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RE: To Upgrade TV or Not

Absolutely tires, going to e rated. Adjusting the hitch and even timbrens will help that Ford. I had a 1998 Ford 150 conversion van w a 4.6 or 4.8l v8 that towed way better than a 2005 Chevy Avalanche. 5.3L. Stock to stock. I really was just freaked out. I had a 2007 Chevy Suburban 2500 w the 6.0 L. That would tow a house. Just not pass up a gas station. The Avalanche was just a modified Suburban. So that Ford will do the job just equipped right.
MikeRP 09/21/20 06:55pm Towing
RE: Real-life experience blocks to aid 6-point leveling system

I use Anderson Jack Blocks. They work very well. I have 4 of them. 90% of the time they are on the jacks on either side of the wheels. I use one or two LEGO blocks under the front jacks. I’ve had a couple of camp sites that I had to use the blocks under the front jacks. I’ve also had maybe 2 sites that were horribly in level side to side. In that case one side of my wheels were lifted off the ground. So I manually leveled the coach by raising the off the ground wheel’s respective jacks a bit and placed LEGO blocks under the tires, let the jacks back down so that the tires were not off the ground. In my opinion the Anderson Jack Blocks are indispensable. Plus they are wider which gives the jacks stability being shorter and the wider on the ground. Also they are magnetic and very easy to use.
MikeRP 09/19/20 06:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.3 vs 6.2

The 6.2l is a great engine and a major upgrade over the 5.3l. You won’t regret getting it.
MikeRP 09/15/20 11:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tried towing after new tires & did not go well

My F-250 was a perfectly driverable truck untill I replacd the OE tires with BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires. It gave the feeling I was sitting on a basketball, and especially going through a curvey road was a white knuckle experience. I thought they might get better with some miles on them, but after drving from Montana to Florida pulling a Fifth Wheel I gave-up and traded the truck in down there. Roflmao!!!! Not sure if it’s sad or funny, but I find it hilarious. “I got some tires I didn’t like, so I traded in the truck....” :S Sounds perfectly logical to me! My wife always says I buy new tires and then go get a new truck. lol Tell her it’s worn out. Back to topic my new Coopers AT3’s we’re down right dangerous brand new. Every curve I went around I was losing grip. They were fine after a while. But what bothers me about his statement is that other vehicles are pushing him on the road. This is not normal to me.
MikeRP 09/15/20 03:58am Towing
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

Very well said. Although the weight police won’t like you. I agree with you. Safety is much more than the sticker on the door. Assured clear distance Driver Fatigue Speed Truck setup for sure Weather conditions Driver Experience Defensive Driving Tire condition Coach Condition Truck condition Many others We focus on weights and they are important but many of the other things I listed actually end up causing accidents.
MikeRP 09/14/20 11:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

I have a 2019.5 Cedar Creek Hathaway 34IK. We love it. It weighs around 14,500lbs fully loaded for extended camping. My truck is a 2018 Ram Bighorn CC SRW Cummins HO with the B&W Companion Slider, Flex Air Pin Box and an ATI 46 gallon aux diesel tank. I’ve towed it to Key Largo and many smaller trips. The Truck weighs just shy of 9000 lbs loaded. It’s definitely in charge of the trailer. The brakes on the Cedar Creek work very well. I have changed the tires to 295/70R18 with 4080 lbs per tire capacity to reduce wear on the tires. The Firestone’s just did not hold up well. But I got 40,000 miles out of them. My Coopers are much wider and only 1 inch taller. Like others have said 15,000 lbs is no problem for a late model truck 16,000 lbs is very doable but somewhere there, you are at entry level for a dually. Cedar Creeks are awesome don’t give up on one.
MikeRP 09/14/20 08:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Shopping Help

Hey Mr Carlisle Could you give us the exact trailer you are buying? Just curious. Also what are your truck’s tire ratings? Weight distribution within the fifth wheel may be able to help the pin weight. Also maybe, you could use the Anderson hitch and save some weight.
MikeRP 09/13/20 07:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure

Always run trailer tires at max pressure no matter how many axles. ...Maybe if you're running ST tires, but I run my Sailun "G" rated tires at 95 psi rather than the 110 psi that is the max pressure. Makes for a much smoother ride. And with 2000-2500 lbs. per wheel I don't need to run the max pressure. I was just wondering if you only have 2500 lbs per tire, why did the manufacturer put g rated tires on your rig? I agree you probably don’t need to run that weight at max pressure. I’m probably at 3000 lbs per tire loaded.
MikeRP 09/13/20 03:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure

