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RE: And Texas Caves In

Have to say, the various bans and mandates don't appear to have properly taken into account the likely multi-generational impact of destroying our own economy. I don't have the right comparative scale to apply, but is (potentially) saving some number of lives worth reducing the standard of living for the rest of the country for a couple generations? And concurrently drying up the economic resources to address the next pandemic? We simply can't keep throwing trillions of $$ at even significant problems. At some point another problem will arise that can be solved by $$ (my opinion is that there is not much elasticity in COVID-19 risk v. the $$ being spent on it)....but at that point, we won't have either $$ or more borrowing power because we destroyed our economy in 2020.
PA12DRVR 04/07/20 01:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil trades now in US dollars.....not for long

Unlikely to happen....yes, the Saudi/Russia deal may disrupt various baskets and blend analyses, but unless all sorts of other sectors began to trade in other currency (including the shipping / storage sector which will come to the fore very rapidly), one sector (oil) will not trade in a different currency than other major and related sectors.
PA12DRVR 04/05/20 08:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Good day today!

Over the past 3 days all sorts of trivial-in-the-big-picture-but-nevertheless-good-things happened in the -12drvr household - Got to go for a long walk in the evenings with my darling bride; - Granddaughter had her 8th birthday and really liked the electric keyboard we got her; - Son, DIL, and daughter all survived the latest round of layoffs at their respective employers and are probably good for quite some time. - Smoked what was reported to be a great brisket over the weekend.... - Sunny and 40 in Los Anchorage for a couple of days... Spring is coming!
PA12DRVR 04/02/20 04:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

I carry everything from a Sven Saw and DB Axe to electric saws to small Poulans to Big A** professional Stihls. For the PA-12, it's usually just the Sven Saw (trying to stay light). For the Jeep Wrangler on the existing trail to the cabin, it's usually the electric saw, sometimes if I'm feeling energetic when loading, the small gas Poulan. For the established trail to the cabin or for the (relatively few) backcountry dirt roads in AK, I've never needed more than the electric saw or small Poulan to deal with deadfall or blowdowns..but part of that is that I rarely have to make more than one cut and I'm able to winch the tree out of the way. I carried one of the wire saws on the snow-go for a couple of winters: never "had" to use it, but when I used it to see how it worked, I had a real struggle keeping it oriented right to cut efficiently and eventually gave up on the concept. Sven Saw or a campers axe was a better choice for me.
PA12DRVR 03/30/20 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Should we be going?

As you're in the high-risk category, I'd be pretty careful about exposure and would probably decide not to go based on the risk of getting it. While opinions vary, and just for the record mine is that there is an unfortunate amount of hype in the virus reporting and that there are some poorly-thought-through consequences to the CDC's actions, I'd still skip going strictly as a precautionary measure to avoid the disease.
PA12DRVR 03/20/20 12:52pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Don't come to NH either!

Would it be if you or your family are one of the dead? In 2018 33,654 people died in car accidents in the US. We should not drive. Ridiculous you say? But what if YOUR family were one of the dead? Take precautions, abide by the rules, live your life. ^^^ This. Unfortunately, I think the precautions urged / required by the CDC have not been adequately evaluated against the impact they will cause: Once the CDC says to minimize contact, any company is likely to immediately take huge steps to do so in order to avoid lawsuits...with a spiraling effect that eventually shuts the country down. And what harm to "the people" will ultimately be tolled up due to a multi-trillion loss of GDP and economic downturn that will take generations to recover from? Will our kids and grandkids suffer because there is no generational wealth passed on, because there are fewer $$ (either public or private) to fund charities, because the economy doesn't generate the tax revenue is should? ...and while it's pretty easy to say "Lives matter more than dollars", does that hold true if actions that potentially save lives (maybe or maybe not and maybe those lives would or would not have been lost anyway) end up costing the entire country or an entire generation an order of magnitude lower standard of living?
PA12DRVR 03/18/20 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Investment Gurus-thoughts?

