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RE: Multimeter recommendation?

Well how about that? I kept thinking I had a Fluke. I kept digging around in all the toolboxes in my garage. Finally found it. It's a Fluke model 77, series 2. I got it used, due to a screwy situation, back in 1991-ish. So this old girl is 30 years old or a few more years older. Off to get an Eveready Energizer 9 volt Lithium battery and will fire this old girl up and see what happens. .
OkieGene 12/15/21 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Carrying extra fuel in Canada

Thanks for all the varied opinions. I guess I should have been more specific. My question was more along the lines of whether it would be legal to cross the Canadian border carrying a couple of 5 gallon jugs of extra diesel. I'm certainly not going to spend $1800+ on an auxiliary fuel tank. I thought so, that's why I recommended buying the cans after your cross into Canada. Or keep the cans empty at crossing. Surely you can get ahold of the Canadian Border Crossing people and inquire with them. EDIT TO ADD: I just took a quick look at Canadian Border requirements. It *looks* like you can bring fuel across the border, but there is a limit to how much, there may be a fee to be paid if too much, and they may be picky about the fuel container. You really need to contact Canadian Customs, and if they say it's ok, try to get it in writing or email, and print copies and take with you. I've always had good to great experiences with Canadian Customs, but it's been quite a few years since. Good luck to you. In light of all that, Personally I'd just buy a couple fuel containers in Canada after I crossed in. Easy, no worries, no stress, no **** to deal with.
OkieGene 12/13/21 05:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carrying extra fuel in Canada

If you think it'll be an issue, you can always buy the fuel cans after you enter Canada. Canadian Tire is sort of their version of a wallymart. Proceed on.
OkieGene 12/12/21 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Setting up Solar on my Moho

Never mind. whoops.
OkieGene 12/10/21 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Leak

Hopefully, late at night when you wake up and need to urinate, you actually open the bathroom door.....and not the fridge door..... That light that automatically comes on may not be your friend.... Good luck to you.
OkieGene 12/09/21 03:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for small fifth wheel, no bunks

Google Dune Sports in Mesa AZ. They build 99% of their units on custom order. All they build are bumper pulls and 5th wheels. Everything they do is what you order. Call them, don't just look at their website.
OkieGene 12/09/21 02:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

For a meter, decent middle of the road clamp meter, Uni-T UT210E. Thanks! Just ordered one.
OkieGene 11/26/21 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

I spent 15 years in the trucking and transportation business. Many companies have limits set on the rig. Speed limits may be regulated, and thus can't be exceeded, at any level the company desires. For example, many years ago, all the Schneider and JB Hunt trucks were limited to 55 mph. They can also set the truck to not idle for longer than, oh lets say 10 minutes or whatever they want, to conserve fuel and emissions. This is done not just to save money, but to help lower risk and liability. Everyone knows, or should know, that is a commercial truck, or you, are driving over the speed limit and have a wreck, you are exposed to much more penalty and liability, or the government and the lawyers will be lined up trying to get in on going after you. Some companies will pay a driver bonus for meeting or exceeding a fuel mileage mark. Get better mileage, get a bigger pay check.
OkieGene 11/15/21 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel tank recommendation.

Contact Transfer Flo in California and talk to them. I referred a friend to them, he conferred with them, purchased it and they shipped it to him, and a local garage installed it for him. This was a replacement tank, larger of course, that replaced the one he had. Now I'm trying to get him to buy one that sits in the bed of the pickup, low profile.
OkieGene 11/14/21 10:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding more Solar and DC-DC charger

I'm not solar expert..... I heard from an acquaintance that purchased an extra solar panel. You may not have the room to carry one....but anyway, to supplement his roof mounted panels on those days when it's hard to get enough sun to top off the batteries, this is what he does. He pulls the extra panel out of its storage spot and positions it on the ground, angled up and aimed properly with a home made metal frame thing, and aims it to catch the sun as it starts to come up. This gets some amps going 1st thing. He may or may not move it again, just depends, but he will wait, if needed, to re aim it for early evening to start catching the sun as it goes down, thus catching the the last of the suns energy. It's a little expense, not a lot, you need another good panel, the wiring, and some material to make the framework to hold and aim the panel as the day progresses. Best wishes to you.
OkieGene 11/14/21 10:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Learning Question, from a previous thread

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I'd like to install my own so I will know more about it, how it works and is set up, and how to fix and update as needed. I might hire some guys to get on the roof and install the panels, maybe, but I definitely want to do the rest myself. I plan to install Solar in my new rig (Shopping now) and I also want to establish a 2nd and independent system for my Ham Radio operation. I want to be able to take my portable station out away from the rv and run it while operating ham radio, you guys who are hams will understand. Later!
OkieGene 11/14/21 07:59pm Tech Issues
Solar Learning Question, from a previous thread

Hi, There was a thread running, now closed, by someone requesting a Solar Subforum. I asked a question if anybody had a link to help me learn more about Solar. The thread was closed right after that, and someone emailed me with a link. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark that and the email is gone. I'm getting confused about what is needed to make a good solar system, if the person who emailed me could resend, or anyone else with a very good solar system understanding and learning link would put it up here, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!
OkieGene 11/13/21 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

Dude! No more Taco Bell for you!
OkieGene 11/09/21 07:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Payment method

Go talk to your local credit union. A real live person face to face, the manager.
OkieGene 11/08/21 01:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: leaking pipes

While you're at it, snake the drain pipes up on the roof.
OkieGene 11/06/21 01:34am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Smell - Yuck!

You might try an Ozone Generator and direct it into the fridge-freezer.
OkieGene 11/06/21 01:33am General RVing Issues
RE: "Solar" Sub-Forum

I need an online tutorial of how RV Solar system work. The more I search online the more confusicated I become. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks
OkieGene 11/03/21 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Triton stove sucks! Replacement?

^^^^^^ I've purchased new leather cups on ebay. Prices used to be a couple of bucks apiece but now people that have them to sell are asking a kings ransom. You might as well check it out anyway.
OkieGene 11/01/21 05:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Side-Trip Report: Great Salt Plains SP, OK

The Highway 412 you were on is just about the longest straight run in America. One section is 47.7 miles and is arrow straight, and the 2nd section is 65.5 miles of arrow straight miles. The tiny town you mentioned, Kenton, is one of the USA's best Dark Sky astronomy viewing areas, as there is just nothing really out there. You can google Okie Tex Star Party dot com, and see how people come from all across the USA as well as Canada and sometimes from other Continents. If you are an amateur astronomer, this place should be on your short list.
OkieGene 10/30/21 09:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Coleman Triton stove sucks! Replacement?

I have a 3 burner coleman gas stove I purchased new in 1977, so that's 44 years, and it's still working fine.
OkieGene 10/30/21 09:20pm General RVing Issues
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