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RE: Rheem Hot Water Heater

"hot water heater"??? Why would anyone want to heat water that's already hot?
MDKMDK 09/20/19 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

Sorry if im not using the correct term. We have an RV dump setup. Years ago i was told its (2) 50 gallon drums welded together with holes drilled in it. Worked great for over 10 years. I think we finally clogged it up. It will only take around 10-20 gallons now before overflowing. Even if i wait over a month between dumps. In the past i could wait 1 day and continue dumping/flushing. There is an ABS threaded cap to keep debris out. Im thinking about drilling a hole in that cap and installing an automotive valve stem so i can pressurize the setup and hopefully blow out the clogged holes. Looking for a quick fix. Probably should have dumped some type of breakdown chemical down there months ago. Years ago. Im a cheapo and dont want to pay someone to come clean it out. Not even sure if you would call it a septic tank. The man who installed it is no longer with us. So im not sure how big the holes are. How many holes. I do have an endoscope but not ready to sacrifice it just yet. Think air pressure is worth a shot? Also considering a hose adapter. Blast it out with pressurized water. The schrader valve seems cleaner and easier. More control on pressure and no worries about backflow. I think there are still a few unclogged holes towards the top of the tanks which allows me 10-20 gallons of space. If i used a hose adapter i could leave the hose on and walk away. With the air pressure it might seep out the holes in a few seconds and never clear the problem area. If you're not in a huge hurry, there's a product called Bio-Clean that literally eats the stuff that is probably blocking your system. It does take a few days to work, so it's not a quick fix, but it isn't expensive either. I used it to clear a clogged basement drain last year. Took about a week of adding the stuff to the open end to work it's way through about 15 feet of sewer pipe. After a week, I could blast water through it with a garden hose. Can be used for maintenance, as well. There are all sorts of similar products out there, I'm sure.
MDKMDK 09/18/19 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: insurance company

This should help you make a choice. Basically there is not much difference between companies. True. Even the most costly policy for the highest risk condition is worth the money, when considering the alternative, which is buying a policy that doesn't cover you properly in the event of a major claim. Or, as stated at the end of your linked article, "Remember, although it’s tempting to buy travel insurance based solely on price, you could end up with a financial disaster on your hands if you need to make a claim only to find out that your low cost travel insurance won’t cover you."
MDKMDK 09/17/19 10:11am Snowbirds
RE: Asking for help.

I've said it 1,000 times: When asking for technical help, the more accurate information you provide, the better chances you have of getting meaningful help. Remember, no one can see your vehicle and no one knows your location. (but you) Year: Make: Model: Engine: Transmission: Current mileage: Location on the planet: Recent repair history/accident damage (if applicable): For motor homes specifically: Length: Appliance Type and Model # (serial # if you have it): Slides?: If you are too lazy to post even SOME of the information above, well, . . . . . I'm too lazy to respond with guesswork. I don't understand why forum moderators don't make this info required when starting a new thread. Chum lee Totally agree. If the question or problem has no meaningful year/chassis/make/model/appliance/device info supplied to formulate a relevant useful comment, or chassis/coach/model/appliance/device specific suggestion, usually equals "delete" and move on for me.
MDKMDK 09/17/19 06:24am Tech Issues
RE: insurance company

Assuming you're talking out of province (Ontario) medical coverage, they're all pretty high as you get older, have pre-existing conditions, and length of time away, all increase premiums. Ford deciding to drop OHIP participation in out of province coverage, will also probably give insurance companies reasons to raise rates, if they haven't already. Try your bank, and see if they offer travel medical out of province insurance. They may give you a better rate as an existing banking customer. I know of no other "cut rate" insurance options out there. Maybe someone else knows of a "great deal" out there?
MDKMDK 09/17/19 06:14am Snowbirds
RE: What does tire date code '5317' mean?

The 53 is because December 31, 2017 was on a Sunday, therefore entering a 53rd week. Code numbers for the month range from 01-53 for that reason. You just made that up??? :B No. Actually Pope Gregory XIII introduced the calendar in the 1500s. I wasn't born until the 1950s. He was one smart Pontiff, figuring out tire date codes back then. :B
MDKMDK 09/14/19 07:17am Tech Issues
RE: What does tire date code '5317' mean?

The 53 is because December 31, 2017 was on a Sunday, therefore entering a 53rd week. Code numbers for the month range from 01-53 for that reason. You just made that up??? :B
MDKMDK 09/13/19 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: E350 trickle charge

Yes. If they are connected to the chassis battery.
MDKMDK 09/11/19 09:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Midnight Sun Festival - Fairbanks

We stayed there (in the parking lot campground) in September 2016. Interesting place. I just remember all the buses parked at the end of the lot, and there was something food related going on, but memory fails me as to what it was? The buses were possibly from the local hotels and campgrounds that were being people to the Salmon Bake. The Salmon is a very popular. I been to the bake on four occasions and seen the buses unload but not to worry the passengers already have food tickets and it is only a momentary slow down of the food lines because the Salmon Bake staff keep the food I would describe the Salmon Bake as a self service buffet that has separate salad bars, drink bars, hot food grill area, and a desert building. It has indoor and outdoor seating. I found this on the web: Alaska Salmon Bake Seafood in Fairbanks Hungry souls should take in the touristy, tasty, tongue-in-cheek salmon bake at Pioneer Park, which serves all-you-can-eat grilled salmon, halibut, cod, prime rib and countless sides. A $6 shuttle bus is available from major hotels. LeRoy That's what it was, a salmon bake. Thanks, LeRoy.
MDKMDK 09/11/19 12:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Midnight Sun Festival - Fairbanks

Also while in Fairbanks check out Pioneer Park: its relocated log homes and museums, and enjoy a wonderful meal at the "Salmon Bake" while you are there. LeRoy We stayed there (in the parking lot campground) in September 2016. Interesting place. I just remember all the buses parked at the end of the lot, and there was something food related going on, but memory fails me as to what it was?
MDKMDK 09/11/19 10:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fairbanks-June or August/Sept

I would go later in the year, in June the bugs are brutal. The black flies have landing lights and take on two drums of fuel. Great summation. Funny, and terrifying, at the same time.:E:B
MDKMDK 09/09/19 07:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Chena Hot Springs

Nope. Reviews like this have kept me away.
MDKMDK 09/09/19 07:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Shower stall caulking.

