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KOA actually does have definitions and requirements for Journey/Holiday/Resort and if you call to complain about a resort not having amenities claimed the campground has to respond to corporate with an explanation and a timeline for the issue to be resolved. Campgrounds that get lots of complaints can get kicked out of the KOA system, I've seen it happen. Jellystone is similar, though they're a bit more skewed towards the campground owner in that I've read many reports of it taking quite a few years for a campground to have the Jellystone name removed. KOA is different. It is a "company of campgrounds" not a directory. Not sure what you mean by a company of campgrounds. KOA is mainly a franchise operation that brands privately owned properties, along with a couple dozen corporate owned cg's. I have had less than pleasing experiences at some of these franchise locations and have notified corporate. As the post above indicates, they do contact and have leverage over the franchise holders to make corrections. Good Sam-- I'm with the others that see GS and Camping World as having evolved into a substandard operation under Lemonis' "leadership"
JoeH 11/29/22 05:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newmar question

Take it out for a drive and see if the performance is adequate for your needs. We aren't in a race anyway, so if you are comfortable with it while cruising and hitting some reasonable hills, it should work.
JoeH 11/21/22 06:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Great Tailgating Campgrounds

Sky, I'm a bit confused. Tailgating is usually at an event, and typically the parking area related to same. What are you tailgating about?? Wouldn't that kind of suggest a location? Matt I am also confused by the OP's question..... btw, really like your GMC. One of these days, I'm going to get one.... I had '66 and '68 Toronado's so am at least familiar with that part of the drive train.
JoeH 11/20/22 06:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newmar question

The Newmar brochure and everything I find via google say 500hp 2016 Newmar Mountain Aire Brochure
JoeH 11/20/22 06:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2018 Sprinter has tendency to overfill on fill up

It happens with my DP too..... one method of minimizing the spillage is to make a few wraps of paper towels ( usually found at teh pump) around the nozzle before inserting it into the filler tube.
JoeH 11/17/22 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: HwH is getting Ridiculous

YOU CALL GM OR FORD AND ATTEMPT TO DIAGNOSIS YOUR VEHICLE OVER THE PHONE AND GET PARTS. REPORT BACK. HWH IS NOT IN THE BUSINESS TO TELL RETAIL CUSTOMERS HOW TO FIX AND TO SELL PARTS. THEY DO THAT AS A CONVIENANCE. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE PROFESSIONALS LIKE ME HAVE TO WAIT FOR PHONE TIME. Doug "professionals like you...right" Little hubris going on, do we? I don't know you, and I have no way to know if you're capable of dealing with HWH jack system problems, so there's that. What I DO know is that there's no one I can call in my area I can trust to do knowledgeable repairs on my HWH RV system. "Take it to a dealer", you might say. Sure - and be ready for them to park it out on the "Back 40" for 3 months, then put their minimum-wage teen-age wonder with his power driver on it, and then, STILL, screw it up. Not happening. I don't call "GM or Ford" for service issues because AUTOMOTIVE dealers are EXPECTED and REQUIRED by manufacturers to take care of problems. Comparing the automobile industry to the RV industry is apples to oranges, and YOU KNOW THAT. Once an RV leaves the factory, it's on it's own, maintenance-wise - FACT. Your attempts to paint RV owners as clueless and helpless are less than helpful. Many of us know a lot more about our own RVs than dealers do, and trying to get any technical or service help from dealers with most of the systems in our RVs often end up a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive dry hole. In many instances, our only recourse with service-related issues IS to directly contact the manufacturers, and YOU know that. It's a totally different ballgame from the automotive situation. Lastly, I've been here long enough to have seen many of your posts. I'm not sure what you think you're accomplishing here, but my impression is that your objective is to denigrate RV owners. You can guess what I think of that attitude. I too have read many of Doug's responses and appreciate his knowledge and the accurate "to the point" responses, unlike many of the misleading guesses from novices that seem to pop up in response to people's serious questions when trying to solve a problem. I agree that the current HWH business process/consumer support is broken. I carry a 6ft 2x4 to assist my one jack as I've been waiting for replacement springs for a long time.
JoeH 11/16/22 05:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do dp motorhome with air bags also have shocks.?

I changed mine after a couple of years for what I consider better performing ones. OEM were too harsh
JoeH 11/15/22 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: traction tracks

For driving in sand with my car or truck I carried either cardboard or old carpet. Both worked fine. I've gotten out of a muddy area with my prior motorhome by laying down firewood under/in front of the rear wheels. I won't even consider going off pavement with our DP . Anything that will prevent your wheels from sinking will help, whether it be traction mats,carpet,etc,
JoeH 11/14/22 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Parks Near Johnson City, TX

Watauga Dam, near Elizabethton is awesome. Its a TVA campground, very scenic. Tennessee is a bit if a ways from Texas !
JoeH 11/05/22 05:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: HwH is getting Ridiculous

I called HWh again today the same one girl that answered the phone is kind of Snoddy I have been on the list for a month now she just verified that. She tells me we only have one guy he will get back to you when he can. Smh.. I only have a couple questions to ask the guy. One is where can I find parts like new spring? Is HWh going out of business? They are leaving alot of us hanging right now. I CAN FIX what ever it is that needs fixed buy I need parts and to no what parts to buy. I hear ya... I called them about a year ago ... I need springs too. Was told they would contact me when the springs were available....sure! You are right, maybe they are going under.
JoeH 10/27/22 04:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New here & source for motor parts

