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RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Gas

Well let’s see what this truck does compared to others on the IKE. It had zero problems beating the competition with the 6.0 in previous test on TFL. I’m thinking they still will go with a 8 or 10 speed soon. Perhaps it was not ready just yet for the 2020 model, who knows. Anyway if this engine combo pushes people to purchase a diesel then who cares. It’s your money, not mine, as long as whatever truck you buy if it works for u then great. It's probably do to trying to keep costs down. In the HD segment I believe GM dominates the gas market. They have a 6.4 Hemi!
Me Again 09/21/19 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

If your still considering, I have a Cedar Creek 34 IK. The pin weight dry is about 2200lbs. I’m running about 24000 lbs loaded w a 46 gallon aux diesel tank. I have a 2018 Ram 3500 Bighorn CC SB HO w 3820 payload. Front axle 6000 lbs, rear axle 7000 lbs. Tires are rated at 7280 lbs together. I don’t need airbags. The truck loaded is still about .5 - 1 inch Your experience more or less mirrors mine. That Cedar Creek is one of the trailers that we had in the running. Sort of Western interior decor in 2016/2017 is the only reason we did not buy one. If you look at my weights on page one of the thread my weights are all listed. I have no chucking and towed it in high winds several times. Handling in many situations during two round trips to Arizona from the NW was just fine. And yes we travel with a full fresh water tank, which is well behind the axles. These new SRW trucks are not your grandfather's truck.
Me Again 09/21/19 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4.10 rear in new Ford F350

. What you think you gain with the lower diff gears in negated by the steeper OD ratio. Think final gear ratio! Keep in mind that the transmission is worked harder with higher diff gears. You multiply the top gear ratio times the diff gear ratio, and the result is always more torque with the lower rear gears. Add to that, each gear change is less of a difference in road speed, keeping the engine at a better RPM. That basically applies in first gear to get a load moving. Out on highway one is in 5th and the other in 6th at the same speed. You are dismissing a taller 6th gear od ratio. That is why I say the final gear ratio of the 4.10 truck in 6th is similar to the 3.42 in 5th. Both have enough lower gears. The Aisin has a deeper 1st and 2nd gear over the 68RFE. In the 4.10 truck the 1st gear is almost a waste, and some users would like to be able to lock it out. In the 3.42 truck you have a freeway cruiser in 6th, 80 MPH is only 1750 RPM and around 19 MPG. I would have bought a 3.73 ratio if it was available, however at 60K on the clock and 4 years I am quite happy with 3.42 gears. We did two round trips from the NW to Arizona at 24,500 lbs combined and that combination worked well. We now commute back and forth with a TT at 16K combined. I owned a truck with 4.10's and .69 OD for 14 years and a freeway cruise is was NOT. It towed fine however. It was gear bound with only 4 forward speeds.
Me Again 09/20/19 06:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4.10 rear in new Ford F350

And now we have the tall gears will out pull the low gears guys checking in. Regardless of gas/diesel, number of trans gears, apples to apples, lower gears put more power to the ground. I spose one could cherry pick one particular situation where the trans gears and torque curve of a particular vehicle might favor taller gears, but that will be a very select case. Or all the mechanical engineers and theory are wrong...... Wonder why trucks with deeper gears generally are rated to tow more?? Back when trucks had 3 and 4 speed tranny's gear ratio really mattered. Now with 6-10 transmission we can look at final gear ratio based on the tranny gear in use. Example the RAM with 3.42/Aisin in 5th has almost an identical final gear ratio was 4.10 truck in 6th gear. The 4.10 truck in 6th is work against a .63 OD ratio while the 3.42 truck is in 5th working against a .77 OD ratio. 4.1 x 0.63=2.583 3.42 x 0.77=2.6334 Now add in the shorter tires on the dually with 4.10 and it is a wash. What you think you gain with the lower diff gears in negated by the steeper OD ratio. Think final gear ratio!
Me Again 09/20/19 05:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Gas

