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RE: Koni FSD where to get besides Shockwarehouse

MHO the koni fsd's work marginal for the rears, flat out suck for the front ! I ate the "next best thing to slice bread" comments on the fsd's , and bought them . Waste of money to me. Wished I'd stayed with the Bilstein's HD's like I did on my last two MH's ! As for shockwarehouse , yeah they messed up my order too , I'll look elsewhere next time. Salesman had a bad attitude when I called him out on his lying to me.
OFDPOS 05/20/19 12:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Where to start

I'll throw in my $.02 in. By all means do the above first with tire pressure adjustments , alignment. BUT ! The stock Anti Sway Bars on Fords are pretty much a joke. They put the same size ones on a E-150 through the E-450. At least through 2013-2014 they did. Don't know about the newer ones ? Maybe around town in a E-150 deliver van ok , but not with a MH box attached to the chassis. The stock ASB's are like comparing the diameter size of your pinky finger to your thumb , (unless you have abnormal hands, your thumb will obviously be bigger lol ) Saying that just by replacing both the ASB's will give a much needed improvement, just the mere stepping in and out of the side door you will notice a big difference. If you are handy with simple hand tools you could do them yourself, the money you would save you could buy both and still come out cheaper then paying to just have one installed. Are they the original shocks as well ? If so replace them with Bilsteins HD DON"T waste your money on those koni fsd's ! Next up have a Trac Bar installed in the rear. Saying all this ,,, this would be of coarse if you are planning on keeping the MH for awhile ... Ok that was more like the $.10 tour... lol
OFDPOS 03/12/19 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: air pressure

Kinda figured that, thanks for the replies... Last 2 MH's went with the LTX MS/2 as well. Last MH actually just had the recalled tires replaced and once I bought the MH , the same tire shop allowed me to exchange the BFG tires that replaced the recalled Michelin's back to Michelin's. ( hope that makes since ? ) Not sure why ? But the tire shop put on the Defenders instead of the LTX's ?
OFDPOS 02/11/19 10:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: air pressure

Even clicking on Michelin load and inflation tables for RV tires , it still comes up with the XPS Rib tires . These are NOT the Michelin tires we are running , most are running the Michelin Defender or LTX tires. Wonder if the tire pressure rating is the same ?
OFDPOS 02/10/19 09:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Redding area campgrounds - full up with fire survivors?

Durango Park right next I5 in Red Bluff . You can go online to their website and check availability . Clean park with easy access on and off the freeway.
OFDPOS 01/09/19 09:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone joined Harvest Hosts ?

Thanks for the replies The map they show on their site shows they are everywhere (well one in Nevada). But you have to join just to see their locations. So is the map they show on their site misleading or ? We're planning another trip to the East Coast for next year and depending where they are located could stay a few nights at some along the way.
OFDPOS 10/28/18 10:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Anyone joined Harvest Hosts ?

WE’RE A NETWORK OF WINERIES, FARMS AND ATTRACTIONS THAT INVITE RVERS TO VISIT AND STAY OVERNIGHT FOR FREE! Just curious if anyone has and how is it working out ? You have to join to actually see the locations , they advertise as having 600 locations ?
OFDPOS 10/28/18 01:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: class c blinds

My last mh, a class C, had a vinyl cover made to go on the INSIDE of the cab. It covered both side windows and the windshield, and was held on with snaps. Exterior vinyl covers that do the same are available at many RV parts places. Yep have the exterior vinyl one for when we are in CG's. Below for when we are on the road and stop at ? for the night. That way we don't have to go outside and remove the exterior one off the windshield, we can just fire up and go if need be... On our last C we just took a sheet and clipped it on the overhead section and let it hang down behind the cab seats when we parked. That way less to cool and heat while parked... Our new to us C has the snap type/curtain just above behind the cab seats , even then we still put the sunshade in the inside of the windshield along with similar to what Rockhillmanor on the side windows to help with heat.
OFDPOS 09/28/18 05:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Careful at the truck wash!

Ok got that all figured out.. So how did it turn out ? The wash job or did you get that far ?? Have heard from others turned out great to worst thing to do is take a MH into a Truck wash. Saying the chemicals they use is too harsh for the paint etc MH ?
OFDPOS 09/24/18 07:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Does any one know?

