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RE: Do you use EKON OX BLOX Trailer Jack Blocks

I think he's sticking to plastic ones, but not settled on which plastic ones, and was wondering whether to use the ones he mentioned. I have a couple of the Andersen round red buckets that came with my toyhauler, and they are okay, but I can't always use them at the front. Since their height is non-adjustable, sometimes the site won't allow the auto-level to work correctly if I have the Andersen buckets at the front. Then I switch to the yellow blocks. Yeah I agree with that but after I got used to using them, if I run into a weirdly pitched site, I usually get it right the first try.
MikeRP 12/30/21 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you use EKON OX BLOX Trailer Jack Blocks

I use Anderson Jack Blocks. I love them. I have 4 of them. Almost always I use them on the jacks around the tires and I use Camco on the front. The Anderson blocks widen the foot print of the jack and increase stability of the camper. Stability is increase by not putting the jacks out as far. Also they have powerful magnets that stick the block to the jacks. Once in a while I have to put the blocks on the front jacks and the first set near the tires. These can be stacked and I’m able to stack them 4 high in my storage area. One of the best purchases I’ve made.
MikeRP 12/30/21 07:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's you remaining payload weights as configured?

My 2020 Longhorn Ram 3500 w Crew Cab and long bed has a payload of 4156 lbs. My Cedar Creek weighs about 14,500 lb loaded which translates to 2900 lbs on the pin and that math works. So I have a 46 gallon aux tank that weighs 350 lbs full and a small capacity tool box. So loaded ready to go i probably only about 3-400 lbs from max. So if you are buying a new truck at the very minimum get. 3500 payload even on a 350 or 3500 series truck w single rear wheel gets eaten up fast! And it costs so little extra to get a 3500 versus 2500 it’s a no brainer. Have you ever weighed your Truck and RV? 2,900 pin on 14,500# is exactly 20%. I am willing to bet your numbers in reality are different. I think they would be different but I don’t have the washer dryer in the front nor the Onan generator. So actually I think it’s been running like 19% but I will check it again next spring before I leave. Plus my wife and I have been through a rigorous process of not having stuff on board the truck or the camper that we don’t need and don’t use. We have shed a lot of weight. I had stuff in there from two RV’s ago. Thanks
MikeRP 10/03/21 07:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's you remaining payload weights as configured?

My 2020 Longhorn Ram 3500 w Crew Cab and long bed has a payload of 4156 lbs. My Cedar Creek weighs about 14,500 lb loaded which translates to 2900 lbs on the pin and that math works. So I have a 46 gallon aux tank that weighs 350 lbs full and a small capacity tool box. So loaded ready to go i probably only about 3-400 lbs from max. So if you are buying a new truck at the very minimum get. 3500 payload even on a 350 or 3500 series truck w single rear wheel gets eaten up fast! And it costs so little extra to get a 3500 versus 2500 it’s a no brainer.
MikeRP 10/02/21 02:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2022 HD trucks delivery date

I have 3 family members who have worked for Ford a combined total of somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ years. Their take is don't buy anything affected by the current shortages. Semiconductors, and other components, are being used which are from various sources and not the ones the trucks and systems were designed around. Take your chances I guess but with the amount of electronics in new vehicles, I'll pass until this passes unless I have no choice. I've had a vehicle with electronic problems before this current foolishness and it wasnt a picnic. It took a dozen trips to the service department over 7 months and it was finally resolved by them having a Ford electronics guru fly in who solved it. Good advice! I have been contemplating selling my Ram and have been offered $2000 more than I paid for it. I have not thought about the possibility that the semi conductors are not fully compatible. I’ll keep my Ram. Thanks!
MikeRP 10/02/21 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generators for 5er

I recommend you just go with one generator. I just have a predator 3500 that is very quiet and handles my needs. I use only gasoline. For $650 it’s worthwhile to try then you can sell it and not lose much if you want to move up. If I decide I need more later, I still will not have two,
MikeRP 10/02/21 07:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2022 HD trucks delivery date

I have the works on my 2020 Ram 3500 Longhorn. The adaptive steering keeps the force to turn about the same at highway speeds or driving 3 mph through a field. Once you use it on a Ram you’re spoiled. Any other truck you get into feels like you don’t have power steering. The lane keep assist has made me a better driver from the stand point that I use my turn signal more religiously. The adaptive cruise control has already kept me out of one or two accidents. It just hits the brakes while I’m still reacting to the situation ahead of me.
MikeRP 09/13/21 12:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Helper springs or air bags?

