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RE: Making A Warmer Truck Camper Bed

Interesting thread. We camp alot in the winter. Just spent 4 days in 0-5F degree weather. Never really had an issue with the mattress or cold. Condensation, can be an issue, but it's a super easy solution. Got to have air movement. I usually just crack the kitchen window a bit and open the bathroom vent slightly (fan stays off). An example, two days into the camp, no condensation at all, windows being the best indicator. Cooked breakfast for three extra adults and two kids (squeeze them in..!) and after a bit over two hours, the windows were covered in condensation. It's our breath. Turned the fan on when they left and half hour later, camper was cleared up. A suggestion for under the mattress. One needs air movement but most can't afford the height loss. Pick up a piece of Miradrain or equivalent. It's a composite drain product, and it will keep an open airway under the mattress. About 1/2" tall, plastic and fiber, water proof. Last... skip the flannel sheets. They're only warm 'after' you get in and warm them up. Go fleece. Tell them I sent you...! There is no comparison. The foundation dimpled sheet would work very well. I actually have a roll of it in my shop. I talked with Joe Chi Ochi, Matt, who foil tape sealed a foam board down in his cabover and wrote a post about it back about 2007 with good results. I'll keep an eye on the current setup to see how it performs. Rather than the foil tape, there is a PVC tape which is stronger and more flexible than the aluminum tape. I'll keep you posted on results. Work well for many years, never had any moisture issues. We did however, also install carpet foam and full home carpet over that foil face polyisocyanurate foam and around the perimeter of where the mattress came in contact with the walls. We also used a 10" thick Polyurethane foam mattress vs inner spring, which added another layer of insulation between the floor and the occupants. With the Amerigo, we have 3" of R22 fiberglass insulation beneath the floor of the cabover and a 3/4" plywood deck on top of which our mattress rests, so I didn't need to do the same trick this go round.
JoeChiOhki 01/13/22 03:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Bittersweet

Sounds almost like you need an Amerigo, so your wife can use the lower fold out bed in the rear (My wife's plans since for when we don't have company staying with us in the camper, so she can have the whole bed to herself :p). Sadly, they haven't been made in a number of years, so the only options are restoration.
JoeChiOhki 01/13/22 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Still unknown here, between not sure when the Camper will be completely done (even after I finish the building, I still need to trial it and fix any issues I discover, it hasn't had the Oregon Sog test yet) and work, my state is still the same.
JoeChiOhki 01/10/22 03:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Where to mount a TV?

For me, I just attached the arm to a stud in the camper wall at the foot of the bed (We only use the tv-tv while laying down, for streaming stuff else where we use a laptop or tablet, it uses the HD HomeRun streaming tuner for broadcast/cable TV stuff.
JoeChiOhki 12/03/21 11:38am Truck Campers
RE: Repair help needed - Broken frame from dragging jack

You've seriously got some major divorce going on between the framing components of the floor/belly pan and the rear wall! And... its Filon sided, which is glued in place and easily removeable without needing to patch the section afterwards or redo the whole wall....
JoeChiOhki 12/01/21 10:21am Truck Campers
RE: Why whine, heater question

Dried out bearings, needs some lube. Usually clean with air gun or compressed air and then apply appropriate oiling, hand spinning the shaft during application to allow for the oil to work its way in before putting higher RPM strain on it. As to your dump hose connection dripping, the rubber gaskets have likely dried out. Flush and clean the area, then rub vaseline on the gaskets and then open and shut a few times and recheck. If they still leak, get a new valve replacement kit from Valterra and you can swap out the gate and gaskets at the same time.
JoeChiOhki 11/18/21 05:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Tow Dolly Woe

Honestly, if you strike out finding a shop, look up the backing plate size and weight rating of the existing surge brakes and get an electric brake kit for it. Since its not a boat trailer, submergence is not an issue and you'll be able to live dial the braking impact the electrics trigger while testing it with a live load. Electric conversion kits used to be fairly inexpensive since it was mostly just a swap of the hydraulic cylinder for the electromagnet piece designed to take its place and running of some new wire to your trailer plug if you are already wired up for electric trailer brakes on your vehicle.
JoeChiOhki 10/27/21 07:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Long Bed vs Bigger Overhang - off - roading

As one who does USFS and BLM roads in Oregon, which are likely vastly higher quality than the ones you'd find in the more back country areas in the US SW and what not, I haven't had any issues so far with my 11' Campers, as I usually have a 48" hitch extension in that will hit the ground usually before it ever gets close to the camper's rear jacks would (Slightly less issue there now with the Amerigo as the rear jacks are not at the very rear corners due to the camper's structural design, but on the front edges of the rear overhang instead close to the rear bumper of the truck. For areas with more washes and deep centers, it would be a greater issue, and would likely require some creative driving to cross them at diagonals or use something to keep the tires from going all the way to the bottom of the hole to get across safely, as I'm just as likely to plow the front basket into the ground for the same reason as I would drag my butt.
JoeChiOhki 10/27/21 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Generator start leads

I'm a bit surprised by your measurement of 375A - even momentary - to start a small genset. I wonder if is it an artifact of the sampling rate of the clamp ammeter. A Cummins 5.9L diesel draws only about 300A cranking, motorcycle engines in the 1000 - 1200cc range draw around 150A at stall and 100A cranking. These measured with a 100 KHz amp probe on a 1Ghz recording O'scope. Even if it peaks at 375A for a few milliseconds, that would not heat a thermal fuse enough to blow it. You might try shutting the fuel off or removing the spark wire from the genset, crank for several seconds and see what the starter really draws. 375A @ 12V = about 6 HP! Yeah, that sounds like a crazy amount of juice...... My 4000 watt Champion which is an electric start from a tiny battery only has #8 wire so I know it can't be sucking near that much juice for something that's similar or smaller of an engine..... I would think 37.5 amps would be more realistic...
JoeChiOhki 10/14/21 07:42pm Truck Campers
RE: When a redneck wins the lottery....

