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RE: Turning pivot points for 40’ RV class A

As I instructed all the new school bus drivers I trained. Take all the real estate you are allowed by law. Biggest thing is to square your turns, drive as far forward as you can before you turn giving as much room for the duallies to clear the curb or obstacle. ALWAYS watch your mirrors to ensure all is well. Mirrors are critical, they tell the story.
Mommalu 09/06/20 06:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advantages of diesel pushers

It all depends on your willingness to accept the challenges each unit presents. A gas unit gets it done, but it's a rougher, noisier ride, wind does push it around. I managed 4 hours of driving comfortably, but it was work. A diesel C is much like my school bus, holds the road in all conditions. It's not as noisy as a V10 thats down shifting for every hill with the rpms screaming. But it will produce front engine noise and heat, depending on how it's built it may have heat from the engine through the drive shaft to the rear wheels like most gas A's. Most have rear air ride so it's easier to drive 6 to 10 hrs comfortably. A diesel pusher, our latest MH is quiet to drive, and has air ride all around. Ours is older an 07, No DEF, reasonably priced and reliable, unlike the newer diesels I drive for work. This golden oldie doesn't have the common dash lights on I deal with in the newer diesels. The Re gen, exhaust plugged, DEF issues, water in fuel, etc, dash lights and the nasty "you go nowhere while I regen" Had that happen at a red light, with a 40' school bus on a hwy with 45 kids and a 12' trailer. It's designed to go into regen mode when the particle filter is clogged and to over ride it you put it in Nuetral and press the brake, but it doesn't always clear it. I despise the newer diesels!!! Yet I "get to" drive them for work. When we replaced the exhaust manifold on the 07 the mechanics said they loved this motorhome because ALL work was done from the outside while it was on the lift. Yes a diesel is more expensive to maintain, but again its all about your comfort zone. We are comfortable with this old girl and it meets all our needs/wants and the price was right. Good luck with the adventure of finding what will work for you. It's out there, just be patient.
Mommalu 09/06/20 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel vs Gas

Depends on your needs. We started with a gas MH because we could store it in our back yard. Jumping from a truck and trailer we weren't sure we would be happy with a motorhome, a gaser is cheaper to start with. However after a few years, gaining confidence we realized a DP would be a better choice. We figured out the storage issue, and realized we love having a motorhome. We found a local shop for all mechanical needs. The rear diesel keeps ALL the engine noise in the back, 30 plus feet away, no more shouting at each other. The air ride removes most of jostling and noise from the road expansion joints and such. It's quiet, smooth and the mpg is better than the gas. With gas we ranged between 5 to 8 mpg depending on wind, hills and speed, I drive the speed limit. The diesel averages 7.9 to 8.5 under the same conditions. We have no regrets. Good luck with your decision!
Mommalu 08/12/20 08:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Well won’t be going to the other site ever again...

As a school bus driver it took me years to build up strong immunity towards the germy little awesome wonders that greet me each morning. I'm greatly saddened how I'm losing this hard earned status by hiding at home away from these darlings. I get it Covid is extremely dangerous IF your health is compromised or your older and less able to fight it. HOWEVER that's the part of the population we should be protecting, the rest of us with healthy immune systems should go about our business taking care to use common sense to avoid and protect those who a good flu could wipe out. My sister was an infectious disease expert (retired) just shakes her her head that we are putting our faith in cloth or paper masks, many made in china. Be wise, wash your hands, keep your distance and we'll get through this like we do every year with the barrage of colds and flu's.
Mommalu 07/22/20 08:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Are there good used DP's under $40,000?

We just bought a 2007. It was stored indoors, however it apparently sat on a dirt floor, much corrosion underneath that we could not see and not mentioned in the inspection report. That added $5600 for a new rust free exhaust manifold and removing corrosion from all wires needed to run the coach, from engine, levelers, steps, generator, etc. We are very happy with this motorhome, but as with anything of age its become a project bringing it up to date with LED's, new seats, sinks, refrigerator, A/C's etc. However it is a diesel, has that quiet smooth ride, carrying capacity and length we could never get from a gas A. Best of luck finding that gently used well maintained DP.
Mommalu 07/05/20 03:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disappointing test drive

