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RE: New shore service tripled energy bill

We have a pole barn that is far enough from our house that it has it's own electric service. And when you have more than one service on one property you have to pay at commercial rate on one of them. That's an interesting concept... never really thought about it, but it makes sense... What we did, though, was to tap into an unused 50 amp service in our garage and run the wires underground approximately 100' to our pole barn... the garage now has a 50 amp breaker where the outlet once resided, there is a second breaker in the barn (next to the RV power outlet) to shut the power off... and a third breaker in the main panel of the house... A bit of overkill, but, according to our electrician, it was the least expensive way of going about things... my wife, who is an electrical engineer, signed off on the plan so I'm good with it...
KnowNuthin 10/03/21 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: New shore service tripled energy bill

Thanks for the response... The fridge was pretty empty... a dozen water bottles or so... I had the water heater on propane for the several days we had guests... Didn’t run the home a/c more than a couple days... Our RV battery is on its last legs...which is why I left the 50 amp service running...(would this cause additional draw?) I.m going to do an ohm test on the house-to-barn service wires to see if there’s a fault there... Currently I have the shore service running only to charge the battery... I guess I’ll see how next months bill shakes out... if it’s still high I’ll go with the Kill-a-watt gizmo... Thanks again guys
KnowNuthin 09/30/21 09:02pm Tech Issues
New shore service tripled energy bill

We recently ran a 50 amp service to our barn where or FW resides… I left the power connected over the past couple months to keep the battery topped off … I also left our fridge on (electric) for a couple guests who stayed a few nights (no a/c usage as it was cool outside)..: the fridge ran for the entire two month period… I recently reviewed our electric bill… typically we’re in the 300-400 kWh range… last two months were 1186 & 1346 kWh… Does the fridge use that much juice or should I be looking for a parasitic draw somewhere between the house and the barn?
KnowNuthin 09/30/21 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Wheel bearing hot spots/blue discoloration

Thanks for the replies… I can’t post pics here as I don’t have a photo hosting site to copy a url from… Looking at the Dexter site… it could be I had too much axial play as I backed off on the nut more than they recommend… (I’ll assume my Lipert axles are adjusted the same way) I don’t think the bearing was spinning as the Localized heat and discoloration transferred through the race to the spindle (it’s on the bottom of the spindle only… and the race and spindle is only blue in one rather small spot… )
KnowNuthin 09/07/21 05:54am Tech Issues
Wheel bearing hot spots/blue discoloration

While repacking the wheel bearings on our FW I noticed a discolored portion on the inner race of a couple of the inner bearings...there is a corresponding discoloration of the axle spindle where the bearing was sitting (the bearing didn't spin... the hot spot created in the bearing went right through to the spindle) When I first removed the dust cap I could easily turn the castle nut by hand (the cotter pin was in place so the castle nut only turned a few degrees but it turned easily). Last time I packed the bearings I snugged the castle nut until the brake drum began to get harder to spin, then I backed off the nut a quarter turn and installed the cotter pin. Is this the correct method of preloading the bearings on a FW? None of the bearings were "dry"... I needed to use several paper towels to remove the old grease that was on, in and around each bearing (I use Lucas Red Tacky grease for bearings). The Lippert axles on my trailer have the "bearing buddy" design, however, I didn't use this feature after I hand-packed the bearings last time. (Grand Design had an issue with grease getting past the seals and contaminating the brakes when the axles were greased at the factory using the bearing buddy)... I was one of the ones with "greased brakes"... I upgraded to auto-adjusting brakes... I've replaced many roller bearings on older American made cars... never had an issue... so I'm not really sure what the heck I'm doing wrong on our FW... any ideas?
KnowNuthin 09/06/21 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Removing cigarette/cigar smoke residue, ozone machine?

At least the renter's security deposit you kept (and I sure HOPE you kept it) will help pay for whatever you do to TRY to alleviate or minimize the odor. Fortunately, the smoking wasn't a long-term issue, because long-term, NOTHING will get it all out for good (especially in hot, humid weather). Hope you find a great solution, and of course change your rental agreement wording for future renters. Actually this was family that came to visit for a few days... I haven’t gotten up enough nerve to rent out ANYTHING to someone I don’t know...:E
KnowNuthin 05/03/21 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Removing cigarette/cigar smoke residue, ozone machine?

Follow up question: if I go with an ozone machine can I leave the heat on to suck ozone through the furnace and ducts? Same thing with the A/C? (Two different treatment times) That Auto Shocker looks interesting too... I may pick up one of those to try when I can’t leave the RV uninhabited long enough to ozone it..,
KnowNuthin 05/03/21 10:42am General RVing Issues
Removing cigarette/cigar smoke residue, ozone machine?

We use our FW as a guest house from time to time... our last guests were smokers —one tobacco cigarette user, one “Black” clove cigarette user (I’m not fond of either). While they respected or wishes to not smoke in our trailer, they sat in their car just outside... unfortunately leaving both the car and trailer doors open and the Fantastic Fan running... We have washed all the bedding and throw rugs and still have an unpleasant odor throughout the trailer... Has anyone tried an ozone machine to remove the embedded smoke molecules from unreachable nooks and crannies? Anyone have experience with other products that work on smoke in particular...
KnowNuthin 05/03/21 07:15am General RVing Issues
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