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RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

I do agree completely with your #2 issue. Why they would hide the locations makes zero sense. They give some BS answer about the businesses wanting privacy but what business wants to hide from potential customers. As a ‘grandfathered’ HH (Boondockers Welcome) member and host of two different sites I can tell you there’s numerous very good reasons for keeping the exact location confidential until a member & a host connect. First and foremost, abuse, people showing up late, unannounced and often belligerent. I had space for several RV’s at my airport that one of the tenants took upon themselves to publicize. In one case I had to jump in the car and drive there at 10pm because 2 RV’ers (family travelling together) who had made arrangements showed up to find 4 toy haulers already there and a bunch of 20 somethings sitting around a campfire (in my parking lot !!) and telling them to go somewhere else, in a less than polite fashion. I had to have LEO show up because they didn’t believe I was actually the owner and that they’d had a few cold adult beverages and so couldn’t drive. They were of the opinion that an airport must be public property. The LEO’s assured them it was private property and that they were trespassing. I have heard from others I know who host at their farm or business of other (but more minor) issues also. Previous ‘guests’ coming back unannounced was the primary one.
JaxDad 10/13/21 06:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Land border closed to Canada

Thre is no reason for commercial traffic to interfere with tourist traffic. Although every border crossing is different the lanes are usually apart. BC does have some crazy setups. Most times there is clear signage directing vehicle traffic away from commercial lanes. When driving a semi I have never interfered with any tourist traffic and vice versa. I have read that the US has been working on an app. I think you missed my point re: traffic jams, yes there are separate commercial / passenger traffic AT the border, if traffic is backed up on the highways leading TO the border the trucks are stuck too. There are not separate routes for the trucks to get there. The widely accepted speculation in the aviation industry is that the US border crossing app is exactly what the border opening is being held back pending. Based on comments made by the US government that is not likely to happen until we’ll past year end.
JaxDad 10/04/21 06:05am Snowbirds
RE: where to stop for the night

I love roadside areas over campgrounds, amongst my top picks are rest areas. There almost always picnic tables, walking trails if you have a puppy to dewater, often a scenic view, etc. Out of “tourist season” you often have the place to yourself. In this case I’ve used the Wire Cache Rest Area several times in that area. Itl”s located here. 51°41'05.3"N 119°25'15.8"W
JaxDad 10/04/21 05:56am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Land border closed to Canada

I really doubt it has anything to do with handling the tourists at the border. I drive long haul in the summer and our crossings are always slower than a tourist.. Logic does not apply!! Border crossing stats are published and easily accessible. To just randomly pick one crossing, Queenston / Lewiston in the Niagara Falls / Buffalo area, and pre-Covid tourist season, of August 2019. There were 178,669 US bound vehicle crossings, of that number, 34,864, or less than 20% of those vehicles were commercial trucks. So for every truck that crosses, there are more than 5 passenger vehicles. Statistics also show that the average time for a passenger vehicle is under 30 seconds, if passenger vehicles were slowed to even only 2 minutes average clearing time it would effectively quadruple that 80% of the traffic. I’ve been in traffic jams of 4+ hours because an accident blocked one of two lanes leading to the border crossing. Anything short of an almost complete to ‘normal’ would create such chaos that even essential traffic would be paralyzed.
JaxDad 10/03/21 06:12am Snowbirds
RE: Land border closed to Canada

We open our land border to the U.S. to "non-essential" visitors so they can look after their owned property here in Canada but we can't do the same for our owned property we own in the U.S.,, sure we can fly over but we can't drive across in our RV's and other than protecting the airline industry I simply can't see how it's safer to stuff a couple of hundred people into a aluminum tube with a closed ventilation system opposed to me and my wife going through your border in our truck and driving down to Florida?? As someone in both the aviation industry and an avid RV’er I can tell you, the reasons are absolutely logical. Actually it’s almost more logistical than logical. People being at an airport, distant from the border, with lots of parking, seating, washrooms, food concessions, etc, etc, several hours before their flight is normal. There is ample time, space and staff for vetting travellers. I’m sure everyone here has crossed the border during a busy time and had a short wait. Now imagine what a disaster it would be if all of a sudden every land crossing (with no food, water, washrooms) was backed up due to far greater scrutiny, trying turn inadmissible travellers around, secondary jammed with clearing up paperwork SNAFU’s, etc, etc. It would be a nightmare, very likely also affecting the very required truck traffic.
JaxDad 10/01/21 05:58am Snowbirds
RE: Converted 2006 F350 Turbo Diesel Ambulance Motorhome

