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RE: Bent Kingpin?

Like many others he will find broken beams and structure, and some welds that let go. From OP profile trailer is 2010 Keystone Cougar 244RLS(I now see that he had that in his original post), so I would be surprised if Lippert helps him. 10 year old trailer looking at 4-5K repair. And it is 400 away, and he is paying storage. Not good! Chris
Me Again 01/16/20 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: FIC entry lock problems

I would go buy a replacement unit. And study how it works before attacking the one on the trailer door. The lock in the movable handle is not the best way to lock you rig BTW. The other lock is the dead bolt, which works only with your key. The lock on the movable handle works with universal master keys that dealers have. Study how the new one works might give you a clue how to best destroy the one on the door so that you can get in. You also might try again with your key holding pressure up or down(one direction or the other) on the key as you turn it. I believe if I remember correctly, that the key slot is horizontal when locked and vertical when unlocked. Have you tried pushing in on the door with the key slot vertical, while trying to open the door. Maybe the latch is just under pressure on the striking plate on the door jam. Chris
Me Again 01/15/20 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: melting plug

Have you checked the rig itself to see if it is "Hot"? You may have some sort of short that is drawing excessive power. Excessive power trips circuit breakers. Bad/worn out receptacles on power pedestals causes power cord ends plugged into them to over heat and burn up.
Me Again 01/13/20 04:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Plug in truck bed or use plug in bumper for 5th wheel

Hi All, My 2016 Dodge truck came with a plug in the bed and one on the bumper. I use the in bed one for the 5th wheel because it keep the electrical cord from coming loose. Jim2007 How did you get a 201 Dodge Diesel, they quit making them in 2008 and removed all labels that said Dodge in 2011 or so.
Me Again 01/12/20 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing questions

How much does a RZR 1000 2 seater weight? Estimated Dry Weight 1,369 lb (621 kg)
Me Again 01/12/20 07:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: just saw my 1st 2020 F-350's

I went and looked at the 2020 Super Duty's a couple of weeks ago. I've been talking to myself to resist the urge to go back to look at a two tone King Ranch I saw when driving by. Just do it! You can not take the money with you at the EOL. Chris
Me Again 01/11/20 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Keystone Montana for fulltiming??

Why would anyone think that you can possibly exceed your RV's GVWR??? I full time with my 21k DRV. Last I checked It weighed 24k. UH, well wait a did that happen????? :B Lucy's rocks!
Me Again 01/11/20 03:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: just saw my 1st 2020 F-350's

My short box crew cab has an unladen rear axle weight of 3470 lbs with only the driver in the cab. The rear spring rating is 7230 on short and long box trucks (2017 to 2020) so a pin weight of about 3800 lbs is about the limit of the rear axle. Front axle rating rating is 5600 and my unloaded truck is at 4750 lbs (including driver and fuel) So with a 3700 lb pin plus driver and passenger my truck would be very close to 12070 lbs with the rear axle loaded to its rated maximum weight. I suppose a lighter pin and more passengers would get a little closer to a 12,400 gvw. I am sure you are including the 5th wheel hitch and other things in the bed in the 3800 pin weight number, right? My rear axle was 3760 ready to tow and the truck was at 8900.
Me Again 01/11/20 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Death Wobble"

So what brand has the most Death Wobble? chevman OK Alliance, World’s Largest Shopping Cart Maker About half of the shopping carts at my local supermarket has this death wobble... :B I will take that over one that pulls to the left or right!! :E :E :E
Me Again 01/10/20 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How much 5th Wheel can I tow with my truck

Are you all sure the sticker on the door area is specific for a 5th wheel? Most of the time the payload on the door jam sticker when placed in the trucks bed (think 5th wheel pin weight) will overload the RGAWR(AKA rear axle). That is some of the weight needs to be carried on the front axle, to be able to handle the payload number.
Me Again 01/10/20 05:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Death Wobble"

So what brand has the most Death Wobble? chevman International Travelall.
Me Again 01/10/20 04:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: just saw my 1st 2020 F-350's

I gotta say, ALL of the big 3 have come a long way in the past 10 years.. I stopped on the way home tonight to look at the 2020 Lariat, 6.7, 4x4, Long Bed sitting at the local dealer .. curb weight - 7490# GVW - 12,400 listed payload on sticker - 4514 RAWR - 8300.. I may be wrong on that, but am pretty sure I saw that listed.. just for example, those numbers are a decent jump just from a 2015... payload is 1200# higher...GVW is 1,000# higher... curb weight is 1000# lighter...RAWR is about 1000 or 1200 higher... They are ALL making it easier to justify a SRW with those numbers... Pretty sure you are wrong on the GRAWR, 8,300# would require a tire rated at 4,150# each, 7,300# likely. Russ, I may very well be completely wrong on that number...The tires were rated at 3750 ea, I am sure of that . ..thats 7500 I was impressed by the other numbers, gonna check out the Rams next... I will say that my SRW has been nothing but rock solid, BUT I am only out on weekends in the summer and 1 trip at 2 weeks... IF and WHEN I start going more, it would be a DRW for sure, without thinking about it.. I am Just wasting time now, Christmas is over and I have no to do list on the Redwood, so I will waste my time looking at things I cant buy ! ! ! Just about all the weight of towing a 5th wheel goes on the TV Rear Axle. So 7300-4514 means the rear end would have to weigh in at 2786 to use that payload number. Probably not going to happen. All these high trailer towing numbers are hard to meet in the real world of towing.
Me Again 01/09/20 07:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: "Death Wobble"

