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RE: Generator exhaust bracket.

18 wheeler tire treads are good to isolate vibration. I generally have one available for projects and they are free. I have also used old conveyor belting. But was not worth the time and effort. Being the part was less than $5. at the parts place.
Pete_k 05/06/22 02:04pm Truck Campers
Generator exhaust bracket.

Our 2016 Eagle Cap 1200. Had a banging sound when running the Generator. Found the rubber isolator exhaust bracket had broken. Looking online the replacement was $65. Being I will not pay that for a cheap part. Found a replacement for only $4.97 Used this mount. "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Used the factory screws and top mounting holes. Worked perfect to mount this one back into its spot. Then I loosened the clamp on the pipe itself. Twisted the rubber and bottom mount. Slid it up under the pipe clamp. Tightened that clamp back down. Job was done in under 5 minutes. "border=0" For Full-Size Image. "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
Pete_k 05/06/22 07:32am Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper title?

I do know in the state of Tn. If you borrow $$ to buy the Truck camper. You can take the MCO in and get a Tag and Title. We bought a new camper in 2006. Being we paid cash for it. Did not get a title in Tn, as we bought it in Denver. Buddy of mine bought a new Lance same month in Ky. But financed his, he got a title and tag. Along with paying all that sales tax to Tn. When I sold our 2006 TC in 2012. It went to a guy in VA, I gave him the original MCO and a Bill of sale. We bought our Eagle Cap in Fl end of 21. Only got a Bill of sale with it. Being Fl was also a state that shows a TC as Cargo.
Pete_k 02/25/22 01:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank in front of the slide in camper

If you do this, would be a good bet. Find and get fuel spill insurance. If you were to get into a rearend. That hit the tank, then leaks out fuel. Your going to be glad to know that $$$$$$ is not coming out of your pocket for the cleanup. Not sure how it works for normal pickups. But know if you have a extra tank. If it leaks your for sure going to pay for the cleanup.
Pete_k 02/09/22 01:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: New Mexico Atomic History

Looking forward to making a trip to Ground o also. And if its only open Oct Second and Third. Guess that makes the time to be there easy. As for Los Alamos. Enjoyed our few days there back in 2006. Nephew was working at the lab. Got to use his as our tour Guide around town. Plus up on the Mountain so it was perfect. Los Alamos has a great Museum's got to see all 3. Brother in Law lived in Los Alamos 20+ years. I always kidded him, go to work, come in for lunch. Clean as he left the house.
Pete_k 02/09/22 10:59am Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun info?

Thanks guys! I'm going to run both sets for a few weeks each. Then see what I like the best. As for removing to fuel, the new Ram. Thats not an issue, Dually fender has fuel cap more towards the middle. Glad of that and nice to fuel up that 50 gallon tank. Without having to remove the fast gun. I also picked up a set of the fastgun locks. Guy sold them to me for $30. Looked new, he told me the price. So I was nice and bought those.
Pete_k 02/08/22 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: looking for cheaper RV insurance

GEICO came in with a better price for us.
Pete_k 02/06/22 06:15pm Truck Campers
Fast Gun info?

Picked up a used set of Fast Guns last summer. So had those when we found our new to use camper. There the Vintage style. But the Eagle cap came with the new style Fast Guns. Looks to be almost new. The dark colored ones. So wondering if the old style would be better then the new style? Being I have both, sure can test them both out. But not sure on the ones to keep. I know lucky to have a set, then find myself with 2 sets.
Pete_k 02/06/22 06:10pm Truck Campers
RE: The Emotions in a TC

Dec 31 2021 coming home with the new to use Truck camper. Wife looked at me, then told me this. You were right the truck camper is the only way to go. This was after 6+ years of her 41ft 5th wheel. 4 door fridge, Fireplace, washer/Dryer Auto tracking Sat, 3 flat screen TV's. Were now back to a Truck camper again. Still have the Landmark in the Rv shed. But 99.99999 sure its going to leave this spring. I'm so happy to be back in the Truck camper again. Sure it has so much room. Sure its on the truck. But Sure I get unlimited smiles per mile with it.
Pete_k 01/27/22 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Bittersweet

Know of a guy. His Arthritis got so bad. He was not able to move his knees. Then it got where his back and other joints joined right in there. He takes a IV drip every 90 days. Got him back to moving again. Also back to work and farming. He still takes the IV drip every 3 months. But after loosing a leg. Hes not doing that great. But that iv drip did get him 7 good years. I can find out what its called if you would like to know.
Pete_k 01/12/22 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Bed mat and cutting out for factory bed holes?

