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RE: black water tank treatments

We usually throw a pod of laundry detergent down the toilet when we set out on a trip, add a little water and let it do its thing while we drive. Detergents are polar and will work to dislodge anything built up on the walls of the tank, and will work to break up any solids in the water. I hear the full timers using jus water, that's fine. But laundry detergent is cheap, and putting 1 or 2 pods down the toilet is easy. For those of us who's RV's get less constant usage it's probably not a bad idea to use it. It certainly wont hurt anything.
RHasse 07/13/21 10:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Question on Hydraulic Fluid

ATF has a very distinctive odor, you should be able to recognize it pretty easily. if you aren't familiar with it, just check the transmission dipstick on your car. Take a wiff of that, that odor is very distinctive, hard to miss even if you have a bad sense of smell. Also, this isn't a very demanding application, it's not like its a tractor digging or moving dirt all day long; it's not going to make a huge difference what you use. There is not a lot of danger in mixing common oils like this, the additive chemistry may not be a perfect match, but there shouldn't be a problem with negative reactions occurring if you added ATF into a system originally filled with anti-wear hydraulic oil, or vice versa. The important thing noted in a message above is DO NOT USE BRAKE FLUID!. Brake fluid is a particular type of fluid that if you added it into your leveling system it would damage the seals and you'd have to have the entire system rebuilt.
RHasse 07/13/21 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: No shots...not getting in.

It should be required to travel across borders or on public transportation. No one has the right to endanger the health of others. There will be those who don't get shot because of religion and that is their choice but should not be permitted to travel. Those who can't take the shot due to health also should not travel due to health. It is all a matter of choice. And it is a personal choice. Wow, how authoritarian of you? Is this still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Sounds more like the USSR....
RHasse 07/09/21 08:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: No shots...not getting in.

The people who say that it hasn't 'been tested' puzzle me. And I'm sorry to say some are my relatives. Millions and millions of doses have been administered and as always there are some very few claimed reactions, most probably just coincidence but some may be real. We both got ours as soon as they were offered. I think the ones who resist are math challenged and just do not understand the statistics of large numbers. Few people not technically trained do understand those numbers. It's not "math challenged" to realize that there are plenty of possible long term effects that are unknown at this point, and can't be known for years. This is brand new technology and nobody, I repeat NOBODY knows how this will turn out. I hope for the best, but there are already many reports of harmful reactions. Are you aware there are over 6,000 deaths associated with the vaccines? And many thousands more adverse reactions. And that is probably only a few percent of the total. There are top level virologists that are saying at this point the use of the vaccines should be stopped for safety reasons. And none of this includes the unknown potential long term effects. Do yoiu know the term "Pathogenic Priming"? Maybe you should look it up. Well informed people have good reason to not get the jab, it's kind of rude to imply they are "math challenged".
RHasse 07/09/21 08:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV Manners Matter

I'm fairly news to this forum, but not so new to RVing, been at it since I was a teen traveling with my parents. And I know things have changed a lot since those old days, but my bit of unsolicited advise for being considerate to your neighbors is, turn off the generator. Seriously, if you're boondocking out by yourselves, than go ahead and let 'er rip. If you're in a campground with others, without full hookups, just plan to do without the modern conveniences that require AC power, use your batteries and propane and save your neighbors from having to listen to your generator. Earlier this year we did an extended weekend out in the So Cal desert in a campground with no hookups, one clueless TT'er started up his generator Saturday evening and it ran for about 4 hours. When he finally shut it down the entire campground broke out in applause. Please be considerate, turn it off.
RHasse 07/08/21 08:24pm RV Lifestyle
RE: How many TT are 7' wide?

According to this, the Skyline Nomad series has several trailers with a 7' width.
RHasse 04/04/21 01:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Beautiful photos! The quality of the light in the desert is so great. Thank you. Yes, and the angle of the sun at this time of year is still pretty low, making for some interesting shadows.
RHasse 04/02/21 12:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Those pics are nearly of professional quality! Glad your trip was good. Thank you. The desert scenery makes it easy!
RHasse 04/02/21 12:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Flow Deflectors

This isn't very scientific (or not scientific at all), but intuitively it seems that if they reduce the amount of bug splatter on the front of the trailer they must be doing some good in directing air flow over and/or around the trailer.
RHasse 04/02/21 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Thanks for sharing! If you use this link it should size your pics just right. Thank you for that. I went back and edited that first post with the resized photos.
RHasse 04/01/21 09:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Just trying out different photo options. Don't see an option to delete a post.
RHasse 04/01/21 06:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Wow, those photos turned out large.
RHasse 04/01/21 06:50pm Travel Trailers
Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Finally got the TT out for the first time in way too long (over a year). I got a weekend off so we packed & hitched up and took off on Friday, came back on Sunday. Short but sweet. Springtime in the low deserts of CA are beautiful, daytime high temps in the 80's, night time just cool enough for a light blanket. We stayed in a primitive campground on BLM land, tucked back 8 miles off the interstate on a washboard dirt road. First come first served, no reservations. We got in by around 4, and there were already 4 spots taken; I was surprised that out of 9 spots 6 were filled by Friday night, some left on Saturday, but some others came in, so the campground was busier than I expected it to be. Sunday came around too soon.
RHasse 04/01/21 06:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sharp reverse turn with Equl-i-zer hitch?

Wow, all these years with a Equalizer and i didnt realize i had a problem until now. Maybe i dont back up at what you all are referring to as a 'sharp' angle. Same here...
RHasse 04/01/21 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar setup questions

Seems like your battery reserve isn't right. You're using a deep cycle battery? I just went on a 3 day 2 night boondocking trip this past weekend, with a single Group 24 (IIRC) battery, and by the time we packed up to leave on the 3rd day we still had 3 of 4 led's showing for power on the system monitor panel. "Almost 2 days" seems way too short IMO.
RHasse 04/01/21 06:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Flow Deflectors

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I welcome any other comments, positive or negative.
RHasse 04/01/21 08:11am Travel Trailers
Air Flow Deflectors

We just had our TT out for the first time in a very long time, and are looking forward to getting it out more frequently here in 2021, with a least 1 long trip planned for this summer, but hoping to get a few shorter (3-4 day weekends) trips in as well. But something came to mind recently, I recall seeing large wind deflectors on the tops of TV's years ago, some were just simple wings, others were more elaborate, like the large "spoilers" you might also see on top of the tractors of 18 wheelers. Almost all big rig tractors running line haul have some kind of wind deflector on top of the cab to direct air flow up and over/around the trailer. So I did some internet searching and found surprisingly little information on this. There appears to be 2 main brands of air deflectors for TV's, Aero Shield and Aero Plus. The Aero Shield folds flat when not in use, but seems to be intended for larger vehicles than my Escape. The Aero Plus is intended to be mounted onto the stock roof racks on many SUV's like my Escape. I did a search here on this forum expecting to find discussions on these, but didn't find anything. Just curious if anyone has any experience with these air deflectors, would like to hear it, positive or negative. I'm thinking they may cause a bit of wind noise, maybe cause aggressive wear on a roof rack not designed to carry that kind of force, and that maybe why I don't see a lot of information about them is because they don't work.
RHasse 03/31/21 04:58pm Travel Trailers
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