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RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

Conclusion..... If you are interested/curious. A good friend, more knowledgeable and skilled than I, tore into it. We removed the stove/cooktop to access the PD 9260c. Sure enough, the positive lead from the PD to the battery had come loose! Reconnected and all is fine! Recall I bought 1 12v deep cycle RV battery from Batteries+ in the emergency and I used it 1 night. They took it back and refunded my money! Kudos to Batteries+ Thanks again for all your help and advice!
Ltrip 05/06/21 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

I am feeling better about my situation. Yesterday afternoon hooked up new charger to the 2 6v batteries when not installed in the trailer. The new charger has a 15a "rapid charge" It took the 2 6v up to about 12.7v. I figured that was pretty good capacity for the time being. And I had my son present to help lift them into place. I took out the 12v and put the 2 6v installed on the trailer. I hooked up the charger to the 12v off the trailer. The voltage went from 12.1 to 13+ Yay!!! I set the 12v aside, in the truck. I hooked up the new charger to the 2 6v while installed in the trailer. Voltage went from 12.7 to 13! Yay!! When I get home I will resolve the on board converter/charger issue. Thanks to all for your advice and comments. Very helpful!
Ltrip 04/17/21 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

Thanks all! Yes I have a multimeter. I checked voltage at the battery while installed inthe trailer and got 12.3v. I attached the external charger and got 12.3v. The monitor also said 12.3. That implies my charger went bad at basically the same time as the converter/charger. Crazy. Right now I have the 2 6v batteries connected in series separate from the trailer with the external charger on it. I hope they will charge normally. Then I can swap with the 12v and repeat the process. Also today I had the external charger on the 12v while installed in the trailer. When I returned to the trailer the charger read "bad bat" But it is brand new. I am pretty busy the next 2 days but will try to report back. I also trying to schedule a mobile tech for Monday or Tuesday at my next stop. Cheers
Ltrip 04/15/21 10:31pm Tech Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

Reply to several comments. Thanks!!! I posted in 2 forums. One forum suggested to disconnect the battery via the disconnect switch, while still on shore power. I did, and no 12v lights worked. That implies/proves the PD is not putting out 12v. I did recycle the breaker switches. No apparent change. Re: using the external charger. When I hook that up to the new 12v battery, I expect the battery monitor to show > 12.7v. It does not. The battery monitor was at 12.3 this am and did not change when I hooked up the external charger. But I do believe my small solar panel is helping. As stated earlier, I am very hesitant to access the convertor because it is very difficult to access, and I fear screwing something up. I am trying to be realistic about my own skills. Thanks again. I will post updates.
Ltrip 04/15/21 10:18am Tech Issues
On the road, battery and charging problems

A bit of a long story.  I am stumped, but can't (unwilling) to do too much on the road. In Feb, I bought and installed 2 6V AGM GC2 Lifeline batteries.  At home, plugged into 30 amp circuit, my Zamp battery monitor showed 13+v, so I assumed the on board charger (Progressive Dynamics 9260c) was working and charging the batteries.  Now I am on a trip and the batteries wont take a charge, if there is one.  The Zamp monitor does NOT show a 13+v charge from the on board charger.  I hook up an external, stand alone charger (Schumacher ship n sail, or something like that)  It never shows more than 60% charged, and comes back and says "bad battery"  Not sure if the brand new batteries are "bad" or if the PD is not charging.  Assuming bad batteries, and needing to get home to have Batteries Plus fully test them, I bought 1 group 24 12v deep cycle RV battery and hooked it up.  We are on 110 30m amp hook up and the Zamp monitor has gone from 12.9v to 12.4v in 1/2 day.  So it seems the PD is NOT charging.  I will hookup the external battery charger in the morning to see if that works. I can remove the power center and see the PD.  But getting my hands/arms in there will be very difficult.  And I fear loosening wires in the power center. As I said, stumped, bummed and frustrated. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!
Ltrip 04/14/21 09:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Any innovative ideas for lugging a heavy/awkward generator

Folding hand truck. Easy to store, and easily handles the weight with just a heavy bunggee to secure. That looks very interesting!
Ltrip 02/28/21 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sticker and residue removal

There are many solutions to try. None of them make it "easy" I used this: "Rapid Remover" I tried Goo Gone, 3m Adhesive Remover, and a scraper on my drill. I had a 35' fifth wheel and all the decals were turning to ****. It was a loooong process. The trailer turned out totally white, except for the fading around the decals. Good luck, and be patient!
Ltrip 02/12/21 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is 70 to old to travel with a RV

