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RE: Phone went dark!

2old man doesn't worry because as a photographer, he has offline hardware backups in place and (I think) his own photo websites, He is Not being careless, it just seemed that way, Because he did not elaborate
MrWizard 07/15/21 02:49am Technology Corner
RE: Computer Location..Where am I?

The MEME shows the happy older couple with the RV and the caption is: "The kids can't move back in with Mom and Dad if they can't find us". I like that one
MrWizard 06/28/21 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Mobley has Died. Need replacement Router

I put my Mobley SIM card into this AT&T netgear router Hot spot AT&T Netgear 815s And use the available mimo antenna Hopefully you have already gone thru the SIM unlock procedure with the Mobley If not and the needed router gives you a SIM error msg You might need too tell att you have SIM problems with the Mobley, (not a dead Mobley) and you need a new SIM, then put it in the new hotspot router, You didn't say how dead, if the Mobley Wi-Fi works but the cellular is dead, you might still access administration and unlock the SIM if you have the puk code, what many of us did was to set our own SIM lock code, so AT&T could not alter any settings to the SIM or the device, The lock unlock change lock code settings are accessible thru the device administration login url from your web browser, After the normal wifi connection has been made Looking ahead to Feb 2022, I jumped on the T-mobile wireless home internet gateway, and plan on replacing my old Samsung S5 Verizon phone, so I can switch to Visible and reduce my current $148 per month vzw bill, to $25, two months savings will cover the cost of the replacement phone, after that I will still be saving $$70 every month, even with having the new T-Mobile account,
MrWizard 06/27/21 07:24am Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet WOW!

Thanks for the info I found my problem and have it working It was an ID TEN T error ... id10t I changed the wifi access key/password during setup, without documenting it and in the excitement totally forgot So this morning After a few hours of head scratching the dim light bulb In my brain finally got bright enough for me to have a glimmer of realization of me chasing my tail
MrWizard 06/23/21 02:56pm Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet WOW!

It arrived, but I'm having problems, plugged it in, and went thru the setup procedure, downloaded the app to my phone, changed the adminm password as directed, but it will not authentic the wifi access two tablets one phone, I spent hours trying to connect my Android devices, checked security settings over and over,very careful putting in the password but getting nowhere And this one does the initial setup over wifi, does not use BT, all the instructions and prompts are about wifi, very frustrating
MrWizard 06/23/21 05:02am Technology Corner
RE: Mini Swamp Cooler (Arctic Air) - Legit?

Swamp coolers do add moisture to the air, Not remove it, that's why they work in dry climates, chill water systems used in commercial installations, isolate the cooling air from excess humidity, the water is circulated through the system instead of freon, then cooled in huge open ventilated structures to remove the heat, I'm not an A/C specialist and that's the best description I can give, there are residential versions based on the chill water system, the function much like a heat pump, but no Freon , and no added humidity, some friends had a swamp cooler system removed and the chill system installed, I thought that real swamp coolers were mounted on the roof in dry climates with all removed moisture being vented to the outside and cold from evaporation being vented in??????????? bumpy
MrWizard 06/22/21 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Wi-Fi / Cell-phone Signal Boosters

I started with a 3G Wilson Sleek (cradle style model) in 2011 Then a Wilson 4G Sleek And in 2018 I installed a WeBoost 2 piece all carrier model in the RV , I've been happy with each one
MrWizard 06/22/21 02:14am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon or gmail bouncing email to phone

I did a email text to [email protected] And it worked I sent a test gmail email to a friend's AT&T cellphone number (Using the info posted above) And they received it
MrWizard 06/22/21 12:31am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon or gmail bouncing email to phone

I tried from gmail using my tablet, and received a text on my phone from Google voice with the text from the gmail I sent to my phone number So it's working for me, I haven't used Vtext email option in about 9 years, maybe more, maybe 11 years, I forgot it was even available
MrWizard 06/20/21 01:48am Technology Corner
RE: Generator and an EMS

I forget who makes the Onan portable GENERATOR (Cummins who owns Onan, has it Mfg for them, not Mfg in the Onan factory) But the EMS should not be needed The EMS protects against shore power outlets that are wired wrong, an open ground or neutral, utility power transient spike voltages, brown out low voltage that could damage appliances like the air conditioner or 120v fridge, etc.. Your Onan will shut down if overloaded, (does not create low voltage unless overloaded) and does not create transient spikes, won't have an open neutral or ground unless something comes loose due to vibration or damage
MrWizard 06/19/21 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

