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RE: Check in/out timing...

Many of you do not know the half of it. When we owned our park in a very touristy high demand short seasonal area, to make a go of it we had to book sites as near to 100% as we could. Theres no weekend busy weekday empty crowd away from the cities. In high season a wednesday is the same as a saturday. It sometimes meant guests would have to move from one site to another during their stay. which they agreed to and accepted. there was the issue, as the rightful occupant was entitled to stay until check out time, while the mover had to wait KNOWING that the site may not be open until after check out time. The situation snowballed because one could not move until the other had vacated, others are lining up in the drive to check in and our staff was scurrying to mow and prep the sites. Wheres the blame?
SDcampowneroperator 06/18/21 10:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: I-95 rest area parking for RV

Some LEOs get over zealous. May 1/ 21 we stopped to overnight at a very long wide historic marker turnout on Ne. 61 18 mi. s of Ogallala, Ne. No signage otherwise . At sundown a Ne. sherriff deputy knocked, told us no overnighting, go to the Lake McConaughey state park. Officer, we cant, we are double towing, must have a 70' pull thru, And weve had our wine and a nightcap, so no driving tonight. He then asked for ID, about firearms, ( none, but did show him our SD concealed carry permits) and a great deal more, none of which under our rights he had any right to ask, however under the circumstances we complied to diffuse the situation. He admitted he had no law to make us leave. When we pointed out the 3 garbage bage of trash we cleaned up there his whole attitude changed, he radioed to dispatch situation resolved. Check the laws before you go.
SDcampowneroperator 06/06/21 07:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Altitude and appiances.

We had the opposite problem, our appliances worked fine at 5600', at sea level the suburban furnace would ' blow out' on lighting. It was a too much air issue which would not let the flame settle on the burner. When the flame did catch, it was loud like a roar, not a hum. So a piece of electrical tape to restrict the fan intake settled and quieted the flame. Water heaters are often affected by altitude or fuel , thats why they have an adjustable air slide . You can use how they burn as an indicator of other issues that may affect your other appliances. Fuel is more of an issue than most realize, LPG is not always pure propane, it often has a butane mix, that lowers its evaporation point, which is tied to temperature. So if you are at high ( or any ) elevation on a chilly night. its possible not enough vapor could boiloff to meet demand if there is butane mix or if the propane bottle is low.
SDcampowneroperator 06/02/21 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mobile RV repair in the Phoenix/Mesa area

Jims rv service. 605-673-1955 Tell him Max from Custer referred him .
SDcampowneroperator 06/01/21 10:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Axle upgrade questions

Our Carriage 5er was built with 7 k dexter axles with 12" x2" brakes, E range tires. Braking was poor, tire wear terrible. Springs and morryde equalizers ok. Swapped the axles after 2 years for 8k dexters with 12/1/4" x 3 3/8 drums with forward self adjusting brakes , tires to. G range china Long March, run at 90 psi 10 years since, 40k miles. tire wear was good, braking much better. At 10 years old, last year we replaced them with another recommended china G rated tire. Samson. Hieavy load high pressure rated tires run at lighter load with pressure lower than rating seems like the answer for us. The 7k axles and Duro E tires I used to build a dump bed, Those OEM Duro E tires all failed on the dump bed trailer with cord separation within 3 years Upgrading the axles and tires was the right thing to do for us.
SDcampowneroperator 06/01/21 09:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: boondocking near the border

A dozen years ago or so we went south for fun into the desert in our pickup west of Casa Grande , partway to Gila Bend. about 8 miles south we came to a fence and an abandoned ranch house. we turned around and about 4 miles back as we came over a rise to a wash, 2 Border Patrol officers had us intheir M14 gunsights. Questions they asked, advice they gave. What are you diong here - Uh a drive rock hounding and looking for dead saguaros for their ribs. Did you see anyone or any thing - Uh, no, Are you armed? - uh no, Why should we be? Because that femce is the border of the Tohono res. where we have no jurusdiction. Illegals cross the 100 yard border into the res and the natives help them . and within into 12 miles of Tucson Officer, we ask, How does that concern us? They would not hesitate to kill you to get rid of a witness. Federal officers advised us to be armed and alert when around the border. I had never before thought of or liked being armed When a Federal officer of the law advises you to be armed in defense of your life in our nation I take that as a call to arms, as it was long ago when militia were the defense .
SDcampowneroperator 05/30/21 09:10pm General RVing Issues