"...we would like to face retirement mortgage-free." This is not insignificant, (somewhat) notwithstanding what the numbers say. To paraphrase the old commercial: - $$ invested in 401(k)...xx% return - Money invested to reduce mortgage...xx% return - Mortgage free entering retirement, priceless. We were able to pay off our primary residence which was perhaps arguably not the best use of the money and we paid off a rental property, even more likely not the best use of the money....but now we simply don't worry about any capital asset payments, we have the "downsize if one of us dies" house (what is now the rental property), and any current income beyond the grocery bills can be either used for investments (and as of today, we're throwing quite a bit at the market) or for mad money. It's a good feeling.
PA12DRVR 03/11/20 10:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Investment Gurus-thoughts?

Not an expert by any means and won't venture into running the numbers. DW and I are 60/59 respectively and still working although both are no longer chasing the c-suite. Our portfolio (in market, out of market, real estate, precious metals, wooden nickels buried in the yard) did very well last year, but then the market-invested portion took a hit in the last week or two. Everyone is different but, FWIW, were we dealing with the choice, we'd pay off the house. The peace of mind that we have experienced over the past 3 years (and 3 weeks!) of not having to deal with a house payment while the market gyrates is worth quite a bit to us.
PA12DRVR 03/10/20 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Valve stem extensions for DRW

I used the braided extensions for about 5 years...never had an issue with leaking. Sold that truck and (brain fart) let the extensions go with it. I used the "1 inch" or something like that straight extensions on the inner tire on the replacement truck. Worked out fine for another 5 years before I sold that rig. After a gap of about 6 years, my only dually is my F550 plow truck. Since I only have to add air about 1x per year, I use the double-headed chuck. Works for that situation, but I may eventually put extensions on the F550 as well.
PA12DRVR 03/04/20 11:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Slide out awnings yay or nay?

Would not be without them. Long toppers may have sagging issues in the rain, just stick a beach ball between awning and slide roof to prevent water from accumulating. My vote as well. My 5th wheel had 4 slide, 3 were smallish, one was pretty large. I just rigged a bouy with a pull rope, shoved it to the middle of the large awning: that kept the rain and snow from making it sag and it provided just enough extra tension so that it wouldn't flop much in the wind.
PA12DRVR 03/03/20 10:02am General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 Milepost

As far back as my first trip in 1976, although I'll admit that was with another driver who routinely made the trip, the most beneficial feature of the Milepost(IMO) was that it had lots of the relevant maps gathered in one spot. While it's always been a promotional volume, it seems to have become more so over the years. As noted, with the advent of the web age, it's not as worthwhile as it was.
PA12DRVR 03/03/20 09:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 2020 Milepost

The 2020 Milepost will be released this month (23 March, 2020). I'm pretty sure the roads are all the same but some of the businesses along the way have changed. We are planning a trip from AK to Idaho, I just need my darling navigator wife to learn how to read the Milepost in reverse so we can enjoy the sights and stops along the way. Just hold it upside down. ;) Our last road trip, although coming up to AK, was through Idaho and Montana...great scenery.
PA12DRVR 03/02/20 11:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: block heater

I've got block heaters on 3 diesel vehicles and 3 gas vehicles here in Los Anchorage. Although some of the fleet is not used quite often, I'll use the block heater on vehicles I will be using if the temps are 15 degrees or colder. - Make sure you're getting power from your house: attach that extension cord to a hair dryer, trouble light, something. - If power's good from the house, plug in the heater on a cold morning. Some heaters do have internal thermostats and won't kick on above a certain temp. - Listen closely for a sound inside the hood: it can be a sparking sound, a whirring sound, or just a hum. That would indicate the heater is working. FWIW, heaters do fail (in a variety of ways), but in somewhere north of 40 years of driving in Alaska, I've never seen a failure where the heater element/circulator/itself was good while the attached electrical wiring was bad: in other words, if you have power to the male plug of the heater, either it works or it's the heater itself that's failed. As others have noted, and I've had similar experiences, plugging in a failed heater will not make cranking more difficult. Difficult cranking is something else.
PA12DRVR 02/27/20 01:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually tire pressure

