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RE: Where to for Thanksgiving?

We aren't going anywhere. We are having a friend couple in for the dinner and a single friend. I like that a lot. During the years I was forced to be on the move, I was often invited to some family's celebratory dinner and appreciated it. So, we have often invited people we know to join us as well. Some where in my travels, I read of a culture that always sets an extra place at the table just in case someone should show up. I love the sentiment. We never even hear from the son and family. Our daughter's family is entertaining her in-laws again this year, so we will have only friends (whose three sons - two are deployed and the other is a first responder in the local big city) to join us. That works for me. Matt
Matt_Colie 11/23/22 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser engine repairs

Acpop, You don't give us much to go on here. I my part of the RV world, a number of units get sold in less than great condition, and those that cannot be driven away go real cheap. I suggest you get at least an estimate to repair the engine. That may answer a lot of your question right up front. If it is over 10 years old with a bad engine, maybe one will be interested. If it is over 15 years old not many will want it. If it is 20 years old and needs expensive work you may have a hard time finding anybody that will pay to tow it away. Matt
Matt_Colie 11/14/22 10:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic microwave no START

Joe, There is a part supplier Repair Clinic that seems to have parts for everything and I have never found someone else to have whatever when these people don't. Give that a try. Then pitch the sucker and find another to fit in the hole. Matt
Matt_Colie 11/13/22 01:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Oil Pressure Help Needed! - 1993/p30/454

Ydor, Richard is wonderfully accurate. First question: Does that gage go up before the engine starts? If yes, that is a failed or shorted wire. Another test for a shorted wire, pull the terminal off the sending unit. What happens? (if you can reach it.) If you run with the sender disconnected and the pressure drops to zero, that just means the short has cleared. Reconnect it and look for the damage where the mouse ate the insulation. If it does drop to zero and you are worried, let it idle down and listen for the lifters (lash adjusters) to start clattering. When they don't get the lube oil pressure they need, they complain! Lastly, there is just no way a BB can have that High a lube oil pressure. It just can't happen. The OE pump can't do it. (IMHEO) So run it and fix the gage later. Matt - a refugee from the engine labs in Detroit
Matt_Colie 11/10/22 06:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

Shannon, A lot of good advice here, but one from experience.... If you are planning on going anywhere, disconnect both ends of the water hose and "walk it out. Pick up on of the disconnected ends and hold it high. Keep walking to the other end. If you try to bend a hose with ice in it, it will often crack.... Matt
Matt_Colie 11/09/22 06:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great Tailgating Campgrounds

Sky, I'm a bit confused. Tailgating is usually at an event, and typically the parking area related to same. What are you tailgating about?? Wouldn't that kind of suggest a location? Matt
Matt_Colie 11/08/22 05:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Solar charger for 4 6v golf cart batteries LONG TERM?

Well Doc, The only real thing to consider is how much you want to spend. The problem is that the 1~3 Days 3~4 times a month looks a lot like continues to the house bank. If the 3 days comes right after the other 3 days, that is really tough for the sun to make up. Were I in your place, I would start with as much PV on the roof as you can justify. Then shop the market for charge controllers. Those will be your not-so-secret weapon here. There are two basic types: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and the industry-standard Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). All of these are better than they were when I was working this market. If I was to try to recommend, the model would be obsolete by now. There are many that will do a good job of changing without damaging the bank. Matt
Matt_Colie 11/06/22 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: Route Planning Question

I am with both Gizmo's Mom and Valhalla here. What you also have to know is that at one time of my life my name tag had Navigator under the name. Having paper maps (I still call charts) onboard is essential. When things stop working, all the paper needs to work as intended is that paper, a light source (so you can read it) and a Brain. I do realize that the last is asking a lot of some. If can't work one of those, stick to the blue roads where your cell phone has a good connection. Like Gizmo's Mon, I am still using one of the old great planners. Mine is a 2015 copy of Street Atlas. It can also be a terrific enroute navigator with no requirement for outside support. All that takes is a GPS puck to make a laptop a tracking GPS with a big screen. As to planning, I can complete the arrangement of a three week excursion before departure and as the navigator can modify the plan enroute, it is always correct even to the locations for breaks and fuel stops not to mention the location for your EOD - Whatever it is. That can be a Walmart, rest area or a Boondockers Welcome. The planning software is not preferential to anything except what you tell it. Matt
Matt_Colie 11/03/22 09:38am Roads and Routes
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Dave, I had a hard time finding this to get back to you. We were doing better, but on the way home from a day trip that was supposed to be the reassurance that the coach was ready to go to Lebanon, she throw all the belts. I have today finished the over heat check outs and refilled the cooling system. Things look good but now there is no place to go. You are going to have to tell me how this plan of yours works out. I'm not likely to try it as I have enough to do already. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/28/22 07:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Dave, If you were to let the GMC go out on a rental, you have the distinct problem of getting someone to service it if it has a problem on the road. So, if the rental agreement stated a (for example) 200 mile radius, so it would be affordable for you to do an do the repair or get it up on a hook to bring it home, then that might be rational. Otherwise, I would not put the 50yo coach out with a lessee that does not understand that the vehicle is a relic and requires thinking to operate safely. For liability reasons, if you have any break or handling mods, I would never let it out on lease. Good luck Matt
Matt_Colie 10/28/22 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: My generator may not be repairable, what do I do?

