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RE: Battery disconnect - switch or fuse?

The 10 amp fuse you pulled is likely for the break away brakes. Put it back. A negative disconnect will probably also disable the break away brakes so you can't pull the trailer on a road with it turned off. I'd just use a circuit breaker in the positive main wire.
KD4UPL 06/12/22 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries charging with motor running

That sounds like the one. With the engine running you should have the same voltage to ground on each side. If it's different it's not connecting the batteries.
KD4UPL 06/08/22 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging 6v golf cart batteries?

It's incredibly rare, nearly unheard of. That a camper doesn't have a built in charger. Most items in the camper run from 12 volt battery power. The shore power is converted to 12 volts by the converter/charger. If you relly only on 2 amps it isn't anywhere near enough. Your batteries will die.
KD4UPL 06/06/22 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: TV & 30 ft TT to Mini Van and 17 ft TT

Your not going to get 15 MPG towing a 19' TT.
KD4UPL 06/06/22 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Twisted Truck? UPDATE-Fixed!

By putting only one wheel up on a ramp you have twisted the frame. Once you put the wheel back down on the ground it will straighten back out. I always leveled mine by using blocks under the truck wheels to get it as level as possible first. Then I used the camper jacks to tweak it and take some of the weight off the truck so it didn't bounce so much. I had electric jacks, don't know about hydraulic. Maybe you can't use them like that.
KD4UPL 05/21/22 09:32am Truck Campers
RE: Hyundi Santa Cruz

Sure it's believable. It would probably tow a 5,000 pound boat just fine. It would probably tow a 5,000 pound load cinder blocks on a flatbed just fine. There are many different types of trailers and a hard sided travel trailer is probably, by far, the most difficult to tow. The high percentage of tongue weight, inability to move the tongue weight, large frontal area, poor aerodynamics, and large side sail area make a travel trailer a difficult tow. Just because a tow vehicle says it will tow 5,000 pounds doesn't mean just any old trailer at all. The same vehicle that might handle a 5,000 pound boat just fine might be a struggling handful with a 4,000 pound RV. Further, some people have very different expectations. I expect my tow vehicle to be able to maintain interstate speeds up a mountain while towing. Some people are just as happy to be doing 45 with their 4 ways on up the mountain. Some people have never tow within 100 miles of a mountain. I also expect my vehicles to last for 200,000 or more miles. Some people think a vehicle is worn out at 100,000. That vehicle probably would pull a 4,000 pound RV but I doubt you'll like the experience, particular up a mountain, and I bet it won't live very long.
KD4UPL 05/20/22 11:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Brake and Turn Issue

You shouldn't. But, if you have a problem with the wired ground sometimes it will work thru the hitch so you don't notice the problem. Any time you have multiple things not working, or most of the time really, trailer wiring problems come down to a bad ground wire.
KD4UPL 05/07/22 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Best route to Cass, WV from the north

Mayor30's route is what I would take. I live about 15 miles form Staunton. Cass is in a unique spot in that there are no straight roads to get there. It's also quite a ways from cell phone coverage so don't expect to be able to use your phone anywhere near there. If you are on 250 west you will lose coverage about 15 or 20 miles from Staunton. Monterey, in Highland county, has a tower but then there won't be anything else past there. If you need fuel I'd get it in Staunton near the interstate at the Royal. Otherwise, get some in Monterey since WV has higher taxes.
KD4UPL 04/24/22 07:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: 50A RV with 30A plug?

That is a 50 amp RV. Someone is using a 30 amp cord because it's lighter, cheaper, easier to handle, and is probably sufficient for their needs. If you want 50 amps then a 50 amp cord will be necessary. If you get one I'd keep the 30 amp you have for all the above reasons.
KD4UPL 04/24/22 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Can inverter and solar CC share the same wiring to battery?

Same set of wires is just fine. In fact, it will help lessen voltage drop when using the inverter and getting solar production. What size inverter? 1/0 may be too small for a large inverter.
KD4UPL 04/10/22 07:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to find diesel prices?

My Gasbuddy app shows diesel. I don't ever log in either.
KD4UPL 04/10/22 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fleetwood Elkhorn

I owned a 2003 Fleetwood Elkhorn 11x from 2009 to 2018. Mine had fiberglass sides, a dry bath, and, of course, was bigger. Overall I was pleased with it. Mine had an aluminum frame according to the decals. I don't know where it was as the only framing I ever encountered was wood. The lower edge of the front wall rotted out on mine. I fixed it with some new wood and a big piece of 3" aluminum angle on the exterior. Also, my side entrance step well had some rot. I fixed that with new wood. The refrigerator didn't want to stay lit but a new circuit board from Dinosaur electronics fixed that. We used the camper starting with just the wife and I. Then we had 2 kids and used it a lot. We sold it after the third child was born because it just wasn't big enough. Otherwise, I might still be using it. We had it to around 20 states I think over those 9 years. My Fleetwood only had room for one battery; I always wished I could have added one as we camped with no hook ups quite often. We camped in it off the truck plenty of times with no trouble. When I was researching the brand prior to buying mine I found lots of bad reviews about rot but also lots of great reviews. With closer study it seemed like the people complain had fairly new campers and the happy owners had owned them for many years. I decided that meant that if it was going to leak it would happen early on. Since the one I bought was already 6 years old I figured it was probably solid.
KD4UPL 04/10/22 07:06am Truck Campers
RE: Battery tender & storage

