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RE: Help what tongue weight F150

The HDPP F150 is also called, "the unicorn"....Yes, rare and pricey. This guy is the first I have seen that claims different. Ever since they became "available" posters on this site have stated that they just are not on dealers lots. Everyone that wants one, orders it. And you're most likely to pay dearly whereas going with the more traditional F250/350 deals do exist with some units in stock and the capabilites will most likely be greater than these nearly non existant "UNICORNS";):B Larry
LarryJM 07/01/19 04:10am Travel Trailers
RE: bottle jacks for stabilization?

I've always used the 4 scissors jacks to stabilize the trailer. Never did a very good job: there's stil considerable movement. But recently to cope with a very unlevel site I used a bottle jack under one side of the frame. The site was so unlevel left-right that I jacked up that side enough that the wheels were off the ground. And that's how I camped for the 3 days. I did not use the scissors jacks at all. I was impressed by how stable the trailer was. Still a little movement though. So I put a second bottle jack under the frame on the other side and jacked it up just enough to make it tight. So the weight was now being supported at 3 points: the tongue and the two bottle jacks. The trailer was now rock-steady! This seems like the way to go. Forget about the scissors jacks entirely; jack up the two sides and take all the weight off the tires. Leveling and stabilizing in one! Pros and cons? I redid a 1975 Fleetwood Prowler. The old jacks were broken and welded on. I was gonna have to cut em off. I put 4 jack stands ender it on the frame. Solid as a rock. I finally used a Sawzall and cut the old jacks off. I lower the front jack, install the rear jack stands, then used the front jack to raise the front end. Then I put 2 under the frame. near the tongue. Quick and easy. Faster than hand turning the old jacks into position. I did the same thing and for those interested I discussed this method in some detail in THIS THREAD and you have to read ALL MY POSTS in that thread from the beginning to get the entire story. Two critical keys in using these jackstands are the locations (close to the axles) and getting sufficient force on them to eliminate the suspension and tire "bounce". You CAN NOT hand tighten them to get this and must use the tongue jack to get the necessary force on them. As one poster mentioned extending these jackstands too high w/o sufficient force then you WILL NOT get the stability needed. Larry
LarryJM 06/27/19 05:20pm Travel Trailers

Pure Peppermint oil on cotton balls in all hidden places and drawers. I even leave a few laying around on counters. Works 100% of the time for us, and the coach smells great! Myth. Doesn't work, what you are seeing is a "coincidence" that you are not seeing mice. Goes for drier sheets, ultrasonic devices, moth balls and pretty much every other home and "as seen on TV" mythical potions and devices. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING works except for PLUGGING the TINY HOLES they are getting through. Your RV the manufacturer may have done a decent job PLUGGING holes which may be why you are not seeing mice in YOUR RV. My first TT, had lots of issues with mice getting in, my second and current TT I have NO PROBLEM with mice getting in. Both TTs were parked IN THE SAME EXACT SPOT. I do not have never had a personal cat around the yard to reduce the mice population, in fact, the first TT I had a neighbor across the road that had an outdoor cat which often visited my yard.. and YET I had mice trouble with the first TT. That cat died after I got my second TT and my second TT I have no issues with mice.. The difference? I personally PLUGGED EVERY SINGLE HOLE where plumbing and wiring went from outside into the inside that I could find in my second TT. Plug the holes and they will not come in. Good luck trying to seal up a slide out so mice can't get in .... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!. By it's very nature slide outs are going to ALWAYS be the weak spot for critters to get into a trailer. Larry
LarryJM 06/18/19 03:55am General RVing Issues

Catchmaster Glue Boards at Amazon - take your pick height=500 These fold into boxes - pull out your draws and put a few on the floor under them. Put them where ever you think the mice might run through them. Once they're stuck, you'll probably need to finish them off. These traps work for just about anything that crawls including ants. We also battle mice and found the glue traps the best solution with a tad of peanut butter on them works like a charm. You just need to check them every couple of days and dispose of those caught and refresh those that have done their job. Larry
LarryJM 06/17/19 02:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford Triton Engine Spark Plugs PSA

With about 120,000 miles on my '04 V10 I blew out the holes with air, sprayed PB blaster in the holes and just cracked the plugs loose. Next morning they all just came right out. That's the way to do it and the whole secret with PB Blaster is to let it work a day or more keeping the area wet. Larry
LarryJM 06/10/19 02:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Excessive receiver/shank play on new truck

You need a good anti rattle device so you don't get so much play in the receiver,thus magnifying the movement and doing more damage to the receiver. I have tried almost every Anti Rattle device on the market, most have been no good or so complicated and cumbersome that they are useless. Including the Roadmaster type,totally useless,as is all that have been mentioned here. Until I found the one at Hitch Rider. Their Hitch Vice is the best and easiest one I have come across and it really works. I agree 100% and have been using the Hitch Vice for over 10 years with EXCELLENT results. IT SIMPLY WORKS where others play a distant catch up and fall short. Larry
LarryJM 06/10/19 02:46pm Towing
RE: 6 inch awning tear

Eterna bond on both sides would be my first choice That won't works since while Eternabond sticks great, the microsealant adhesive ha