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RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

This is a NO SHOCK ZONE drawing for Power Panel at the house... height=300 Be sure you get someone that understands all of this before jumping in there and wiring it up yourself... Nothing worse then stepping off your trailer steps to the ground and getting shocked... Also nothing worse than having a licensed technician wiring up your RV power panel and not knowing the difference between RV and House Washer/Dryer wiring... This will burn up all of your plugged in appliances when first turned on haha... This is a good reason to have a licensed electrician company doing it as their Insurance will pay for all they are responsible for burning up. Guess who gets the bill if you wire it up wrong. Could be in the thousands of dollars replacing electrical appliances in the RV haha... Just saying of course.... I am no authority on any of this... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/20/20 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Converter/charger ?

My camper has the WFCO WF8900 Distribution Panel with the Circuit Breakers and Fuses... The Converter/Charger unit is installed in the bottom compartment of this panel... height=300 Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/16/20 06:49am Truck Campers
RE: Battery Selector switches, best for tidy surface mount

I have had good luck with the BLUE SEA Rotary Battery Switches. These are sealed to prevent internal arcing... Like the idea of the using good same length cables with ring terminals connections height=300 height=300 height=300 height=300 Blue Sea switches and cables purchased from AMAZON... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/15/20 05:14am Truck Campers
RE: WFCO Converter/Charger won't go to Float

Your experience is mine, and I remember having a Progressive Dynamics converter in one of my travel trailers. I think that might be what I ought to do. So your PD converter did drop into float? That is what worked well for me to keep my three 12VDC BATTERIES charged. My setup has lasted up to 2016 where I have not used my POPUP much now due to family issues. Recently I have updated my Battery Bank to two groups of two 6VDC batteries in series and will be using a 59-inch TORKLIFT Battery Box with slide off lid across the tongue of my POPUP. It fits perfect inside the welded on battery rails and extends out on both side of the tongue area. height=300 Have been using the same Progressive Dynamics Charger on the work bench to keep the new batteries charged and it works well... The TORKLIFT box came with a 10WATT Solar Panel on one end and I am planning to order a second 10WATT Solar panel for the other end. This will be a solar panel for each two group 6V Batteries. This is for trickle charging of the two groups of 6V batteries during the high sun days... Hoping to get back into my off-road camping trips again mainly here in Virginia and along the VA/WVA wooded state line borders. Since my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer has been sitting outside I notice I now have water damage to one corner that will have to be addressed... The trailer was sitting at an angle and runoff of the roof on the dropped side apparently got inside the wall... No damage done to the outside just inside wall damage and the rear panel separated at the BUTYL seam Don't think this is going to be a difficult fix... This is in the wrap around seating area so should be an easy access from the inside.. height=300 Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/13/20 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: NC campgrounds with good internet

We always have a VERIZON MIFI unit with us to use to connect to the internet with several of our devices we have with us... VERIZON has always been our provider of choice over the years and has always been available to use for us... Since the MIFI box is small we can carry it with us on our short hiking trails we do alot... Of course having a more modern CELLPHONE you can do the same thing just using the cellphone... I'm still using something similar to the GIBBS TV Show flip phones haha... It seems the various camp ground are just too many people using their local setup... We would get all setup and having a smile on our faces like "Hey the Internet works here" only to find our an hour later nothing works haha... Everyone running around with their cellphones looking for a hot spot haha... Hard to depend on anything you don't have control of... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/12/20 02:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WFCO Converter/Charger won't go to Float

I replaced my 2008 STarcraft RT14 Power COnverter just after I purchased the Off-road camper in 2009. I went from the ELIXIR 35 model to a WFCO WF8900 series Power Inverter. Love the layout along with the five large 120VAC Circuit Breaker slots along with eleven 12VDC Plug-in fuse distribution points including two REVERSE POLARITY fuse positions. The WFCO came with a WF8945 Power COnverter which i never could get to work right for my installed additional batteries... It seems to always stay in it's 13.6VDC mode and when it finally boiled out water in in one of my Batteries I figured it was time to replace the bottom shelf WF8945 for something else that would worm. I went with the Progressive Dynamics PD9260C Charger unit and it started doing what I was wanting to see right out of the box... I initially was going to put this unit in place of the removed WF8945 unit but after looking at thing s I decided to just unplug the WF-8945 Charger unit and mount the PD-9260C further down the DC wiring closer to the battery bank. With the WF8945 being brand new and all I hated to just rip it out and throw away. Now i can switch it back On at a flip of the circuit breaker switch if ever needed in an emergency. It will provide 13.6VDC @ 45 amps capacity. The PD9260C was the right choice for my battery bank and does a good 50% to 90% smart mode charge in a three hour charge period and will do a full 100% charge in a 12-14 hour Charge Period. height=300 height=300 height=300 Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/12/20 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: mattress pad recommendations

