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RE: 5th wheel rails and a truck camper

No offense taken. I knew where the structural members are in the floor and how thick they are (stud finder and Lance info) and whether there was any plumbing or wiring to worry about (one drain tube from the fresh water tank, and no wires). My screws are just as sealed up as the screws Lance used on the bottom. And finally, I like the fact that it sits up off the bed mat now. It stayed wet between the camper and the mat for a long time when it was just a flat surface. It’s been like this for ~15 years now. :):)
NRALIFR 10/28/20 02:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

Color me ignorant, but... what is "blue" water? I know what black water is, I know gray water... I know what is meant by "pink stuff." I have used blue windshield wiper fluid in my black tank and cassette reservoir (but I don't think that is what we are talking 'bout here.) Is blue water just another term for regular potable water in the domestic pluming? Blue water probably = tank deodorizer in the water. He’ll be fine... I’m afraid I’m just as ignorant. It’s been so long since I’d used the blue holding tank chemical that I forgot that the most widely used one is blue :S “With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.” — William of Ockham :):)
NRALIFR 10/27/20 05:40am Truck Campers
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

Sorry, I thought the last post was the OP. My bad. :):)
NRALIFR 10/26/20 02:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

I suspect the previous owner winterized the P-traps and black tank with windshield washer fluid (the sub-freezing type). If you can contact the PO and confirm that, I’d just leave it. Hopefully the fresh water lines have pink RV antifreeze in them. :):)
NRALIFR 10/26/20 11:45am Truck Campers
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

From your past posts, it looks like the Stableloads were installed at the same time you got the camper, so you don’t know how the truck rides with the suspension bone stock. You probably aren’t going to like this suggestion, but I would remove the Stableloads, reinstall the OEM overload spring pads (hope you saved them) and see how the ride is then. I have upper Stableloads on my truck, but I installed them after making a few trips with no suspension mods. The Stableloads at the front of the overload springs are just barely touching when the camper is off the truck, and to be honest the unloaded ride is at times horrible. There’s a 2-3 mile section of concrete hiway on I-40 near me that is just ridiculous when the truck is unloaded, but totally fine when there’s an extra 5500 lbs on the rear axle. That section of the road works the rear suspension up and down at a high frequency, but just an inch or two in height. The boss and any passengers hate it, but I don’t use the truck unloaded much so I just live with it. If I were to guess, I’d say your camper isn’t loading the overload springs enough, and is bouncing off of them at times. Your best ride is going to be when the truck is sitting down firmly on the overloads, and doesn’t come off of them from normal paved road irregularities. Edit- Looks like we were thinking along the same lines Brent :W :):)
NRALIFR 10/22/20 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: I Went Camping With Five Girls!

Hmmm. Wife, three daughters and a female dog. That’s gonna be a full (and occasionally noisy) TC. But you’ll make it work I’m sure because like I said, it helps that you like them all :) These days, three cats are quite enough for me, even if one of them bites me occasionally :E I’m reminded of a poem from my school days (Emily Dickinson?) “ For each ecstatic instant We must an anguish pay In keen and quivering ratio To the ecstasy.” Happy snipping! :W :):)
NRALIFR 10/21/20 06:11am Truck Campers
RE: 5th wheel rails and a truck camper

The first dually pickup I owned came with fifth wheel hitch rails in the bed from the previous owner. I found that 5/4” treated deck boards were just the right height to allow the camper to clear the rails. I attached them to the bottom of the camper, and also had the smart idea to place two of them so they landed directly in front of the hitch rails. They acted as guides for the camper when lowering it into the bed, and prevented it from moving backwards while traveling. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: I Went Camping With Five Girls!

That's mighty fine country around there. We did some canoeing around Eminence a long time ago, early 1980's. If you are ever back in the general area and really need a site, the casino at Caruthersville will do in a pinch. Thanks Brent, I’ll keep that in mind. It was very pretty driving on the trip. Trees are changing color, and the weather was very nice. As far as traveling with the five girls goes, it helps that I like them. They’re all fun to be with. Even the cats, they have their moments. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 05:46pm Truck Campers
RE: I Went Camping With Five Girls!