God, its been years since that one used to pop up on the forum regularly :)
JoeChiOhki 10/14/21 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow. Your Amazon order might be late. ;) From what stories I have heard, Amazon drivers seem to be in about the same league as Swift operators for Walmart. :p
JoeChiOhki 10/12/21 03:42pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your truck today?

Continued my search for a junkyard for a new driver's door, dim-bulb moment and forgot I was parked next to a column in parking garage and ran the driver's door into it (The door was already slated to be replaced, since it has a crack through part of the window frame, this just stepped up my timeline since the door sticks a little now when opening it).
JoeChiOhki 10/05/21 02:32pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Finished gluing in the last pieces for the core frame of the new bathroom door to the maple plywood skin on the outside and will be tracing and cutting the thinner wood paneling that will go on the inside (It will be getting a sheet of FRP glued over that, ergo why thinner wood is being used first).
JoeChiOhki 10/05/21 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

I did it for several years, though I didn't travel around all the time with it, though it usually just stayed parked at my space in an RV park when I wasn't taking it out traveling. My now wife was staying with her mom because my work during those years was transitory, and so putting down permanent roots wasn't practical. So, I lived in the area with the camper while my work contract lasted, then hung onto the space at the park and spent my time back staying with family if I wasn't wandering around on saved up money between contracts traveling with her or by myself with our dog. Now, we have a giant fifth wheel in the same park as the one I had used during those years working as a contractor as our permanent home and the campers went back to being the traveling rigs.
JoeChiOhki 09/29/21 06:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Where do you put your levels?

I have two at the front by the driver's corner jack near the front jack's control buttons and two by the rear jack and the rear jack control buttons (Mine are mounted on the jacks themselves, pre-remote control era Atwoods).
JoeChiOhki 09/29/21 06:07pm Truck Campers
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

Wow. Poor choice of names if you ask me. At over $100K, that’s the exact opposite of low-key. low-key lo'ke' adjective Having low intensity; restrained, as in style or quality; subdued. Having or producing uniformly dark tones with few areas of contrast, as in a photograph or film. restrained in style or quality; not flashy or intense; understated. Nope, not any of those things. :):) Honestly, I was thinking more of Loki, the trickster God of Norse Mythology, given its spelt the same way :).
JoeChiOhki 09/29/21 06:05pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your truck today?

Got truck back from body shop that installed new roof skin. Spent good part of the day reinstalling interior I had removed (headliner, visors, trim etc). Another day rewiring, CB, custom interior light that controls exterior 3rd brake light functions, GPS ant etc. I have a lot of funny wiring. width=640 height=480 width=640 height=480 Gosh- why is it leaking? Even heavy fog water dripping inside. Outside of the window rubber all that was visible was the bubbled paint. Knew I had problem but extent surprised me. Pretty sure cause, other than being a block from the Pacific, was bad glass replacement (scratched) few years ago. width=640 height=480 I really wanted to attempt repair and if anyplace other than windshield would have. However once I seen the required drilling of 100+ spot welds glad I had it done. 4 days in the shop-done, likely I'd still be drilling:) Probably spend a few hours today putting all my 'stuff' back in the truck. Quandary now is clearance/ID marker lights. Truck is over 80" wide so required but really don't want to drill 15 holes in new roof. Didn't have issue with them on original install but just don't want to do again. As someone who bought a used suburban from the southern seaboard area of california that was from the 80s, I know that rust well :). Mercifully, the body and frame is destined for the junkyard, I bought it off the neighbor who spent the money to haul it back for what buying another 350 small block, a 700R4 w/transfer case, 4x4 front and rear axles and spring mounts/perchs etc... would have cost me, but it is chock full of rust holes and badly done and now failing bondo patches.
JoeChiOhki 09/23/21 03:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Models with 3 Beds?

Mine has three, queen front, full in the rear snap-n-nap, and a short dinette bed. Only problem is the manufacturer went out of business several decades ago. Depending on if you're going into the F450-F550 territory or not will determine if the triple slides are feasible upgrades for you or not. As recommended, one of the camper lines with a side entry and a rear fold out tent, which is as close to an Amerigo Snap N Nap as you can get in modern times shy of restoring one of the campers, would be the best bet.
JoeChiOhki 09/15/21 12:42pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

It sounds like a blast, but I do not know if I would be able to make it, so I won't take a spot that someone who can definitely make it could use :).
JoeChiOhki 09/15/21 02:21am Truck Campers
RE: Kingstar Camino 88 - Any Input

For those not familiar with the brand, you can read more on the Kingstar Camino 88 here:
JoeChiOhki 09/13/21 02:30am Truck Campers
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