As long as the walls overlap the pan on the interior side of the pan, it's probably not necessary, except in the even of an overflow in the shower pan itself, but that would be another issue entirely. That caulking would then be the least of your worries.
MDKMDK 09/09/19 12:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

I have a dual SIM phone (bought at Staples in Canada) and I have a Canadian SIM card and an AT&T SIM card in it. I mostly use the AT&T service even here in Canada as they pair with Rogers and I get more data for less $$ than I could with Rogers. I also use the phone as a WiFi hot spot both in the US and Canada. I used a campsite in the US as my address for AT&T and I pay with my US$ credit card issued by a Canadian bank. I note that AT&T have a good deal at WalMart on phones and plans, here is the link: Link Maybe a friend down there can get you one! 1) That's where we got our Asus Laser 2 with dual SIM. Very good little phone and the wifi/network card/adapter in it is incredible at connecting to anything, anywhere. 2) AT&T does reciprocate with Rogers, and we use it almost more than our 2 Canadian numbers on Speak Out 711. The coverage is pretty good except in northern BC, and Yukon, where Rogers towers are scarce. SO711 also uses Rogers. T-Mobile uses Bell/Telus towers in Canada, so we're covered up here too. 3) We pay our prepaid plans online, with a Canadian "no forex conversion fees" credit card, and typically, any US service that requires a US address, can either be the store's address where you buy the product (they usually don't care about this), or my US shipper/receiver's address will also do.
MDKMDK 09/09/19 06:13am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

I think the T-Mobile $3 plan is gone It still exists, as Ultra Mobile, which is now a partner with T-Mobile. I got it when it was T-Mobile prepaid.
MDKMDK 09/09/19 06:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

Hi Mike, I get 22 gigs of Data including unlimited no long distance calling with unlimited messaging in a Canada-USA plan from Bell for $95.00 and tax. The plan allows for tethering. I don't think that is financial suicide. Hi Don, I know, I was just playing silly bugger, which is something I excel at. That doesn't sound too bad - is that with or without tax? That's the killer up here. I saw some Canadian plans for even less, with around 10GB at full speed before the throttling starts. How bad is 512 kbps speed? Are we talking molasses in January? Some of these, while in the US, might be better for longer travels in the US, but short term postpaid. Some include Canadian coverage, but there's usually a caveat about percentage of usage in the US has to exceed usage outside the States. How closely that is monitored, I have no idea. If you live on the border (like I do) that might factor into the decision. These prepaid plans are pretty simple, and you can add unlimited data for a few dollars more. Even with the 1.3? % forex rate, they're cheaper than ours, in most cases.
MDKMDK 09/09/19 05:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

Gary, admit it, my advice is the cheapest and simplest option out there. Trying to roam in the US on a Canadian carrier's plan is financial suicide. The best option is use a US carrier while in the US. T-Mobile has the best talk/text/data plans (although AT&T Verizon have decent unlimited plans, too) for short term usage, and if you decide to go back next year, you can keep the same number for US$3/month so you don't have to start from scratch. Their coverage area isn't as good, but the downside of that depends on where you're snowbirding. It might not matter at all. C'mon, you know I'm right.....:C
MDKMDK 09/08/19 10:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Major BC Hiway Closure

They'll need retaining walls in Radium Hot Springs just to keep the goats/sheep off the roads.:B
MDKMDK 09/08/19 04:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

If all you need is talk and text, T-mobile has a prepaid plan for $3/month, that gives you one of their SIM cards in the size you need, and 30 minutes of airtime or 30 text messages included per month. You just throw some cash on the account, and they debit it US$3/month, or whatever amount your usage is over the 30 minutes/30 SMS per month. The nice part about this prepaid plan is, Canadians can "park" a US number for US$3/month, and use it the next time you're south of the 49th. If data is your pleasure too, then T-Mobile also has some pretty good unlimited talk/text/data plans too. Not sure on pricing, as we don't do data, but they're better than our Canadian "unlimited" plans. The down side of T-Mobile is their coverage isn't as broad as Verizon or AT&T. They were talking about merging with Sprint, but I don't know where that stands, as it might increase their coverage areas. We have one T-Mobile number and one AT&T, to cover the coverage bases. The AT&T is a prepaid, US$100 annually, good for 365 days of whatever. Think "dual SIM" card phones, and see if you can get one (two?) before you go. You can find them on Amazon, but be careful and read the fine print to make sure you're getting the dual SIM version. A little homework helps. It makes life crossing the border so much easier. I have an LG H990DS that has it, and my co-pilot has an Asus Zenphone Laser, same deal. 2 SIM card slots, no hassles.
MDKMDK 09/08/19 02:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Onan gas generator want start

Oil level. They shut off if it gets too low.
MDKMDK 09/07/19 07:19pm Tech Issues
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