I’m running G rated Westlakes on my Cedar Creek about 5500 miles now. At 110 psi, in very hot weather, my tire pressure goes up to around 125 psi and 100 degrees temp. At a rest stop the tires heat up to around 125 degrees w very little pressure gain and then cool back down to 100 degrees when I’m back on the road. For a short recent trip my tires were at 105 psi cold. It was hot outside like 88 degrees but not as bad as the above numbers which the outside temp was over 90 degrees. I got to around 118 psi but the temperatures were around 104 psi rolling. Still good numbers but I’d rather have the psi be greater and the temperature cooler. So I’m gonna air back up to the max pressure before my next trip. The Westlakes have a bad rep I understand for E rated tires but these g rates tires seem to be holding up very well talking to other Creek owners. So my advice is to run max pressure on your trailer, there is less sidewall flex and cooler temps which seems to me to be a positive thing to prevent blow outs.
MikeRP 09/13/20 03:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2019+ RAM HD with failed CP4-2 IP to get CP3's

I bet Ram is on Cummins back. But I know Cummins and they will get this fixed. Probably trying to figure out why the CP4 is failing. I can’t imagine that this wasn’t a problem they looked at extensively before releasing it. So to everyone ordering one, I recommend getting the 2018 Cummins in your new 2020 or 2021. Mine’s 385/930 and I sure it will stand up to the test. I test drive a new 2020 duelie today and it has the normal Cummins not the HO and frankly it sounded like my HO in every way. I’m not sure all that HP and Torque makes it to the ground in their program. It was the 2018 motor. As far as GM over Cummins or a Ford, really they are all nice but I think total cost of ownership Ram over 500,000 miles will beat the other two. I’ll never drive it 500,000, I get the new truck hitch too often. Sans driving a new dualie today. Peace
MikeRP 08/31/20 06:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Towing a Fifth Wheel

My Brother and I have the same trucks 2018 Ram Bighorn CC SB SRW his w the Hemi mine w the Cummins. The Hemi is amazing. It’s the most powerful gas truck I’ve driven. Smooth and enjoyable to drive. The Cummins when I first got it, I did not like the tranny. I have the HO and Aisin. However, after about 15,000 miles or so, it changed and it seems like at 50,000 miles it finally broke in. The tranny and especially the Cummins are a joy to drive. Comparing the two, if you are going on long trips out west where FUEL mileage is an issue get the Cummins. I added a 46 gallon gravity drain aux tank and I can go at least 700 miles before I need to find a fuel station. 1400 miles without my camper which is a Cedar Creek 34IK running about 14,500 lbs loaded. The Hemi would have to fix an aux tank with a fuel pump. You can’t gravity drain gasoline. Plus the Cummins gets about 11 mpg towing and I think I’d be 8 mpg or less with his truck. The 4.10 gears and the Hemi will tow a house but you have to stop every 225 miles or so to fuel up. A real liability out west and a pain on long trips and a serious concern for long desolate stretches out west. Sounds like the Hemi is fine for your needs and it’s going to be way cheaper to maintain.
MikeRP 08/22/20 02:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs Ram 3500 DRW tow vehicle

This is really a tough question. I’m like many others that they both are great trucks. If you really plan on keeping the truck long term, I think Ram has the edge in total cost to operate. The turning radius on the F450 is desirable and you can buy an F450 entry level truck cheap and probably spend less than $10,000 to have a super interior and exterior. It’s tempting for me if I ever go with a DRW. You can have a normal bed put on a Ram 4500 or 5500. They have Laramie trims available and are just gorgeous. The 5500 is tempting. I’m not concerned about having the HO. Even though I have it now, I really can’t tell the difference between it and my 2008 2500 MegaCab first gen 6.7l. Guess I really don’t use all that power very often with 14500 lbs. I don’t think 20,000 pounds strains these trucks either. Good luck, you’ll be proud of whichever one you pick.
MikeRP 08/11/20 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019+ RAM HD with failed CP4-2 IP to get CP3's

BTW, you can still get the 2018 Cummins in the 2020. I think this is awesome and my dealer is equipping his trucks w the 2018 motor until he’s comfortable that the new Cummins has the bugs worked out. Also I’m confident that Cummins will work this problem out in the best interests of the customer.
MikeRP 08/06/20 09:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: For those of you towing with a one ton crew cab 6.5' box

