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RE: Charging Timer?

Amazon has Intermatics by the railroad boxcar full. The OMRON electronic I used was pricey but could be fed with 12 volts to 480 volts AC or DC. I have a drawerful of cheap timers that don't. But I have a small box of Intermatics that will. I guess my patience tolerance is quite low.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/25/21 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Timer?

Screwup Proofing is why I use a timer. Infallible reliability is why I chose the Intermatic mechanical windup timer. Saving a few dollars which destroys a few thousand fails the wisdom test utterly. For example when I did battery cycle testing, I chose a 12-volt powered OMRON timer that over-rode the voltage limit switches. Destroying a pallet of L16s was not an option. The fact that the wind up timers work in commercial restrooms is a testament of their reliability and ruggedness. Are they accurate? Down to the minute? Hell no. Did I need resolution down to the minute? Hell no. I just needed an absolutely reliable cutoff without being forced to learn c++ programming language.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/24/21 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Timer?

If you lust for an electric timer. Use an OMRON. Japanese. And they last.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/24/21 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Timer?

Look on Amazon for square face 200 - Amp DC relay.The Intermatic is a snap action switch. The relay should last forever x 12.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/24/21 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Timer?

Wind up timer powering a constant duty relay. Chinese electronic timers are J U N K even the most expensive Chinese models blow up I have never had a failure with an Intermatic.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/24/21 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Power "vampire" on coach batteries

A favorite robber is a power amplifier for a stereo sound system. A hidden light left on in some remote compartment is another drain. An unprofessionally installed constant duty power relay's coil can draw amperage.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/23/21 04:28am Tech Issues

The only time CBP gets wound up is when a person shows up without proof of citizenship, like I did last January with a bleeding ulcer. Even then they groused when calling an ambulance. During the border closure, the hospital called San Ysidro and authorized the passage of my friend Pablo to come north alone and fetch me when I was discharged. He does have a border crossing card, but the border was closed then to all Mexicans except workers holding green cards. Citizens claiming "incapacides" which means disabled totally are allowed a Mexican national with a valid border crossing card. but only a single individual. Like always this explanation is not theoretical but actually tested and proven in reality. If the citizen declares COVID an ambulance is called right at secondary. I have a dubious record of three ambulance rides. US Customs does not screw around when a citizen declares an emergency.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/22/21 05:19pm Around the Campfire
For Southwest Salmonella Onion Alert

Yellow, white, and red onions are causing a major outbreak of food borne salmonella in the southwest and here in México. It made headlines. Normally the stereotypical stomach problems of Mexico are handled with a few loperamide. But this stuff can be much more intense. A doctor is the one who can advise the afflicted. If the onions are thoroughly cooked it will destroy the bacteria HOWEVER merely handling the onions can infect a person. Direct from the school of (ugh) hard knocks.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/21/21 09:35pm Around the Campfire

Without citing links the preponderance of the evidence is pointing toward full immunization followed by asymptomatic infection as giving the best immunity. The key being asymptomatic. The stumbling block is inhibited immunity due to age or other comorbidities.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/21/21 07:17pm Around the Campfire

I have encountered too many articles that wildly claim extreme COVID19 data minus corrobarative links. Mutant strains, multiple infections, you name it. This is why I ignore them. Beside Johns Hopkins and Lancet there are New England Journal of Medicine and Merck including the Merck Manual. Double Blind studies with peer reviewed corroboration weed out spurious claims that seldom lead to solid evidence. Social Media attempts emotional superlatives to gain a purely political objective. The facts are bald faced Pianotuna, immunizations have saved millions of lives. They are not foolproof just like automobile and aircraft travel are not foolproof. But the process has been mired so deep in political mud, reality has been obscured. This has evolved into the "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" age. Personally I have hardened my stance to protect and insulate ME against politically oriented agendas. If a legitimate flaw in national posture regarding COVID19 was discovered a hurricane of outrage would ensue, not clusters of dissent. Stiff upper lip sir. Enduring hyperbole builds character.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/21/21 04:59pm Around the Campfire

Sometimes I think I was born under a lucky star. I try to count my blessings and sweep short comings under the rug... The latest reports by the WHO indicate México COVID-19 case numbers are plunging. ICU patient percentages are down almost 80%. Some of this is due to strict autonomy of rural villages in the south. Virtual isolation but that's the way they've been for centuries. Masking (cubrebocas) is still strictly observed at stores. So is distancing. And air circulation. Fans are whirring. For whatever reason, Tijuana and across the border are still hot spots. But starting 8 November, CBP says it will start demanding proof of full inoculation to enter the USA. I haven't read anything regarding US citizens but I am going to carry my certificates to speed things up. It might be rumor but it is said people driving up to the Customs booth without wearing a mask are far more likely to be sent to secondary inspection. There is a lot of peer pressure to get jabbed with an American vaccine. No one I know trusts anything other than the Pfizer or Moderna jab. The Russians say the papers just sent 1.5 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine even though the virus is considered to be runaway in Russia. That's pretty much the latest gossip from here.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/20/21 02:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Wheel Bearings - re-grease?

