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RE: Sending a TT back to the factory

K-Z, as I just found out, uses Camping World for their repairs. Wondering if there are any satisfied customers there
Kampfirekid 08/30/21 08:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

After the **** I’m going through now, I’d gladly pay more for a quality built travel trailer, but where’s the guarantee there? I realize A/C units, refrigerators, water heaters, etc. are the same in most all of these units, regardless of price and “quality”, but just getting a well-built trailer that the manufacturer took time to ensure its built correctly and right, is what I’d pay for. But, how do you guarantee that? No trailer manufacturer is going to guarantee a rig more than 2-3 years. Oliver seems to be the only manufacturer I can find that reasonably can assure a customer their unit will be “morel” trouble free. Let’s face it… structure is the main failure with leaks in most of these units. Leaks develop because of the quick slam together, poor caulking, and many joints to develop leaks. These are things Oliver does not have to deal with in their build.
Kampfirekid 08/15/21 06:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

How does Grand Design compare to Thor on quality and owner satisfaction? You gotta remember THOR owns a lot of RV companies. The more owned the more chances for problems. Go over to the GD Owners Forum and read it for a month. You might be surprised. I’m not sure GD is any worse/better than others. It does seem generally resolution to issues with a GD unit are a bit more likely. Maybe that’s what I’m reading. Frankly, unless you go with a full fiberglass Oliver, you’re just gambling if you got a good one or a bad one.
Kampfirekid 08/09/21 09:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

Great news on Airstream. Really unfortunate what they cost. My wife just asked why we have never seen a silver capsule at the campgrounds in the past. I have always thought Airstreamers considered themselves too elegant to mix with us low rent district units. While I’d never have issues camping with anybody at any campground if I had an Airstream, it does beg the question “Why have we never seen an Airstream when camping?” Now I guess we never will with these $100k to $160k price tags. I’ll have to browse the Oliver Forums and see why people switched? Price? It’s understandable to get what you pay for, but is it right the standard is ****?
Kampfirekid 08/05/21 06:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

People don’t matter. It’s the new management of Thor. Do it cheap as possible to turn a buck. Forget taking the time to ensure quality. Since the RV market went up side down, I have yet to hear of a Thor-owned company that builds quality or stands behind their product. Now, they might exist, but I don’t know if one. If someone does, my ears are open
Kampfirekid 08/04/21 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

Airstream may just be the old Pinnacle. Now owned by Thor, they suffer with build quality issues like the rest. Head over to the Oliver travel trailer forums and see what those who have switched have to say. I think Airstream may be better in the mix, but now backed by the monopoly trailer manufacturer, not the company it once was. Just sad.
Kampfirekid 08/04/21 05:34am Travel Trailers
Best Quality Travel Trailers

Is there such a thing? Is the RV industry capable of delivering such a product with the same construction practices, materials, and appliances? If the answer is “No”, is it reasonable to find what one considers the best for their needs, and one that has the construction and details they find most desirable, and have it air tested and then the roof coated with a hard shell for a good starting basis, and then just maintain the remaining trailer caulking as needed? I’m not new to travel trailers. I walk the roof bi-weekly, to once a month, depending on use, weather, etc. I have no concerns with my required maintenance, but it seems the new standards are just garbage. I’m not so sure if I should expect more out of a Lance or Arctic Fox. The components, construction, and appliances are the same. I’m mot hearing from many that 2 and 3 year warranties mean much as manufacturers try to pass the buck. Just curious what others consider the hierarchy in selecting a new RV, and what they expect as normal for maintenance and upkeep.
Kampfirekid 08/03/21 11:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

Sorry. Maybe no OSB on Durango Fivers, but certainly on my Connect SE. Been involved heavily in the industry with plywood. I know OSB when I see it. BTW, the construction details on their website don’t say what the roof deck is, only the floor. We are talking roof decks, not floors. K-Z yours 5/8” plywood decking on floors. I see nothing on the roof, but clearly see OSB on my 2020 trailer. Even their cartoon picture seems to show splintered OSB, not grainy plywood.
Kampfirekid 07/14/21 02:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

