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RE: First Tow with 2500 Ram

Same truck , when coming down a hill I turn off the tow haul as I do not like it shifting for me , tends to really get the revs above what I like . I will shift manually , maybe it is just me . OEM's spend many millions of dollars calibrating the computer to properly select gears. I trust they know how to put the trans in the correct gears. The only thing the computer does to "select gears" when going down hill with tow haul on is continue to downshift anytime it can to try to keep slowing the truck down. Personally, I am not a fan of it either. My first choice would be to have paddles where you could actually determine which gear you go in. Shifting manually really isn't an option as the only thing the toggle does is limits the top available gear. Long way of saying that there is room for improvement here, and the computer most certainly does not know best. I am not familiar with the Ram transmissions, but my Ford has M (manual) available to select. In this mode, it does shift manually, needing to be shifted up/down with the paddles. I don't use T/H on a long steep decent, as it will lower the gear, each time braking, and end up with too low of speed, and higher rpm than I want. Using the manual mode in my Ford, is IMO, a much better choice for long downhills of 7% or more. Jerry
MFL 04/22/21 05:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: can a ford ranger tow trailer on steep mtns rds?

I should have added, with the tow pkg added it is rated capable of towing 7500lbs. however I am very concerned weather this truck can handle my load going up steep inclines and also going down hill. This same pkg has been used in the 2019,2020 and now the 2021 models. Tom IMO, this setup would not be a good choice for mountain towing. Not saying won't work! The length of inclines may make a difference, as well as the sharp curves, often encountered in MT towing, which makes slowing a necessity. With the turbo, good power should be available, unless a lengthy climb of 3-5 miles caused excess heat, due to a small engine working hard. On the long steep downhills, you will not get good engine braking from a small engine (4 cyl, or V6). Again, from my experience in MT towing, most times, these ups/downs are full of sharp curves, which require very well maintained trailer brakes, and yes, you need to use them properly. I hope everyone knows to not ride the brake pedal in this type scenario. Jerry
MFL 04/21/21 07:36am Towing
RE: Strange water pressure issue

Since the pump maintains good pressure, I would suspect the CG water supply. It may be pressure building in their line, which you are releasing, after a short period of running water. You could try disconnecting your hose at the bib, wait a bit, turn water on, check if pressure drops right there at the source, after 10 seconds or so. Jerry
MFL 04/21/21 06:27am General RVing Issues

While I have not used mine yet, the bottle reads "will leave UV protection on aircraft, vehicles, and RVS. Lots of products have UV protectant, but keeping your front cap from fading, is asking a lot. The guys using it say it is good stuff, and are credible guys IMO! :) Jerry
MFL 04/20/21 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pinging

While I don't disagree with above, having the Mod move this thread to TVs may get more response, from the gear heads. Jerry
MFL 04/20/21 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Berrings

For the price of new bearings, I'd just buy a new matching set, for just in case, rather than used ones, already worn to previous races. You could pack the new set, keep clean in plastic bags. Jerry
MFL 04/19/21 12:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question on changing legal GCWR

Agree ^^^^GVWR is a manufacturers drive train rating, stating they will warranty your vehicle, if you stay within the amount your truck is designed for. You can change gearing, if you wish, and your drive train will be capable of handling the difference. Not a legal issue. Jerry
MFL 04/19/21 05:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Brake job?? You mean brake adjustment? If you are actually doing a brake job, with hub disassembled, then I'd hand pack at this time, and not add grease for several years. Otherwise, your plan should work to do a complete check every 5 yrs, depending on miles/use. The obvious though, a brake problem, a hot hub after towing, needs to be checked out. I have used the EZ lube on 3 different trailers. I did find one seal that was leaking, causing some contamination, while doing a complete inspection. So yes, it happens, but I am not afraid to use the system as designed. Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replace Ladder stand off nut

I have R&Rd my ladder, and IIRC, the only way to remove those nuts, is from the back, requiring removal of the standoff. Even then, it seemed they were locked in. I didn't need to replace any, and glad of that! Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Main entry door shuts hard