Do the pucks have threaded holes? If so, cut head off bolts and screw them in. Tap cardboard or mat (plywood?) with hammer, this would make marks for center. No threaded holes. Just big key like cutouts. The frame fits into then you turn the key. It spins and locks it in place. But after hauling the camper 600 miles. There's perfect marks in the mat now to cut out the holes.
Pete_k 01/11/22 02:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun issue?

+1 I have been using them like this since 2009. Ensure that they are mounted with gravity pulling the nut into the closed position. Thanks for the photo. Pete
Pete_k 01/11/22 02:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Bed mat and cutting out for factory bed holes?

Made a template of Cardboard. Then cut the mat using that. Got the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 home. Did not move on the 650 mile trip. Feel that the camper should mark the 5 pucks. As the weight should leave the impressions on the mat. If not will get those marked also. Will be spraying the white bed liner in this spring. Just not warm enough to get it done this winter. Unless my shot gets finished before spring. But its like everything else. Waiting on the concrete to get poured.
Pete_k 01/04/22 07:37am Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun issue?

Just use the links mentioned by 3 tons. They won't come loose if they are snugged with a wrench. I've been using them for 7 years cause needed them when I upgraded from a 2004 to 2015 Ram. They are just attached to the Torklift frame mount insert and stay on all the time. Have a bunch of those. But the kind I'm using no issues removing easy. Also both are rated for more then they should ever see. But always go big or go home. When we bought our 2006 Okanagan. Those 3 tons shows were on them. As with it only got chain and turnbuckets. Now own 2 sets of Fast Guns.
Pete_k 01/04/22 07:26am Truck Campers
RE: waterfilter for eagle cap 1165

If you have not found the filter. Check out this one, its whats in mine. IC10-14C Coconut GAC Inline Water Filter (1/4 FPT)
Pete_k 01/03/22 05:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Photo Thread - Post a Photo of Your Truck Camper Here

2016 Eagle Cap 1200 "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
Pete_k 01/03/22 04:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun issue?

Pete, ...if you use the add-a-link component, be sure that they don't back off the threads and open up while driving (you want the "O" shape, not the "C" shape.) If it opens up, the integrity could perhaps be compromised. I plan on using Chain Clevis to mount the chain. That way it can't come loose.
Pete_k 01/02/22 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun issue?

Thanks Guy's. Going to just add 2 links to and let it ride. Friday I removed 2 of the clevis shackle off the Super hitch 4ft extension. That give me just enough room to make it work. Pete
Pete_k 01/02/22 01:39pm Truck Campers
Fast Gun issue?

The fast Guns came up short yesterday. They were about 2" short of reaching my Torklift frame mounts on the front. The rear fit without any issue. But on my 2022 ram 3500. Its like the frame mounts put the receiver lower then it needs to be. Thus the front when extended all the way. Still is short. Has anyone added a couple of links of chain to the Receiver section?
Pete_k 01/01/22 04:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Bed mat and cutting out for factory bed holes?

Bed mat will be 3/16" for that reason. With the picture frame in the truck. A 3/16 piece of lexan, just fits. I can adjust the pucks to take care of some of that if need be. I'm thinking lift up one side at a time. Put red lipstick on the bed cover lips. Then lay the mat back down. But have a section of Vinyl floor in the shop. Its 5ft by 10ft. Thinking I will use it as a template. Get everything right, then use to it to drill the holes out. May have to pick up a 4x8 1/4" mat Monday. If I buy the camper were going to look at. To get it home on. If so they also have a 5x8 mat. May just buy it and cut to fit the truck. AS the DEZ-DZ86916 - Dee Zee Truck Bed Mat has been moved back to Mid Jan now. So if I go this route. I will cancel that order. They told me yesterday It would not be an issue if I did not wait until Jan to cancel that mat.
Pete_k 12/24/21 01:51pm Truck Campers
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