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RE: Steps

I thought about doing that... But, after using the pull out 3 step system my rig has, I kinda like the way it is now.. I see every new rig out there with those new one piece ones that you fold up into the door and pull out once you open the door. They have those little 'feet' on the ends to adjust for different terrain and levels. I guess if my rig had come with it, I'd just go with it, but seems like a lot of work to remove the folding steps with that one piece one?? Anyway, do what works best for ya.. Like I said, I thought about it initially, but not gonna change it now. Mitch
MitchF150 08/11/22 12:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator is dead

So does that mean you are not getting a flame on the burner? No spark ignitor or anything? Could be the main control board... But, seeing where you are, you aren't gonna get one from Amazon anytime soon I'd think? No idea on your trailer or model of Dometic fridge and what they came with, but does it have a 120v option? You would need a generator to test that, so if you don't have one or 120v nearby to at least test it, no real idea... Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/10/22 11:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda Ridgeline hauling a Forrest River 201 BHXL

Sure, it's possible... ;) If it's the one with a #7400 GVWR, then I guess you won't want to load much stuff in it? Not much fun 'camping' with no stuff, so just to compare, My TT has a GVWR of #7000 and it's loaded up pretty good and I tow it with a truck that says it can tow over #11,000... ha, ha... I'm at the most I want to tow with my setup, but I am able to take all the stuff I want, so I'm happy.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/10/22 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Tow Capacity Question

I've got a 2015 Silverado 1500 double cab 4x4 with the V6... everything I read seems to point to 7200 lbs tow capacity. That sounds more like the trucks GVWR? Is that what you are seeing on the door jamb stickers? There should be a yellow sticker with a weight amount that states how much you can actually load into the truck. Regardless, I would say towing a full size TT with a non turbo V-6 engine is not going to be much fun if you get something that is anywhere close to it's "max towing rating"... If you do, then make sure you are comfortable with flooring the gas pedal often and pulling some pretty high rpms to keep it rolling with that kind of load. Only you'll know what your comfort level is when towing, so if you can try some lighter loads first, just to get a feel for your truck, that might help?? Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/08/22 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you lock or unlock the hitch while pulling your TT?

Do you lock or unlock the hitch while pulling your TT? Yes.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 08/08/22 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Converting PC into a server

I have no idea on that, but a quick google search shows that it can run on a Windows 7 PC and above... That's as far as I looked... :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/08/22 11:52am Technology Corner
RE: Converting PC into a server

Depends on what you want the "server" to do? A Windows 10 Pro version is what you need just to be able to connect to it I would think. It can be a "file server" for you where you just store files on it and access it from another computer, or you can remote desktop to one. There would have to be some firewall changes I think however? Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/08/22 08:57am Technology Corner
RE: Attempted truck theft - I hate thieves

That really sucks Bob... I can symphonize too.. I've had a couple of vehicles broken into and the cost to fix them was always MORE than what the low lifes stole... Every moral fiber in my body wants to trust people, but more and more these days, that's getting harder and harder to do.. Other bad thing is if they actually get caught, they'll be out of jail before the arrest reports are even filed... And if you were armed and shot them at the time of the crime, you'd be the one in jail.. I can't help you on the airbag question, but I'd disconnect the battery before doing anything with the column... Ha, too bad it didn't go off on the low lifes while they were mangling the heck out that column.. Obvious rookies at the trade, so at least you still have the truck! Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 08/04/22 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Barbecue hookup

Are you using a BBQ with it's own pressure regulator?
MitchF150 08/03/22 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Brakes Broken On The Road

I think what stickdog is saying is... Losing one brake out of four is not really going to make a whole lot of difference just to get you out of the situation you are in.. Sure, fix it when you can, but if you can make a 'fix' to get you back on the road again where you can fix the issue correctly, is just what you gotta do.. I found that my old Prowler TT only had 3 functioning brakes after it's first year of use.. Found a broken wire inside the backing plate assembly that got pinched on assembly, but I never knew the difference. I spliced the wire and still didn't even notice a difference.. Anyway, I have never posted that before either (at least I don't think I did in however long I've been posting here... :) ) Post only what you want to get criticized on and judged on for your actions! That's the way of the social media now a days, so just go with it.. I would have no problem disabling that axles brakes to get me home and fix it properly.. But, that's just me.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/31/22 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Assessing RV Value

