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RE: Tri-metric TM 2030

12.7 volts with no charging is a full battery. It can't be any higher than that unless it's just some surface charge that hasn't bled off yet. Your charging seems to be working. Has the power been disconnected from the Tri-Metric lately? If so, it loses track and needs to figure out where your batteries are again. It can only do this when they reach the fully charged parameters. Make sure your Tri-Metric's setting for fully charged isn't above the programmed voltage of your charging source. If it is, it will never decided that the batteries are full.
KD4UPL 08/29/20 12:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Rerigging my rig, looking for suggestion

I agree, I'd probably shorten the flatbed, or just swap it, for an 11' bed. If your frame is too long to allow for that then can you possible alter the gen exhaust and plumbing to get it a bit farther forward. I wouldn't mess with the steps. If the steps are in the way I'd say just run it. With the weight of your fuel tank and the rest of the truck up front I don't think the COG is really that far back on the overall truck.
KD4UPL 08/29/20 12:26pm Truck Campers
RE: tow vehicle

That is a really cool truck. I love that body style. I assume you have a TH400 transmission and thus no overdrive. I don't know that I would go all the way to a 4:10 gear. A 3.73 would make a noticeable difference. Is the truck 4wd? If so you need to change both the front and rear gearing. It will cost you about $1,000 for each axle. The gearvendors unit would also work but you couldn't use it in 4wd; that may or may not be an issue for you. Does that engine even have a 4 barrel carburateur? If not, I would change the carb. Otherwise, short of a complete rebuilt, I would leave the engine alone. But, a full rebuild on that engine would be really cool. You could get nearly double the HP out of it with not much trouble.
KD4UPL 08/29/20 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacing wall USB port

Check out Blue Sea systems. They make quality products. Also check out Powerwerx for what you're looking for. Yes, any USB port designed to work with 12 volt DC will be fine; black to black, red to red.
KD4UPL 08/29/20 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Dex 6 transmission fluid

Well, for starters what vehicle are we talking about? I did a lot of research lately for the Allison transmission in my 2005 Chevy. As it turns out when GM switched from Dex3 to Dex6 they didn't realize that the Dex6 hardened the seals in the Allison and made them leak. They eventually discovered this and updated the seals but some trucks with the old style seals still left the factory requiring Dex6. Your not supposed to put Dex6 in an Allison older then about mid year 2006 or it will harden the seals. The go-to transmission fluid now for the Allison is Transynd which is a synthetic engineered by Castrol specifically for the Allison. If you buy GM fluid for the Allison now days it is supposedly rebranded Transynd. It may be a great fluid for your transmission instead of the generic Dex6 but I have no idea.
KD4UPL 08/28/20 02:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is there a correct battery voltage chart?

Voltage is a horribly inaccurate way of measuring battery capacity. That's why the charts are all over the place. Battery design, specific gravity, temperature, charging or discharging currents, and probably some other things come into play. To really know what's in a battery you need a battery gauge. A battery gauge will have a shunt; if it has no shunt it's not a battery gauge. Tri-Meteric makes a nice one as do Victron, Magnum, and Outback.
KD4UPL 08/26/20 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Cummins Onan Generator Starting Issues - Help Needed!

So it starts from your two 6 volt AGM batteries? Have you checked all the battery cables and connections? It sounds like it may not be getting enough cranking voltage sometimes which could be an intermittent connection. I would expect the 12v lights in the RV to dim when the generator was cranking. This should only last for a few seconds while it starts but would be perfectly normal. How long do the lights stay dim? I'd find out how much a starter is for the generator and how hard it is to change. If it's not too bad you might get one for a spare and keep it with you. Or, have them change the starter and keep the old one as a spare.
KD4UPL 08/22/20 02:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone towing small trailer with Acadia, traverse??

Max towing is generally given with no passengers or cargo and figuring a 150 pound driver in the tow vehicle so unless you travel alone and weigh 150 pounds you will be over with a 5,200 pound trailer.
KD4UPL 08/22/20 12:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is it safe to use truck camper on jack stands

That's one of the big advantages of a TC over a MH. I used to take the camper off so I could launch and retrieve the boat with just the truck. Also, some amusement parks charge more for parking for a MH than a truck. I took the camper off at the campground before driving to the amusement park and saved substantially on parking. Make sure you get a camper with electric jacks and a wireless remote control. It makes the loading and unloading process a lot easier.
KD4UPL 08/22/20 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: Is it safe to use truck camper on jack stands

That's one of the big advantages of a TC over a MH. I used to take the camper off so I could launch and retrieve the boat with just the truck. Also, some amusement parks charge more for parking for a MH than a truck. I took the camper off at the campground before driving to the amusement park and saved substantially on parking. Make sure you get a camper with electric jacks and a wireless remote control. It makes the loading and unloading process a lot easier.
KD4UPL 08/22/20 08:25am Truck Campers
RE: 200w solar system.....Lead acid OR AGM batteries?