We put a 3-inch foam pad on top of original POPUP mattress. Worked out great for us... It does just barely touch the roof ceiling on the inside when we pack up for travel. Just be sure your interior KILL switch is working to prevent a possible fire hazard. The original incandescent 12VDC bulbs get rather hot when 'ON' for long period of times... My KILL SWITCH prevents them from being turned ON when packed up for travel mode... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/08/20 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cloudland Canyon SP GA

Stayed on West side many times... Like it the best... Several of the camp sites had rail fences around the patio area... Always found that to be a neat setup... height=300 Roy's image Great views of the canyon on the trails height=300 Roy's image height=300 Roy's image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 07/08/20 08:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

Looked all around and could not find what you are wanting. There is a bunch of DC Charging stations out there however that install behind a wall panel... This is one from ETRAILER height=300 Google Image I use two of these 12VDC charge stations from AMAZON Blue Sea items... height=300 google image Have two of these installed in my POPUP trailer one of each end... Allows you to plug in several 12VDC items to charge up... Sockets and USB connections etc... If you do get one of these with the 12VDC METER on them be sure to get one that has an ON-OFF Switch on it. The 12VDC Monitors get very bright at night and you will want a way to turn it off haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/25/20 08:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Honda 2200i or Honda 2200i Companion?

In my case I get by pretty good just having the ONE 2000i model. We like camping off-grid using a bigger 12VDC battery bank. Using add on power inverters we can run every ecpet the Air COnditioner. I have a second smaller microwave that will run either from the Power Inverter or Generator. We do all we want to do in the one day/night without air conditionering and then the next morning will use my 2000i Generator for a three hours with my trailer plugged into it to charge up my batteries. I keep a close watch on the batteries and never let them get below the 12.0VDC Charge point which is appx the 50% charge state. Then after charging on the generator for three during breakfast every morning we are good to do the day/night run again off the batteries. I can do a good week of this 50% to 90% battery bank recharge without doing damage to the batteries. Then I will do a full 100% charge rate when we get back to the house where I can go for 12-14 hours of charge if needed being plugged into the garage.. Been doing this for several years and got a good long life out of my batteries 5-6 years worth... It all depends on what you want to do camping I guess... My 2KW Generator sits secured in the tail gate of my truck bed and gets used quite abit for camping and other emergency power needs... I just pull it out on the tail gate and fire it up... It goes where I go... height=300 Roy's image We are most often Creekside somewhere and keep cool just by running the on board fans etc... height=300 Roy's image Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/24/20 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Adding privacy curtain

Just passing along what my trailer uses mounted to the ceiling for my curtains... height=300 One is for going across the whole trailer to make an area private. The other one is to go around the shower-Bath room area... Seems to work good for us... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/19/20 11:31am Travel Trailers
RE: 12v usb in wall charging socket installation?

I have a couple of these installed near table top cabinets... Got them from AMAZON and they connect directly to the batteries... height=300 Google image These come in a lot of different layouts and are very inexpensive... Since these modules rotate you can mount in either horizontal or vertical directions... Also be sure to get one that has an ON-OFF switch on them. The VOLTMETERS are rather bright to have on 24/7... We do most of our camping OFF-GRID and having the charging stations are great to have going... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/12/20 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Smoky Mountains camping

We always stay at ELKMONT Campground. We try to always get the F8 camp site up on the Little River that flows through the campground. Campground is very popular and may get crowded sometimes... Kids love the Little River and like to float down stream in an innertube that walk back to the camp site and do this over and over haha... The sites do not have electrical hookups but there are several central located Bath Room buildings with AC power... Generators are allowed only in certain areas of the camp ground... We like to run off our Battery banks and then run the 2KW generator for three hours during breakfast each morning recharging our battery bank... Then we are good to go again for the next day/night run off the batteries. Typical setup... height=300 Roy's image We always go to Townsend TN for supplies and things... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/08/20 09:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: External Antenna for iphone

