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Opinion. Better than bagpipes playing amazing grace. I met an AZ trials candidate in San Diego yesterday. He reported site pain and a headache. No fever or muscular aches. He hopes stage 2 arrives soon. The 2nd dose is said to amplify side effects. Venezuela's Maduro brags the country has a new vaccine "that cures everything". Gee, if he took it.......
MEXICOWANDERER 10/28/20 09:20am Around the Campfire
RE: House and Engine Battery -Update 2-Surge? REGEN threat!

Simple R limiting is cheap and foolproof. From the battery splitter run smaller AWG. 10, 12, 14, whatever gets the job done. Use cross linked insulated wire. E=I/R Control. Worse case for safe voltage drop. Determine length present then max amperage allowance for load. You can cheat and use an ohms per Mil chart then fractionalize to fit. But you MUST USE cross link insulated wire.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/26/20 08:09pm Tech Issues

Dr Anthony Fauci says a Covid-19 vaccine could be available in the United States before the end of the year if proved to be "safe and effective". The US government scientist told the BBC's Andrew Marr that the limited first doses would go to people according to a set prioritisation – and that it would take "several months into 2021" before it was more widely available. He added that the vaccine wouldn't replace the need for public health measures to be in place to help protect people from the virus for a considerable time.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/25/20 06:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: CREE Design Circuit 12Volt Power Supply Diagram

Yes to all This is the reason why the power supplies have been failing on you. As I stated earlier I only use Meanwell power supplies. DC to DC and AC to DC. They use proprietary ICs. Sort of a benevolent trick GDEtrailer but this is why I use my more expensive option. Avoid 120vac CREE devices. Single unit 120vac current drivers are flawless when double checked for current (thermal) combatibility. Did I forget to mention the discrete device above is Crees own design?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/25/20 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Corn and Rice carbs torture my blood sugar. Even large amount of oatmeal can add 100+ points. Sigh
MEXICOWANDERER 10/25/20 05:14pm Around the Campfire
CREE Design Circuit 12Volt Power Supply Diagram height=300 width=500 Recommended USA or Japanese origin discretes. 3 CREE chips
MEXICOWANDERER 10/25/20 01:22pm Tech Issues

Pertinent Hyperlinks COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: Get the latest research from NIH: Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content:
MEXICOWANDERER 10/24/20 02:35pm Around the Campfire

Reputable US government agency examination of possible mass air filter media to reduce Covid levels in the air. Note the word POTENT
MEXICOWANDERER 10/23/20 04:35pm Around the Campfire

CONFIRMED NEWS BBC and Royal Health Dept. Britain is soon to hold Covid19 serum trials head-to-head Only pre-examined males. 19-30 eligible must not have any pre existing faults A broad range of Stage III approved vaccines are applied to the control group An infected nose swab is then stuck up their nose. Then they are monitored weekly. With blood work Those that get Covid19 are going to mean bad juju for the vaccine manufacturer. Intense study of their blood for qty of antigens and T cells Britain is calling it Head-To-Head Trial. With multiple same serum participants, this is going to equal a lot of young folk No mention of compensation. I plan to stay tuned.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/23/20 04:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: CREE Has Been Purchased New LEDs In The Works

Will do. I was thinking aloud about the power supplies. I insist on Meanwell. The only complete unit I have encountered down here was a uni voltage 30 watt streetlight. Idiots connected a 120 vac unit to 240. Could not get the chips to fire isolated with 60 volts, and I did not like the heat sink (heavy but limited radiation area) so I chucked it. What's a hoot is the number of new cars with LED stoplights with failed emitters. You can bet your rear end it's a problem with undersize heat sinking. Must replace entire lamp assembly. Six hundred and sixty dollars for a single Honda fixture. My 12 volt lamps contain just enough emitters to sustain bright light in series parallel @ 14 volts. Too much trouble for automakers. I do not drive at night even in the city down here. But I wonder how long those mini fans last on LED headlamp modules? My beam pattern is set very low. plus I have a 18 watt spot, all aimed to spot speed bumps and potholes on city streets.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/23/20 03:47pm Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 ? -UPDATE Tests.

On an uncompromised (damaged) AGM holding the finish voltage @ 14.4 volts for 12 hours when absorbsion reaches one half percent can be though of as "top charging" simililar to a conventional flooded lead antimony battery. Battery testing and usage is never point specific. Everything operates on gradients. Voltage + Time + Temperature of electrolyte. No battery that I am aware of is immune to temperature. When a manufacturer became unhappy at learning of the decay in CCA and capacity at winter temperatures I shrugged my shoulders. In extreme conditions an open caged incandescent 100 watt light bulb can raise underhood battery temp by 10 degrees or more. The Antelope Valley proved useful because of it's near 100 degree summer/winter span.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/23/20 12:51pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Batteries for Travel Trailer

Lifeline's cycle life chart is posted online in the Concorde AGM Manual. Gelled electrolyte batteries have FEW superior qualities over flooded 100% Pb sealed batteries. Specialty batteries for emergency exit lighting exceed cost benefit ratio with almost no superior qualities and nagging lifespan issues. The most vigorous promoters seem to be companies with the biggest investments into gelled manufacturing. The company with the greatest experience with gelled was Sonnenschein. Clearly superior lifespan but they surrendered at once to absorbed glass mat.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 10:38pm Tech Issues

Thank you Mr. Adm. I could not get things to copy. :(
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 08:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: House and Engine Battery -Update 2-Surge? REGEN threat!

