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RE: Dual pane windows....

I do like dual pane windows, but our forthcoming Hallmark has single pane windows plus snap in insulated window covers. They say works well I could have gone dual pane windows but they discouraged me - the cost is not small for the window upgrade plus i know from experience that the main way to reduce window condensation is air exchange with fresh air. For sure. with our almost silent and very efficient Truma Combi heater - having the heat run more is no hardship. just my 2c. :-)
LosAngeles 12/04/19 04:32pm Truck Campers
RE: bumper MOUNTS front 2020 SuperDuty F350 100% same as 2019?

According to Steelcraft 2017-2020 are the same. Thanks much dwrat! Very helpful. and I did also ask over at but so far dwrat has the only info, above. thanks again dwrat. :-)
LosAngeles 12/03/19 07:43pm Truck Campers
bumper MOUNTS front 2020 SuperDuty F350 100% same as 2019?

bumper MOUNTS front 2020 SuperDuty F350 100% same as 2019? Hi all I am probably going to buy a 3rd party aluminum front bumper / deer catcher for our forthcoming SuperDuty 2020 F350. (I specifically want aluminum - and i have one picked out) and i know visually the front bumper looks a little different… but does anyone know for sure if the MOUNTING *points* are 100% *exactly* the same on the 2020 as compared to the 2019? In other words - will an aftermarket 2019 SD bumper exactly fit onto a 2020 SD? I ask only as my chosen aluminum bumper manufacturer has not been able to check their 2019 bumper on a 2020 yet, and we want to know if their existing 2019 front bumper design will perfectly fit on my forthcoming 2020. It is a timing / installation / where they are and where we live issue. Long story that I wont bore you with. :-) thanks J.
LosAngeles 12/03/19 05:34pm Truck Campers
who uses Fog lights? / Hella 500 / OEM connector->F350

who uses Fog lights? / Hella 500 / OEM connector->F350 Hi all So I am curious to know how often do people use Fog lights? I live in the midwest now (just moved here) and if I was camping, and the fog was really bad… I would wait it out. I am likely going to get an aftermarket front bumper for our forthcoming new F350, so I would lose the stock Ford fog lights. If I really should have fog lights…… (?) For $105 Aluminess will mount a pair of Hella 500 fog lights in the bumper “ They shoot a short, wide beam that is perfect for cutting through fog.” and have wire coming off them. Understandably they will not hook them up to my truck. (I want to leave the stock bumper intact, and not cannibalize the OEM Fog light wiring harness on it, so I can easily put the stock Ford bumper back down the road, if need be) I’d need to ideally find the correct female (?) connector to connect to the bare wires coming from each Hella 500 so I could plug them in, in place of the OEM stock Ford fog lights. Anyone know the actual connector Ford uses? Either that or I could buy an OEM wiring harness and splice the Hella 500 wires into it. i THINK (but not sure if) it is Ford Part # HC3Z-15K867-B (about $30-$40-ish.) Not sure this is the correct Ford Superduty 2019 fog light harness…. I think i may have been told the wrong part # Thoughts? Advice? thanks! Here is the bumper I will likely get: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
LosAngeles 11/27/19 10:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

I'm from Canada so I ordered off the .ca site, below is a link to the listing. ebay listing Hey Hedge - thanks!! And I am going to ask a dumb question It calls this item “ Car Antenna Extension Cable,Fakra F Brown Female to Female Pigtail Cable 3m” But I don’t want to extend an antenna ... instead I want to extend the tailgate camera. This cable will work? The description is confusing to me. For what I want it to do. Thanks! ??
LosAngeles 11/22/19 05:57pm Truck Campers
height? / good wide folding stool for pop up truck camper

height? / good wide folding stool for pop up truck camper: roof latches / AluCab 270 Hi all ? In a few months we get our Hallmark RV (yay!) and I'll need to purchase in advance a good wide folding stool for this pop up truck camper: so I can open and close the roof latches , and also deploy the AluCab 270 awning.  Any guesses as to how tall of the wide folding stool or platform i'll need?  This kind looks good, but it only gets me 9" height. I strongly suspect not high enough. Any thoughts? ? It'll be on a 4X4 F350 with 18" rims and mild AT tires.  Keep in mind sometimes we'll be camping on uneven ground, off road, so a traditional step ladder with the frame running across the bottom would be unstable. 4 legs would be much better.  Thanks for any and all suggestions. :-) J. 
LosAngeles 11/21/19 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

I purchased cheap cables on ebay, Fakra brown female to female. Can't notice any difference vs oem cable. I purchased the kit from Camera-Source, but cable was way too long. It also used to be cheaper... but not much. Hey Hedge - super cool info - thanks Any chance you could look back in your eBay history and post the name of the seller on ebay who did the cable correctly? and perhaps the "title" of the cable that worked? (on ebay) to help me find it again. that would be invaluable. :-) J.
LosAngeles 11/21/19 02:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

You read my reply in other topic, that you can buy Ford original harness in 5-foot length and use it, didn't you? aha -i think i somehow missed that. Or forgot. thanks - hopefully 5 feet would be long enough... unsure. the camper hangs about 2 feet off the back of the pickup truck....
LosAngeles 11/20/19 10:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