I guess much better units are available, but at what cost? An Oliver, basically as water and mouse proof as it gets today, is a cost of 3x of anything stick & tin or fiberglass over aluminum, on the market. Same with Airstream. I’m not sure it’s worth that. These prices approach small motorhome prices. There is so much technology out there that is untapped, yet the same materials and build is used as 40 years ago. I guess one thought is how frequently people outgrow or switch RV’s. The industry couldn’t support that for most of build quality and materials were great. To me, after looking at the Oliver’s, for example, that is a long term investment. Not only by the price, but it looks to be one to last with no roofing, caulk, and water issues. These are what ultimately take these low budget trailers out of commission as they age. It seems inevitable.
Kampfirekid 07/13/21 02:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

Good to know that KZ uses OSB for the roof deck. That's a pretty low budget build, which means I will cross them off my list. I know they use T&G plywood for their floors, not sure about roof, but I thought it was 3/8 ply. connect The roof is OSB. The wood chip shapes on the top surface are separating and lifting, snd telegraphing their shapes through the rubber roof. The under side is the stamped waffle pattern. I dropped it off Saturday at the dealer. They took pictures and said they’d dive into it on Monday. I sure hope K-Z steps up to replace the roof decking. I’m wondering how much water made it into the wall and down to the floor, too.
Kampfirekid 07/12/21 07:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

"three trailers, three units were major problems. This latest trailer just purchased late last summer is the latest to push me over the edge." Your doing something wrong! Either your doing very poor PDI when you first get your trailers. Your not keeping up with regular maintenance. You are not being obesrvant enough to catch/discover small issues before they become major problems. Your latest issue is an example. It is common for skylights to leak in all models however the leak does not have to lead to a totally soaked ceiling! RV's are in constant flux. You must be observant and aware at all times as you use your RV. Pay attention to all the liitle squeaks and noises. If it seams weird investigate further. Notice a wet spot, find out why? Hear an odd sound,find out why? It is an on going battle, but you can win. You just need to be diligant aware and observant. As to your current problem unless you have the skills to DIY you are at the mercy of your dealer and manufacturer. Executing the warranty is full of pitfalls Well fella, when you don’t know the reason why I’ve had trailer issues, you really shouldn’t assume (you know what that means) that everyone is ignorant and stupid in buying, operating, or maintaining their RV of trailer JUST because they have a history of more than one bad rig. I didn't sign up for this rodeo last week or last year. Ive done more trailer repairs than most, and when I can’t reasonably take care of it under warranty or out of warranty, THEN I get a bit testy. You see, the first bad rig had the frame sag 4 inches in 8 feet off the rear a year after we bought it. Not quite a maintenance or PDI issue. The second trailer had the slide removed after the floor rotted out of it in the first year. The rubber roofing was not terminated under the flashing, and back then, no rain drip edges were on the exterior wall above the slide. When the pulled the slide out, they laid it on its exterior face and drug it across the shop floor gouging vertical scratches all the way up the wall face. THAT was 1/50th of the issues the FACTORY created during the warranty repairs. Now on the third, I just walked the roof two weeks before. No issues. In fact, we haven’t had rain in our area this spring or summer to measure in inches. So, if I you find how any of these are maintenance or PDI issues, please, let me know. Do you walk the roof on your fiver daily or four times a week? I can’t imagine much change in a trailer in the typical two week span I walk the trailer and roof checking for leaks, caulk issues, or cracks… while it sits in the driveway. Now, after storms, or other possible damage creating events, I’d expect to be more diligent.
Kampfirekid 07/09/21 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: New F-150 Electric P/U

How’s the 3 liter Powerstroke do with the trailer? How’s it been overall? No issues whatsoever. It won’t win any races towing, but it just pulls. Interstate driving with the 6,000# travel trailer, it stays in 10th gear all day long. This is with four adults in the cab and a 70# pup. I average 15-16mpg towing the TT, and 21mpg towing my flatbed that weighs about 5,000# with quads heading north. Daily driving empty is 26-27mpg. It does all I ask, and puts like a kitten. It’s no slouch off the line, and the torque is almost instant and on until around 9th or 10th gear over 70mph. It is no EcoBoost, but it’s mpg for daily driving high miles is what I wanted. Now as I consider a 5th wheel, it’s not up to that task.
Kampfirekid 07/08/21 11:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

