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RE: Compounding Garbage Exponentially

I hope your interpretation is incorrect. Years back, here in Idaho, our then-Gov Dirk Kempthorne distributed monies to improve our state parks. One local state park was adding an RV section, and after our Gov visited the construction, he recommended they change the spaces and turns to accommodate RVs. Now that is being an "advocate for regulatory RV industry issues."
ReneeG 11/17/22 07:07am General RVing Issues
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

I have no idea about the tank cleaning, but have heard of it and makes sense. As for the low temps, wear warm pajamas, lots of blankets and wear socks to bed. It shouldn't get that cold inside at night to have to run a heater, but worse case, set your thermostat to 40 and it won't kick on that much but just enough. Use your propane space heater during the morning until it warms up and bake cinnamon rolls or biscuits every morning. After baking, turn off the oven, then open the door to heat up your space with the residual heat. Now I know why I gain weight on cold weather camping trips!!
ReneeG 11/16/22 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Beware *** Poor Build Quality 2021 Heartland North Trail

Issue is with newer models. We purchased our Heartland Bighorn new in 2010 and have not had any issues with it other than a sagging back window blind and missing screw in a wall sconce. Both fixed under warranty. Now that our unit is 12 years old, we've replaced some things but they are maintenance issues. It still has the original AC, heater, water heater, roof, flooring, and on and on . . .
ReneeG 11/15/22 11:34am Travel Trailers
RE: It's like Christmas!

Exciting! Congratulations on the new rig and post pictures so we can see too!
ReneeG 11/15/22 07:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

^^Bobbo is correct! time2roll is correct, but does not apply! JRscooby is wrong, or did not comprehend what time2roll said! Well a contractor was using a catalytic heater in trailer to keep supplies from freezing. I was doing some repairs on equipment on jobsite, and every time I walked in that trailer glasses would fog up. If that moisture was all coming from me, the lenses would of fogged outside, cleared in the warmer air. The operative point is he took a separate heater WITH ITS COMBUSTION CHAMBER into the trailer. We have already established that will put moisture into the trailer. It is not something that any trailer manufacturer includes as standard or optional equipment. I went back to TimetoRoll's post, and re-read it. First couple of times I saw n't that was not there, so my response was wrong. Anytime you convert propane to heat you put moisture in the air, and remove oxygen from it. So, IMHO, people should not share air in a limited area with any kind of heater for very long at a time. Now there are claims the unvented catalytic are safe inside living space, but I would not bet my life/sleep in the room with one. (BTW, I know the low ox sensor has shut down my Little Buddy heater, but I will not go sleep with it on.) Agree with you 100% on the Buddy heaters. We have the Big Buddy and only use it during the day and with a window vented a little. We've never slept with it on.
ReneeG 11/14/22 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

Keeping your furnace at 70 will go through a lot of propane. We keep ours at 55 and use about 1/4 tank per night. As long as it heats up in the day, you won't have to worry about the pipes freezing. Edit- i said 55 because we ran a test on how much propane would be used ifvwe ran the heater at night. Last camping trip, it was 26 the first morning and 21 the next. We did not run the heater at night. First thing in the morning, we turned in tbe Heater Buddy. The daytime temps were 65, so we didn't have any issues.
ReneeG 11/09/22 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone heard of LIV trailers?

Nothing says class like a window a/c or fireplace in the hallway....under your kitchen sink. Not sold on this one. Has nothing to do with "class", but it does with poor or illogical design.
ReneeG 11/02/22 01:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone heard of LIV trailers?

Wow. A lot of naysayers here. Trailer looks interesting. They are located back east. Might be worth a drive to check them out since you're in Georgia.
ReneeG 11/02/22 10:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Tent Camping Tricks and Cheap tricks

We have the gel potty bags and like the pine pellets idea. Where do you get pine pellets?
ReneeG 10/28/22 10:57am Tent Camping
RE: Blow outs and tires

We’ve been on the road full time for over 8 years now, have pulled the TH 65,000 miles, and have had 6 tire failures. I have always used a TPMS system and check pressure every travel day. Thing is, these rigs are heavy, our nation’s roads are in very sorry condition, and stuff happens. I carry a full spare plus always carry an extra unmounted tire because roadside assistance can mount a tire on the road. I have had 2 failures at the same time before. The front tire delaminated and the trash from it ripped the steel valve off the tire behind it. Btw, the myth of China bombs is just that. I’ve run into many full-timers and they have had failures with American made brands. Anyway, good luck and check your tires at each stop. You may spot an upcoming failure before it happens. We had a TPMS too when our tire separated. No warning, just happened, then the TPMS went off.
ReneeG 10/27/22 12:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: HwH is getting Ridiculous