Never trade in an RV. Unlike the auto industry there is no reliable "book" price. For new or used. The only way to know what you are really paying for an RV is to pay cash. And the only way to know what you are recieving for your old RV is to sell it for cash. I will not knock the RV dealers much for this, as they deal with the same uncertainties in a trade in situation as well. If they misjudge what they can sell for your trade, then they stand to lose money on the deal. Obviously if that happens too often, they can't stay in buisiness. Well, that all depends on what someone else will pay and how much effort you wish to find that person. :) For me, I traded my 16 year old 722F Prowler TT that was in great shape and cleaned up pretty nice for what I thought I'd get maybe 2-3 grand for.. Dealer offered me $6,500 for it sight unseen for my 2019 Rockwood that I feel I got for a heck of deal too! Anyway, I had folks knock on my door for YEARS offering to buy my old Prowler and I would just say, "it's not for sale". I didn't want to go thru the hassle of all that, and at the time, it was all the TT I needed.. After the deal was made, I looked at the local dealers web site and they had the old Prowler pic with a "Sold" label in in and the price was $9500.. I don't know what they ended up with, but I was still happy with my trade.. :) I'm not a sales person, so I just was not comfortable with offering this to the general public, where most would be just "looking", or someone trying to rip me off.. Anyway, that was back in 2019, so dunno what it's like now, but I still detest dealing with the general public in that manner, so trading was a win/win in my case... Your rig will be worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for it.. Dealer, dude off the street, whoever... Online or other samples of similar rigs values are all fine and dandy.. It's the guy or offer that you feel comfortable with at that time is what you are going to have to decide. To me, towing my old Prowler into the dealer, getting $6500 trade and driving out with the new Rockwood was the deal for me.. Your mileage may vary.. ;) Mitch
MitchF150 07/31/22 05:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic Refrigerator

listed in no particular order, since no real info given.. :) Also assuming you have turned on the propane and you have gas in the cylinders.. No gas No electric Bad main board You have to start eliminating the different modes of how it runs too. By that I mean, does it do this on gas when plugged in to shore power or just on battery? Does it do it when set to "auto" and you are plugged in? Does the light come on immediately, or after it's cooled down enough to start it's 'cycling' mode? My Dometic fridge from being BRAND NEW would work fine thru the first cycle of cooling either on gas or electric (auto). But, once it cycled and need to run again, that's when the check light would come on. I found it only did this when plugged into shore power on gas or electric. Unplug from power, letting it run on gas on the batteries and it would cycle normally.. This was back in mid 2019 before covid.. They said it would take a week to get me in, then they would have to "diagnose" it and then order any parts and then wait for those to come in.. Well, I had it's first camping trip planned about 2 weeks and just asked if they could order a new main board and I'll put it in.. Well, they wouldn't do that since they had to "diagnose" it first for any warranty work.. I checked online and got a new main board from Amazon in 2 days for around $100. Put it in and it's been working great ever since. Best $100 I've spent and about an hours worth of time and just bypassing the "warranty" work on it.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/30/22 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Selling 2018 F150 to upgrade to 2022 F150 - worth it or not?

I would not do it.. I'm hanging onto my 13 F150 for as long as it still runs.. What is the draw to a 22 that the 18 is not providing? Mine is only an XLT, but does have the nice "302A" option package along with MaxTow and a nice #7700 GVWR. Anyway, it's sticker price was $43k, but I got it for $33k brand new back in early 14. I'm pretty sure to get anything even close to my 13, I'll be north of $60k in a heartbeat.. I am now daily commuting in a 14 Ford Escape with the 2.0 Ecoboost (Titanium) model. It's got more gadgets in it than my F150, but I don't need that stuff in my truck... Anyway, I did pay off my F150 early to buy the 19 Rockwood... I went from a $400/month payment to $277/month payment, so that was a "win".. :) Anyway, you gotta do what you gotta do... I still want a 1969 Mustang with a 428/4speed in it.. But... Oh well.. ha, ha.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/27/22 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Outside speakers for Wolf Pup

As far as I know, they are just "marine grade' type of speakers and it's just a cover for the outside that you see. You should be able to remove the cover and the old speaker and just replace with the same size replacement aftermarket speakers. Lots of "how to's" on youtube.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/25/22 09:32am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Booger welded some stuff on the rig today..