Frameless are easy to clean , attractive, dont open much. Road debris has broken 3 of ours, in over 50k miles. tempered glass cant take a hit on the exposed edge. Fixing at a local shop was much cheaper than a replacement from Heil. Ordered glass from a shop, replaced it our selves. small job. We like them.
SDcampowneroperator 05/29/21 05:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank

We have had an in bed auxiliary tank in our 8' bed trucks for over 35 years. Never have I connected the tank to the truck always used with a transfer pump. , as we also switched fuel according to season. When RVing, on a long or snowbirding trip, Diesel gives long range(1100 mi. +) and the ability to fuel when and where we chose. In our business season when we could not travel much I switched to gasoline to fuel mowers, gas SxS, gennys and such. For us it is financially worthwhile as I have welded every tank and can commonly save $. 20-50/ gal fuelling . A meter and water block filter on the pump solved use and condensation issues.
SDcampowneroperator 05/27/21 08:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cost of RVing

You eat everywhere, so cooking at or in in your RV cuts that cost by 80% the same as it would be at home over restaurants. Fuel, what would you spend at home to go about life? Site fees - heres the big question In the ARVC and Good Sam profile, that exclude membership and longer than weeklong visits, giving better rates to monthlies and seasonals, so as to give an overnight stay basis complicated by the average of on and off season rates, and further complicated by discounts that may or not apply, Yeah, you could make it on $ 30-40/ night in nice camps if you travel in shoulder and off season, in the hinterland -- in the coastal states, add a lot. Double in any season. If you dont need premium sites like pull thrus, are adventurous, it can be as low as free on public lands where you can subsist on your in house systems. For this xyou must know your tank and batteriy limits $30 / is about the average nightly fee reported for private/ public in season partially seviced in the mid section of the USA
SDcampowneroperator 05/24/21 09:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: axle upgrade

Center to Center spring perch is the critical dimension.Face to face of hubs also critical depending on wheel offset, if any. We replaced our 7k 12" x 2" brakes Dexter axles with 8k. forward self adjusting 12 1/4" x 3 3/8 shoes ordered from Redneck Traler supplies with perches loose, welded them on myself with pre and post heat to minimize HAZ ( heat affected zone ) so I could vefify alignment with lasers. Tire wear and braking much improved,. 40 k mi., no issues. If you do mot have the ability to do it yourself, consider ordering the axles with loose perches, then have a local shop weld them on. Welding procedure to minimize stress, warpage will be superior to the factory.
SDcampowneroperator 05/18/21 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Rochelle, IL

We have parked for a few days to visit family at the Rochelle , Il . sky diving center in nov. '17. Full hookups, self serve. Its not well marked and easy to miss the entrance, but there is a truck repair, service place with u turn room just past. Recommend a call ahead to confirm availability and a look on google earth and maps to find it first try. Its called Chicagoland Sky diving Center. Good dog walking room, big parking lot if you have to dry camp. Recommend you patronize the restaurant
SDcampowneroperator 05/18/21 05:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is the Passport America plan

I have been challenged to provide proof of false membeship in membership programs. When we operated our park we required proof of current membership in whatever club to recieve discount. A valid current dated card. Show us the card , or by name with a click we could verify honest membership. Honest menbership is a reflection on them The dishonesty , expired memberships we encountered were rare ,worth noting. . Other posters have reported they were not questioned about validity which undermines the entire concept of value for service so not so rare as we observed. membership in PPA is to PPA alone, camps participate at will with free will to designate dates, sites and rates If it works for that camp, I wholly support them
SDcampowneroperator 05/13/21 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the Passport America plan