AGM batteries are lead acid, it's just that the acid is Absorbed into a Glass Mat so it can not spill. (AGM) It makes no difference what the batteries are. The question is how much power are you using in the RV and will the solar system replenish it?
KD4UPL 08/21/20 05:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Picking Up New (to me) Ram 2500 CTD, a few questions

The RAM is a whole different truck than a Ford 6.0. The RAM should just need basic fluids and maintenance (like a truck should). The 6.0 was a temperamental engine that required exacting care and maintenance to prevent disaster.
KD4UPL 08/21/20 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are things ever going to get better?

Stop watching the news and life is great. COVID-19 deaths are down, hospitalizations are down, supplies are getting easier to find, businesses and restaurants are back open, the stock market is back up to record numbers, etc. You won't hear any good news like this from the mainstream media.
KD4UPL 08/20/20 06:04am Snowbirds
RE: MPPT Controllers

One of the best, especially for the price, MPPT controllers is the Outback FM60. It will take input voltage up to 150v and can handle 60 amps. (It can actually be adjusted to 70 amps if you find the right spot in the manual.) However, if your system components link together for control and monitoring (inverter, battery meter, charge controller, etc.) then I would certainly recommend getting all the same brand so they can communicate.
KD4UPL 08/20/20 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: Recharging house batteries

Two charging sources can charge faster under the right conditions. They do not necessarily "fight with each other" as some seem to think. They are both looking to achieve a target voltage on the battery bank. If your batteries are low enough and your charging source limited enough that one charging source can not bring the voltage up to the set point then a second source will help. Say your RV converter is set for 14.2 volts but running at full output the batteries are only at 13.2 volts then the vehicle's alternator can add useful current it it's voltage at the battery terminals is above 13.2. If the vehicle alternator is able to achieve 13.8 volts on the battery it will contribute up to that point after which only the RV's converter (set to 14.2) will contribute. What happens for most people is that with the generator running the converter it already enough to get the battery voltage above what the tow vehicle can contribute thru the small wiring in the circuit so it's never really able to contribute any current. Or, if your RV converter is only set to 13.8 volts if the tow vehicle is running and has the batteries up to 14 volts when you start your generator the batteries will appear charged to the converter and it won't contribute any current. Your generator will be doing nothing.
KD4UPL 08/19/20 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

All states are different. Here in VA regular passenger car tags are only good for I think 7,500 pounds. Above that you need truck plates. A truck loaded to 8,000 pounds running passenger plates would technically be "over weight" in VA. I really doubt it gets enforced much.
KD4UPL 08/19/20 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel additive recommendations

I wouldn't worry about 6 month old diesel. Most farmers run equipment on diesel older than that. My home generator has some diesel in it that is at least 4 or 5 years old. (I did add a treatment to it when I got it but that was just 2 years ago.)
KD4UPL 08/18/20 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I've almost got this towing thing down. One more ?

Most trailers come with 2 propane tanks; either 20 pound or 30 pound so you need to figure 40 to 60 pounds of propane. I wouldn't drop back to one tank. The nice thing about two is that when one gets empty the regulator automatically switches to the other tank and turns the marker red so you know to get the empty one refilled or swapped out. If you only have one tank when you run out you're just out. You'll have to get a battery which is about 60 pounds for a little group 24 and can go up from there. I always kept some water in the tanks for using the toilet or washing hands along our travels. We would often stop at an attraction and eat lunch in the RV in the parking lot before going in. It was nice to have the water for that. Also, campground water is almost always chlorinated which is disgusting to drink. We carried our well water from home in the tank for drinking. Unless you're going to pull the plug out of your water heater and drain it each time you'll at least be carrying 6 gallons in there, that's another 50 pounds. You may just have to ask the dealer what they may have added. Awnings are some times dealer added. Maybe a second air conditioner or a couple TVs.
KD4UPL 08/16/20 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: solar for your RV

Those prices are really high for solar panels. You can get panels for about 50 cents a watt. The 60 cell panels are around 300 to 350 watts not. You can find them for well under $200.
KD4UPL 08/16/20 11:30am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: movable solar panels/built in system?

I started with movable panels. I got tired of dealing with it. Most portable sized panels are incredibly over priced. Large 60 cell panels like you would mount on the roof can be purchased for around 50 cents per watt. You could put 325 watt panels up there and they would only cost you about $170 each. If you try to buy small 100 watt panels for portable they will likely cost $100 or more each.
KD4UPL 08/16/20 11:27am Tech Issues
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