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RE: Ford vs Dodge 4 point fifthwheel attachment

I agree, I think the original Reese/Ford OEM for pucks was an Elite, and only available as an 18K and a 20 something, maybe 25K? If OP would return, offer more info, we could give better advice. OP seems confused, maybe meant 18K, not 16K, who knows? Maybe doesn't know difference between Sig and Elite? Stop by OP, give more info!! Jerry
MFL 11/25/20 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

Five bodies in that size trailer give off a lot of condensation! A full size dehumidifier will help, but adding a little ventilation from a cracked window and roof vent may be needed. Jerry
MFL 11/24/20 02:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford vs Dodge 4 point fifthwheel attachment

If you are asking if a hitch for oem Ford puck system will fit the Ram pucks, the answer is no. Jerry
MFL 11/24/20 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2012 F-150 tow rating

Should I trust the published towing ratings of my 2012 ecoboost at 11,500 pounds. I may buy a larger trailer from 4500 gross to 8000 gross weight. Thanks The 11.5K rating is a power to pull rating, but not a high walled, broad front RV trailer. Something in the middle of 4500-8000 gross will likely work best, but the upper end is do able. Payload and RAWR are important for best towing. Jerry
MFL 11/22/20 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

"Well the 1,338# DRY pin on a GVWR of 10,195# at GVWR pin could be 2,020# at 20%." ^^^^^ Agree, worst case, yes it could be 2,020 at full GVWR. What's the problem??? Any 3/4 ton, even an older model can easily carry that, plus a 200 lb hitch on a rear axle with 6-6.5K RAWR available. OP could buy your old, IIRC, 2,001 2500 and carry 2k pin, 200 lb hitch, and a load of fire wood, still be under axle/tire rating. Many 25 series trucks have a 6,500 lb RA rating. My 250 can carry my FW GVWR 12,110, if loaded to capacity while staying under every rating, including my payload. OP just stated again they want a 250, which will work great. If they wanted a 350, I'd tell them that will work great. If they NEEDED a DRW, I would suggest they go that route. Nice to see a little activety on the FW forum, even if it's just banter! Jerry
MFL 11/19/20 06:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide seals

MFL 11/19/20 11:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide seals

I have. Weelll...don't keep us in suspense! Was it an easy job? what part did you replace?:W Jerry
MFL 11/19/20 11:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Why all the advice on 250/2500, knowing full well the 1 ton is the better choice in many ways :h " Really hoping to get by with a 3/4. It says hitch weight is 1338 with a GVWR of 10195." ^^^^^ Above per OP statement Any late model 3/4 ton will easily handle this trailer, without even being close to going over ratings. If someone asking, was absolutely considering a truck, that in my opinion was not safe/capable, I'd be the first to advise them of a better choice! In many states GVWR is just a class regulation for insurance/registration. In states that do consider GVWR for registration, you only need to pay for it. Now you are good for 12k GVWR on your 25 series truck. It is the axle/tire ratings that matter, and if the tires are up to it, yes, bags can make the 3/4 ton do any job the 35 series SRW will do. If you see a bigger FW in your future, such as Russ may be considering, then get the 35 series DRW now and be done. If you are considering a FW with a GVWR of 15K, yes, I'd say get the 35 series SRW as a minimum, and if full time is in your future, a long bed DRW truck a better choice. Everyone does not need a bigger truck than needed for the FW they are wanting to buy! Jerry
MFL 11/19/20 07:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: awning

IIRC, my plug is a male/female, when put together with plug mate, female/male appears to be a smooth one piece connection. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 07:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

A late model 3/4 ton will handle that size FW with ease. Many FWs that size are advertised as 1/2 ton towable, but that is a bit of a stretch of the truth, in most cases. On that trailer I'd guess the wet pin to be on the short side of 2K. Jerry It all depends on the 3/4 tons payload. A diesel 3/4 ton doesn’t usually have enough payload for a 5er, gas gets you about 900# more pay load. If looking at a 5er skip 3/4 ton and get at least a one ton SRW. The trucks are the same size the one ton is just more capable of carrying the pin weight. Come on now Russ, we both know that a diesel 3/4 ton may SHOW less payload due to a class 2 GVWR, and have more wt on the FRONT axle, but the actual wt on the REAR AXLE is nearly the same gas or diesel. You don't need a diesel engine to tow a FW with a GVWR of 10K, or 12K for that matter. My F250 gas could carry and tow your FW, but was ordered with HD service suspension (350 suspension). I do admit, your truck would tow your trailer better than my truck.:) Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 07:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide seals