Phil, Before you give up, Make sure that you know how to get the unit out of where ever it is. Next, get on the web or the phone and find a local friendly small engine shop. When you talk to him, have the model numbers and all the information at your side. If you find one that will even look at it, you are half way there. Onan engines of all manner power small machines all over the industrial world. The generator is just an engine attached to an electric machine and it doesn't sound like that machine has any issues. Good Luck Matt
Matt_Colie 10/25/22 07:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Heating the Garage

Riltri, Without looking at the garage with my ASHRE guide under my arm, I really cannot answer your question. I don't believe that anybody else can either. If the space is insulated and relatively tight, it just might work. It also might not. If you are worried about the contents of the garage freezing, then put them in the coach with your little heater also inside the coach. Leave the reefer running to contribute to the heat and there is a real good chance that everything will work. If you think that there is a real good chance of freezing the drinks, put them all in a secondary containment so that if they do break there is little to clean up. Matt OH, and an experience.... If your IPL looks frozen, don't pour it out and drink it. What you have there is just the alcohol that froze out. You really don't want that. It sounds good but the next morning you will know it was a mistake when you look at the half-full bottles you emptied.
Matt_Colie 10/18/22 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator issue

Marty, Thank you for posting the update. When you do get it repaired correctly, please tell us. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/15/22 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: I40 south

Cummin, As a Canadian, you might not know that all the US Interstate highways have to have a vertical clearance for 14' (4.3m). There almost RVs that are taller. Do read and pay attention to the other advice given here. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/15/22 06:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planned

Captron, Don't feel bad, I wish I could still pay 40$/yr to use Delorme Street Atlas. It was one of the best and most complete planning packages ever. It was unfortunately not PHD simple, but high performance usually requires training. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/15/22 05:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: gas problem

eHoefler, Jeremy's user name is 84 Sportscoach III. I can tell him (at great length if he cares) that he might as well plan to have the fuel tanks down now. This as the owner of another seasoned coach. He can count on all the rubber in the fuel system to be shot and it was probably not alcohol compatible to begin with. It usually requires that the tanks be taken down to replace all the fuel lines. While there, there are big o-rings that seal the sending units in the tanks. If it is new enough to have in tank pump(s), then those and the level senders might as well get replaced at the same time. Do I have to add "Been There - Done that" (look at the coach in my pic)
Matt_Colie 10/15/22 05:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Turbo

Follow the link.... What a great post. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/15/22 05:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: anti siphon device ?

Charlie, This is a common issue on many small boats as well. I have cured it for several owners just by disassembling and cleaning the part of the pump. Most pumps could be disassembled easily, but some are service proof. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/12/22 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Garmin RV 660

When I last updated out 890, it seemed to come up with some things I don't remember seeing. As the operating system is now Android, they are pretty limited by the size of the storage/memory and imagination. I will be interested to see what happens next. I am still annoyed with Garmin for buying Delorme and shutting down Street Atlas. That was the most powerful planner and enroute navigator and still has not been equaled. Yes, it was not a PHD (Push Here Dumby) system, but most powerful things do not meet that qualification. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/12/22 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Dump Valve issues

Richard, According to Norgren that is a Freightliner special part. Looking at it, I would bet the the Cclip that hold the solenoid on can be removed, but I would not bet that the valve can be rebuilt. For a lot of years Norgren was our bottom bidder and a reliable supplier. I never saw the warranty part, but if it had been serious i would have heard about it. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/10/22 05:28pm Tech Issues
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