I looked and it appears that yours my be on a F53 chassis. Parts should be available at any autoparts store. If they don't have a listing for the F53, have them look at the F550. I believe you will need to drop the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. drain the tank, and lower it using a tranny jack or motorcycle jack.
JoeH 10/24/22 05:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Making my onboard generator quieter

Sure seems to make the sound more acceptable.
JoeH 10/05/22 05:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ian destruction

heard from from kids in Tampa this morning. Their electric came on last evening but no cell service till this morning. Good thing was no damage other than trees. So I guess some parts of Tampa were worse than others. I'm a bit south of Tampa, on the bay, and we were pretty much spared from the effects of Ian. Some tree damage, but that's about it. We were lucky it took the east turn, but the people in Ft Myers suffered the effects. I traveled down I-75 yesterday to Key West. Traveling on the interstate, there is little evidence of the destruction that took place just a few miles west in Ft. Myers and a few miles east in Arcadia. There were a few trees down, some signage down and the most notable issue was the netting at Top Golf had been wiped out. They were working on it when I passed by at 5 a.m. and working on it when I went by at 6 pm. I guess they really want to hit golf balls.
JoeH 10/04/22 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: My Coach Net experience tonight.

We had a bad experience years ago with just one flat tire on our 40' Phaeton. Eventually we got someone to come out and slap a used tire on it as we had no spare. We drove 22 miles to a Boulevard Tire dealer in Florida and boondocked in their parking lot. They fixed our tire in the morning. They said they do not do business with Coach Net and it has to do with the way CN pays those vendors. I am not sure what they require but the way it goes, they are frequently left waiting on their money. They had previously dealt with them but no longer. They said they would have dispatched a truck to us immediately and it would have taken maybe 45 minutes and cost $75. As it was the bill was well over $300, plus the $75 we paid out of pocket the next morning to have the necessary repair done. So it isn't always that there is no service available, it's that there may not be a service willing to jump through the hoops with CN. Dale Exactly, When I finally got towed ( a company that was no longer on the coach net call list) , I talked with the driver. He said the same thing. Coach net uses the lowest cost providers and then jerks them around with payments. So you get the bottom of the barrel if they happen to show up
JoeH 10/02/22 05:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Class ‘A’ motor homes FORD chassis.

Yes, the 3/36 chassis warranty is good from the date of retail sale to the first customer, not the builder! Someone at the dealer doesn’t know what they are doing. Or they are just trying to avoid a warranty repair that is not as profitable as a retail repair. Local dealer tried to pull that on me with my pickup... I got Ford Corporate involved, they told the dealer to fix it.
JoeH 09/30/22 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SPAM-alama-dingdong 2.0

We were in Hawaii a few years ago and was amazed at the amount and variety of flavors of SPAM on the shelves in the supermarkets.
JoeH 09/26/22 05:33am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Routing/trip planning app ???

RVTW RV Trip Wizard is the best I know about. Now you mention it I never got a certificate from GS either. I'm surprised you can challenge a charge that late. Yep, I told AMEX that the certificate never arrived after multiple requests. My charges were immediately refunded. I guess Marcus thinks that most people will forget about the certificate and thus just puts the money in his pocket, after writing it off as a marketing expense.
JoeH 09/25/22 08:42am Roads and Routes
Routing/trip planning app ???

OK-- I've been using the Good Sam trip planner for a few years and it's OK, not great, but usable. As usual, I renewed my Good Sam membership back in January, this time with a 3 year subscription so I could get a few $'s off and a merchandise certificate at Camping World. My new membership card never came nor did the merchandise certificate. I called and wrote Good Sam. They said it was mailed and to wait. It still never came. I called and wrote again. They said the would send out another one. It never came...8 months later. I asked again and they essentially said too bad, so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges and got my money back. Heck of a way to treat a 20 year plus customer. Anyway, looking for recommendations on a routing/trip planning app. Preferably free ! Thanks
JoeH 09/25/22 05:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Good Sam membership and Pilot/Flying J RV fuel card

I never go to FlyingJ for an eight cent discount when I can go across the freeway to TA and get, today, a seventy cent discount with the TSD OpenRoads, EFS fuel card. Same here.... I used to use Pilot/FJ, but last year they screwed up when I went in to pay....I paid my bill, got my receipt and left, The next day I get a call from a very rude "manager" claiming I did a drive off. I took a pic of my receipt and sent it to her... she still wasn't convinced. I sent the Credit Card statement. Same thing... she then voided my card. I wrote corporate, they said they would reinstate my card, but it never happened, that was a bit over a year ago. I now use EFS and T/A or Loves. Just got back from a 8,000 mile trip. T/A had $.70 off pump price, Loves was around $.15.
JoeH 09/19/22 05:32am General RVing Issues
RE: How To Clean This

My eyes aren't sharp enough to trust my hands with a razor blade. I didn't want to scratch the surface Most auto part stores carry plastic razor blades. They will not scratch the fiberglass.
JoeH 09/17/22 04:26am Tech Issues
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