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RE: Extended stay propane use

The oem frame tank is empty, thr RV isn't going any where until i can pull together the $$ for the transmission repairs, $60 extend a stay $18 for this one, yes it could have been connected to the main tank, then i would need another $20+ hose between the adapter T and portable cylinder, and i would still lose line pressure, when refilling the portable because the main is empty, Is it slightly less convenient. Maybe , but I'm stretching my $$ as far as i can, this is about keeping the fridge cold and me warm, the least costly ways possible, not about bbq or line loss ehich is a very small volume, and in a pinch i can even connect a 1# cylinder while getting the 20# portable refilled
MrWizard 11/08/22 01:10am Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

I'm good to go, all connected, thank you all,
MrWizard 11/01/22 10:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a back flow valve on the hot water outlet

The check valve will be in the hot water output line at the back of the water heater, In my case it was almost impossible to get at, because of the way the water heater was installed, ( outside below the basement ,inside its own welded box, which i had to cut open, working under the rv with my angle grinder)
MrWizard 11/01/22 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use Looks like im good to go But before disconnecting, it looked liked 3/8 pipe nipple and a union
MrWizard 10/28/22 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

Use this web link to upload pictures for Upload your picture Copy the link from the upload Put that link in your post here, You can use it for any image you want to post here, No sign up, Our member 1492 set this up for us to use
MrWizard 10/28/22 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

I don't see POL threads where the regulator is on My Bounder, Is this my vision , or my perception and logic, It seems i am not making myself clear in stating this,
MrWizard 10/28/22 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

I already have a propane adapter hose, that is acme fitting on one end and quick connect fitting on the other end, came with my Champion dual fuel generator, Will that hose and this Tee adapter,, Do the same thing, Connect the portable tank to the rv system
MrWizard 10/27/22 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: Extended stay propane use

I understand how it is supposed to connect, Look at my picture, the fitting's between the regulator and the valve, do not look like POL fittings yo me, i see what looks like 3/8 pipe fittings on each end of my Factory setup, If you see something i don't, then please elaborate
MrWizard 10/27/22 06:50am Tech Issues
Extended stay propane use I find myself in need of extended location not moving the Bounder, looking online at various extended use propane options, and they don't seem to match up with my 1997 propane connections, even the tried & true "extend A stay" kit doesn't look correct for connections on my tank and regulator hookup, Need info, suggestions, links, options, want to connect (1) 20# bottle to the Bounder, it has the new QCC type connection ( I Think ), But thats not the main concern, the main concern is adapter TEE , between the vapor valve and regulator on my tank, the stuff I'm seeing doesn't match the plumbing on my 97 Bounder, to place it online
MrWizard 10/26/22 03:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Iota sale 90 amp surplus sale

Doug you are correct, i posted this because i have first hand experience, buying things from them for many years, and i have always gotten quality items, never anything, that is damaged or non functional, Over $75 is free shipping, under $75. Flat rate $8 most places
MrWizard 10/11/22 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch problem

You have a 30amp rv, But what is the wattage rating of the generator, make and model # would be helpful, if its over 4000w, and built in, it has (2) circuit breakers on the generator and is wired to the second lesser rsted 20 smp breaker, you are bypassing that breaker snd powering everything from the breaker meant for just the appliances and outlets Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't tripped,you should manually reset both breakers that are on the generator, posting make model and year of the RV might help, someone will know if there is switch you missed, hidden in a closet, or under a cabinet, maybe in the bedroom, I once had a Komfort Brand motorhome with a switch in the bedroom Closet to change the a/c from shore power to generator power
MrWizard 10/11/22 05:01am Tech Issues
Iota sale 90 amp surplus sale Iota 90 amp converter charger In store or Online at "all electronics" I have no idea what shipping charges would be, My favorite local surplus electronics for hobbyists, techs, etc.. They were closed Saturday when i went by there for an stereo splitter 'Y' I took these pix of the window ad display
MrWizard 10/11/22 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: CARB smog testing motorhomes Every 4months by 2024

And what about those MH that don't have OBD2 my 36ft Bounder on a 1996 gvw 22500# Ford F53 chassis is OBD1, and i Dare say there are many similar MH, the 95 Safari DP we had before this, the 32ft Komfort we had 92 gmc p30 etcc, Custom coaches on a bus conversion etc..Calif has gone nuts
MrWizard 09/25/22 11:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Space Storms Destroy Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites

This was in the news couple of months ago,
MrWizard 09/25/22 04:05am Technology Corner
RE: Slideout stuck in half way position

My thanks too all The situation has been resolved, The slide is apparently wired to the engine/chassis battery (although the key does NOT have to be in the On position) Getting a full charge on that battery has allowed it to work normal and be pulled in, it's now weather safe , for the coming rain tonight Extreme heat muddled brain, i inadvertently drained the battery while checking my fuel system (which i am working on,) by leaving the key on
MrWizard 09/09/22 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ATT and Galaxy Hot Spot issue

I use the hotspot all the time and have unlimited.You get unlimited using the hotspot? That's usually regulated. Many plans on many carriers offer unlimited hotspot, my visible plan $25 party pay is unlimited, I'm just not using it
MrWizard 09/09/22 04:03am Technology Corner
RE: Changes to Visible Cell Plan

I have visible, no emails from them, the article i read about the change, was new plans, for new customers with more speed, existing customers stay as is unless they choose to upgrade, i hardly use the hotspot feature because i also have the T-Mobile home internet for my video streaming, visible is almost entirely dedicated to my on phone use and contingency backup and I no longer have the att Mobley account, although i still have the It and the att hotspot router that replaced it that has the Mobley sim card in it, now deactivated closed account
MrWizard 09/09/22 03:44am Technology Corner
Slideout stuck in half way position

1997 Bounder 36S Because of extended extreme heat, a few days back i decided to bring in the slide and reduce the space to be cooled, But it didnt come all the way in, its now half way in/out, so now its not weather sealed or bug sealed, the blood suckers have been eating me alive, and we have major rain approaching from hurricane Kay, its hydraulic, when i push the switch for in or out i hear the pump whine but the slide doesn't move, doesnt even "thunk" like hydraulic ram piston & linkage usually does when working, Maybe the Heat has addled my brain cells, but i havent found the fix for the problem, im guessing that hyd solenoids arent being activated, the slide system and leveling system are separate , i need to get it in so the rv will be rain tight, i don't need or want the high wind driven rain pouring in, The freaking 2 week triple digit extreme heat interrupted my fuel line replace/repair so i am unable to start the engine, but have two battery chargers, and have always had enough power to easily operate the slide, What am i missing where do i need to look, can i pull it in with a come along or ratchet strap, push it out some how, I have a 6 ton hyd body ram/tool/jack I prefer having it come IN But OUT is better than stuck half way, i use the word stuck, but its not physically bound as far as i can tell, its not twisted and has clearance on both sides and top , its not stuck in the opening and its not gear driven, its hasn't been leaking hyd fluid, Control for the solenoids or the pump blowing an internal seal are the only things i can postulate as possible problems, but my thinking might be muddled
MrWizard 09/09/22 01:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Great video about generators, ground rods, bonding, etc.

Do not bond neutral to frame on a portable generator, Yes use a bonding plug if you have too because of your ems, but physically permanently bonding frame to neutral , makes the generator frame and most likely your rv chassis part of the neutral side of the generator output circuit and creates a shock hazard, portable generators are mostly wired as floating grd unbounded for good saftey reasons
MrWizard 08/11/22 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: Generator Fuel Question

We had DP with propane powered Onan, on a summer trip in 2012, using the roof top A/C, we had to refill the built in lp tank every 3 days, that meant moving the MH to the lp seller every 3 days, Currently with this gasser, im using a champion portable dual Fuel generator, i have not used the propane option, propane is $3 gallon, Reg 87 octane is over $5.29 gal and E85 Flex Fuel "Ethanol" is $3.39 gal, im burning E85 in the Champion, Ethanol 88kbtu gal , gas 116kbtu gal, 25% less energy, but cost 40% less $$, the engine runs cleaner, But too keep it from being lean and running rough, i adjust the choke for smooth running , varnish has not been an issue , I'm full time , so No long term storage for the generator or fuel, does not have the chance to absorb moisture or dry up, gasoline or Ethanol, For me gas has always been a better option than LP, and with current fuel prices, Ethanol is my best option, Gasoline is putting me in the poor house, its been busting my bank for months Your experience might be different, its the fuel pricing and amount you will use versus availability and convenience, fixed location with natural gas or 500gal lp tank, against portable use locations storage transport etc.
MrWizard 07/29/22 08:39pm Tech Issues
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