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RE: Hot Water Heater Funny Issue

Water heater only heats COLD water initially...after heated it reheats Hot Water cause 110*F temp is considered HOT water Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to refer to it as a Hot Water Heater Otherwise....get over yourselves.
Old-Biscuit 07/22/21 10:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge not cooling

2004 vintage......... Is it LEVEL? Does it cool on AC? Have they gone thru and fully cleaned the burner assembly,,,,,orifice, burner etc Service Manual Pg 8 Operation Pg 11....burner cleaning There is NO 'pilot' ....the Flame that lights IS the main flame
Old-Biscuit 07/18/21 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

what is the RIGHT direction? Hold item so threaded end is to your right.... Then start wrap on threads AWAY from you
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pump Keeps Running

Figured it out and feel pretty dumb. I relocated the city water connection to the back of the RV for ease of connecting and when I first changed the pump it was hooked up (but house hose off). Today I had unhooked the hose and it was spraying water back out my new hookup. I'm now assuming there must be an anti-backflow valve at the stock city water connection. The odd thing is the old pump was doing the same thing long before I moved my city water hookup (this is why I swapped the pump). Anyway, all is well.... for now. Thanks for the replies everyone. One of the items in my post City Water inlet has a check valve to prevent back flow from RV into City Water System when using the pump Pump has an internal check valve to prevent back flow thru pump when using city water
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Refrgerator RM1350 I give up

Thermistor is faulty
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 08:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Does closing most A/C vents create back-pressure?

They do make adjustable roof ceiling vents..... 13.5K btu A/C Unit is standard size 15K is the large size Close off the vent you want.... Unlike furnace---less duct/vents will not cause A/C harm **Might cause Evap Coil to Ice up which is easy to correct
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 08:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pump Keeps Running

Pump running continuously: *How do you fill your fresh water tank----FILL valve or Gravity Port Fill Valve---leaking thru so pump round-robins and can't build pressure *LEAK...wrap TP around fittings then check in an hour. Wet TP---LEAK *Pump Check Valve leaking pump should have cured that issue *Bad Pump Pressure switch----New pump should have cured that issue (switch is on head of pump...give it a whack with handle of screw driver) *City Water Inlet Check Valve leaking...check for drippings from connection *Water heater T&P Weeping
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

thank you that is so helpful! This article suggests yellow tape is the preferred sealing method and adequate: actualy it doesnt, it says it is more conventiant for the worker to use as it is easier to carry , doesnt have a shelf life, and has no cure time. if you dont wrap it properly it can be the worst one you'll use. I used to work for a gas company when I was a young lad and we would have been fired for using tape instead of liquid sealers. if you notice when the rv's come from the factory they use a liquid sealant also. the choice of liquid sealants is just as important though, you want to get a non hardining one, so it sets up but doesnt harden like a rock. Steve Liquid sealers are fast/easy ....just a quick wipe around the threads with the brush----Done Yellow Gas Tape is just as effective and less messy.....just a couple of wraps in the RIGHT direction...done Direction is important where as with liquid sealant---just swipe it on Commercial/Production----time is money....liquid sealant is the choice Yellow tape is good also.
Old-Biscuit 07/15/21 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

SSN Replacement card via On-line.....simple
Old-Biscuit 07/14/21 04:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tire engineering question.

One tire blow out on a Dual means the other tire was instantly overloaded......damage is done and increases with drive time No place to safely pull off....then you drive on it until you can safely pull over EVEN if it blows and your on the rim. Gonna need 2 new tires regardless.
Old-Biscuit 07/14/21 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: High AC voltage - Norcold Fridge

Norcold AC Requirements.......... 108VAC - 132VAC *DC ... 10.5VDC - 15.4VDC Dometic AC Requirements.......... 100VAC - 132VAC *DC .... 9.6VDC - 22VDC DC Voltage would be more of a concern then the AC Voltage
Old-Biscuit 07/14/21 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

"Alright, the old ones I removed seem to have a small more narrow male end, which is inserted into a brass adapter, which I removed ...." Inverted flare...... Did you open the Link I posted to types of fittings? Scroll down and look/read about #3 Did you crack the regulator by overtightening??
Old-Biscuit 07/14/21 09:46am Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

Types of LP fittings Yours could be NPT or Inverted Flare (check which in the LINK above) If old hoses screw directly into REG body then NPT If old hoses screw into a brass adapter on REG then Inverted Flare Yellow Gas Tape on NPT...not on Inverted Flare Tighten until you feel good resistance .... No washers used.
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: [SOLVED] Work truck with service bed to tow a fifth wheel?

AS suggested Above^^^^ And it being a Dually should not have issue with 5th wheel WET pin weight
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 08:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Approximate fuel milage of these 2 motorhomes?l

Diesel/Gas MHs Lot more high cost differences between them then MPG 8 MPG is lucky
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I am glad that I do not live in California !

Prop 65 passed back in 1988...reformed/updated in 2016 Do you inform your customers that those pin nails could be hazardous ?
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 08:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Automatic Changeover Regulator not changing over

Yes...that is the 30# LP Regulator They flow across to other side
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Changeover Regulator not changing over

Thanks to those who chimed in on this thread. The comments are appreciated. I did some more research and discovered that some pigtails, specifically those with the green knobs and sold by Camco, have a device located at the green knob that prevents a sudden large flow of gas in case of a broken gas line. LINK. It looks like mine is said Camco pigtail. I ordered a new pigtail and will replace the driver-side one. I'll post the results after I do this. All ACME Nuts (Red/Green/Black----color just indicates Flow Ratings)) on pigtail have an 'Excess Flow Device' ...trips if flow downstream increases (leak) But can also trip if the cylinder OPD valve is Opened too fast....close OPD/Wait 39 seconds/Open SLOWLY Did you check that 30# Regulator on cross over line???
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 06:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Changeover Regulator not changing over

Which side is opposite where the Auto Change-Over Regulator is? Is that the cylinder that doesn't flow when other one goes empty? Red Top Regulator on cross over line has failed. It takes high cylinder pressure and controls it to 30# in line that goes across front of trailer *Required when long line is used otherwise if at full cylinder pressure the propane vapor could condense into liquid propane which will ruin your auto change over reg and if liquid gets into LP System it can ruin appliance gas valve RED TOP Reg has failed....not your auto change over reg. And YES the lever is for cylinder indication NOT for change over operation
Old-Biscuit 07/13/21 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: black water tank treatments

Dihydrogen monoxide is the chemical I use...cause they are 'holding' tanks not septic tanks
Old-Biscuit 07/12/21 07:04pm General RVing Issues
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