I had a 2004 F350 CC LB DRW 4x4, don't recall the brand of tires, but seem to recall the max inflation per tire sidewall was 120psi. I usually ran at that level when towing my then 16,000# Fifth wheel, dropped to about 100 empty. All FWIW..
PA12DRVR 02/26/20 03:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford MSRP discount

..or the OP could simply decide what the pickup is worth to him, and I'd suggest new pickups (whether Ford, Dodge, or Chevy) are vast improvements over prior generations, and offer that number for the vehicle. If they take it, great. If they don't, then they want more for it than it's worth to the OP.
PA12DRVR 02/26/20 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford MSRP discount

Is there anything that makes that $70k truck "perfect" for the local market? If so, maybe the discount should be $8 - $12; if not, the $12-$15k quoted by IdaD would be more in line. Bought a new F250 last year; sticker was (IIRC) $68, got it for $60; but it was a real good fit for the market up here (4WD, heated seats, limited slip, etc, etc, etc) and with a few aftermarket things thrown in. FWIW, I've been pretty happy with the F250 for the grand total of the 6000 miles so far.
PA12DRVR 02/25/20 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: getting trapped inside a park

After towing a 39' 5th wheel for a year or so I learned: 1) If I couldn't see an easy way out from the gate; I'm not pulling in unless 2) I can find a spot to park outside the park and walk in to scope out the site or sites; If I couldn't see a big wide access and/or couldn't find a spot to stop while I took an investigative stroll through...on to the next CG. Found quite a few CG's where the access road meant that I had to have one specific, possibly two, sites or I couldn't get in and out with my combo. State Parks were the usual suspects for places I wanted to go that had smaller sites and access roads, but there was more than one or two "modern" CG's that tended to do the sardine thing that had the same problem.
PA12DRVR 02/24/20 05:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who is responsible for discounts?

I used to frequent a CG outside of Houston. Very nice facilities, very clean, great place. Two things (in addition to the general "nice" of the place) I recall well: 1) There was a big sign at the registration desk announcing that discounts must be requested / given /taken at the time of registration, not later 1.a This was duplicated on the registration form 2) Probably stopped at this CG 20 times and each time (well at the end they stopped asking 'cause I always said "no") the folks asked: Are you: AAA/Good SAm/ Retired Military / Retired Civil Service / Member of ABC local clubs...and so forth. If the CG took the initiative to identify all discounts I was entitled to, it wouldn't offset or induce me to stay at a crappy CG. Alternatively, if I had to push for getting any discounts, it wouldn't be off-putting and keep me from staying at a nice CG. The way the one outside of Houston did it seemed a great balance.
PA12DRVR 02/21/20 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank?

FWIW, something to consider beyond "when will it run out" and "when do I have to stop for the facilities" is what you're towing and how that impacts where you are when either of the two above criteria kick in. I had an F350 towing a 39' 5th wheel. Stock tank was (IIRC) 34 gallons. Enough to go as long as was really practical. However, with the biga** trailer, I had to start looking for suitable stations (generally meaning truck stops) at about the 1/2 tank level. This became a real pain the behind, particularly if traveling on secondary roads, and after having to unhook the trailer and run the truck to a station one midnight, it became worth the $$ to add a auxiliary tank. I went with an in-bed extra 70 gallon tank and it was great. For the next 5-8 years (until the end of the RV chapter of life), I didn't have to stop at all during the "day" but could simply fill up the truck and aux tank once I was stopped for the evening and had parked the trailer.
PA12DRVR 02/17/20 01:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Went to the Springfield RV & Camping Show

FWIW, completely understand. Spent a long weekend in Seattle area recently and looked at few TT's and 5th Wheels in passing... but, while the travel itch is still there (even for a road trip) the RV interest has declined pretty significantly. Would rather drive and motel, or fly/boat and tent, than do the RV thing again. The intersection of "doing" vs. "convenience" is changing as age influences us and while we still put some effort into boating or flying, it isn't worth the effort any more for an RV trip when one can do much of the same stuff (on a road system) without needing to "RV".
PA12DRVR 02/17/20 01:01pm RV Lifestyle
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