Be prepared for sticker shock. Trailer camera from Ford cost over $500, so let us know how much they quote you for tailgate piece? For my 12-foot camper I need about 5 ft extension cable, so 14 sounds like bad overkill. Can't say how much signal the camera can loose on extra loops, but it can have bad effect. IIRC the Ford Trailer Camera has a housing, correct? I seem to recall people mentioning the tailgate camera plus harness about $250. I'm hoping around $200 for just the camera, as it has no housing. and... the only harness that Camera Source sells is the 14 foot. No shorter option. If it is properly shielded it should be fine. If it is not I could always possibly shorten it. I can solder.
LosAngeles 11/20/19 10:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

Thanks everyone for the posts above. :-) Update: I *think* I will likely go with this new solution…. to be determined. New info that I just learned today is below. So i think I will buy a new, OEM Ford tailgate camera from Ford - identical to what is in my forthcoming F350 SuperDuty. (just the camera alone) ¿ Anyone have any rough idea what the camera alone may cost? Ford can’t price it without the VIN of my forthcoming vehicle, as they need the VIN to ensure I get the exact correct part. and Camera Source can sell me a 14 foot harness for $99 - This plugs directly into the Ford OEM camera and also plugs into the connector under the bumper. My RV manufacturer will make a small metal box, put this camera in it, and mount that on the rear bumper of the camper, for no extra charge (as Hallmark is awesome) This solution has the advantages of: being the exact same camera as Ford uses…. so zero compatibility issues, and it should look good…. and also hopefully cheaper than the $459 plug and play option Camera Source offers. Also I get to leave the stock camera in the tailgate… and at some point down the road I will be very happy to have not ripped the original camera out of the tailgate. :-) and… Anyone have a lead on buying legit OEM parts from Ford, at a good price? (so i can get the camera from them) or should i just take my chances and walk into my local Ford dealership? Thanks! J.
LosAngeles 11/20/19 08:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

Just installed camera on a 5th wheel V tailgate. I don't have the ladder but fished the camera and entire harness out of the tailgate. I removed the panel on the inside of the tailgate and getting at the clips was relatively easy. I ordered a camera relocation kit through Custom Flow, the people who made the tailgate. It included a plastic box to install the factory camera. The power lock part of the harness is no longer used. Thanks for the info - cool. How hard was it to remove the panel on the (Ford?) tailgate? and fish the wires out?
LosAngeles 11/19/19 04:27pm Truck Campers
Get camera/wires out SuperDuty tailgate?(Camera Source=$496)

Get camera + wires out of SuperDuty tailgate? (Camera Source fix is $496) Hi all So my main question is - how difficult is it to fish the stock Ford SuperDuty tailgate reverse camera + camera wires out of the actual tailgate? (that has the tailgate ladder in it) I am assuming the 2020 would be similar to the 2019. Google did not provide any info so far. The story: About to get our brand new, custom ordered 2020 SuperDuty F350, and then get our Hallmark pop up truck camper. The pop up truck camper will *always* be in the truck, and we have no need to ever use the truck as an actual pickup truck. The tailgate will always be stored by us. It will never get used. I know I simply unplug the harnesses under the truck when removing the tailgate. The truck has 360 view, so not just any camera will do, according to Camera Source (only a very few of their cameras are compatible with 360 view camera system, as per their website) In terms of a rear view camera to be mounted on the rear bumper of the Hallmark pop up truck camper - - - we have two choices. #1 - I could fish the camera out of the tailgate. I am told it is quite difficult, especially as our tailgate will have the built in ladder….. #2 I pay almost $500 USD including shipping to me (ouch!) to get the specific Camera Source. I’ll paste the info they emailed me: “We have a kit that plugs to the single coax and the back under the bumper and comes up automatically in reverse. Here is the link to CS-FTRSK-17SDRC” The third option is that I get the $200 Camera Source option, but that is not automatic… every time I use it I’d have to hit the AUX button, and that is a pain. :-( I dont want to have to do that. I’ll quote the email they send me: “…. However, it will not come on automatically in reverse. We have a mini universal camera that would connect to the AUX connector up under the spare tire. ….. When in reverse, push the AUX button to view this camera feed. Here is the link to CS-FTRSKLP-17SD-TRL” So to repeat my main question - how difficult is it to fish the stock Ford SuperDuty tailgate reverse camera + camera wires out of the actual tailgate? (that has the tailgate ladder in it) I am assuming the 2020 would be similar to the 2019. I think the camera will end up on the rear side of the Hallmark's rear bumper.... attached just to the right of the ladder - and the ladder is removed when underway. Thanks! J.
LosAngeles 11/19/19 03:43pm Truck Campers
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

My OEM Goodyear Wrangler AT/S lasted just short of 90,000 miles. Impressive! I have decided to not sweat it... and roll with the OEM shoes 'till they are used up. I dont drive super off road... so as long as they are E rated (I know they will be) I'll be good. great thoughts all, though.
LosAngeles 10/24/19 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