Not sure about 1500’s but when my 3500 is level with with a load I have reached maximum payload. I doubt that many people have tested this. That’s about a 3 inch drop on my Ram 3500, 4200 lb payload. The trucks are made to squat. Also a WD hitch for a bumper does few things is gets the rig back to level if you are not level, it takes weight off the rear, again if you are not level, and puts some of that weight on the front axle, and it helps suspensions that are near max weight act more normally under load. So all that is under static load and it you add air bags it complicates the setup. I’m not sure the sequence that you hook up your camper in with air bags. Is it hookup the camper to the ball. Then air up the bags to level the load, then put in the wd hitch, or is it hookup the equilizer all up and if it’s still not level pump up the air bags, or there probably other ways? For that reason I’d probably go with sumo springs or the like, if you have a good hitch like an equalizer. Just out loud thinking if you air up the bags before hooking up the wd hitch and you don’t load the equalized properly, do you negate the effect of sway control that the equalizer offers? The other thing that was apparent with me when I owned a Class C motorhome w Firestone ride rites. I would put 75 psi in those bags when flat towing our jeep. That raised the back about 2 inches over level placing more of the loaded weight on the front axle, which made that class c handle ohhh so much better. Also my fancy bike pump works much better and quicker than a compressor for the ride rites. My Ram is planted towing my fiver. So airbags aren’t needed.
MikeRP 06/27/21 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

I agree Grit Dog and also I have two new 2019 trucks where Ford limited the RAWR and the payload due to the tire weight rating. They could have easily rated the payload over 4000 lbs instead of 3400 and also I think they will always place the RAWR below the tire ratings. Sometimes I think they look at the payload on the F-450 and thats around 4800 lbs. We all know that truck can haul significantly more. But some might say "well my single wheel truck is rated for 4200 lbs why would I need an F450?" If you put super singles on my Ram I could show 5000 lbs of payload. Bottom line is 2500 trucks are seriously capable and my view on the payload is that the weight doesn't always go down, it can go up after purchase. And for all you weight police out there, Lawyers lawyer. I once heard a lawyer give a great speech about a dump truck accident. Then the other side gave an equally convincing argument to the layman. The first lawyer lost the case forthwith. Judge was not impressed. My lawyer can argue that the person who upgraded his truck did so in a prudent manner. HOWEVER, 99% of accidents in the RV community iare not about being over GVWR but speed, assured clear distance, tire failure, weather, other drivers actions etc. Much easier to take the case on those facts than figure out actual weight after an accident. Also Ive seen plenty of accidents where a dually is upside down. If you go off road and that fifth wheel starts to go, hang on you are going with it dually or SRW. Its scary but true.
MikeRP 04/12/21 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

So what if your only worry about a new truck was payload. You go to the Ford Dealer and see a 2019 Ford 3500 CC SB Lariat SRW. Payload 3400 lbs. Sitting next to it was a 2019 Ford 3500 CC Long Bed XLT SRW. Payload 3400 lbs. Across the way is a Ram dealer. He’s got a 2020 Ram 3500 CC Long Bed Longhorn. Payload 4150 lbs. Which one do you buy and why? All three are diesels.
MikeRP 04/09/21 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Whats Your Real Weights? Truck and Trailer. The Real Deal

My new 2020 Ram 3500 Longhorn long bed SRW Crew Cab with my B&W slider from my old truck, tool box loaded, 46 gallon ATI tanks full, me in the cab, reg tank full, def full loaded for a trip weighs 9300 lbs, 3980 on the drive axle. I have a 4156 lb payload. But I’m still very close to Max w my fifth wheel running 14,000 lbs. I’ll probably switch to a Reese Goosebox and I may go to super singles, 295/70R18 at 4080 lb load rating per tire.
MikeRP 04/08/21 03:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which E rated ties have the most weight capacity?

