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RE: How to remove oxidation before waxing?

For many years I have had good results using ZEP liquid wash and shine on TT. Removes the white powder residue and leaves a clean shinning finish to the TT. Easy and quick to use with sponge mop and no mess to deal with. Then you can wax over it if so desired. Cheers to the brave
NamMedevac 70 10/27/21 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: "Solar" Sub-Forum

Just use your Find words feature in your Bing or Google browser for the word Solar when you are on the Tech or any other forums and can quickly find the topic highlighted and this saves me a lot of searching and reading time. You can expand the tech forum page to see last 6 months of post. Try it you might like it says Mikeee.
NamMedevac 70 10/27/21 04:49am Tech Issues
RE: Observations from the road

I am 75 and still take very frequent fishing, mountain hiking and camping trips and still young at heart, fully vaccinated and taking my statins therefore I am not a member of the grumpy old farts club. Cheers to the brave.
NamMedevac 70 10/26/21 06:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Dolly Woe

I have read on RV forums one cannot backup a tow dolly in a straight line. True or not true and that Uhaul trailers with surge brakes cannot be backed up an incline or hill?????
NamMedevac 70 10/26/21 12:26am Truck Campers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

Many years ago in Texas I placed a $100.00 deposit on a signed contract with a dealer north of San Antonio. Within the allotted allowed time period I changed my mind and they would not return the deposit even though clearly stated so in the contract. So I bought a great late model TT from their competitor up the road and then towed the trailer onto their lot in front of show room and ask the lying salesmen what they thought of my new to me TT. All they said was it that the only reason I came back to their location and I said yep I am having fun sports. TT has been used by me all over USA since 2003 with no issues. I did same thing with a truck I recently purchased when two dealers pulled a bait and switch scam on me. I then drove my new purchase from a 3rd honest dealer onto their lots in front of showroom and when they came outside I had fun again and called them the ******* lying crooks they are. More fun for me. My savings are more important to me than their lying mouths to feed. In any type of social setting for many many years I never meet people who admit to being a salesperson at RV or boat or vehicle dealers.
NamMedevac 70 10/25/21 09:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full Time RV living as a S Corp/1099 employee

Yep, and those with "experience" on such matters offer "wisdom". Wisdom = knowledge (knowing) + experience (doing). Thanks for supporting my previous comment and advice sport as I am a former Financial and Tax Accountant of small S and C corporations and registered SEC CFP. I gave him my advice based on both experience and as a former professional. Cheers to common sense. Note: I am not a lawyer or paralegal and my advice or comments are not legal advice. Shish.
NamMedevac 70 10/25/21 01:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Full Time RV living as a S Corp/1099 employee

Josh you will have to do your internet research just as I did or use an accountant (recommended) for the laws and rules of each state for doing business or employment there as a resident or non resident. Some states have already and others are attempting to tax people who are working from home on the internet for companies located in another state than their home or resident state where they are staying/living. They are getting aggressive due to all the remote workers working from home due to Covid 19 according to many recent news reports. In Nevada if you live continuous for more than 6 months then you must apply for a Nevada drivers license or ID card and this is same for everyone including especially persons working or conducting any type of commercial business in the state. Very short time limit for temporary workers. The work camping forums will also have persons experienced in this topic matter. And yes some states use the local police and HP to check on out of state plates of RVers if they pull you over for traffic warning or ticket. It did happen to me in Nevada when I had out of state plates on truck and TT. I was not employed or conducting a business so I truthfully told this to the trooper when he ASK THE QUESTION how long I had been in Nevada and if I was working or conducting a business in his state. They are also used as revenuers and it is against the law to lie to a PO.
NamMedevac 70 10/25/21 01:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Coleman Triton stove sucks! Replacement?

I have for years used a single burner propane item that mounts directly on top a 1 lb propane bottle with adjustable flame/heat out put including simmer. Just screw into threads of the bottle and one bottle last a long time for one person. Has a plastic base you place on bottom of bottle to stand upright and steady. It heats up very fast and will handle a very small skillet or pot and large empty vegetable can that I use for soup sometimes. Great for my short term fishing and camping trips. Cheap and easy to find in stores and on Amazon or Ebay. I do not remember brand of my unit as it is in store room.
NamMedevac 70 10/25/21 12:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Full Time RV living as a S Corp/1099 employee

Look up "Enrolled Agent". Then, avoid internet advice. He or She has received some very good internet advice from me and others and that is to consult with or stick with his accountant for financial advice, etc. From former registered SEC CFP, Financial and Tax Accountant. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 10/24/21 01:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Opinion on knock-off batteries for laptop...?