Really fun and lively discussion here. Great stuff!
LosAngeles 10/24/19 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

Thanks everyone for all the great thoughts. I am actually ordering the truck thru a broker, who then is actually working with a dealer, but it means zero dealer “negotiations”. But I save tons of money and zero hassle. Have done this a few times before. Highly recommended. Perhaps not for everyone. Anyway - so I will get chains - for just in case - but will try to avoid using them. Any recommendations for chains that won’t break if I use them, but are cost effective? Also self tightening and easy to install. Thanks.
LosAngeles 10/23/19 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

LA, how do you sleep at night worrying about this stuff?? Get your truck, where you live you will not want, wish for or need chains unless you're trying to rip up a snomachine trail with a foot of packed snow on it. You could have [email protected] near bald tires and since you're planning on carrying around 3klbs of dead weight all winter in the bed, you will get about as good of traction as physically possible. Yes, you can buy waaaay better traction tires for mud, ice, snow than whatever will show up on most any new truck. That is a given, save for special edition type trucks that actually come with tires that people WANT to have. The rest are mediocre, typically value line tires, however they are sufficient for most purposes, at least through the first half of their treadlife. If you do feel the need for more snow/ice traction, take the OE tires, whatever they are and go have them siped as deep as the shop will sipe them (.5" is usually max). That will turn a mediocre set of ht/at type tires into good snow and ice tires. LOL ... I actually *enjoy* learning stuff from people much smarter than me. Classic example - I had no idea about "siped" tires or the possibility to do it aftermarket... but now I do, thanks to you. :-) yeah it did occur to me that the 3,000 lbs in the bed of the truck will help with traction, LOL. :-) I get tons of info from nice people like yourself on these forums.... i promise that my posts will get less frequent once i am out camping in the new RV. amd yes I will be in both CA and also the midwest (and all places in between) with our pop up truck camper... so the more i know about snow, etc... the better. :-) thanks to all who have commented. Awesome. :-) J.
LosAngeles 10/22/19 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

We just purchased a Jeep Wrangler and one of the (many) pieces of paper we signed was one that we acknowledged that we were told that chains were NOT to be used at any time. They said we could use cables if we desired, but chains were a big no-no... Thanks everyone for all the great info. Much appreciated! :) So what are the reason(s) that cables are ok but not chains? Just curious for any and all info cheers J
LosAngeles 10/22/19 01:08pm General RVing Issues
tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

Hello all you nice people. :-) I'm about to custom order a 2020 F350 4 x 4 and according to Ford the tires included are: LT275/70Rx18E BSW A/T. These are to get the E load rating on the tires needed to get 11,500 GVWR. I am told I don’t have any choice in what tire is used by Ford - that this is what will arrive. I’m also told that Ford will use any brand of tires. No way to tell or select in advance. The question is - what are the odds that these tires will be snow rated? More to the point - should I actually care if they are snow rated? I have encountered places where the tires needed to be snow rated, or you have to carry chains, IIRC. So should I just buy a set of chains and call it good? Thanks. Just asking to learn. I will be encountering snow.
LosAngeles 10/22/19 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Did I forget anything? ordering a new Hallmark pop up camper

Range sounds cool. I'd re think the fridge thing though. There's a reason that RVs are predominately 3 way. And LP is hands down the source that requires the least care or concern. Why limit yourself? You're already doing the coupe de gras of truck/popup combo. It's a weird thing to intentionally not have, especially for the type of RV it is. Thanks, as alway, for your thoughts Grit Dog. :-) Having owned 2 RVs with Absorption fridges in the past, and realizing that we want to go further off road, and never want to worry about having the rig parked anywhere near level, and having made the decision to go substantial lithium and substantial solar (for a variety of reasons) then going compression fridge then made more sense for us. After discussions with Hallmark they agreed that compression fridge is a better fit for us. It is nice to have the choice tho. For anyone who is reading this - there are clearly advantages and disadvantages to both kinds of fridges. Here is a link that covers these differences. It is nice to have a choice in fridge, with Hallmark custom building our pop up camper. :-)
LosAngeles 10/14/19 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: Did I forget anything? ordering a new Hallmark pop up camper

2 way fridge, as in AC and DC, not LP? That will be a huge challenge. When you're traveling and no fhu sites, you'll kill the batteries, guaranteed. Not like a popup TC sits on a seasonal site. 2 burner glass cooktop, same as fridge if it's electric. Bad idea for a camper. Plus induction cooktops s uck even in residential applications. Have you used one before? Yes the fridge is 12 v / 120v no propane, and we have done the calculations, and with 720 watts solar, 200 amp hours Lithium (can be discharged to 10% empty, repeatedly, no damage) .... plus some power from the truck when we drive around.... we will be fine. We tend to not stay more than 2 days in one spot. Very likely carry a backup generator as well. 2 burner glass top cooktop is propane. The glass top just means the top folds down, to make a flat counter top when not in use. :-)
LosAngeles 10/13/19 11:53am Truck Campers
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