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RE: New tires for 5'r

I did a write up on my recent search and purchase. It's a few pages back. Carlisle CSL 16 is what you want.
Rollochrome 01/01/22 01:55pm Fifth-Wheels
Texas Boys! Last Call To Winterize!!!!!!!

Its New Years Day and a front just blew thru. It's going to freeze tonight! Get out there and winterize your rig! Last call!!
Rollochrome 01/01/22 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I have a Honda 5500 inverter. Ran my 30 amp TT fine and is quiet Of course it wont run both AC units on the 5er. Only problems I ever had in years of ownership is from sitting up not being cycled
Rollochrome 12/30/21 04:15am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Demand Continues

RV sales guy I talked to a few months ago said he sells several RVs every DAY. Absolutely no effort extended to work any deals They just sell themselves, is the attitude
Rollochrome 12/29/21 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you use EKON OX BLOX Trailer Jack Blocks

I agree. Seemed odd that they are marketed so expensive. I stack Camco legos high and never had a problem.
Rollochrome 12/29/21 09:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jake Braking A 5er Down Long Steep Incline

I am learning a LOT here Thanks to all of you
Rollochrome 11/25/21 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
Jake Braking A 5er Down Long Steep Incline

Just arrived at our vacation destination yesterday. I had my factory “jake”brake set and the cruise control on when I crested the top of the largest hill going into this part of the country. I’ve never towed a fifth wheel through this kind of environment before and felt like I was looking over the top of a roller coaster when I looked down the several mile long descent My F350 downshifted all the way into third gear and held me at 55 miles an hour from the top of the mountain to the bottom of each mount I encountered After I went up and down several mountains like this however it occurred to me that I might be creating conditions conducive for a jackknife if I didn’t have any braking on the trailer at all in such a descent since the wheels of the truck were providing the resistance going down the hill via engine braking and the wheels of the trailer were just rolling freely. Do I need to be using my integral brake controller in such a condition to apply a little bit of braking to the trailer all the way from the top of the mountain to the bottom?
Rollochrome 11/22/21 08:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing With Water Pump Switched On. Burn Up Pump??

Love this forum. You guys are appreciated. Thanks for the rapid responses.
Rollochrome 11/20/21 03:06pm Fifth-Wheels
Towing With Water Pump Switched On. Burn Up Pump??

My 5'er has two full bathrooms. One is at the very back and is accessed by an exterior back door. The water pump switch is mid trailer however and can be hard to access if all you're wanting to do is pull over at a truck stop and jump in the back bathroom for a quick break. I want to I leave the water pump switch ON while I am towing, and at all the stops along the way, I therefore can get the kids in and out of the back bathroom and flush the toilet over and over and have running water. Will leaving the water pump ON while towing burn out the pump motor or will it be ok?
Rollochrome 11/20/21 02:39pm Fifth-Wheels

OK. I ran the new Carlisle CSL 16s 550 miles at about 70-75 mph I aired them up to the max 110 and they heated up and stayed under 120 psi for the whole trip. No issues. No wobble. I had two VERY tight turns where the trailer tires were just almost pivoting and there was no issue. I am going to put about 1,000 miles on them in a week or so. Hopefully nothing to report again!!! So far very pleased... Wow! You =really= must not like having money by towing that fast. Slow down to 65, or less, and you'll likely pick up 2-4 mpg. Slowing from 65 to 60 (old tires) picked me up almost 2 mpg with my old Komfort. Lyle Yes I saw a SIGNIFICANT difference in mileage on my first trip at 65ish to my second at 70-75. I think I got 11 mpg driving 65 and 9 mpg driving 70-75.
Rollochrome 11/20/21 11:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

Lots of good opinions here. I appreciated the feedback on this thread.
Rollochrome 11/20/21 11:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

Curious why you are setting to max. Your FW should have a recommended psi . It does. It came with F rated tires that had a max psi of 100 I replaced them with G rated tires that have a max psi of 110 so I went with the tires max psi rather than what the trailer sticker specified based on the factory equipped tires
Rollochrome 11/18/21 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