They seriously are not only going to saddle the new motor with only a 6 speed but also only 3.73s?? That’s roflmao. The current gm gasser hds are turds with 4.10s. Maybe they get more to trade up to a diesel by making a half @ssed gasser! I thought I said that earlier in the thread!! :S
Me Again 09/20/19 05:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Gas

Yep the new gas jobs are 3.73 gear set with 6 speed auto. GM has not been interested in a HD gas towing truck since the 8.1 went away.
Me Again 09/20/19 09:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: height adjustment

as mentioned in other post 2011 outback, 2013 chevy 1 ton dually. ive only had issues on this trip. i am only looking for a couple inches. and yes trailer sits very level as is. not really wanting to get into axle flipping and all that Do the spring hangers have lower holes that the spring can be moved to? Also Lippert Correct Track will raise the trailer 2" inches.
Me Again 09/17/19 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: height adjustment

Is the trailer sitting level when loaded for the road? What pin box is the trailer equipped with? Waht hitch is installed on the truck? How much des the truck sink when trailer is connected and loaded for the road? He said "without getting everthing else out of whack?" Which I assume means that he has it level now, without enough clearance.
Me Again 09/17/19 11:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: height adjustment

Need more info! One option is lower pin box. A little poking around shows he has a dually(newer?) with LT235/80R17 tires and an Outback 5th wheel 2011. So a subframe lift would be good route to go, as he most likely does not need the full 5.5-6" that "flipping" the axles creates. When I raised my Cardinal I had Smiley's flip the axles and lower the jack plates for a 3.5" increase. the old spring perches made a great jacking spots on the axles. To bad axles do not come with perches welded on both top and bottom of axles. Of course they would need a "This side up labels"! Chris
Me Again 09/17/19 09:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

I bought a similar rig 5 years ago. Went with Dually and 8 foot bed Truck is rated to tow more than what i am hooked to Tows well and I sleep good knowing i have the correct set-up What a concept!!! Someone posted on TDR about the 11K GVWR of the 2005/6 RAM 3500 dually! My GVWR is 11,700 and a SRW. Get a long box and GVWR is 12,300. These newer SRW 350/3500 are not your father/grandfather's SRW trucks. My 2001.5 RAM had a 8,800 GVWR the 2015 has 2900 lb higher GVWR.
Me Again 09/17/19 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for quality

Last year we saw move Grand Design Imagines on the road last year to Arizona and back this spring than any other band. In Idaho we saw lots of Lance TTs. Anytime I see Lite in the name I run the other direction. We parked our 5th wheel and roofed it for a summer home in the NW. We bought a Laredo 225MK. The little trailer came with a 8K GVWR, 2208 CC, 4400 axles, wet bolts, Lipperts Road Armor Trailair equalizer, 15" rims with LRD tires that I replace the first week with GY Endurance LRE tires, theater seats(looking straight at the 40" TV) and 50amp shore power. Only thing that is pretty cheap is the shower enclosure. We use use the outside kitchen refer(3 or 3.5 cu ft) for soda pop and beer. We have never cooked out there but it makes nice extra storage. We use this trailer to commute to our park model in Az and side trips.
Me Again 09/16/19 10:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2017 Ram 68RFE Question

Thanks for the info. It will stay at stock power, don't really need anymore than what it has for our trailer. That is a lot of miles on a 2017 rig. Was it used commercially?
Me Again 09/16/19 08:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

I recall the back and forth when you bought the 2015 Ram as to Long Bed va Short Bed. When we bought the 2015 we were still in a home with a garage that would not handle a CCLB, parking a long box CC at are Arizona park model would have it sticking out in the street. This is the only picture I could find. If that truck was 18" longer it would be sticking over the concrete apron of the street which is not allowed.
Me Again 09/16/19 05:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

