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RE: Magic Chef Stove Burner repair or replace?

You might collect the model number and try Repair Clinic. They may not be cheaper, but they might have a new part. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/29/22 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: Severely damaged windshield … is yourMH totaled ?

If you look through either the FMCA magazine or Motorhome magazine you will find a company that will bend glass for just about anything. I may not be cheap. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/26/22 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: One brake over adjusted

Enahs, It sounds like you have isolated the problem, now you need to fine the real cause. This can be an issue. I used to work in quality for a Detroit first Tier. It became clear to me that unless quality programs are forced on most manufactures, they will not embrace them. The fact is, that there is very possibly a component of that brake that is the problem. It might not actually be out side of the manufacture's tolerances, but those tolerances may be quite worthless. Finding the problem part can also be a big problem. There is also no reason it has to be just one part. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/26/22 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I have posted a few times but after the snarky responses and a multitude of answers to questions I never asked. I have pretty much given up here. There are other forums out there that have people willing to respond with answers that actually pertain to my post. So that's where I go for help or information. Chuck Well Chuckbear, Let me save you a lot of time and possible curiosity. Don't post a question of any technical or important knowledge on Farce Book. You will get: Lots of fast answers 60% wrong answers 5~10% actual correct answers that may be obtuse 30% answers that do not relate to the posted question 20% trying to make your question sound stupid This is why the only thing I post on FB is RTM. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/23/22 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Back before cellphones

"But I texted you!!" You texted me on my home phone? Good, that is a land line, did you see the note that said DO NOT TEXT! ??? My cell phone is for my business only client calls actually make it ring and even it have the text feature substantially disabled. (I couldn't remove it, but it is on a back screen and notification is turned off. The business died in the last recession and I only carry the phone in case I break down on the road and it is not usually even turned on. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/21/22 09:54am RV Lifestyle
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I have seen this all over many forums for many things and the cause is always the same.... These forums are very good for providing complete and clear answers to questions. Believe it or not, that is the problem. So many of the younger people don't want clear and complete answers, all they want is a fix it now so we can play. This is all the training from the MTV days when the watchers were allowed a attention moment before the subject changed. On the forums I still inhabit (fewer every year) I frequently will post a page long explanation and suggested correction if I think the OP is up to following it. If not, (like for FB) I make the standard RTFM suggestion. This often enrages the OP because he has never bothered to acquire the manuals. Sorry guy, I'm not your mother and if you bit off more than you can chew - well good luck. Nasty, Aren't I. But as a much younger friend explained, FB is all about talking not so much listening. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/20/22 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

Rolin, I have more time to write now. Your old plan was not bad, but Canadian fuel prices have done the same thing ours have. (Gasbuddy works for Canada too, but the conversion both currency and volume is up to you.) I can't help you with the toll transponders and here is why. We don't use any.... From Chicago, Get to I-80 near Hammond, there is a short piece of I-80 that is toll. Not worth it to try to by-pass that. About Gary, I-80 joins I-94. I-80 goes south into Ohio and become an over patrolled toll road again. (With out of states plates, do not speed in Ohio.) Watch for the split with I-94. Take I-94 most of the way across Michigan. Just past Ann Arbor, Catch US-23 south. When you see I-475 EAST - That is where you want to go. Exit 20 will be I-75 Go NORTH (doesn't seem right, but trust me). Exit 207 will be I-280 South (there feel better?) Exit I-280 at exit 7 and look for signs for 2 (Ohio 2) and go East. This will look like a mistake for about 30 miles, but when you cross the Portage River, little Rt 2 become toll free limited access highway. (Remember what I said about speeding in Ohio?) Near Lorain Ohio, pick up I-90(2) East bound (now no toll) and stay with it through Cleveland. 2 & I-90 split at exit 185 and you want to stay with I-90. At exit 37 catch I-86 to New York. That becomes what gets called the Southern Tier Expressway. Just as fast and the NYST, but No Tolls. In Corning I-86 becomes NY17 at Exit 54. Stay with 17 until it dumps you onto I-81. The next exit will take you across the Chenango River to I-88. When you get to Schenectady, my capability as a native guide gets weak. But, you have just added about 10 miles and 20 minute to the drive and saved a small fortune in tolls. From here we would have been going dowm the coast (CT,RI or MA). I am not sure where you want to be. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/05/22 01:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