You just need to lube the strike plate, or better choice, the latch that hits the plate, with a lube that lasts a while. Grease works, if you are careful with clothing. A dry lube, or motorcycle chain wax is good. Even a lube you have at home for getting into tight places (KY), will work short term, an will wash out of clothing easily. Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 09:53am Toy Haulers
RE: Need Advice

My neighbor has a 2019 GM 1500, with a pop up top, truck camper on it. Loaded, he is likely over some ratings. Here it comes...he also hooks his heavy boat, with tandem axle trailer on truck receiver, and drives 120 miles, up/down hills to the river. Yup, two summers now, works great! :) Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: Need Advice

A couple of things to consider. The vast majority of truck camper carrying SRW trucks you see on the road are over their gvwr. Also, many axles are rated based on the tire/wheel package they originaly came with. The same axle may have a higher gawr on a different truck. You never want to exceed the maximum payload rating of any tire. This ^^^^^hedging a little on GVWR, not the best idea, going over the RAWR even worse, but going well over tire/wheel ratings, not acceptable! Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 09:29am Truck Campers
RE: Electric Tongue Jack Power Problem

:)Jerry, the OP said he just added positive power to the jack pin! He didn't check the truck output. " The problem is that the jack doesn't work when I plug it into the truck 7 pin connector, even though I have verified 12V power and ground is present on the correct pins of the truck connector." Here is the quote: Maybe a difference in our reading comprehension???
MFL 04/18/21 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

It is fair to say that the grease should not be passing the seal, and contaminating the brakes. Follow manufacturer's instructions, and best to do this service, when hubs/grease are warm from use. I can see the rear seals on my trailer, by using an inspection light, looking at back side of brake assembly. Mine has a couple small holes, above the brake adjusting hole. By using this bright LED exam light in one hole, looking in the other hole, I can actually read the numbers on the seal. Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 06:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Tongue Jack Power Problem

Check your truck manual, I needed to add a fuse in the fuse box, it may be blown or not there. the OP, he stated that he has verified power coming from truck's connector. Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 04:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Tongue Jack Power Problem

Sounds like you figured it out - the jack is using the trailer for ground and not the ground at the trucks 7 pin conn. Personally, I would cut the connector off and wire it to my trailers battery like most jacks are. Agree with Scott, it would be much nicer to have the jack wired to trailer battery. If you wanted to raise/lower the trailer front, it seems foolish, to have to connect to the truck to do so. Jerry
MFL 04/18/21 04:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Domenic Air Contioner

You might try redoing your description of what the issue is. The air conditioner should not operate if not on shore power. Are you saying it does?? With the fan set to auto, and plugged into shore power (electric), the AC fan should not come on, when stat is set to heat. If on low, or high fan setting, then both may operate. If it used to work as I described, but now does not, you may need a new stat. Jerry
MFL 04/15/21 03:20pm Tech Issues
RE: F350 SRW Enough Truck

Thanks all. I would definitely be getting the 7.3. Assuming that, SRW and the highest available axle rating, what is the max GVWR and pin weight I should be looking at? Assume Lariat trim which will take a bit from payload capacity. Yup, gonna have to agree with Grit dog again...get the trim level you want, the small payload difference has little to do with rear axle wt, and towing a FW. Yes, do get the 4.30 gear set, since you will be ordering. Jerry
MFL 04/15/21 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Uneven Bearing Temp

I can see the R/A bearings running a bit warmer, due to carrying more than 1/2 the load, but 30-40 degrees, seems excessive. Is your FW loaded to close to GVWR, and your rear axle maybe at RAWR or slightly over? I have noticed bearings 10 degrees warmer, one side to the other, caused by sun, or more than normal slope of road. I've noticed that a bearing set, that has been hand packed, will run 10 degrees cooler than the one next to it, that has the hub filled from EZ-lube use. I will mention, before someone else does, it could be the new B&W hitch! :) Jerry
MFL 04/15/21 06:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't find my water pump

Most pumps can be run dry for a while, with no fear of damage/burnout. It will be near the fresh water tank, and may be behind a panel best accessed from the pass through. Mine has a square cover, over a hole in the panel in pass through/basement. Your post is a bit unclear, are you saying it is pumping water to the faucets? If it is, what is wrong, and what are you asking? Jerry
MFL 04/14/21 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
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