We had a 2014 Jayco Precept, the only time my husband and I raised our voices was driving in the motorhome. Even in tow haul mode the transmission was down shifting for every hill, and the engine screamed all the more. It was a nightmare to drive, we added $4000 in improvements, alignment, steer safe, anti sway bars and sumo springs and it still was pushed by larger vehicles passing and all it was all over the road with wind gusts. We traded it in for an older diesel pusher with the tried and true Cummins 5.9, the first thing we noticed hitting highway speeds was NO MORE SHOUTING at each other, and no constant bang from expansion joints. Love our new to us 2007 diesel pusher. Granted we're busy bringing it up to date with LED lights, new driver and passenger chairs, new fantastic fans and sinks, faucets etc. But its worth it to us, it drives and handles like a dream compared to the F53 with the V10. A new diesel would have been nice, but we wanted to pay cash and well our pockets aren't that deep. Good luck on the search!
Mommalu 07/04/20 03:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: This could be a problem

Well we traded our gas A for a diesel pusher. My sister traded their 30' for a 32' trailer. So yes in our little part of the country people are looking, buying and trading in rv's. Granted many are furloughed, small business's are going under, but in our house $ are the same but the hours are unreal. My husband salaried for for 45 hrs a week, is working from home putting in 80 hrs a week. Banking, so many using online banking, systems crash, so many calling, systems crash. With so much government money for small business's cyber crime off the charts. Some nights he is working at midnight, 2 AM. May not be a first responder, but behind the scenes doing what he can so people can use their debit and credit cards, that personal accounts and data are secure. A whole lot of people are affected by this. A whole lot of people stepping up to the plate to do what they can for others. Be wise, stay healthy and be safe.
Mommalu 05/08/20 06:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: kinda light posting

Shhhhh don't tell anyone. We in MN are in total lock down. NO RV dealers open. But, our Governor states "pleasure driving is ok" Sooooo it was a pleasurable drive to an Iowan RV dealer to test drive an older DP for sale. Well its not for sale anymore AND they gave us a reasonable trade for our A gasser site unseen. But we are still under quarantine and I've painted and cleaned more these days than the last few years. I'll be cleaning out the rv and taking a "pleasurable drive" to Iowa later this month to pick up the new to us DP. Be wise stay healthy!
Mommalu 04/04/20 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Which motorhome to buy

There are a lot of things to consider. Gas or Diesel. Gas is cheaper to purchase, cheaper to maintain. However they don't handle as well, with the v10 they tend to scream going up hills as they drop to a lower gear with higher rpms. They are limited to size and carrying capacity. Each have a place. First you need to figure out how you will use it, whats important. We just traded in our gas A jayco today for an entry level older diesel pusher. However as much as we would love a Tiffin, Newmar, or Winnebago we only use it 45 or so days a year. We use it week ends only to state parks in a state where there are no mountains. We are not interested in an expensive depreciating asset sitting 3/4 of the time. Also I drive buses and have noticed that the diesels from 2008 to about 2013 in our fleet have a ton of problems with head gaskets, injectors, DEF sensors pumps, etc. Granted these buses idle a lot, are driven with lots of stop and go and short trips. But I don't have a personal mechanic. So for us we opted for an older under powered (trusty Cummins 5.9) diesel pusher with upgraded interior. So figure out your price point, how you will use it and whats important to you. Enjoy the hunt.
Mommalu 04/04/20 04:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Be Kind!

I often wish we could like someones post. It's a good post, I have nothing more to add. So 2 big thumbs up.
Mommalu 03/30/20 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Comet in late May -- hope we can hit the boonies to see it!

Hey thanks for this, love star gazing while camping.
Mommalu 03/24/20 08:32am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Don't come to NH either!

Well said! I choose to be wise and follow the CDC's suggestions. But I choose to laugh. Laughter improves ones health, like a good walk in the sunshine.
Mommalu 03/17/20 04:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

Oh please, as a school bus driver who does daycare for our 3 grandkids under 5 and is seldom sick. Be wise, think! Be aware of things most people touch, door knobs, railings etc, if you must touch them wash your hands often. Keep your hands away from your face. We cruise every year, it's amazing the people who do not use the hand sanitizer that is in all areas food is served and major public areas. It's up to us to be aware of situations that pose a risk to our health colds, flu or Corona virus. Don't shake hands, no hugging, no kissing, keep your distance and again wash hands. Be wise, make good choices and wash your hands often, it's not rocket science. Unfortunately many make a buck with panic so be aware it's best in their eyes to encourage the profit of panic.
Mommalu 03/09/20 07:17pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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