And if you haven't already done it replace that way undersized front Anti Sway Bar too !
OFDPOS 08/29/18 10:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Added air bags...

Not to mention they are NOT a put air in them and forget about them after you find the sweet spot, they will bleed down over time. ;)
OFDPOS 08/26/18 03:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: onan 4000 gen dies

There is a few You tube videos about exactly what you were describing . Runs fine for about 20 minutes then dies. The videos were saying the dipstick on the 4K gen is off. Too much oil , they go into detail about taking a turkey baster and sucking out a few oz's. Symptoms : Runs fine for 20 minutes shuts down , will not restart . Let it sit for 20-30 minutes fires right back up only to die again after 15-20 minutes run time. Alot of people commented saying that fixed the dying problems. Thought what the heck , I tried it , nope still did the same thing. Wound up replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter. With no instructions and being in a tight place , took me an hour and a half to do it, well put the module back in tightened it down to realize I didn't fully tighten down the fuel pump retaining screw/bolt and let a wire harness drop underneath the module, so basically did it twice having to remove the module housing plate to get access to the loose screw/bolt and reroute wire harness. Now that I know how to do it , could do it again in a half hour or less. I paid right at $100. for the fuel pump, fuel filter and some fuel line. RV place wanted $250 to replace the pump. Changed the oil and put at proper level . Ran it for 5 minutes, turned the A/C on and let run for 30 minutes . Turned A/C off let run another 5-10 minutes ran perfect. Have done this a couple times now, so far so good...
OFDPOS 08/15/18 08:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: America's roads are awful!!

we've been down this road before (no pun intended)....higher gas taxes if and only if those dollars would be directed to road repair, bridge repair, etc and not mass transit or other non-highway uses. Exactly
OFDPOS 08/05/18 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cheap tires + Speed = Blown tire

More like aged out tires not chinese made tires or or or or .. Every spring well most summer long living by water ways, see em all the time boat trailers parked on side of freeway jacked up tire/wheel missing allot of time even spindle too ! They just park em at the end of last boating season with no maintenance and come spring hit the road on dried up rusted wheel bearings to cracked aged out tires. Could be the same thing here stated in OP , we all can guess and armchair quarter back and speculate anything... ;)
OFDPOS 08/05/18 05:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: E450 Engine Squeal Belt Area.

Tensioner and idler pulleys should be replaced when the belt is replaced. Never heard that before :h
OFDPOS 08/05/18 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E450 Engine Squeal Belt Area.

Another easy quick way to find out , while its making the noise squirt a quick shot of WD40 on inside of the belt. Noise gone its the belt. If you ruled out the belt. One item at a time with eng shut off, spray just bit of WD40 on the tensioner pulley bolt head area and if possible back side of where the pulley butts up to and let it sit awhile to penetrate. Start it up and run it, noise still there try another pulley etc.
OFDPOS 08/05/18 05:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ok, who was it?

Hi I'm Larry it was my other brother Darrel ... ;)
OFDPOS 08/04/18 09:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black tank science

Since speaking from personal experience being a turd herder for 6 years. Worked for a City in the Sewer Dept. Rich snobs poop smells just as bad as the poor folk's poop living on the other side of the tracks ! lol Only difference the rich snobs poop has more fiber holding the poop together ... Oh and just as many syringe needles ! Even just as much cat litter and egg shells we flushed out of the lines too. Never understood why people put their egg shells in the sink and garbage disposal . They clog up lines , they don't disintegrate just stay that small size until they go through the Sewer plant and out to the drying beds then finally slowly dissolve would be a term to use ?..
OFDPOS 08/03/18 11:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Coast to Coast / Membership Camping

