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RE: Hauling generator on upcoming trip

Don't forget the hitch lock. They can take the whole rack and cut the chains somewhere else.
Ride S40T 09/05/20 09:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

Your most vulnerable points on the RV are (likely), in this order: 1. Low point drains or valves that are exposed 2. Lines 3. Tanks The tanks are the safest even with just an occasional run of the heat. When we had our TT, we always wrapped the low points with towels and bungie cords. We got down to upper 20's a few times and even those didn't freeze. Your mileage may vary.
Ride S40T 09/04/20 05:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water heater newbie

And remember most water heaters have an inside "On" switch and an outside "On" rocker behind the outside panel where the water heater is drained. Make sure that little guy is "On", too.
Ride S40T 05/31/20 10:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: New on tandem axle trailer.

Congrats on the new RV. Cheers to many miles of smiles. And for goodness sake, try to avoid any curbs or rough surfaces on those sharp turns. Hard on the suspension.
Ride S40T 05/31/20 10:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yellow powder in fresh water tank vent tube

Not sure about the yellow, that's a lot of pollen. A lot. For the sanitizing, any amount of bleach is not good for your dump seals. Believe the manual for my TT even says not to use it at all for cleaning sinks or toilets...oddly, it says to use bleach to sanitize but mentions nothing about dumping after the sanitizing process. We always do, though.
Ride S40T 05/11/20 09:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

I just bought a 2020 Keystone Outback 330RL Length 37.83 ft, width 8 ft, height 11.33ft Dry weight 8,839 lbs, payload capacity 1,661 lbs, gvwr 10,500 lbs, hitch weight 1,100 lbs My question is how much truck am I going to need to pull this? My wife and I are considering a Ford F-250 with a 6.7L diesel or a Dodge Ram 2500. The trailer dealer suggested a Ford F-150 with the EcoBoost engine. I’ve never owned a trailer and don’t want to buy the wrong vehicle to tow it. What do you suggest? Oh and after you make your decision, maybe contact that salesperson and let them know (in a polite way) that sage advice across the board recommend at least a 3/4 ton and probably a long bed at that to be safe. There is a specific formula for length of trailer coupled with length of wheel base. That's science, not guesswork. That advice should come with a caveat that it would have to be something properly rated, not giving you that info is irresponsible and quite possibly dangerous. You can find 1500s that go up to and beyond 13,000 tow capacity with MAX TOW PKG but again, you need to run the numbers on hitch weight, GVWR, etc. to be sure. Your average 1500 would not be safe with that trailer, IMO. I've been to a few RV shows where I heard some of the most outrageous claims made by very green salespeople, one had no clue at all about the equipment or safety aspects of towing. Knew zip. It was scary. Tried to help him out, to no avail. You will not regret having the right truck, a safe truck not just something that will "pull it".
Ride S40T 04/26/20 09:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just curious......

Come on diesel guys, my Eco Boost gets 30 mpg while towing and over 50 mpg empty on the flat. Ok, I will go back into my lonely house and irritate myu wife some more. Someone said that we needed someone to make crazy claims. My wife locked the door and told me to go sleep in the TT. :D Yeah...I'm at 28' and less than 6500 loaded and only get 10-11 at 65-70mph. Bone stock SRW 2019 GMC 3500 w/Duramax. Still getting broke in though, only 15K miles. Oddly, got 10mpg hauling same trailer with a GMC 1500 with the 5.3L gasser. Guessing some of the numbers above are from emissions gutted systems and/or with a tuner in some cases. Need me a tuner, for starters, for sure.
Ride S40T 04/11/20 09:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

You should be fine if it's not combined with howling winds. Got caught like this in Feb while camping on a warm weekend. Unexpectedly dropped to upper 20's and slight wind in the forecast. Grabbed a few of the thickest, fluffiest towels we had and wrapped the low point tubes and and fresh water drain tap & secured with bungee cords. Disconnected fresh water hose. Checked in the AM, both low points were barely cold to the touch but the fresh water hose we'd left beside the trailer was frozen solid. May have gotten lucky, actually. Next time will just pop the caps off the low points and let them drain. A mere 5 minutes to prevent a crack is worth it. And yes, most new trailers should have pex rated to 100psi. The fittings and valves, however...that's probably our weak points.
Ride S40T 04/10/20 09:01pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hideout 338lhs the grey back tank wont drain

Wow, if it's backed up then 1 of 2 things have happened. First, you may have a clog somewhere. Looks like in the specs that all 3 sinks drain into the 69 gal grey tank. 2nd...could you have possibly...or did they at setup leave both valves open?? You'd know this by having a fair amount of drainage when taking off the cap when preparing to dump. I say this because they did on mine...a friend of mine caught it before we headed out for the first trip. The other issue may be more ominous...there a blockage downstream in the drain. There's water in there somewhere and a 2" drop left/right or front/back may cause a little water to not drain during dump but at 69 gal grey and 78 black...there should be gushing until the unlevel trailer holds a little back. Call your seller and talk to the service dept. There's no "goofy" questions for them, they've heard it all. Much of it from me, probably. :) When you find the issue, please post back. We all learn from these situations. Good luck.
Ride S40T 04/04/20 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