If your battery is fully charged and then disconnected there's not need to have it on a charger for 4 months. If it goes dead in that amount of time it was bad anyway.
KD4UPL 04/09/22 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 4.1 amp parasitic draw - 2020 Ford V-10 Thor Outlaw

You're stereo probably pulls some power even when off. TV antenna amplifier might be on and pulling some power. The control board in a gas refrigerator uses some power all the time. LP leak detector and CO detectors use some power. Doesn't the inverter have an "off" switch? If not, you could install one as suggested in the battery cable. It really should have at least a fuse in the positive battery cable. Replacing it with a circuit breaker would make it easier to turn on and off.
KD4UPL 04/09/22 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator

RV running? I assume it's a motor hope then? Having the engine running doesn't have that much to do with the refrigerator. If you have a compressor style refrigerator it always runs on electricity. This can come from being plugged in, from the engine alternator, or from your battery. If you have an absorption refrigerator then it always runs on heat. (I know, that doesn't make sense but it works.) The heat can come from burning propane, from an electric element powered by electricity from being plugged in, or from an electric element powered by your battery. The last choice is really not an option unless you have a very large battery and a very good charging system. An absorption refrigerator running on a battery uses A LOT of power. Your best option is to run it on propane when going down the road and on "shore power", electricity from being plugged in, when you are camped. There are a few folks who have some sort of irrational fear of using the refrigerator on propane when they are driving. Don't worry about them. Probably 99% of RVers run it that way because that's the way the manufacturer designed it to be used. If you have a new RV you likely have a compressor refrigerator but it's hard to say since you didn't give any details.
KD4UPL 04/09/22 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Walmart 27DC….80 or 109AH?

Just about all Group 27 batteries are, give or take, about 75 amp hours. Yours are 80 so that's on the upper end. Rating them with a 20 hour draw is the industry standard. A manufacturer can rate them at any draw they want for marketing purposes. Apparently yours are about 109 AH at what is roughly a 100 hour rate. I suspect if you tested them at an 80 amp draw you might only get 1/2 hour making them 40 AH at that rate. All the numbers are correct, it's called the Peukert effect if you want to read all about it. Basically their marketing guys used a non standard number to make the advertising look better. It's not wrong, just a little sneaky.
KD4UPL 04/08/22 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

I carried my Fleetwood 11x TC on a 2007 3500 SRW for a couple years. Then I switched to carrying it on a 2005 Chevy 3500 Dually. The difference in handling, stability, and ride was immediately obvious. The dually was far superior in every way to the SRW. I got exactly the same fuel mileage with both trucks, 10 mpg on diesel. The only real difference in the trucks was the SRW was a regular cab and the dually was a crew cab. I don't care how many reasons you want to give a dually is the only way to go for a truck camper. I daily drive my dually. It goes thru bank and restaurant drive thrus a couple times each week. It fits in parking spaces just fine.
KD4UPL 04/07/22 05:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Newbie - electrical question, 12V not working

I agree, it sounds like a low battery but he measured 13 volts. However, that is suspicious as well. If the trailer isn't plugged into shore power to charge the battery and it's not hooked to a running tow vehicle and there's no solar panel connected then there's no way the battery should read 13 volts. 12.7 would be about the maximum with 12.6 or so being more likely. Perhaps you have a cheap meter that isn't that accurate? Do you have a built in solar panel?
KD4UPL 04/07/22 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

Use whatever gas station you want. There are very few stations that won't accommodate a trailer. You need to be careful, go slow, and know how to maneuver the trailer. Being able to back it up is a very important skill. I've gotten fuel at all kinds of places with my Suburban towing my boat which is about 27 feet long. I also sometimes have my crew cab long bed pulling my equipment trailer that is about 30 feet long. Just take your time and wait for a good opening. Keep in mind that all gas stations are fueled by 18 wheeler tankers; most of them with 40' or longer trailers. They are all able to get in and out so you should be too.
KD4UPL 04/06/22 04:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 12 vdc fridge

Even though no information on battery capacity or refrigerator draw has been given the answer is NO. That's probably not enough solar/battery for most people to camp 4 days with an LP refrigerator. The lights, radio, pump, etc. will probably use up all the power without even taking the compressor fridge into account.
KD4UPL 04/03/22 01:48pm General RVing Issues
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