Thanks for the "Ego Boost" guys... I thought about drilling holes and bolting the brackets on.. But, I already had the welder out and drilling was not going to be too much fun when I had "glue" to fix it! The tacks were just to place it, then I stepped on the steps and they were so much more solid, I just went with it and figured if any of them pop, I'll just make a little bigger tack next time (on warranty)... :) Mitch
MitchF150 07/25/22 09:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Booger welded some stuff on the rig today..

I did pop for the 'unlimited warranty' on the work, so if something does not work as planned, I can take it back and get it fixed for free... No questions asked! :) Mitch
MitchF150 07/24/22 10:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Booger welded some stuff on the rig today..

What the heck... Maybe posting these will make someone else just do something for themselves to solve a problem with just some time and justifying buying a "toy" and using it from time to time.. :) Yeah.. This is by NO MEANS what I would PAY for... But, these are not anything anyone is going to see and it's not anything to do with "safety", so it's just what is going to work for me until it doesn't and then I'll adjust from there and go for version 2.0.. :) Enjoy, but be kind.. ha, ha... :) Mitch
MitchF150 07/24/22 06:21pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Booger welded some stuff on the rig today..

So, I've been meaning to 'fix' some things with the scissor jacks and the 3 step folding steps on my Rockwood for some time now.. I've had a cheapo flux core welder for about a year now. I bought it for a project on my little utility trailer to add some metal sides to it instead of using 2x4's and plywood that after 25 years, finally rotted out enough to need to be replaced.. I took welding in HS back in the late 70's, when schools actually taught things like wood, metal, auto, welding classes!! (which I took them ALL and that's probably the only reason I graduated!!) Anyway, I had to learn the machine, but was surprised that I at least could still dial it in and make a weld.. I'm not going to post any pics, as all that's gonna do is bring out all the "pro" welders and rip me a new one for doing everything WRONG... Ha, ha.. Anyway, with the Rockwood, the cheapo scissor jacks have these little collars on the screw that keep the screw from backing itself out as it goes up or down... I had one that broke, and I hacked it with a small hose clamp, but I had to tighten it up every time I used the jack.. So, finally, dragged the flux core welder out there and tacked all 4 of them more than the single tack weld they had from OEM. I also had to put a piece of scrape angle iron on one of the scissor jack arms, as it somehow got bent and had no strength to it anymore.. I bent it back and just 'tacked' a 3" piece of angle iron to it and it's better than new! ha, ha.. I then added some scrap angle iron to firm up the folding steps so they don't 'flex' as much when my fat A steps on it.. :) Just some boogered tack welds between the frame and the step brackets on both sides was enough to make it flex A LOT LESS than before, so I count it as a win.. Some grinding and some black paint makes the booger welds look 'better', but still nothing I'll post in a pic.. Ha, ha... :) Mitch
MitchF150 07/24/22 03:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Can't post signature photo

I gave up and I just insert a pic that I would have used anyway, but it can be a bit larger than what could go in the signature anyway Mitch
MitchF150 07/23/22 10:11pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Good Sam warranty

Also think about the fact that nothing will be 'fixed' until the repair is 'approved' by so called 'warranty' company.. But, like was said, it's a 'service contract' is all. Just read all the fine print and if that's a yearly premium.. You would be better off just banking that money and when/if you need service, just get it done and take it out of your own 'fund' and eliminate the middle man.. You will still have to do the leg work.. It's not like you drop off your rig and they just fix anything at your request. I'll bet after you make a couple of claims, they will drop your coverage or increase your premium next time. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/21/22 08:30am Class A Motorhomes
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