If it is actually the wiper you are replacing, some are glued with adhesive tape like mentioned above, and some are stapled also. My wipers are stapled, and have a rail to insert/slide in a D-bulb seal, which compresses with slide closed. I have replaced my upper D-bulb seal, which was very easy to do. It has a screw just a half inch inside the bulb, on each end to keep it from moving. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 06:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

A late model 3/4 ton will handle that size FW with ease. Many FWs that size are advertised as 1/2 ton towable, but that is a bit of a stretch of the truth, in most cases. On that trailer I'd guess the wet pin to be on the short side of 2K. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

You will be happy with a FW, due to towing ease, hookup/disconnect ease, and lots of useable space in coach, as well as storage. The down side is added height, which only requires you to look up, more than a TT. They back different than a TT, and IMO, takes a bit more to master, than a TT, but once learned, no problem getting in very tight spots. Like OB mentioned, a FW will track inside more than a TT, when turning a corner, and you need to learn to swing wider in some instances. Get a HD truck of your choice, one with the OEM FW puck system would be best choice. This is for ease of hitch mount, that you can put in/out quickly by yourself. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Harbor Freight Predator 3500 Generator On Sale!

I have serious doubts about 27db, maybe when it's not running. My Champ 2K inverter seems loud, when working hard, standing right next to it. Maybe the 27db is measured from 300 ft?? Looks to be a great deal though, and many seem to like the Predator gens. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: New mall crawler!

That is bad a$$!! Your wife will love all the looks from the big toy boys, that comes with a gal, driving a cool rig like hers! Good luck with that.:) Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: awning

Has it always worked and just quit? It would seem if something in area of awning motor is unplugged, that would be the issue. Can you post a pic of this plug? My awning is a Dometic, and has a plug connection in the arm of awning. If unplugged, I know mine would not work. Jerry
MFL 11/18/20 06:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: will a flat tire cause my fifth wheel to lean

New member, first post, a word salad of grammatical errors and the question is - if 2 flat tires will cause a FW to lean??? If this isn't a troll post I don't know what is. Agree, but any entertainment in desperate times, when people need to smile, helps. The FW forum has been extremely slow lately! It is okay to feed the troll. :C Jerry
MFL 11/17/20 10:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1500 curb weights

My 2015 has a GVWR of 7,600 lbs and a payload of 2015, so I assume the curb weight is the difference? But I'm never sure what they take into consideration for the payload numbers. You are correct on the curb wt as it left the factory. Just a thought... to show that axle wt ratings matter most. F150 with HD payload pkg, with 2,400 lbs payload F250 with diesel engine, only having 2,100 payload Which truck can carry the heaviest load??? Well of course the 250, due to having waaayyy more axle/tire capacity! Many 1/2 tons run out of axle capability, about the same time as payload rating is reached. In some cases sooner. Jerry
MFL 11/16/20 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1500 curb weights

All curb wts will vary depending on how equipped. If you are looking at a particular truck, look at the GVWR, for example 7,500. Now look at payload on tire sticker 1,500. This means that curb wt of THAT truck was 6,000 as it left the factory. Jerry
MFL 11/16/20 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question on winterizing

With the heated enclosed belly, and 55 temp in coach, you should have no problem with over night temps of 20 and up. If you'd rather save on propane, it is easy to just blow the lines, when needed, and continue camping. All RVs have varying amount of insulation, and while my FW is purpose designed, with plumbing near heat ducts etc to protect from reasonable low temps, some require added precaution, such as opening cupboards or any area that plumbing may be away from heat or warm air circulation. Jerry
MFL 11/16/20 07:12am Travel Trailers
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