Yes, the vehicle is currently insured with Full Coverage through Geico and passes all required Life Safety Items: LP gas timed leak test at cook top burner Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuits Wall receptacles and ground fault Hot Skin test on exterior Emergency exit windows Fire Extinguisher Smoke/Fire Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector (if applicable) LP Gas Detector Rubber grommet around LP gas line of water heater (if equipped) Also it is not a boondocking only rig as it has shore power hook ups features and can be directly plugged into the appropriate outlet at any rv park. Also the shore power cord is included . Glad you mentioned that JaxDad I will remarket appropriately. Thanks again! Any feedback is most welcome! I think you might have misinterpreted / misunderstood my comment. HAVING the required life safety items is VERY different from being CERTIFIED as meeting all the required standards. You are saying a registered group has certified that unit as being built to, and in compliance with, the required standards?
JaxDad 09/25/21 06:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

A family friend runs his family trucking business, a few years back he changed the fleet over to Chinese (company and manufactured) tires after hearing so many good things about them. He says they are far superior to the traditional brands in all aspects, and FAR less money. Wonder who you can sue for damages in case failure of the tire due to faulty manufacturing. Or would the manufacture in China even respond? You don’t actually believe that a Chinese company (or any other international company) has no domestic presence and the cash flow is entirely offshore with no ability to go after it do you? Michelin’s money all goes straight to France? Toyo’s money all goes straight to Japan? Pirelli’s money all goes straight to Italy? BTW, “superior” means “better than” ………
JaxDad 09/24/21 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

I guess I’m skating by on my US$46 ($60 CDN) a year. I imagine some of our states have similar rates. You guys have your issues though. I have cousins in Canada and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. I’m (now) a dual citizen, and I live where I do for many good reasons. Ironically though, I have a bunch of family still down there, principally in CA, NY, SC & FL but all of whom have the opposite opinion of yours.
JaxDad 09/24/21 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

A family friend runs his family trucking business, a few years back he changed the fleet over to Chinese (company and manufactured) tires after hearing so many good things about them. He says they are far superior to the traditional brands in all aspects, and FAR less money.
JaxDad 09/24/21 05:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

I guess I’m skating by on my US$46 ($60 CDN) a year.
JaxDad 09/24/21 05:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converted 2006 F350 Turbo Diesel Ambulance Motorhome

I hope you took the time to do the required life safety inspections, a boondocking only rig that might be problematic to insure has limited attraction to a lot of people.
JaxDad 09/23/21 05:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: GPS app best one for a iPad

X2 for CoPilot, that said I also have, and use, HERE We Go and iExit which is super convenient.
JaxDad 09/22/21 05:34am Roads and Routes
RE: Vax Passports

The American version is soon to be announced. The White House has already stated it will likely be prerequisite to border opening.
JaxDad 09/20/21 05:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: “Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up...

I call that the “Wally World Effect”. People buy based on low price then complain about the ‘junk’ the manufacturers are producing.
JaxDad 09/13/21 05:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Vax Passports

Last update. You are still at risk to catch, and spread covid as if you were not vaccinated. Per the CDC.This statement seems to imply the risk is equal if you are vaccinated or not.... and I understand that is false. Catch? Yes, but the difference between how it impacts vax’d and un vax’d people is HUGE.
JaxDad 09/10/21 05:47am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: US Land Border Still Closed to Canadians

And don’t hold your breathe about it opening a month from now either.
JaxDad 08/20/21 05:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska

What was posted here should go in the 'Covid Personal Experience' thread. (Mod) I can't find that thread. --------------- Thread: Covid Personal Experiences (Mod) Don, it is the ‘sticky’ thread directly above this one.
JaxDad 08/19/21 06:22am Around the Campfire
RE: a new material to keep your cool!

Why is this page all messed up? Fj's post is on the right side of the page Two minutes for off-side!! LOL.
JaxDad 08/10/21 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Shuttle bus conversion

Actually, ALL of the refusals I’ve personally seen happen were in the US. Cars & trucks are legally required to meet certain standards and bear proof of same, that’s the VIN plate inside the drivers door jamb. Nobody will ever ask you if your car is legal because they know it was built to FMVSS standards. With RV’s it’s the same thing, when it’s a unit manufactured by one of the mainstream manufacturers compliance with the applicable life safety requirements is a given. When it’s a former School or Shuttle Bus, cargo van or trailer, there’s no such assurances.
JaxDad 08/09/21 06:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Shuttle bus conversion

With the way things are these days regarding concern over liability places are starting to pay more attention to the legal side of things. Presuming it’s presentable and the conversion is done legally, with the proper inspections and certification, etc., it would come down to each park owners choice. I’ve seen several school bus / cargo van / trailer / #vanlife type conversions refused admission. YMMV ……..
JaxDad 08/08/21 03:48pm Beginning RVing
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