I'll try to keep this short... lol Back in 2012 we just bought a new to us first time MH , so off to CW to get supplies, Water hoses, Sewer hose connections etc Yeah I know noobies... As we walk in we are hit up from a sales guy about yep a C2C membership , he said just for listening we get a free night stay at the local resort which would be our home one.. We stated we were going to do a cross country road trip to DC and planed on staying at Cherry Hill RV Resort in Baltimore. So he starts out with a booklet showing all the little dots on a small map and shows that yep Cherry Hill is part of C2C CG's list. And here comes the punch line I ask how much and he comes off with something in the line of $5K we laugh and say we are out of here. He keeps the sales pitch talk up and finally says for $99.99 you can get a 1 year something something watchamacallit membership. Were thinking that would cover the 8 nights we planed on staying at Cherry Hill and with the other C2C CG's listed along our route we'd save even more. So we bought into it for the $99.99. He said our brochure C2C CG list booklet etc will be mailed to us, he gave us the C2C booklet he had selling us the membership so we could start planning our trip. He went on to say how it works you need to call a day before you arrive to set up your stay , I said we have no idea how far we'll drive each day and that it would be hard to set up a place for each night not knowing how far each day we would travel ? He said he's traveled extensively using the C2C listed CG's and just called em when he hit the town they were located in and even pulled up to the gate of them and they let him stay. Ok Back home a couple days later I call Cheery Park to set up our reservation and told them I belonged to C2C and ,,,, the person stopped me in mid sentence and said they no longer are part of C2C.. it went from $10. a night to approx $53.00 a night. I told the person I'll be back in touch with them and ended the phone call. Called the C2C customer service and was told oh yeah they dropped out this year, I said I have your booklet with them being listed. She said she knew for sure the 2012 booklet didn't have them listed. I flip back to the cover and the sales guy sold us the membership using the 2011 booklet. I then told her he sold the membership using that booklet and that we only bought the membership because Cherry Park was listed. She said she would up our membership info and asked if she could email me what she found out. I agreed because now we'd have a paper/email trail... We bounced back a few emails and finally was told and assured go through with stay at Cherry Hill, pay the amount they charge us and when we got back from our trip to send them the receipt with the amount we paid and they would reimburse us the difference. Sounded good to us! A business is taking care of a customer. Ok we know the route , but since this was our first rodeo traveling in an RV and not knowing how far we would get the first night and looking at the booklet for places , we saw one in the Needles area , so by 3 PM we called no answer, 3:30 till 6 PM called at least 10 times. Rolled into CG 6:30 PM and its gated so I pushed the button some guy wheeled around in a golf cart , I asked if we could get a site NOPE, I tried to explain what we were told and that we had been trying to call since 3 PM with no one answering or even a voicemail to leave a message . He said I can't just sit on my ass by the phone all day, then he just took off and left us at the gate.(Another story for another day) We looked in as far as we could see and there was maybe 5-6 rigs and at least 30 empty sites. Left and went down the street and stayed somewhere else. as we traveled on towards DC we called a couple places the day before we were going to be by one and both times even with open sites they put us in the "overflow" .They said the open sites were reserved and people will be coming in late. No one showed up and those sites sat empty. After that experience we din't use it anymore for the trip !! Finish up here,,, after our trip we did send in a copy of our receipt from Cherry Hill and they did reimburse us the difference. We never renewed and to this day will still get a renewal in the mail once in awhile along with an email for renewal or what's happening at the home resort. Did it save us money yes , would I do it again NOPE. Well unless Cherry Park was back on the list and we could get a membership for the $99.99 . I just looked at Cherry Hill's site they are up to $73. a night for a standard back in site now ...YIKES !!
OFDPOS 08/03/18 11:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Koni FSD Shocks

As I've stated before in these forums - I have absolute proof that the Koni FSD shocks in the rear of our Class C reduced the cracks/pothole pounding back there when traveling: Both our shower door gravity latch back there now stays latched, and the little plastic shelf on the back wall never has it's contents bounce out. Of course maybe Bilsteins would have done the same - but nothing in the Bilstein literature states that they provide a damping rate that varies depending upon the quickness (frequency) of road surface change. I really think that where the high frequency light damping mode of the Koni FSD shocks comes into it's own is on RVs that are really stiff springed relative to the motorhome's weight (which is our situation with a 24 foot Class C on the E450 chassis). In these situations a quick bump in the road does not need any shock's resistance added to the spring's resistance - so light or no shock damping is better for reducing the jolt. Most RVs on the E350/3500 chassis and larger RVs on the E450/4500 chassis - will have a higher vehicle weight to spring stiffness ratio that is not going to transmit sharp jolts from the roadway into the vehicle nearly as much as a lower ratio will. I'm sure Bilsteins (and many other shock brands) will handle these situations well enough. I'd bet had you replaced the old shocks with the Bilstein's you would of had the same results... Even tho it doesn't state it in any of Bilstein's literature. ;)
OFDPOS 08/01/18 10:28pm Class C Motorhomes
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