I was born in Hannibal, MO and we moved when I was 9 yr. old. I went back about 10 yr ago just to see it again. These photos brought back some pleasant memories. Also curious....I keep reading how no one can find CG sites but your photos all show you alone!! We didn’t have any problem finding same day sites almost everywhere. There’s not typically much competition for campsites this time of year, at least around the areas we would go. Camping in MO state parks is a bit challenging right now due to their Covid-19 rules: No camping without a reservation, and no same-day reservations accepted. So that means no first come, first serve sites at all in MO state parks. Private and federal parks are businesses as usual, though. :h :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: I Went Camping With Five Girls!

Whoops. Senior moment. You’re right, that’s a COE park on the St. Francis, but it’s in MO, not AR. It’s north of Lake Wappapello, near the town of Greenville. The campground actually occupies the site where the town used to be before the Corps dammed the river, so there are sidewalks, foundations, and the steps of the old courthouse there. It’s not under water all the time, but there are water lines on the bridge supports entering the campground that show the water as much as 20 ft deep at times. The Boss found it and reserved the only spot available as we were driving. I remember her saying “The site number is 59/60, I’m not sure what that means but it’s either that or nothing”. We get there and sho-nuff, it’s a double site. It was double nice, double wide, and double $$. :B :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 04:21pm Truck Campers
RE: loosing old members

I've been around for 18 years now, but don't post as much now. The photo posting procedure is terrible. I don't know why this forum cant do it like every other forum on the internet? That’s the root of the problem right there. Not that makes you use a photo hosting site, but that it’s different from other forums. I get it, it’s a different process. But, you’d have to upload your images somewhere, so if you’d just take the time to become familiar with this tool, it’s as easy as pie: Photo Posting App I just posted a trip report in the Truck Camper forum, and it took me longer to compose the text and decide WHICH photos to post than it did to actually post the photos. And, I did it all on my iPhone. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 01:22pm Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

We had folks in our campground last week that dropped theirs, they do it all the time. They told me they have never been to a campground that wouldn't allow you to unload your camper. I haven’t either. I don’t doubt there are some out there, but I’ve just never encountered one, and I’ve traveled from coast to coast. The ones that seem most likely to have rules against TC’s (in my opinion of course) are the private campgrounds with the word “Resort” in their name. Although I’ve stayed at several of those that didn’t have a problem with it as well. If I ever find one that doesn’t like it, I’ll just move on. I won’t have to move far. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 01:11pm Truck Campers
I Went Camping With Five Girls!

I’m not kidding, I did. In my truck camper. Five nights. I have pictures. It was me, The Boss, The Boss’s Sister (TBS, for short)......... And the other three girls were of the feline variety. Before you scoff at this, try to imagine how hard it must be to keep five females of any species happy while living in a small box for five days. Well we did it, and it was a great trip for everybody. We left home happy, we came home happy, and there’s already talk of the next trip. Here’s TBS with the three cats. She’s a cat lover too, fortunately. Kahlua is in her lap, Selina is next to her, and Dixxie is on the floor. The trip highlights were: Hannibal, MO for some Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain stuff...Springfield, IL for some Abe Lincoln stuff....and Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, also in Illinois for some pre-Columbian Native American stuff. We spent our first night at a COE campground on the St. Francis River in AR. Selina started the trip a little cranky at times because she could smell unfamiliar cat smells on TBS and her luggage, so she just KNEW that there were “The Others” hiding in her clothes somewhere. She was growling at everyone, including Dixxie who’s her BFF. This was right after growling at me! Selina is the closest thing to a feral re-domesticated cat we’ve ever had. She was an orphaned kitten that we got when she was only a week or so old. We bottle fed her and took over the role of “cat mom”. Sometimes, I think we failed miserably. Almost everything about her has a uniquely “Selina” twist to it. She’s also our biggest cat, and our most easily frightened. Not a good mix. Trips to the vet with her are always exciting. She tells me my blood type is T+ (very tasty). She settled down after a short time though, and became her normal self. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat........Poop. We spent a day in Hannibal visiting all the usual places. We parked on the street near the visitor center, then took the self-guided walking tour. That’s me down the street on the left side. The walking tour, museum, lunch, and some gourmet chocolates took most of the day. We parked overnight at the campground associated with Mark Twain Cave and Winery, and went on a cave tour the next morning. This is a fairly dry cave, with only a few formations. It’s a very large cave with miles of tunnels though, and it would be easy to get lost in it. There are many old autographs and inscriptions in the cave, including Sam Clemens and Jesse James, both authentic. The only bat we saw, and it was in the entrance tunnel. Went back in to Hannibal to do more sightseeing. Visited the lighthouse that has a very steep approach road. Looking down on the town. We left Hannibal and headed towards Springfield, IL. Spent the next two nights at Sangchris Lake SP. Getting ready to grill some burgers. The next day we visited Lincoln’s Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery. The bust in front of the tomb is a bronze prototype of Lincoln’s head by Gutzon Borglum prior to the creation of the Mount Rushmore monument. We then visited the Lincoln home and neighborhood, and the Lincoln Museum that’s nearby. Nothing is open in the Lincoln home historic site due to NPS COVID-19 restrictions. There were still plenty of interesting things to walk around, look at and read about. There’s a famous picture of the house with Abe and Tad outside taken from this spot. Dixxie likes to view things upside down. I think this was before either of us had our coffee one morning. From there, on our last day we headed to Cahokia Mounds Historic Site near St. Louis. Looking straight on at Monks Mound. From Wikipedia: “Monks Mound is the largest Pre-Columbian earthwork in the Americas and the largest pyramid north of Mesoamerica. The beginning of its construction dates from 900–955 CE.” Cahokia was abandoned by about 1350. Side view of Monks Mound. Nice little camper on that old green pickup. I don’t know what those guys are doing digging up the place. Probably plumbers digging up a leaking pipe. They should put some cones out. :W Not as steep as the steps on some of those Mayan temples in Mexico, but steep enough. That’s St. Louis off to the southwest. The obligatory selfie. I got the T-shirt, too. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 09:16am Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Can't go anywhere unless you break camp...anywhere. Pfft. :P I drop mine everywhere. Everywhere. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