Most TPMS manufacturers recommend high pressure alerts at 125% of cold pressure. You are way under that. 10-4 thx!
Rollochrome 11/18/21 11:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

Max cold inflation is before you roll and before the sun hits the tire. This is good in all conditions. Once set correctly there is no reason for concern. If you have a drastic change in elevation or climate, feel free to reset the pressure again the next morning. Roger Wilco thx
Rollochrome 11/18/21 10:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

You are well under temps that would be of concern. Does your axle weights require the MAX of 110# ? gawr 7,000 LB each axle gvwr 15,500
Rollochrome 11/18/21 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
Max Pressure Cold vs Hot Pressures - How Much Is Too Much

My Carlisle CSL 16's have a cold max pressure of 110. I installed a TPMS the same day I bought them. I read up on these tires and there was nothing about a hot max pressure from Carlisle. I contacted Carlisle and they said there was no "hot max" specified. So on the maiden voyage with them, I watched the temps rise and rise above 110 to just under 120. The tires on the sunny side were uniformly higher than the ones in the shade side understandably too. I read elsewhere that a different manufacturer emphatically states on their website regarding trailer tires to NEVER bleed down HOT tires. So it begs the question, how much hot pressure is too much? The TPMS system instructs to set alert levels that are pretty high. What do you think is an acceptable pressure level hot relative to the cold max?
Rollochrome 11/18/21 04:16am Fifth-Wheels

uhhhhnn...any ST tire can make those kind of miles. Come back after 15k-18k miles or so and give us a report. These newer ST load G all steel carcass tires are hands down better than the run of the mill load C/D/E poly carcass tires as far as long term use goes. I'spect those CSL Carlisle's will match other steel ply carcass load G tires. Oh I hear you. I'm just posting a play by play of getting some new trailer tires because Im a nerd like that... :) I'll be putting about 2000 miles on them here shortly and hopefully have nothing again to report. My main reason in posting was due to the lack of threads on the net about these tires and I was hoping to create some content that would be returned for other thru a search so they wont have to do so much legwork like I did, especially since Sailun did us the unfortunate favor of messing up their 2021 run of tires thus removing themselves from the favored position of being the easy button of the RV world for awhile
Rollochrome 11/18/21 04:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: SpaceX previews ruggedized Starlink dish for RVs

Not a Musk fan, but BOY I'm TIRED of RV park WIFI or cell phone data plans. Ready to convert over to the dark side and let the SpaceX technology beam me some fast speeds.
Rollochrome 11/17/21 06:20pm Technology Corner
Tyler Texas RV Park - Bushmans RV Park

Just south of Tyler a few miles. Absolutely one of the cleanest, most upscale RV parks Ive ever stayed in. VERY well run. And the ownership also owns Kiepersol restaurant and vinyard nearby which I would put up against ANY five star restaurant ANYWHERE. Five stars for Bushman's RV Park
Rollochrome 11/17/21 09:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Additional fuel carrying capacity on pickup

My 2012 F350 crewcab DRW has a 37-gallon fuel tank. Apparently, the OP has a short bed SRW truck. Adding more fuel capacity to the truck will also increase the weight of the truck and decrease the capacity he can carry on in the bed. Before adding any additional fuel capacity, weigh the truck and trailer to see how much room you have for the fuel weight. Ken Amen to that. In my youth, I ran out and got the largest aux tank I could find and dropped it in the bed of a Chevy 2500 Duramax crew cab long bed. No thoughts as to what a 200 gallon tank of diesel would mean to me other than the fact that I could drive to the moon and back. I was eager to fill it up so I did on the way home and saw what that did to the suspension and handing. Then I penciled it out and saw that 200 gallons of diesel was 1,420 pounds, not counting the weight of the tank, and that this was probably "a bit much".. Youth... Good times...
Rollochrome 11/17/21 09:28am Fifth-Wheels
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