Rolin, I can't add anything about the toll passes. What you may not know is that the east coast is best thought of as Megopolis. It is functionally one city from Rockport MA to Petersburg VA. It extends from the coast inland about 100 miles inland (give or take). That is what you want to stay away from unless you need to venture in there. How you get to Maine so you can cross into Canada is up to your taste in travel. We would never go into the Megopolis were it not for family there. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/04/22 05:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dually tire service/installation

Virgil, I'm with Dutch on this one, but not Dutch I'm Deutches. The DW is real Dutch. Back to the story at hand. Our rear are not dual, but tandem. This means that they are not bolted together, but one behind the other and if any of the four get out of balance or was not right to start with, there is now way you can not notice. After a balance disaster, I bought the fancy valve cores and the packets of balance beads and it was great. That is until I needed more and could not get them quickly. In the sporting good of Walmart, I found Air-Soft pellets. I bought a jar and put nice amounts into zip lock bags that I took to the tire store. They thought it was strange, but they worked great. They are even better on the front where it mattered a lot. Sometimes, when I am getting up to speed there is a little shake that soon disappears. I'm never going to pay for "balancing" again. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/27/22 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should I use caulk with a T-style door holder?

Hedge, What nobody has explained is that if you leave a small void, water can get in there. If water can get in there, it can freeze in there. If it can freeze once, it can freeze larger the next time. I boat work, this is called "bedding" something and it is essential to a proper fitting of anything. Butyl stuff is great because it never hardens and you want it to stay flexible forever. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/26/22 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

Brad, Your situation begs that you look up Escapees. This is what they know about and are good at dealing with all the time. They can even provide a fixed address. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/23/22 11:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Hot Exhaust On Differential

Chuck, Find a big parts store or a real exhaust shop. If you can't hit the later, get a piece of flexible exhaust and bent it away. The heat of the exhaust will probably kill the seal in the differential. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/20/22 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

As an power engineer, I am very familiar Watts. Get on line and ask about a rebuild kit or service for what you have. Unless it got frozen when water filled, it can probably be repaired. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/16/22 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane shut off valve opens on its own

I had to replace mine and the part was about 80$us and shop didn't change me any labor, but I would not count on that. Matt Matt, Where did you have that done? We are close & I may need it. Steve, I contacted a nearby bulk propane supplier. Bad news right up front, the company changed names and won't deal with me anymore because I am not a fixed tank customer. I had to remove the tank and bring it to them for them to do the valve swap. I don't know where to send you now. Push comes to shove, you can try Cinnabar in Sandusky MI. They are up in the thumb and they work on motor homes. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/13/22 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is there an Air Conditioner using Inverter Compressor

There are 40~48VDC Mini splits available for the solar crowd. More than that, I cannot say. They are supposed to have really good SEER numbers. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/12/22 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: No headlights problem please help

Jay, You don't say what the chassis but most have the headlights on a separate fuse that is in the fuse group. Now you just have to find it and hope it is bad and that is all that is wrong. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/12/22 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Propane shut off valve opens on its own

I had to replace mine and the part was about 80$us and shop didn't change me any labor, but I would not count on that. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/12/22 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

BFL, I also have a 15~20yo 2025, but I was looking at Bogart the other day and they have an new model with new tricks.... Matt
Matt_Colie 05/04/22 03:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Popping Sound

Card, Fuses usually only "POP" once. What kind of Motorhome and how new? Other than sitting, what were you doing? Matt
Matt_Colie 05/02/22 05:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: phone-based GPS

Maine, Are you sure it does not have a GPS in it already? If it does but not maps, I can't begin to tell you how to fix that. We have given up trying to use the cell phone to navigate. There isn't enough memory to store the maps for a whole day's drive away from the blue roads. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/29/22 11:09am Technology Corner
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