1- It’s not a travel trailer 2- It’s not a fifth wheel 3- It’s not a B 4- It’s not a C 5- It’s not an A In other words, it’s just right for me, the boss, her cats and the way we travel. Everybody is happy. I guarantee, if it didn’t work for us, we’d do things different. That’s why for the last 35 years I’ve owned five trucks and three TC’s. :):)
NRALIFR 10/20/20 06:11am Truck Campers
RE: Propane Coffee Pot

This is my propane coffee pot. I’ve had it for years, love to watch it brew. :):)
NRALIFR 10/18/20 06:13pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Portable grill/stove

I’ve got a Weber Q100/Baby-Q, and carried it around for several years in the toolbox I carry on the front bumper. Due to its height, I always had to take the lid off the grill and stow them side-by-side in order to get the toolbox lid closed. So, the grill took up twice as much space in the toolbox as it should have. I bought this Coleman Fold N Go Grill about a year ago, and so far I like it. It’s just big enough to cook a couple of hamburgers, steaks, or chops, which is what I’m typically grilling. It could easily handle 3, and maybe 4 if needed. You can find it cheaper than Amazon has it for right now. I paid about $65. It’s small, not very tall, and fits in the space I have for it very well. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think you could set a frying pan on it also. :):)
NRALIFR 10/17/20 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

If you need some up/down adjustability of your cargo rack, look closely between my box and the hitch. That’s a pintle hook mount with multiple sets of holes that allow about 6-8” of drop or rise. I had an identical plate welded on the back of the rack the toolbox sits in, so I could get it at the perfect height. They make pintle hook mounts that allow even more drop/rise than that if you need it. :):)
NRALIFR 10/11/20 08:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

I’m unable to stream video at the moment so excuse me if this is covered there. If you have tow loops on the front of your truck, you might think about using them to stabilize your generator, and to share some of the load with the front hitch. I carry a toolbox on the front of my truck, and the turnbuckles to the tow loops make it rock solid. :):)
NRALIFR 10/11/20 04:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Reasonably Priced Portable Compressor Fridge

There are only 2 or 3 companies that make low voltage DC compressors. Danfoss (or what ever name they are selling under because the have been bought/sold/merged with other companies over the past 20 tears) is one. Cubigel is another. Technically, these are NOT 12VDC compressors. There is an a small box of electronic that converts the 12VDC to 3 phase AC or brushless DC to drive the actual motor. I think the current name is SECOP, which may be what this unit has. I haven’t been able to find out. The closest I can come is the owners manual says “Car refrigerator with compressor from Germany” on it. SECOP is a German company. :):)
NRALIFR 10/10/20 03:41am Truck Campers
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