What Vintage said ^^^ If ever there is a time to bring a gun to a knife fight, a tow vehicle is the time...IMO. :) There's really no such thing as "too much" power (tq), stability, safety, etc. when choosing the TV. Good luck and let's hope we can start scooting around again soon as we're well as a nation. Stay safe everyone.
Ride S40T 04/04/20 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Soft spots in floors

A soft spot can also be a cracked piece of plywood. My current MH has what feels like a soft spot right next to the floor vent. After inspecting through the vent you can see and feel the crack from inside the duct. Also some floors aren't supported well which will result in a soft feeling floor. Ditto. We have a little "bounce" near a floor vent in the main entry way...which by the way is a goofy place to put one, IMO. Several mfgrs have moved away from this (or never have) and place them vertically in panels, IMO.
Ride S40T 04/04/20 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: TPMS temps

When it's cool like this the tire temps can flux wildly and even be somewhat warmer/cooler based on what side the sun is hitting. We camp through the winter and when heading out at 65psi (max), that quickly soars when outside temps creep up. Usually grab the outside hubs to check for bearing heat. Do carry a heat detecter to check various locations on the hubs and axles, never been more than hand warm...except on 90+ deg days, hot to the touch.
Ride S40T 02/24/20 06:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Evoke by Travel Lite

Walked though one this weekend. We liked the floor space and the modern look, very bright inside. Good floor space, well placed amenities, king bed was good. Did not like the mat-type floor (similar to Airstream) or the feel of the materials...which is odd because I'm sure they were the same as any other equitable brand but looks did not match feel. Wide wheel base was a big plus but the wheels sit right over the outer edges of the fenders and looked like they would rub during bounce. Nice looking and like most new models has a few amenities that are "extras" on models even 1 or 2 years old.
Ride S40T 01/28/20 05:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yet another what can I tow question

You're going to hear varying degrees of good advice on RV forums and A LOT of solid recommendations based on years of experience. After considering any or everything read here, please please go out to one of the reputable sites like Shereline and run all the TV and TT specs. Find a worksheet that uses all the specs all the way down to the wheelbase, do not use a simple "pulling capacity" worksheet produced by TV manufacturers. "Can" you haul something that big behind a 1500 (any make)? Sure. Will it be unsafe or kill the truck? Possibly. Run the numbers, even those wheelbase specs are important. Let the science behind towing be your first guide. Then decide on a TT within those parameters. Lastly, please know dry weight & tongue weight issued by TT mfgrs can be a little optimistic on the low side. We used a tongue scale to find out our hitch weight is about 100lbs more than advertised. Just a few tow capacity Links. Google, be our friend. And pulled from the site we’re on: You also need to consider what length is safe to haul. Have seen this formula for length, pretty sure there's some science behind it but wasn't quoted: "Rule of thumb (20’ for 110” wheelbase + 1’ for each additional 4” of wheelbase)" That was adopted (plagiarized) from a veteran RVer on this forum. With this formula, my previous GMC 1500 was right at the safe limit of (27.9' calculated) and my RV is 28' hitch to bumper. For what it's worth.
Ride S40T 01/11/20 11:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blow out water lines question

I used to blow out our lines, but would still use the pump bypass to pump some antifreeze through the pump, and also pour some antifreeze into all the drains. I'd blow the lines for about 30 minutes for each faucet, and I never ever had any problems using the "blowing it out" method. Now I blow it out and fill the lines with antifreeze. I figure at < $10 the antifreeze is a pretty inexpensive insurance policy. Think we winterized and de-winterized 4 times last year as we camp through Dec and early as Feb if it's relatively close to or above freezing on a weekend. Used only air. We used air the first time this Fall. This time though, we heard a lot of gurgling and couldn't get what I felt was enough water out of the lines. Around 35-40 psi on the compressor. So we ran a little pink after blowing the lines and indeed, quite a bit of water was pushed before the pink. Yikes. We do leave the faucets open so there's room for expansion so don't think it would have been an issue but running pink took less than 10 min, 2 gallons ($5.00). Estimate it will only take around 5 gallons to flush all of it so no biggie. Bonus was that Keystone put a petcock on the water pump and all we had to do is flip it to the cut off hose they attached to the pump and stuff the end into the bottle of antifreeze. Flip the pump and off we go. Effortless and no mess. Piece of mind. And as an aside, our pex is stamped 100psi as I'm guessing most all RVs are. What a tech had mentioned is the connectors and elbows may not always be rated the same...not sure. I'm sure one of our techs on here can chime in.
Ride S40T 11/05/19 09:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grease gun/ grease recommendations