Check your insurance policy or ask your agent, to see if this is covered. They might total the trailer... and good riddance. If you could be happy with a smaller trailer, I'd recommend looking at the Oliver, Scamp, and Casita as possibilities (all are sold factory direct and have bodies made of molded fiberglass, so they can't get waterlogged like that). Excellent recommendation on insurance. Thank you! Already looked up Oliver. Very nice, but price tag is too. Might be worth the peace of mind. Thank you!
Kampfirekid 07/08/21 10:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: KZ Connect C231RBKSE Refrigerator Quit Working

We just replaced our Norcold in a 9 month old trailer. It was a 12v only fridge. The compressor went out. I’m surprised the OP had a electric/gas/battery fridge in a newer model KZ. All we’ve seen is 12v only units when looking.
Kampfirekid 07/08/21 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: New F-150 Electric P/U

Wah, wah, wah… the Lightning is not designed for me. So what? Buy something else! I’m 6’-5” snd 260#. How many vehicles do you think I’d like but don’t fit in? I’m watching the Lightning close. I have a reservation on one. I drive 150 miles a day. I’d charge with the 80A charger every night. At the miles I drive a year, I calculate saving over $325 a month in fuel a month, and I’m comparing it to my 3.0L Powerstroke I currently average 26+mpg average. We average 150 to 200 miles away for camping, so I nay need to make some adjustments. But Ford appears to have underestimated the mileage as some say the extended range battery gets in excess of 460 miles. In addition, Ford supposedly estimated 300 miles with 1,000 pounds of cargo in the bed. Even if it’s a fraction of that, it still fits 90% of today’s weekend warrior truck users. I’m the exception at 800+ miles a week. If it fits your lifestyle, the Lightning will be a game changer as it is a real truck for real truck users, not like the Melon Tusk Blubber Wagon.
Kampfirekid 07/08/21 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
Should I Throw In the Towel?

Been camping for a lifetime, but over 25 years as a husband and father. In the last 25 years, we’ve owned two pop-ups, one hybrid, and three travel trailers. Out of the hybrid and three trailers, three units were major problems. This latest trailer just purchased late last summer is the latest to push me over the edge. Last Friday, we headed out for the holiday weekend. That evening, I noticed brown water leaching out from under the H-channels between the ceiling panels. Then, I noticed the skylight had water droplets hanging between the interior liner and exterior skylight. The perimeter of the interior skylight frame was also leaching brown water around its trim. Then, the wall to ceiling joint along the slide side of the trailer exhibited the same stained water. I immediately grabbed a screwdriver and pulled the interior skylight liner. Well, it wasn’t a second to see the curb around the skylight was soaked, and then, to my horror, I pulled down on the ceiling panel to find the luan panels soaked and beaded with water, as well as the batt insulation soaked like a sponge up 2-1/2” above the ceiling. When we got home to a ladder, I found the exterior skylight mounting flange cracked from almost every point the fasteners are installed to hold the skylight down, and other locations along the curb flange. Then, in at least eight locations, the cracks started to continue up the vertical plexiglas , but never make it to the top crease or the top of the skylight. This is not due to hail, or hitting something, but it appears someone got trigger happy with the screw gun at the factory. In addition, I walked the roof, and above the water-logged insulation, the roof deck is telegraphing the OSB plywood delaminating right through the rubber roofing. I notified the dealer. Now I need to take it back for them to look at. They said, “We’ll, this is common, so we’ll replace the dome”. What about the sagging ceiling? The water-logged insulation? The delaminating OSB plywood roof decking? And what about black mold? They said they don’t know if they can dry it out. They say they can’t do ceiling or roofing work. I’m about done. I really don’t want the darn thing after repairs because the only way to dry it out is to open it up fully where it’s been wet. How can I be guaranteed the factory would even dry it out and not reuse the materials? The slide started binding snd making noise. I think the water saturated the header, and started swelling. Who knows. Should I just get it pseudo-repaired by the dealer or factory, s as bd take it in the shorts and dump it? My daughter is severely allergic, so I am concerned with mold.. snd black mold is not good for anyone. Help! Thoughts?
Kampfirekid 07/08/21 09:16pm Travel Trailers
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