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RE: Ref freezes everything

I had to replace a few thermistors on our Dometic fridges over the years for that same issue, on a couple of occasions we installed adjustable thermistors which worked out well. Haven't had that issue on our Norcold fridge, over 90% of our RVing over 3 decades has been with a Dometic fridge onboard.
Sandia Man 12/03/21 09:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Good replacement shower valve?

I usually went to CW to look at shower or sink faucets, they have a decent selection although pricing is a bit higher than online sources. Amazon of course has them much cheaper, but I wanted to see them in person before ordering, then read the reviews to determine which to buy. For our galley faucet we installed a residential kitchen faucet from Amazon, much better than stock and sprayer flow was significantly stronger. Unfortunately, RV shower faucet quality is a fraction of residential versions, we've been pretty lucky overall only having to replace leaking shower faucets twice on various rigs over 3 decades of RVing.
Sandia Man 11/30/21 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: suggestions for a better shower head????

A gallon a minute is pretty good IMO for a showerhead, no wonder our Oxygenics has proven a water saver for us. We shower daily without exception, twice if we are swimming in river, lake, or ocean, great to know we are using just a couple of gallons if even that much since it is rare we run showerhead more than 2 minutes total. We have been RVing for 3 decades and boondocking is easily our favorite method, all the stock showerheads in the various rigs were changed out for Oxygenics versions, we noticed a significant reduction in FW usage compared to stock, a more invigorating stream was an added bonus.
Sandia Man 11/29/21 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Better handling

We have the W24 workhorse chassis and it rides quite well overall, only thing we added was a steering stabilizer for sudden gusts of wind that we experience often in our neck of the woods. With all the mountains, valleys, canyons, and arroyos we must traverse to get anywhere, on windy days gusts are intensified as they are funneled across the roadways making for sudden and dramatic shifts of balance to our coach while going down the interstate. The steering stabilizer helps to give me more time to react to such violent gusts, plus they are known to help with front tire blowouts by assisting to control your rig as it pulls to the side where blowout occurred. Other than those features based on safety, I have had the steering stabilizer both installed and not installed (takes 5 minutes to remove) and found that I did not experience any significant difference in overall drivability, at least on our rig.
Sandia Man 11/28/21 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6.6 GM. Gas

We have both the 6.0 and 8.1 versions and of course they are thirsty when towing, heck they are thirsty when not towing. I would imagine the new 6.6 would be more fuel efficient than prior models mentioned above, but more than likely it still would not be as good as diesel mpg. We don't fret the decline in mpg with our gas engines since they are specifically used for RVing, they are not daily drivers and otherwise sit around waiting to be called to duty. Best thing is we never had any issues with these engines, in fact they have never been back to a dealer, just followed periodic maintenance for lubrication, most of which I do myself. The 6.0 is used to tow our our nearly 11K# toyhauler, our 8.1 is used in our nearly 40', W24 chassis, 30K# Class A with toad. We live at 6K' and do most of our RVing in the four corner states at high elevation, our gassers have handled many of the severe inclines without issue.
Sandia Man 11/28/21 12:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Champion Generator

With great reviews and being dual fuel capable this Champion inverter genny is something to consider for those who have moderate power demands when RVing off the grid. Will run most 120Vac items, microwave will probably need to be run without other major demands on this small genny, no biggie as breaker will just trip if it overloads, a quick reset and you are good to go again. Good for powering converter for couple of hours to restore consumed amphours to your battery bank, and easily power all audio, video, PC/laptop, and gaming equipment. Although output from propane mode will sacrifice a couple hundred watts, not needing to carry extra gas is awesome, particularly since most genny use is sporadic at best, hooking to propane is just easier for minor usage. I would buy for dual fuel capabilities, alas with both an onboard Onan and Champion 3100 remote start inverter genny it certainly would be a redundant purchase. Can't comment on this exact model, our 5 year old Champion has over 500 hours, quiet and way more fuel efficient compared to our Onan. Plus Champion has great customer service and plenty of parts availability.
Sandia Man 11/28/21 12:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hydraulic stabilizers down during storage

We don't utilize our power gear levelers unless we need to level and/or stabilize our coach. That's us, not worried about flat spots, mice/chipmunks/squirrels, or hydraulic leaks. Haven't researched what Toyo tires or Monaco says about the subject, and frankly don't plan to waste my time. Do what works for you, try it both ways and make your own conclusion. If you were going to store it indefinitely maybe it would pay to be more anal about it, for a just a few months or less would likely not matter either way you decide to go.
Sandia Man 11/21/21 01:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing With Water Pump Switched On. Burn Up Pump??