All E rated tires of the same size should have the same weight capacity.Here is a 4,080 lb capacity tire : Last year, I bought Cooper AT3 XLT 295/70R18 which is 4080 per tire. With that tire you get an extra 440 lbs per tire for a total of 880 lbs for the rear axle. That translates to an additional 4400 lbs you theoretically could haul on the fifth wheel at 20%. These numbers are for a 2018 Ram 3500 with 18 inch tires. They are only 1 inch taller verified (my brother has the 275/70R18's) and they are wonderful tires. As soon as my new trucks Firestone HT's get some miles on them I'll replace them with these tires. $1700 for 5. But that gives you some serious extra capacity if you are close on the rear. I run about 6900 on the rear and I'm good for 7280. An extra 880 lbs gives some serious headroom. 60,000 mile warranty. You have to have them force balanced. I may put on centrimatic balancers right away.
MikeRP 03/30/21 08:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 2022 Super Duty

I agree. I was looking for a Wow me interior, which would make me want it over a Ram. Don’t see it so far.
MikeRP 03/08/21 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 2022 Super Duty

I don’t like the wide screen at all. Ram still has em beat on the interior. But it is a great truck. You all know it, but it is expensive.
MikeRP 03/08/21 05:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Prostate cancer

Hey I’m very glad they caught it early for you. My grandpa and my uncle both died of prostate cancer. I have 4 relatives who have had the surgery where they cut you completely open in the early 2000’s. I’m the 5th. Numbers were up in 2015, went back no sex for 7 days and I was back down below 4. Mine has been like 3.7 for years. In 2016 it was above 5. One very good thing was my general physician had the cancer too. When they tested mine I had one very small area that was a Gleason 6. And two are that may become cancer and I also was blessed w a prostate that was 4 times larger than normal. But it was large since I was 18. Has the prostatectomy, and they got it all as it was contained inside the rock. I go for my 4 year test tomorrow and meet w my urologist next Friday. It’s very emotional for me. I lost a long time colleague last fall to prostrate cancer. He missed a yearly checkup in 2009. 2008 he was good, in 2010 he was a Gleason 8 and it was outside the rock. He was in a fight for 10 years. One of the toughest guys I ever met. 2 weeks before he died he was still working. This is a serious killer and the psa, while not accurate in all cases, is the first indicator you have a problem. 56 when mine was taken out. My grandpa was 67 when he died and my uncle was 62. All my other family are now in their late 70’s and early 80’s. A lot my female cousins have suffered with breast cancer. What ever this is, it’s in our family heavy. Anyway, I’m glad your surgery went well! And I encourage everyone here to get your testing on time every year. Mike
MikeRP 02/10/21 10:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4 axle ratings

I would look at the tires, assuming they are stock size. The load capacity x 2 is usually a little bit more weight than the axle rating. So on my Ram, I have a 7000 lb rear axle and the stock tire apacity is 3640x2 or 7280 lbs of capacity. Tires size is 275/70r18.
MikeRP 02/07/21 10:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

I assume that’s 21K Canadian? I pay $72 for an oil change, I think $250 maybe a bit more for an oil changes and fuel filters on my 2018. Not sure on the new one but it should be the same. I agree on prices are high for work. My dealer says run it like you stole it. Problem is with most RVers we aren’t using the truck hard enough.
MikeRP 02/05/21 06:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

I agree with IdaD’s view on 2500 versus 3500. Not everyone does, main thing is to be safe and safety most of the time is defensive driving, assured clear distance, speed, driver distraction etc. Having a 3500 versus a 2500 will not make you safer in a properly loaded truck.
MikeRP 02/05/21 05:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

The dealer should be able to give you maintenance that has been performed on this truck. He also should be able, based on that maintenance, tell you what needs to be done next and when. These trucks are hot commodities. My 2018 was on the road sold before my new 2020 orientation was complete. If it’s been taken care of you will have very little problems. Also always use the exhaust brake. I have mine on full all the time. It helps keep the system cleaned out. Further, you can run Power Service Diesel Kleen (it’s approved by Cummins). It will help clean up the fuel system if it needs it. The ratio is 3 gallons of fuel to an ounce of Diesel Kleen. I put it in ahead of fueling up based upon remaining mileage in tank and mpg. Have the brakes checked. Mine looked almost perfect at 62000 miles because of using the exhaust brake. Squeeze the dealer to printout the maintenance history and get the service manager to go over work that needs done. It will be a great truck, I’m sure. Another thing always use tow haul on the tranny, that’s a 68rfe and it likes to be in tow haul for protecting the integrity of the tranny.
MikeRP 02/05/21 05:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

They are great trucks, 500,000 miles truck at least. But gives us some more data. Take pics of the GVWR sticker, and the tire sticker (which includes the payload) and give us the data. No doubt it will handle your trailer but also give us the stickers on that, which are unloaded vehicle weight and the GVWR. Also model of trailer. If you want to future proof yourself, get the same truck but a 3500. Awesome getting a new truck! Always.
MikeRP 02/05/21 03:34pm Tow Vehicles
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