I have also had great results using a non OEM battery from Amazon for my now old Acer laptop Vista that I upgraded to Win 10 with zero problems for several years now. Use it as a backup to my new Lenovo laptop I core 7.
NamMedevac 70 10/24/21 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

Whenever I camp in remote or some urban areas campgrounds I always prepare for different types of possible safety issues. Common sense says so. It is easy and stress free like having insurance. Possible Issues include weather, access, terrain conditions, critters that may bite, sting, eat or harm you. For example when going into remote BLM lands I carry a shovel, tow rope and two traction devices just in case my 2 or 4 wheel trucks get stuck. Been camping in Texas and most of western USA since 2001 and only one or two instance of two legged critters threatening me and I ran them off with a bigger. No harm no foul. I pick locations that are not near areas of frequent criminal actions or points of controversy and possible violence as too many other nice places for me. No unnecessary risk for me. I had fun all those years sports. Cheers to common sense. The OP is using common sense in asking his/hers question of mature RVers.
NamMedevac 70 10/23/21 08:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anybody else have bad issues with RV Value Mart?

Never heard of them until now. Many years ago I used RV trader to find my TT with great results for over 12 years until I sold it for a good price to RV dealer.
NamMedevac 70 10/23/21 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Car Jacking

In 1965 after HS graduation two friends and I drove my Dodge Dart round trip to Acapulco all the way from Central Texas with only a few flat tires and lost hubcaps in Monterey that I bought back next day at Hubcap central in center of the city. Had great fun on the beach and scuba diving, skiing, etc. and stayed at the Hilton. Those were the days
NamMedevac 70 10/23/21 10:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Renting your RV

No way Jose. They may take it to the Burning Man festival at Black Rock desert and you will never get that very fine powder sand out of the RV and all the moving parts. Many renters love to abuse other peoples property. You should see some of the apartments at a modern gated rental unit I stayed in South Reno years ago. I now live in older apartment with mostly older renters like me and we have none of that violent BS against property or fellow renters.
NamMedevac 70 10/23/21 01:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Full Time RV living as a S Corp/1099 employee

Although retired pilot I am also former Financial and Tax accountant that specialized in small business S corporations many years ago. The IRS rules governing S corporations often change and YOUR ACCOUNTANT should be current on all the current requirements. There are pros and cons regarding S Corporations and their passive income pass thru/on methods. As a traveling RVer you may need to be aware of different states regulations and filing requirements for small business operations. Today there are even many more additional rules, regulations everywhere. Nevada HP sometimes ask RVers with out of state plates if you are working or conducting any type of commercial business in Nevada. I have now been resident and RVer in Nevada many years. Stick with an accountant. This info may be useful to others. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 10/23/21 01:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Gasser guys and gals ...why not a diesel ?

Never needed one as my Dodge Ram 2500 V10 and other Ram 1500 V8 was more than enough. And yes I could easily afford the gas for the V10.
NamMedevac 70 10/22/21 01:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wheel Bearings - re-grease?

Almost every year I used a trailer shop to check and adjust TT brakes and re grease the bearings using synthetic grease and never any problems with hard towing in the Rockies and western mountains, deserts of USA.
NamMedevac 70 10/22/21 01:10am Tech Issues
RE: Veteran PTSD research project needs a loaner/donated class C

Well what is name of your nonprofit so we can check it out says common sense and a Vietnam Vet U.S. Army medevac pilot 1970.
NamMedevac 70 10/21/21 11:39am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Pop ups

As a former full timer in TT I am no longer interested in full time topics or big rig BS. Before I bought my TT in 2003 I was a tent camper and still do some truck camping. In 2001 I saw a popup in very gusty winds almost tear away the extended sleeping areas at coastal Texas SP and it was really wipping sideways in the gust so I decided to buy a full enclosed TT. I am still interested in pop ups and camping information and tired of the big rig BS travel forums. Cheers to all the pop up campers out there.
NamMedevac 70 10/17/21 08:00pm Folding Trailers
RE: AT&T Mobley has Died. Need replacement Router

So far my Mobley works perfectly in my 3 dodge rams with good reception without transferring the SIM to other devices. Leave well enough alone is my advice to the SMA.
NamMedevac 70 10/17/21 07:51pm Technology Corner
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