For EZ lube axle, what brand do you use for the wheel bearing grease. Thank you -PeterDo not use a grease gun on your axles. In order to use this zerk feature, and completely purge the old grease out (maybe) it would take almost 4 tubes of grease at each greasing.... And it would most likely get past the inner seals and onto the brakes. That creates quite a mess... Just don't do it. This is what I've read for a I called Dexter and asked their tech dept. They said using the zerk is the preferred method for greasing the bearings each year. I specifically asked them about grease getting past the rear seal. They had no concern as long as a hand pump is used. Wonder why they recommend as the zerk as the primary method? It would be a liability for them if they recommended something that could be a safety hazard for their customers. That said, there is no doubt the hand method provides more piece of mind and ensures all is well with the internals.
Ride S40T 11/03/19 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Myrtle Beach Camping World

Yeah, we read all the horror stories and figured going into RVing that the unit is pretty much sold "as is". Get smart and do our own repairs or be prepared to have our local shop do it (they're pretty good and reasonably priced). A warranty means nothing if you can't get it fixed or get it fixed right. That said, we've been pleasantly surprised with the one time we had to take it in. Was diagnosed and back to us in 3 days. Um, yeah, the "thing" was my fault. But zero charge to me for the visit.
Ride S40T 10/24/19 10:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: how do you keep sewer tank clear

never use chemicals. I drain the tank, use the built in flush, close valve and let fill up for about 8 to minutes (yes I use a timer) then dump, flush and then add about 5 gallons to the tank. We do have a water softener so that helps keep the tank "slick", sometimes I will put some laundry detergent in the tank. Ditto. Sometimes use a little Dawn dishwashing liquid. Squirt before we head home and dump at our storage area. Very convenient. Slippery right out the tube. Zero stinky. We too use the restrooms for solids when possible so none or very little solids. We use the anti-stink tabs. For us they worked great. Forgot one time and we could tell, not bad but wafty. Early on, the 1/3 was always on even when the tank was empty. Filled with 5 gal of hot water, a drop or two of soap and drove 5 miles. No problem since. To each their own. This is what works for us.
Ride S40T 10/24/19 10:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

Love these threads, there's always someone who thinks sanitation is no big deal because they haven't died yet.And there's always someone who thinks that dumping your black tank requires a full hazmat suit and decontamination facilities. BTW, I've seen it mentioned here a couple of times that "manufacturers recommend sanitizing RV water tanks every 6 months..." Hmmm...I've never seen that recommendation from an RV manufacturer. I've owned 3 RVs over the past 30 years, all 3 purchased used...and I've sanitized the freshwater system maybe twice...just because the water got a bit stale after sitting a couple of months. There's an independent packet or notice I read that said to sanitize the tank every 6 mos but the big manual says every year. We tend to camp about every 2-4 weeks throughout the year (empty nesters) so the water in the tank doesn't sit long. From our manual: Sanitizing the Fresh Water System Keeping the fresh water system clean and free of any potential contaminations should be a top priority. Sanitizing the system before initial use and thereafter annually, or whenever water remains unused for prolonged durations, is recommended. This will help keep the water system fresh and discourage harmful bacterial or viral growth. Keystone RV Company Owners Manual 4/1/2018 I'm a big fan of using the fresh water tank as well. We usually do 2-dayers Fri/Sat so we try to keep it simple at setup and get into the woods or off fishing. We did 3 trips of about 1,000 mi one-way and on those we just keep enough to pee on the road. No sense in beating up the tank bands with the extra weight, fuel mileage, etc.
Ride S40T 10/23/19 09:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

Interesting about the price because I feel like it is the same or more as a lot of the murphy bed options that we have looked at. It also appears your particular model has been discontinued. That's too bad, because I think that is my favorite "pez dispenser" model that I've seen yet. I really like any models that have the "garage" although I have yet to see one that had windows on bunks like that, which is a big negative. I also wanted to have a "walk around" bed, but a big king might be a trade-off I'm willing to do! Yes, our price was 2K less than any of them are (still) selling for, pretty much anywhere. It was a special order that someone backed out of. Score for us and the folks that ordered it did so with a 15K A/C rather than the 13.5. Score again. It did have us a bit nervous about being a last run edition but they're still making the slides like the king pez dispenser so we should be GTG for getting parts. We love the king bed, tons of room and the bed is out of the way for normal daytime routines. We had 7 humans (4 adults, 3 kids) and 2 dogs in it a few weeks ago and was not crowded. And over 1 ton of cargo capacity? Oh yeah. Never needed but likely means less stress on frame and suspension to have the capability - but not using it to the max.
Ride S40T 10/22/19 09:04pm Travel Trailers
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