Yup that's the rule when charging don't violate either battery's rules. But floating together rules must be identical or no go. Do not discharge as a pair unless individual monitoring vigilance is maintained and at rest separate no options.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 07:55pm Tech Issues

Headline In 2:00PM Today Johns Hopkins Update CDC Reduces Consecutive Minutes Of COVID-19 Exposure Needed To Be A 'Close Contact' Close Contact Times Now it's 15 minutes every 24-hours. A substantial reduction of exposure times.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 04:58pm Around the Campfire

Here is a verbatim quote from "Doctor Morens. Doctor Fauci's Associate" Although no environment can be determined to be totally safe, Morens says we need to think about actions as low-, medium- or high-risk. The times to worry about contaminated surfaces would be when you are in a crowded public place where many people are touching the same surfaces. As an illustration of an area that poses high risk, he cited a public restroom next to a crowded airport lounge, where possibly contaminated people might touch the door handle, light switch, towel dispenser and faucet. That's a situation where you should be super-alert; if you wash your hands and then touch the faucet or door handle again, for example, you've just possibly contaminated yourself. This risk in my personal opinion can be reduced to an acceptably safe level. Carry hand sanitizer, or a wet antibacterial wipe. Immediately after touching any surface out in public wipe your hands thoroughly. The statements I read about "washing hands.............." is horribly incomplete and possibly a reason for uncontrolled COVID spread. I treat "high risk touching surfaces" like the surface is contaminated with chemical poison, and wipe my hands immediately. Even if I have to do it thirty times in an hour. But also in agreement with Dr. Fauci breathing heavily contaminated air is the most hazardous thing a person can do. My opinion is even a KN95 mask can only do so much. Avoidance of closed air systems is at a minimum people load, important and at a high density load, vital. Again, in opinion an open store with controlled occupancy, (at least) 7 feet distancing, masks, and avoidance of groups of people of 3 or more) is safe but length of exposure is important. I give myself 30 minutes max in a controlled store. And I do maintain my hands reasonably disinfected not just occasionally washed properly. I try my best not to use public restrooms. We are nearer to getting a vaccine. I do not want to throw a rod a hundred feet from the finish line.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 04:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: AGM Batteries for Travel Trailer

A week or so each time maybe three times yearly won't damage a good quality AGM. But where this fails is the batteries *must* thereupon be recharged at a steady 14.0 volts for 24 hours, then reverted to a temperature compensated float voltage. Where is the origin of the Renology battery? What is their provenance? I do not not trust any made in China AGM that does not have hundreds of verified satisfied customers behind it. Under ratio AGM A/H to charger size systems can exist if the user is willing to have "rest and recuperation days" where total recharging is allowed. A Harbor Freight 2-cycle generator coupled to a 29 amp MEGAWATT power supply can work miracles for remote safe camping with AGM.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 03:15pm Tech Issues
RE: CREE Has Been Purchased New LEDs In The Works

Is this isolated to 120vac lamp + driver complete units? Sounds like the drivers are the fault. Overcurrent on the chips. I refuse to use anything but Meanwell drivers for 120vac. And my emitters are large enough to incorporate brushless dual ball bearing fans. I take the note about integrated lamps which I have never purchased. I do not buy off-brand AC floodlamps. Only security lamps with a 15-second on time. Well-built LED stadium floodlamps are hideously expensive. 3K for 1,000 watts consumed. In pallet lots. Aluminum heat sinks that have been black hard anodized are ugly but yield 140% efficiency.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/20 12:35pm Tech Issues

Australia saw an astounding 99% reduction in flu cases this season to 35,000. The H1N1 and H3N2 strains are virtual dobbalgangers of last year's virus. Johns Hopkins Clinician's news. AstraZeneca released a news brief that there will be a resumption of Its stage III vaccine trials in the U.S.A. late this week or early next week.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/21/20 10:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1157 Style LED Interior Bulb Warm Lighting?

Dual pin bases do not utilize the socket as a polarity connection. 2-pin bases are used in vehicles where both polarities are to be run a distance. On the base the index metal pins are not staggered. Auto Parts stores commonly have rubber mats on the counter showing a master inventory of small bulbs. GE and other firms display them on the internet web sites. This will give you the correct base index which you can use for LEDs
MEXICOWANDERER 10/21/20 10:34pm Tech Issues
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