It all depends on you physical and mental condition. No laws that I am aware of to prevent you from traveling or driving a RV.. My Dad towed his 5th wheel up into his Eighties out of state, but personally his driving was not good, eyesight was bad and mentally was not as sharp as when he was in his 60's.. Got bad enough that my Mom refused to travel with him anymore and he finally gave it up and the trailer sat in the backyard for the next 8 yrs until he gave it to my Brother.. Have to be aware of your own health, physically and mentally and be prepared to say that it is time to hang it up before hurting someone.. This nails it. It is not your age, it is your physical and mental state. And being honest when those degrade, as they will, and quit. I am 71 and have many more years planned to RV and ride my motorcycle! Cheers,
Ltrip 01/09/21 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

Virtually all my bills are in some way automatically paid. Some debit from the checking account, some charged to a credit card. The only bill that is not on automatic are the infrequent ones, like a doctor bill that comes in the mail. And I use my cell phone as a hotspot to use the internet securely. Cheers!
Ltrip 09/08/20 09:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV extended warrantee

Sorry to hear about your situation. Extended warrantees are a tough decision. Many say they are not worth it. I got an extended warrantee on my 2018 Arctic Fox 25Y. A shop said the springs were sagging. I replaced the springs and the warrantee covered it without any hassle. Company is PreserveRV. Good luck!
Ltrip 08/06/20 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV or TV antenna or ?? just quit

Shastagary, good thoughts. However, I believe something else (undetermined) happened. I was in Denver. I did the channel scan. Found numerous channels I was watching 1 channel while eating breakfast. The image on the screen froze. From that point on, the channel scan pick up 0 channels. Until I got home. The only change I did was disconnect, then reconnect power to the trailer using the battery isolation switch. Weird!!! Thanks!
Ltrip 07/24/20 03:08pm Technology Corner
RE: TV or TV antenna or ?? just quit

OP here with an update....... I got home and went to try some more troubleshooting. While traveling, the trailer is powered 100% of the time.  At home, when troubleshooting I disconnected the battery. When ready, I reconnected the battery and tried to search channels.  Worked fine!!!!! I did nothing else.  Just disconnected power and reconnected. I assume that process "reset" the small circuit board that is on the connector plate. I hate electrical problems! Thanks for all your tips and suggestions!!
Ltrip 07/23/20 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: TV or TV antenna or ?? just quit

OP here again with an update....... Thanks for all your advice. I unscrewed the face plate that has the booster switch along with the satellite and TV connections.  I found no fuse.  The face plate has a circuit board in it and 3 cables attached: antenna, cable, and satellite.  I tightened all connections. I turned on TV and ran the auto scan for channels.  No luck.  No channels found.  Bummer!! So, at this point, I will wait until I am home and can get a qualified person to troubleshoot.  Over the air TV is not THAT important  :) ???????Thanks again!
Ltrip 07/11/20 09:54am Technology Corner
RE: TV or TV antenna or ?? just quit

Thanks. The cigarette plug had a fuse and it was blown. I replaced it and the TV works now. I will take the plate off to check for antenna fuse. Thanks!
Ltrip 07/10/20 12:04pm Technology Corner
TV or TV antenna or ?? just quit

We are on a 3 week trip.  2 weeks into it and am now in Denver CO.  TV and systems working well until this morning. I am in a 2018 AF 25Y.  We are using the over the air antenna. Turned on the system; made sure the "button" was for TV (not cable); Went into the TV to do the channel scan. Everything working fine.  Had it on a channel while we ate breakfast. All of a sudden the image on the screen froze.  I waited a minute and tried to change the channel....The channel changed, I saw the channel number, but no program. I re-ran the channel search.  Failed.  No channels found. It is as if the antenna just quit. Does the antenna have a fuse?  I have checked all the connections.  Seem OK. ???????I have not yet gone up on the roof to inspect. Then a different, but related?, problem.  The TV is plugged into the Charging Center via a cigarette lighter plug.  That plug now has no power.  The TV wont go on.  However, in the same charging center are 2 USB ports for charging.  They have power.  I would assume The entire charging center would be on the same fuse/circuit. Very confusing.  Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!!! Cheers,
Ltrip 07/10/20 10:03am Technology Corner
RE: US 95 in Idaho, early July

Bud, and others, thanks for the feedback. I will, of course, check the Idoho roads website Sunday night before we leave Monday morning. But it does not look good for a quick clean up. We are meeting family in Boise, so dont want to miss that stop. Then Ogden, Rawlins, Denver for more family. I am rather resigned to going back toward Walla Walla, then La Grande and I-84 into Boise. That is exactly the path we were on to get to Moscow! Cheers,
Ltrip 07/04/20 10:12pm Roads and Routes
US 95 in Idaho, early July

I am in Moscow, Idaho traveling to Boise, ID on Monday. US 95 is closed south of Riggins due to a landslide. Google Maps says closed until July 10. I tow a 30' travel trailer with my F250. What is a "quick" suitable alternate route??? Thanks!
Ltrip 07/04/20 04:05pm Roads and Routes
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