I downloaded the AT&T supported phone list Page 7, the last page , lists the hotspot devices that will be supported, the ZTE Mobley model VM6200 Is not on the list The unite explore AC851S aka Netgear 8155 for AT&T Is on that list, this is the device my Mobley SIM is in, The device/Hotspot I'm connected to right now It seems the best option to keep a Mobley account going, Is to get puc (SIM unlock code) from AT&T , unlock the sim and move the SIM to a supported Hotspot device "border=0" For Full-Size Image. To the OP Thanks for calling attention to this Users now have have time to replace the device or wait until Feb 2022 and drop the Mobley service account AT&T does have a 100gig hotspot data account for $55, that would fill the need for many users
MrWizard 06/19/21 06:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Navion 24 trips GFCIs

I remember another incident similar to this, turned out wires were crossed in one end of the shore cord Also another where the adapter being used on the shore cord was the problem
MrWizard 06/19/21 12:27am Tech Issues
RE: Generator shelf fabrication

I would not want to PUT a generator between the trailer and the propane tanks, ISSUES ARE heat from the generator Access to the generator Refueling the generator Generator would be an ignition source, if there is a propane leak
MrWizard 06/18/21 11:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

If I am going to have a wireless home internet connection I want a device that has 1 preferably 2 connectors for external antennas. My netgear hotspot has (2) external antenna ports, And I have the MIMO antenna for it
MrWizard 06/18/21 10:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

Remember the depriortizing is a plan thing, implemented by AT&T servers, this can be turned off or removed by AT&T, this is Not a hardware issue, AT&T can change this Don't know what they will do, but why make all the Mobley owners mad, when they don't need too, how can you switch a device account to use a service you have discontinued After all the Mobley is a 4G device (as is my Netgear Wi-Fi hotspot router,) How will AT&T de-prioritize to 3G if there is No 3G to use What it means if you have AT&T Wireless service Talk and data services won’t work for wireless phones and Devices that don’t support at least 4G LTE and HD Voice. Have session-based pricing for a data-only device? After phasing out our 3G network, your data-only device won’t work unless it supports 4G LTE speeds and higher. The Mobley is 4G, we will find out next year , how this plays out How many people have a 3G only phone or hotspot or tablet The world did not stop moving when 2G was phased out, how many people were forced to replace their phone then, not too many were still using an old 2G flip phone at the time they became obsolete, and I suspect not to many have a 3G only hotspot or phone right now The Mobley is not 3G only, right now with this tablet, I'm connected to 4G via my att netgear hotspot with the Mobley SIM , Before next Friday I should be using my new T-Mobile 4G/5G INTERNET
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:59pm Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet WOW!

Three days ago I signed up for & ordered the T-mobile wireless home internet, unlimited data no throttling, It's on the way, shipped from Louisville Ky and due to arrive next Tuesday the 22nd, Took advantage of the special
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

I moved my Mobley SIM CARD to a netgear hotspot router , long time back Three days ago I signed up for & ordered the T-mobile wireless home internet, unlimited data no throttling, It's on the way, shipped from Louisville Ky and due to arrive next Tuesday the 22nd, The current special includes $50 per month with auto pay, $55 without, no setup fees, no shipping fees, no surcharges, they ship the device free comes with the SIM installed ready to go, but if you terminate service you must return it, or pay full price for it $280, if you loose it or break it, you pay for it, I think you have to call tech service during initial startup...No charge Special offer end on June 30
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Grounding an MPPT controller

I would connect solar controllers ground to the RV frame, If I bothered to connect it at all, I would Not connect it to battery shunt Ground in this case is for lighting protection and would goto earth ground when used in a stick house install, it does NOT equate to battery negative that everybody likes to call ground, but is really the common return for Current flow, Solar controllers often use the negative terminal as the switched 'charging control' and the positive as the common, Incidentally IIRC The Earth is actually positive charged and the clouds are negative (Static charge from atmospheric friction) Some early automobiles used positive as common to the frame (aka ground) and Negative as the Hot wiring, which is more electrically correct, as electricity aka ELECTRONS travel from Negative to positive, Not positive to negative, But of course obstinate USA engineers had too do things different than Britton and Europe, so we use a system that have people thinking backwards, and more galvanic corrosion at body parts and electrical connections than would happen if car body frame were at positive potential instead of negative potential Whoops....according to NOAA I got sky and earth potentials reversed, sky/clouds are positive and earth is negative So much for My old memory
MrWizard 06/18/21 04:11am Tech Issues
RE: Seeking refrigerator tips... in AZ and heat is hampering...

Fans help, the move more air over the coils, yes the outside air is hot, but the heat exchanger coil is hotter, the more air flow the more heat removed from the coolant, the better the absorption RV fridge will operate Parking so the fridge side of the RV is not in the afternoon sun helps, put out the awning, hang a tarp, park next to a tree, anything that shades the back of the fridge, helps
MrWizard 06/18/21 03:42am Tech Issues
RE: Where to sell RV items we've upgraded from

Craigslist ebay
MrWizard 06/13/21 01:11pm General RVing Issues
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