IMHO The brakes should be visually verified and since that involves pulling the drums...I used to use an inductive ammeter to ensure all drums were activated equally. Another quirk I insisted on was to make sure lug nuts could be spun with the fingers and use of a torque wrench, and three cross lug verifications for each wheel.Bend and check valve stems for base cracking and examine every tire inch-by-inch. I detest road shoulder breakdowns.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/19/21 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Separate Alternator Rectifier For HOUSE Batteries

Count your rectifiers. If there are four pairs, OEM is obviously rectifying that termination. I personally disfavor unbalanced phases for the sake of the voltage regulator even if it is ECU contained. To keep this a bit less technical I have seen overheated phase windings due to a disordered phase 4 conductor. With a principal loading route still connected a total phase connection does not exist but amplified phase inequality due to small #1 vs Large #2 over long periods of time have impacts. I used to use TO5 30-amp rectifiers both anode and cathode connections to fully rectify the stator on Ford 3G and 4G units.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/19/21 12:42pm Tech Issues

If I may add a suffix to the list of phase 4 clinical studies of interest...
MEXICOWANDERER 10/19/21 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: F53 460 Engine runs very poorly when heat soaked

What does code extraction reveal?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/17/21 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: F53 460 Engine runs very poorly when heat soaked

And the Check Engine Light stays unlit?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/17/21 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

I can hope there is a responsible You Tube tutorial about how to use your meter. Do not guess. Also, I highly recommend using nitrile mechanic's gloves when working around live circuits. They will protect against 120vac shock if dry. Also folks with Pacemakers should not work on generators. The reality is not a failure of the Pacemaker. It's vulnerability is corrupted memory that can erroneously show fibrillation, Bradycardia, or even Infarction when your cardiologist retrieves data.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/16/21 12:07am Tech Issues

To keep this objective and clinical... The Swiss and German studies on prime boost philosophy insisted on hetero killed virus prime then mRNA boost. Titer neutralizer counts were much higher using this particular recipe. The first mRNA jab was intended to complete the series but two caveats have arisen. The Delta variant Full immunization is mandatory in the USA for surgery. I had my choice of Boosters. Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J. I chose Moderna. Medical is not simple chemistry. Reactive modulators created in the body must be specially determined and even then the apparent values are unique to that person. That is why large scale peer reviewed studies are absolutely mandatory. I wouldn't be at all surprised if my Titer count amounted to within the bell curve. I am old and frail with a highly compromised immune system. I remain sequestered until mid November. By December my immune response "should be" at it's theoretical maximum level of neutralizers. Time will tell. I intend to get bi-monthly Titer analysis.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/15/21 11:55pm Around the Campfire

Correct Pianotuna. Like in the USA mixing vaccines is prohibito. I had no illusions that the serum was inferior but at the time the J&J was not available. The Sinovac was available. And as a killed virus primer it was perfect. The side effects were the same as the latter Moderna. But keep in mind I had to strictly quarantine for 120 days until I received the booster in the USA. Another 90 days will pass before the Moderna second jab. I'm doing this to play the part of a human Lab Rat. If I end up asymptomatic infected, great. But if I develop significant COVID19 symptoms then it's going to raise my eyebrows. I realize the chances of avoided infection with the Delta variant are next to impossible down here. I do not recommend anyone else try this. Stick with the official FDA protocol. Without having a way (here in Mexico) to differentiate between blood immunization and infection clues, I will not hazard a guess.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/15/21 08:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Focus on energy issues please. Rants about politics is like straight oatmeal sludge -- it gets old quick. Or down here: Pink and green tortillas They Fill You Up Fast... As far as California banning chain saws, it isn't going to happen. There are thousands of off-grid homesteads. Wood heat. Grid overload will come from an aggregate over taxation from motor vehicle, dwelling and industrial demand.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/13/21 11:11pm Tech Issues
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