When I first got my OFF-ROAD Popup Trailer I installed one of these WILSON Cradles up high behind my wrap around valance curtains in my POPUP. I have a spot that has 120VAC and 12VDC connection and all is hidden by the Valance Curtains... height=300 This has an external antenna and gets out pretty good. I was using one of these one of these VERIZON JETPACks back then that allowed me to use as a hotspot and gave me a good couple hundred of feet walk around area of my parked off-road POPUP trailer... height=300 If I wanted to go on short hikes around the camping spot I would also put the Verizon JETPACK in my pocket and it would allow our carry along devices to continue to work with the social media... I recently have upgraded my Verizon JETPACK to a MIFI6620L model... We have found that VERIZON NETWORK is about the best CELL PHONE Service to use when off grid... Of course things continue to change but in the early 2008 time frame this was what worked best for us being off-grid with our various devices we had with us back then... It seems that todays cell phones become great HOTSPOT items... My Gibbs Flip Phone back then just wouldn't do that haha... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 06/03/20 07:15am Technology Corner
RE: Confused and Frustrated

If I was to go solo full time I probably would get a Truck camper setup along with a motor bike on a small platform extension on back... No matter what you end up with all will be different one way or another... For you just starting I like the idea of renting things first so you can decide what might be best for your situation... I pulled into a camp ground in south west Virginia one time and camped out next to girl that had her setup on the back of her motorcycle... She was comfy as heck haha... She was a book author and going all over the USA writing stories for her books. Forgot who she was now... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 05/23/20 09:42am Full-time RVing
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

What I do is to measure across the Battery terminal with my DC VOLT METER and read the Battery DC Voltage. It usually reads 12.5-6VDC... Then I connect my Trailer 30A Cable to either a shore power 120VAC Connection or my 2KW Generator set 120VAC connection. The reading on my battery terminals will jump up to 14.4VDC telling me the battery is demanding a charge from the converter charging setup... When I am camping I do this every morning... When parked at home base I will do this test at least once a week... When my battery terminal DC Voltage reading gets down to the 12.0VDC reading which is approximately the 50% Charge state then I will do a full 100 percent charge procedure... My on-board converter PD9260C charger goes thru the smart mode charging modes being 14.4VDC, 13.6VDC and 13.2VDC and can provide up to 60AMPS DC charging demands. My original Converter Charger would only produce 13.6VDC at 30AMPS DC Current which did not do well keeping my Trailer batteries properly charged. Also having the original DC Converter 13.6VDC on-line for long times would also boil out my battery fluids. I lost one of my 12VDC Batteries not catching this in time... That was when I changed out the original ELIXIR Industries ELX-30 converter/Charger for the Progressive Dynamics PD9260C 60AMP Model converter/charger, Never had a Battery issue with my three installed 12VDC Batteries after doing that... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 04/30/20 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Does STARLINK have anything to do with this... Maybe just wait until then come on board... Of course who knows what they will be charging for their service... 40,000 SATS in space probably doesn't come too cheap... Since everything is so political now about the only thing I get to watch anymore in the WX CHANNEL Roy Ken King George VA
RoyB 04/29/20 08:55am Technology Corner
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

With time they won’t be in a “line” as close together but will spread out. Keep in mind only the northern 1/2 of the US and Canada is going “live” public testing this year and without its full array. Worldwide will take a lot more launches Supposedly you’ll need a 2 foot round plate type dish mounted on the roof with a clear view of at least part of the sky of course. Yes , Astronomers are having a fit about the visual interference. But it is the future. Sky net is near ,:) I was thinking they would be inline all the time... Spreading out they will be all over the sky I guess... To me that would be even worse for us stargazers... I need to read up on the system... No one got to vote on the system... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 04/26/20 06:40am Technology Corner
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

Do we have to wait until that line of satellites come back overhead to click again? I guess once they get all of the 40,000 satellites up and goes around the whole globe they will be in view all the time??? I really haven't been looking for this particular group in our skies here and haven't seen this lineup yet... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 04/26/20 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

Then we will be stuck with this view in our evening skies with a line of satellites all lined up around the world. height=300 google image I guess it will be all worth it... Roy Ken height=45
RoyB 04/26/20 05:10am Technology Corner
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