We pulled a 39'4" high profile 5th wheel with a 2015 SRW 4x4 RAM 3500 CC SB. We were 24,500 combined and trailer was pushing 15,500 to 16K. We chose a trailer with a lighter 2435 lb dry pin weight. Truck was loaded heavy, as full timed for two years, and we were near the 7K RGAWR. We made two round trips from NW Washington to Arizona and both included some high winds without issues. My exact experience except my trailer is 1000 lbs or so lighter. I’m running 4080 lb tires.
MikeRP 07/18/20 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: For those of you towing with a one ton crew cab 6.5' box

A crew cab short box has a LONGER wheelbase than a standard cab long box. NOBODY has a single qualm about towing ANY length trailer with a standard cab long box truck. NOBODY says a standard cab long box is "too short." Logic dictates if the standard cab long box is adequate, a LONGER truck is no less adequate. You know that is the “First Time” I’ve heard this before on any forum. Freakin great point! Kudos. You are right. Mike
MikeRP 07/17/20 08:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Forest River RV Cedar Creek Silverback 29RW - feeback

I’m with the others only get a 3500 or 350 rated truck. I’m a fan of Forest River. I’ve had 5 FR products since 1988. They have predictable quality. My Creek is very nice and they also have MORE than your dealer if needed. See Kernersville Ram for a good selection of 3500 Rams.
MikeRP 07/12/20 06:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L

I only have this to offer. Very pretty truck and I’m a Cummins fanboy. Last year I was in northern Ohio at a rest area and had the chance to talk with an owner. He was getting 14-15 mpg which frankly had me scratching my head. And I told him I’m getting legit 19-20 mpg normally, a little less in the winter, a little more in the summer on my 3500 Ram. The other thing is that it’s not a 2500 or 3500 and will limit your payload down the road if you choose to upgrade your camper. But I’m sure it’s fun to drive but if I was doing a 1500, I’d get the new 3 rd gen Ram diesel in a 1500 with factory air bags. 34 mpg. Peace
MikeRP 07/09/20 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: In bed diesel tanks

I’ve been working about 100 miles from my home and the town I go to always has diesel at least .40 cents less. And with a 1400 mile range not towing, I’m spoiled not filing up for 3 weeks. Now I’m not really trying to quantify savings, I love the convenience whether I’m towing or not. Best Mod Ever to my truck.
MikeRP 06/05/20 07:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Slider hitch - How to Question

Update. Talked to B&W earlier this week. They advised that lithium can be used to lube the rails. Also, there are 8 connectors(?) On the slider that are tightened/loosened with an Allen Wrench. Can loosen these NO MORE THAN a quarter turn. I talked to them last week too and even though I had enquired about lithium a year ago they told me to use lithium this time on the rails. So for my yearly maintenance, I cleaned my hitch up, checked torque, and then applied lithium to the slides and it worked great this weekend. To the OP I hit the top of my cab in the Wal-Mart from he_ _ in Naples Florida. Sucks. Got lucky and didn’t hurt the window. Now I slide mine when I enter any campground or tight spaces. I also put the tailgate down. If I don’t and I get a situation where the nose of the truck is pointed down and the Fiver is pointed up then the back of my flex air hitch touches the top of the tailgate. I also know now with the slide in the maneuvering position that the truck can jack knife and not come near the tailgate. It’s a great hitch, I also put red or orange electrical tape on the very bottom of my pin. That way when I’m hooked up I can easily see the pin is locked properly and not high sided.
MikeRP 06/04/20 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice - tires again

If you're doing a lot of heavy towing/hauling may want to consider a set of 295/70/18's (vs. 275/70/18). The 295's will net you an extra 800-850 lbs. of tire capacity per axle (vs. the 275's). We installed a set of 295/70/18 Michelin Defender LTX M/S's on our '16 Ram 3500 SRW 4x4. No clearance issues, but our speedo does read about 2 mph slower. Have 15k on them hauling an almost 4k in-bed camper---very pleased with how they ride and wear. I did this also and I’m running the Cooper AT3 XLT 295/70/R18. They are stiffer than the Firestone’s oems and 1 inch taller. Almost 10,000 miles very nice plus 60,000 mile warranty. Also my speedo was not affected very much. Tracking w waze and watching the speedometer it is maybe .5 mph. So going 65 steady they both read the same but accelerating it would hit on waze slightly before the truck Speedo. And they are exactly 1 inch taller.
MikeRP 06/04/20 03:12am Tow Vehicles
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