HWH CorpWhat does HwH stand for?
ReneeG 10/27/22 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HwH is getting Ridiculous

My husband works part-time as an RV tech and the shop he works with has one person who has to sit for hours to talk to someone at HwH.
ReneeG 10/27/22 07:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First time I've seen Jackery offered at Costco

It's a GREAT deal. The same straight from Jackery is $2699.00. We purchased the Explorer 1000 with two solar 100w panels from Jackery for $1600. It's a great product, we purchased it as a backup source of power for a CPAP. We've run a test at home using it to power a portable fridge - it ran it a little over a week (8 days) before needing recharged. Note - I just got a Costco flyer that Nov 14 - Nov 18 on only, the Jackery Explorer 290W and Explorer 880W Solar Generator Kit (with 4 solar panels) for $1149.00.
ReneeG 10/27/22 07:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Blow outs and tires

Haven't had a blow-out, but did have a tread separation that took out the fender, bent the steps and damaged some underbelly stuff. Insurance took care of it without question and no hesitation. After replacing the tires, we continued to have tire wear issues on one tire. At the advice of our RV tech guy, we had it aligned and that was part of the problem. We then upgraded from D load range tires to F. A G load range wouldn't fit our rig. Since that we have had ZERO problems and this has been 4 years, when with the last set of D range tires, we continually had problems every year. If you have ever read Roger Marble's RV tire articles on his blog -, Chinese made is not the issues - over weight, improper care - including driving over the recommended speed, alignment, etc. are the issues. Note - I sent Roger pictures of our tires and the damage and from that he made the tire separation diagnosis. He's a great guy and great resource to have. Take his advice.
ReneeG 10/27/22 07:35am Toy Haulers
RE: One Tire Worn Out

We had that several years in a row, enough for Les Schwab to replace it free of charge for us. At the recommendation of our RV tech, we took it to get the axles aligned and that was the problem. We were enough out of alignment that it caused this problem.
ReneeG 10/24/22 08:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

A friend at work is moving across the country into a new home. He told our team that their house here is closing soon and that they've already moved most of their stuff out to the new house. They're just waiting for their RV to be delivered and then they're going to take 3-4 weeks to drive coast to coast in their first RV trip. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they're going to spend the first 2-3 weeks trying to get their brand new pile of junk to some minimally acceptable state and then spend the last week blasting across the interstate to try to get there before they run out of vacation days. Most new buyers don't realize that it takes about a year to kill all the gremlins in a newly built RV. Guess we were lucky. We and the salesman did a complete walk through checking everything in the new trailer. Everything from checking the blinds and windows to completely filling the fresh tank, electric and gas HWH, slides, oven, stove you name it. We did find a few minor things they corrected while we went to lunch. The next day we took our daughter and grandkids on a 4 day campout. and many more weeks of camping over the summer and fall. I'd say we spent maybe a day getting "the pile of junk into a minamally acceptable state" In any event other than thing I chose to add, (inverter, replacement for the WFCO charger, and other updates) Year after year, and after a decade we take care of it, but it's been totally reliable and has yet to have gremlins attach it. Key here is that you bought this over a decade ago.
ReneeG 10/22/22 02:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

Lantley - you are so right about this: "Experienced RV owners understand something is rotten in the RV world. Newbies approach the industry with rose colored lenses believing everything is Hunky Dory" When we bought our FW back in 2010, we had previously owned four travel trailers. We spent a lot of time, a lot, on dealer lots looking at FWs, opening and closing cupboard doors, asking the salesman to bring in the slides and out again, really looking at the fit and finish of trailers and researching online ratings. What we ended up with cannot be purchased today in the same quality. As a result, and that hubby can trouble-shoot and fix just about anything, we've kept our unit. It looks new and will continue to look new as long as we have it. A new roof is in our near future, and we'll do it. $5 to $7k is cheaper than a new unit and is what we paid for new decals; custom made with a lifetime warranty! Oh, I forgot to say that we paid off our FW a long time ago as we did our TV.
ReneeG 10/22/22 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chumming For Photo Contest Votes

Good job, Ralph. I'll vote!
ReneeG 10/21/22 03:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Easy Corn Pudding - Camping

I have this same recipe, but modified by a friend a bit: Spread the sour cream on the top and cover with about a cup of grated cheddar cheese. You can also add a can of diced Ortega green chilis.
ReneeG 10/21/22 07:30am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Oven will not ignite

Following in case this happens to us.
ReneeG 10/20/22 10:26am Beginning RVing
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