valhalla360. has an aguably valid point as it applies to camps with strong weekend and event occupancy with weekday vacancy. . Many PPA parks we have encountered benefit some from the dynamic pricing PPA affords during those off peak periods. We have also seen unscrupulous operators who designate only their worst nearly unusable sites as a ' bait and switch' and dishonest guests with expired cards flashing it to get the discount. The reason there are well less than 10% of commercial camps participating in PPA shows that in each location the factors of occupancy vs cost still must be positive for the operator. Occupancy, beyond static cost can add staffing, disrupt groundskeeping maintenance, and more. Utility, labor , supply and waste costs are static. In our part of the country, where there is no city with more than 60k people within 6 hrs drive there is no weekend glut, a wednesday is the same as a saturday. Noone drives 6 hrs for a weekend getaway. They do for a week or longer holiday and vacation. 6 national parks, dozens of state parks, in the same travel time from those big population centers with no dynamic pricing draws the short stay bunch- if they can snag a reservation- In considering wheather a park joins, or you join, consider your travel plans, the area and the parks region. In areas hours away from cities you wont find deep discount parks. If you do, be wary, you may get what you pay for, or for full price what you wish for.
SDcampowneroperator 05/12/21 07:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the Passport America plan

It's better for the CG to get 50% for an empty site than $0.00 Good luck to you with a loss for a business plan
SDcampowneroperator 05/10/21 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the Passport America plan

Be very careful to see which sites in the camp are available for PA discount. PA camps also have the discretion to assign only certain sites for the discount. They may be already filled, poorly serviced, or nearly impossible to level in. GIMIC101 get you in, bait and switch Why would a quality camp give it away for less than cost?
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 09:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Foam Core Floor Repair. Epoxy?

Yes I have fixed a foam core floor in our 87 Award. I drilled from above and below just through the ply, then injected foam conpatible adhesive. Worked good, but we did have to refloor inside. You could try doing it by drilling up through the bottom ply and foam then injecting, wait to set then drill again only through the underside ply to inject again. A nozzle to make certain the adhesive goes up to the top, and does not spread into the lower area is something to consider. Test --- Try your adhesive on samples so you know amount and compatability. Cant have a adhesive that foam does nt like. Too much adhesive could cause the floor to swell. A flexible urethane minimal expansion foam should do. Small squirts, close together. Get some 1/4" ply, foam and experiment before you try it out on the camper.
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 08:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Engine Owners- I've a DUSTED engine, so cummins says

dusting causes loss of compression Has compression been tested?
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 08:19pm Tech Issues
RE: New Full Body Paint Job

Fantastic exterior upgrade. Looks brand new, up to date and with new roof and interior should be a viable unit for many years to come. We are in the same pickle- to replace cracked faded graphics or paint? Our 09 Carriage Cameo is looking aged. with over 50k miles on it the skirting has road chips, In this forum we did find a furum member supplier of new graphics exactly like factory to replace the old, and bought them. I am troubled to work on do the work to install them, or forgo them and paint. Trouble with that is the walls and skirting will still show age and fading. It will have new graphics, weathered between. You must have seen the same issue which confirmed your decision to do full body paint. Your Hitchhiker, our Carriage and many other units are built to last, their exterior apperance is not equal to the effects of age and road debris. Question 1 is cost, wheather its worthwhile to strip graphics and do such prep as can be done before, or getting the pros in the paint shop to do it. There is no question that upgrading what you and we have is lesser cost than a new unit. A $ xx paint job is lessthan a $ XXXX new unit that wont fair better some years done the road. Question 2 is how to evade the 10 year old unit police? Or are you- like us - avoid the places with age and type of unit who restrict unit age or class ?
SDcampowneroperator 05/06/21 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Air bags says it all to me, if you needed them to level the load,then your WDH is not set up right or your WD bars are not sized right. . Measure unloaded front and rear bumper height adjust until near equal front to rear loaded truck and trailer , thats the Weight distibution job. Air bags tells me your WD bars are not set up right. Done right your 1/2 ton can do the job fairly, LT tires and air bags ? might as well bought a 3/4 ton
SDcampowneroperator 05/04/21 10:08pm Towing
RE: Typical cost per mile to transport 5th Wheel

Horizon transport moved our 10000# firewood processor from Kentucky to SD, 1250 mi., 5 years ago for $1400. A buck a mile plus up front hook up fee. for a short move. I would expect about the same for the fee plus mileage.
SDcampowneroperator 05/01/21 05:35pm Towing
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