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RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

Infringement of rights? The right of others to drive drunk or stoned? Your right to not get killed by someone drunk or stoned? I look at cell phone use the same way.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/22 04:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Problem with a 6 year old Dometic frig

Step one Shut the unit down for two full days Then restart What happens?
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/22 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

Cell phone addiction... Shopping in Costco USA Ladies drag their children along. They'll stop in the middle of this aisle. And in total oblivion relate their day's activities moment by moment. And yes it happens south of the border too. I ride with a friend to shop. I see him become unaware of green traffic lights. I disliked the taste of American brew and settled on a Yucatecan beer by the name of León Negro. It's unavailable here, so that settles that. Every one of my same age school buddies drank. They are long dead.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/22 12:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Influenza 2022-2023 Experiences - Comments Etc.

Chronic inner ear infection note I suffered with 4 inner ear eustachian tube infections in 2016. Each time I was treated with injected and oral antibiotics. But I lost 95% hearing in one ear. The last trip to the ER I was given a pneumonia vaccine. It stopped the maddeningly regular (monthly) infections. Coincidence? I did little research and found a pneumonia inoculation was standard procedure for repeated inner ear infections. And another point: "One jab for life" is not the current protocol. There's a newer vaccine that covers 23 different bacteria. It's on my bucket list.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/22/22 11:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Influenza 2022-2023 Experiences - Comments Etc.

Covid to the Left of me Influenza to the right Here I am in the middle again...?
MEXICOWANDERER 11/21/22 07:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dometic microwave no START

When Chinese are tasked with circuit design, standardization goes out the window. I've encountered units that devoted only part of a control circuit to a control circuit fuse. A turntable operated by a control circuit fuse. Keypad lighting with the power fuse. When I had oodles of time and electronics I remade m commercial LG circuit boards using better transistors, higher voltage capacitors using a hot air gun. I also sealed the board using 3M sealant. The unit is alive and well a hundred feet from cashing tropical Pacific Ocean waves, nine years later.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/20/22 02:01pm Tech Issues

Yes Succinctly that is the question. It seems like opinions vary daily. For now perhaps BA.5 There seems to be little consensus as to neutralizing antibody level and protection degrees. Even more maddening is total zip on the efficacy (or not) of a high T cell count.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/18/22 05:42pm Around the Campfire

Question: A rough estimate of protection equivalence after 2, 4, 6, 12 months? In my case jabs are no longer offered here and it's a 15-18 hour excursion to get inoculated. I have had one Sinovac, two Moderna jabs then one Omicron jab two days ago. Is there any sign infection symptoms are getting worse? More hospitalizations of the elderly? Thank You
MEXICOWANDERER 11/18/22 04:29pm Around the Campfire

With any pneumo viral infection beware of secondary superinfection (bacterial) Don't wait. See a doctor right away. There is a world of difference between beating an emerging strep infection and a fully developed one. This concerned me enough to travel 400 miles and spend a 15 hour day trying to avoid a worse case infection. of either.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/18/22 04:07pm Around the Campfire

My position amplifies the need of masking. Going without is an offensive error regardless if others are masked.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/18/22 12:15pm Around the Campfire

If exhalation condensation as a cloud reaches eight feet visually you can be assured within that cloud it can carry virus. In a reverse role, an N95 will stop spittle but not an airmass of heavy contamination. Masks greatly inhibit the spread of virus due to sneezing or coughing. But in a heavily contaminated environment such as an indoor event overly saturated with infected people the danger of contamination is great. I base this on physical studies conducted after ship loads of returning soldiers infected with the H1N1 virus included medical teams. They wore masks even when sleeping in a separate environment. Another excellent example is found with airline passengers. The "Third Seat Syndrome". Masking everyone plus strict establishment of distancing works. Period. I also base my hypothesis on military studies of ABC contamination. The N95 five layer mask is a superb inhibitor of contamination projection. I should have included this in my opinion. To wit test projection with Lesser masking including cheap single layer masks or at the worst, scarves. Projection distances increase dramatically. Seeing is believing. Masking. Distancing. Avoidance of heavily contaminated environments. Frequent hand washing. I sought information comparing the contamination levels within different mask media (For example N95 versus cheaper single or bi layer masks but could not find a reputable source). I would welcome reading point specific material addressing this issue (contamination projection distancing). And thank you sir :)
MEXICOWANDERER 11/18/22 05:50am Around the Campfire

Hi Don, Masking does little except to muffle which is does excellently. To demonstrate take a mask outside on a cold day. Breathe normally, sing, shout, and any other breathing activity you wish to test. Then mask up. Do you see the difference. Bottom line is the mask limits the travel of condensation. Now the where and why of distancing becomes clear. The medical community made for poor communications about why masking is important around other people. Cheers to good health and fortune.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/17/22 11:24pm Around the Campfire

Yesterday I got a double jab. Ómicron Moderna (twice the strength of Pfizer) And The senior's jab of the H3N2 and H1N1 vaccine 24 hours later Zero arm discomfort Zero side effects ie exhaustion.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/17/22 02:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dometic microwave no START

I would tend to take another look to find a 15 amp slo blo fuse.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/15/22 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: GSMNP close trails to allow black bears to feed

I'm wary of Black Bears Frightened by Grizzlies But utterly petrified by cow moose with calf
MEXICOWANDERER 11/13/22 05:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dometic microwave no START

I had a friend who insisted on fixing his Amana Radar Range. Purchased in 1967. About 1.5 cubic foot. Weight in excess of 50 lbs. I repaired some down here that had a fuse on top of the circuit board and a control circuit fuse on the bottom side. One had power through its fuse but a wire had come unsoldered leaving the fuse block.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/13/22 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar charger for 4 6v golf cart batteries LONG TERM?

It looks like an expensive unit. E: I'd allow some fooling around time after putting it to work to make sure you and it are on the same page. The temperature compensation sending unit will have to see where the batteries are. Sometimes solar heating will heat the structure where the meter is. I wouldn't want to see my flooded batteries lower than say 12.90 when the temperature is below freezing. You're in PA not North Dakota so absurdly low temperatures should be uncommon.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/09/22 12:35am Tech Issues
RE: Solar charger for 4 6v golf cart batteries LONG TERM?

An ideal "topping off" solar charger should include The ability to prevent under charged batteries from freezing the following nightTemperature compensated voltage adjustmentA mechanical switch to eliminate the tiniest leakage Redundant capacity to maintain a full charge even with the longest stretch of anticipated hundred percent cloud coverA five star customer rating for performance and longevity.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/08/22 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: Coffee Quality?

I was put through the school of hard knocks as I learned how to properly roast coffee. I bought green beans from a Finca (plantation) I had visited. The gunntsacks were put on a bus in Tapachula about 10 miles from the Guatemala border. I roasted 3 Kg batches in a peanut squirrel cage after the girls finished baking their cookies for sale. The beans have to rest for a day or two, and I had a very large porch. I used a wire very tined yard rake to stir the beans around. The end result was the finest cups of coffee I've ever drank. But now the tough part. The beans lost their character after a week or so. I was hoping to build a sterl cylinder with removable lid. After loading, it was supposed to be drawn down to a vacuum with an air conditioner high vacuum pump. In the end, I enjoyed excellent coffee. But it sure was a lot of work.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/06/22 08:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Influenza 2022-2023 Experiences - Comments Etc.

Hopefully an mRNA vaccine will specifically target the current strains leading to better protection
MEXICOWANDERER 11/05/22 05:35pm Around the Campfire
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