Empty pin was 2900, fully loaded, pin 3750. Had almost 2k worth of "stuff" in 5er. I believe I have said it a couple times in this thread alone. 3K or so dry pin weight does not work with a SRW truck. Go back and look at what OP said the trailer's dry pin weight is. Simple fact is a lot of people do not want a dually, period! So a wise choice of trailer chosen can get the job done. We found a Cedar Model and several Big Horns that had pin weight around 2400 in floor plans we liked. I had to rule out all but the smallest Cardinal and Montana's in 2016 when we were buying a new larger trailer. We would have liked to stay with another Cardinal, how the small one was very cheaply made. The one we looked at had drawers falling apart and bathroom slider screwed up, on a brand new trailer. We went with the Big Horn for floor plan with kitchen island, tow theater seats that look straight across at TV, rear cap and Sailun tires OEM along with other things. Chris
Me Again 09/16/19 11:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

Me_Again, managed to get a 5er with loaded pin of 2,840# or 18% of the 5ers GVWR. In many cases that will result in a fair amount of chucking. He is also 40# over GVWR, no big deal. If he ran near 22% like many need to have a smooth ride, his pin would be 3,340#, now he would be 540# over GVWR. Seeing how most of that goes on the rear axle, he would also over his rear axle rating. Yes it can be done with a 5er that will have a pin less than 20% loaded. Our 32' 12,500# scaled 5er has a pin of 2,700# which is just under 22%, with the 1,361# of passengers, pets and STUFF we carry, we would likely be over GVWR with a 350/3500 SRW. DRW too BIG??? We daily drive ours, not too many places I don't take it, learn to back into parking spaces in lots. Note truck was 8900 ready to tow. I could have removed 400-500 of stuff. Chris
Me Again 09/15/19 05:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

An srw will be overloaded with that trailer, your hitch weight alone will be 3,000# plus. I towed a 14,000# gn shop trailer with one, not my choice, and it was a miserable experience. Our weights loaded for fulling timing. Front 5120 Rear 6620 Truck 11740 Trailer 12780 Combined 24520 Pin weight 2840 RGAWR 7000 Truck ready to tow 8,900. Trailer GVWR 16000(loader heavy at 15620) Trailer is 39'4" and has a full high profile roof. 40 pounds over 11,700 GVWR of truck. Truck is licensed to 12K in Washington State. The trick is to pick a 5th will with dry pin weight that is low. Pick one with a dry pin weight of 3K and it does not work. Our Bighorn 3575el has dry pin of 2435. This combination made two round trips to Arizona and back to the NW. Tows great! Even in heavy wind. Mopar pucks with Demco picture frame and B&W manual slider.
Me Again 09/15/19 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Forest river cardinal 3675RT

40' or 38'4" = down sizing????? Now you are Boutique Hotel California?
Me Again 09/14/19 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

I was able to see the photos, but the links are not hot.
Me Again 09/14/19 08:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Bit Off WAY more than we can chew...

Hello All! My husband and I purchased a fifth wheel -- 2008 Keystone 289BHS --- to remodel back in April. Evidently, we are a little in over our heads. I am throwing a bone in hopes someone on here is in our area (Southwest Ohio) and would be willing to help teach us a few things and perhaps even help us with a few of the things we are wanting to do (ie; remove the toilet, replace with new one, remove the sink vanity in neck and cap the line, etc.) with compensation of course! Really crossing my fingers that there is an angel waiting to help us out there. Many thanks in advance !! Katie Lets see "My husband and I purchased a fifth wheel -- 2008 Keystone 289BHS--- to remodel back in April." and now you say you do not know how to remodel "things"! Break out the check book or get on you-tube and learn. Some community colleges might of courses on RV maintenance.
Me Again 09/12/19 10:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2017 Ram 2500- Airbag Question

Ordered them off amazon for 314 and will install my self. Be sure to have a separate air fill for each side, and have a good landing pad if you loose a bag in a corner.
Me Again 09/12/19 10:04pm Tow Vehicles
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