will go into ‘default’ mode and the air / fuel mixture will be way off (far too rich) what it should be.
JaxDad 04/23/22 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Member Blocking is a Blessing

I’m not sure why but a few years back someone here suddenly had a huge issue with me. We hadn’t even had any interaction prior to that. I ignored their trolling for a few weeks. Then the PM’s started. That was the end for me, click goes the ‘happy’ (ignore) button. Within a couple days I started getting bothered on another forum by a person with a different user name and location. I’d learned by then so I again clicked on the ‘happy button’. Within hours I got a REALLY nasty PM from the site Admin warning me of dire consequences that would result from blocking a moderator. Yup, the troll here was a moderator there, but ‘undercover’ here. I replied with screen captures of the offending messages and was told to shape up or ship out. I never even replied, I’ve never been back since.
JaxDad 04/22/22 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: ZEP Floor Wax Update

We've been using ZEP floor wax on our tractors and other farm equipment for a very long time. It cuts clean up time to a mere fraction of what it used to.
JaxDad 04/21/22 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: What % Of Alcohol Does Your State Have?

The dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about is “fuel spiking” which appears to be on the increase. Unscrupulous gas station owners can buy straight ethanol (currently ~$2.65 / gallon) and dump it into their storage tanks which is then sold at retail prices. The markup there certainly looks far more attractive than the traditional ~$0.15 / gallon a station owner gets. A quick look at the increase in production of ethanol supports this idea since the increase is outstripping the legitimate uses, certainly in light of the much reduced consumption the last 2 years.
JaxDad 04/20/22 05:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Water hose stuck on side of trailer..

Take a small hammer and spend a few minutes lightly tapping on the (former) hose end all the way around, sideways and straight on. The minerals when dry are like sandstone and crumble pretty easily. Then using a good pair of pliers start gently working the hose end back and forth. Once the solids have been broken up movement turns them to powder.
JaxDad 04/17/22 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

I believe keeping your batteries plugged in 24/7 eats your plates away quicker than leaving your MH unplugged and recharging when the SOC reaches 80-90%. And where does belief come from pray tell. I’m not sure, but I believe I want to go fishing now….. LOL.
JaxDad 04/15/22 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

Well, that may be true of some folks -- but Veebyes is a very reliable and credible poster. I happen to disagree with his viewpoint on this issue -- speaking from painful experience, when I was a newbie, I did disconnect a fully charged battery, let it sit for almost four months, came back, it was flat, and it would no longer hold a charge. Coming from a farming family we have lots of equipment with infernal combustion engines that are parked for long periods of time every year. Neither our (entire) family nor anyone else we know use battery tenders / chargers on them. Batteries generally last so long we can’t remember their age when they’re replaced because they’re getting weak. Ditto my airplanes, parked for 6+ months of the year, crank right up every spring.
JaxDad 04/12/22 05:34am Tech Issues
RE: Ideas for Vancouver, Whistler & Washington

Any must-see areas or must-do activities around Vancouver while we're there? Thanks! If time allows you really need to go a little further west (on the ferry) and spend a bit of time on Vancouver Island. It’s only about 50 miles west, but it’s a world away.
JaxDad 04/11/22 05:34am Roads and Routes
RE: %#[email protected]^ critters!

If you’re overly concerned about sanitizing them, wash normally, then before drying them, fill both sinks with hot water and add a healthy amount of bleach to one. Give each item a good rinse in the bleach / water mixture then rinse in the clean water.
JaxDad 04/09/22 05:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace using too much propane

Lots of misinformation here. It’s not propane, it’s LPG, Liquified Petroleum Gas. It mainly consists of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) or a mixture of both with several other light hydrocarbon compounds. Like gasoline it’s components usually vary depending on where and when you buy it. Buying LPG in south Florida and then heading to the frozen north of the continent might not work very well.
JaxDad 04/06/22 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: More asme tank questions

If memory serves an ASME tank must have a minimum of 0.303” wall thickness and be made of high tensile steel for impact resistance. That’s almost 5/16” thick quality steel. Paint or no paint, the vehicle would be in the scrap yard long before the tank was rotted through.
JaxDad 03/29/22 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rip off prices from RV Dealers

While there both of us had issues with our travel trailer toilets due to improper winterizing. Next year we will both due a better job and use the pink stuff throughout the entire system rather than simply blowing it out. . On the winterizing with air. You may want to get the word out, because people seem to think blowing out with air has no consequences! I’ve always used rv antifreeze and have never had an issue. You make it sound like people doing something wrong means nobody should then do it either. I know quite a few people who should never drive anything more than a golf cart, in big open places. By your logic seems you believe nobody should drive a vehicle. BTW, I winterize my rigs only with air, usually no less than once per month all winter long and have for 20++ years. Never had a problem yet.
JaxDad 03/28/22 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Driver's Side Mirror 1998 E-450

JaxDad 03/20/22 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Revisiting rust on propane tank

ASME tanks are made from pretty thick hard high carbon steel. If the tank is rusted enough to be condemned I’m pretty sure the RV frame that it’s bolted to is LONG past being safe to go down the road. You don’t need to get down to “bare” steel, you just need to get all the loose rust off and slather it in white rust paint.
JaxDad 03/19/22 08:13pm General RVing Issues
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