I had a 05 Super Duty and drove it to around 180k miles and with a couple sets of BF Goodrich AT tires and a couple sets of KO tires I never had a death wobble incident. My current 12 Super Duty experienced the death wobble twice in close proximity of each other that occurred at the end of life on BF Goodrich AT second generation tires at around ~80k miles. Once I replaced those tires I never had a death wobble incident and I'm currently at ~180k miles. Still have the original steering dampener and all suspension components and alignment are still original except the shocks. BFG's are the one of the big causes of DW in Dodge/Ram trucks as well. Much more so than any other tire. Scott, is this the same guy that is always bashing RAM about death wobble?
Me Again 01/09/20 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Silverado 2500

Just purchased a 2020 Silverado 2500 with PUCK system for hitch placement. Told dealer that I would be using it as a tow vehicle and was assured that this vehicle would be all I needed. Turns out that Chevrolet moved the puck system back behind the rear axle for the 2020 year model. If anyone out there has one of these trucks with PUCK system, what hitch are you using? I've contact several hitch manufacturers and they say they are aware of the issue, and are designing new hitches. Can't find anyone yet at Chevrolet to tell me why they moved the location. The way it is now, the weight of the king pin will be just aft of the rear axle, a condition which I would think would raise the front end some. If I had to do it over again, I would of bought a truck with out the PUCK system. Actually GM moved the location of mounting the axle to the leafs with an offset but the hitch is still mounted in the center of the leaf springs. I think this change was done to reduce squat with a load and improve ride quality without a load. So they lengthened the cab and then shorten the wheelbase to keep it close to the same as earlier models?
Me Again 01/08/20 04:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: "Death Wobble"

More caster!!!!
Me Again 01/08/20 04:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chrysler UConnect

Mine works fine. Did the latest update myself. The GPS went nuts last summer and I had to reboot it by hold in the two radio knobs.
Me Again 01/07/20 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Keystone Montana for fulltiming??

With FW loaded to 16,900, you would likely need a DRW 350, as you would likely be over RAWR/tire rating. The 2940 pin wt per site, would be an unloaded pin wt. Once loaded for full time living, that pin wt will likely be 4K+. Seems you are correct to think what ever 250 you have will not work for that FW. Jerry What ^^^^ Jerry and I said! Even more than what a SRW 350/3500 can handle. Chris
Me Again 01/06/20 03:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Washer/Dryer worth it?

My husband and I will be purchasing our first 5th wheel soon and going full time. I hear the washer in dryers are pretty small and some people say that’s just an extra thing to keep up with and that could go wrong. It’s just the two of us and our pets so I may do about two loads of laundry a week in a full size washer/dryer. Any one ever had issues with there’s? We are looking to buy a Keystone Montana; either 2019 or new. Most of the larger Montana are pin heavy and a W/D add more weight. So you need a duallie pickup for sure. the 3854BR has a dry pin weight of 2940 and will be out of SRW 350/3500 range when loaded for full timing. Most full timers run an on-board W/D almost every day.
Me Again 01/06/20 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone Montana for fulltiming??

We are first time buyers. We like the layout of the Montana because we know we want a mid bunk house for an office space. There are many varieties of full timing. We "full timed" in our Big Horn 3575el for 2 years and now it is our summer home. The Bighorn made two round trips to Arizona from the NW. Our full timing was winter in Arizona and summer in NW Washington at set RV parks at each end. So the number on miles the trailer traveled were not that many. Then there are those that move every few days or weeks. That is going to put a lot more stress on the tires, running gear and frame. For that kind of use the MORryde Independent Suspension System (IS) stands up much better than a leaf spring suspension. Having the tools and ability to repair "things" including knowledge of AC and DC circuits helps greatly. Internet access is an issue that drives many batty. RV Park's WiFi service varies greatly by location from fair to none. After several different setups we now use OTR Mobile service(on AT%T sim)/unlimited data with a purchased MoFi4500 router for internet year round and are quite happy with the service. We switched to Consumer Cellular with AT%T sims(they call it "sim 1") for our cell phones with small data plan, as phones when are near the MoFi4500 use that unlimited data. So tell us a little more on how you see "full timing"! Chris
Me Again 01/06/20 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV repossession question

Maybe just: When they are out of it, put their stuff out on the street edge and tow it home or to a undisclosed location. Charge the locks.
Me Again 01/05/20 06:49pm Fifth-Wheels
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