Sure, it is your choice and now you have heard all the horror stories about doing so. We have left our pump on here or there over several decades of RVing, most times not intentionally, but never had any extreme issue doing so. We primarily use our water pump even with water hookups available, still waiting for our first fresh water pump to fail. Shurflo sure makes a noisy water pump but they are very rugged and thus far 100% reliable across 6 rigs for us. There has been a few times where they were running for a couple of days without water in the tank before we noticed, we carry an extra shurflo pump but have not had the need even with the extreme use we put them through.
Sandia Man 11/21/21 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which fridge would you choose?

Since pricing is similar due to scratch and dent Norcold, I would stick with absorption RV fridges as we have had excellent service from both Dometic and Norcold versions. We made sure over several rigs and 3 decades to purchase rigs where fridge was not in a slide. Been fortunate enough that we have never had a cooling unit go bad, even on fridges that were 20 years old. The primary reason I would consider going with a 12Vdc or 120Vac compressor fridge is cost, I could literally buy 5 residential fridges for what it would cost ($5200 at PPL not including install) to replace our Norcold. With install and taxes nearly $6K is a bit tough to swallow, for certain we would go with an Amish cooling unit before resorting to compressor based versions.
Sandia Man 11/17/21 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Park Reservation Apps

I don't know of any apps that can readily make reservations at all private RV parks, like the posters above we use a combination of google maps, RV Parky or similar apps, and RV park reviews to determine where we stay. We usually wait until we know for certain how far we re going and then do our search as outlined above, once we have made a choice we call RV park directly to reserve site.
Sandia Man 11/16/21 09:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A/C Issues??

Sounds like they are operating fine with temps in the 40s coming out the vents, in our class a gasser we have RVed in 100+ temps without issue, we just crank them down to the sixties and let them run until ACs have removed most of the heat trapped within the rig. With temps in the mid 80s the front curtains and motorized blinds are enough, when temps are 95 and above we will implement our windshield sun shade that we have cut to a perfect fit, it covers entire windshield and front side windows deflecting much of the incoming heat. Unlike homes, even the best insulated RVs will contain heat that is not as easily dissipated, cranking down AC units and keeping them active throughout the entire day and night is the only way to truly stay ahead, waiting for temps to peak before activating ACs is too late.
Sandia Man 11/16/21 09:27am Class A Motorhomes

Many of the posts on the subject of TVs are prefaced by the statement we don't watch when camping, must be a special meaning for such a proclamation. Now back to the question, satellite is our primary go to for TV viewing. We do most of our RVing in the four corner states where both OTA and cell service is unreliable, no biggie we just plug in to shorepower and by the time we finish setting up we have all the channels we at home to view on our rig's 65" and 55" HDTVs. Recorded media on hard drive and DVDs are in the mix as well, we do every type of RVing imaginable, sitting out by the fire and being eaten alive by insects is but one option.
Sandia Man 11/16/21 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Dash/seat protection

I use automobile products meant for protecting interior materials, primarily purchased at Walmart. We have used Armor All and Scotchgard in the past as well other other similar products, they have a decent RV section where they have RV specific products if preferred. Are they any better than standard automobile protection products, that is subjective, one thing for certain, if it states for RV use on the bottle it will be more expensive.
Sandia Man 11/16/21 08:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No ship to store

It has been some time since I have purchased online from CW, higher prices, fibbing about current stock, delayed shipping, and the fact they don't have ship to store option are major reasons. As for doing online orders in a walmart and paying at walmart is a waste of their employees time, cell phone and/or laptop at home works just as if ordering from Amazon, except free 2 day delivery from WM doesn't require prime membership. I do order a lot of RV specific items from WM, best thing is if I need to return them I could just bring them to any WM store, with Amazon you have to send them back via mail. Rest assured Walmart does not worry about losing sales to the few who would like to shop online and pay while in a WM store, they have a decent app that makes it easy to order even if you happen to prefer doing so within a WM store.
Sandia Man 11/16/21 08:23am Camping World Accessories
RE: Weekend Warrior Converter Issue

Put a battery charger on your battery bank after cleaning your battery connections and topping off cells with distilled water, if they hold a charge they should power your rig's 12 volt items. Weekend Warriors have batteries wired directly to dc distribution center so they power rig's 12 volt branch circuits with or without converter, if 12 volt items work wiring is probably OK. WW rigs came stock with Iota converters which required a IQ4 module to make them smart, with 4 batteries I am sure it is undersized amp wise as well. Dump the old converter, especially if it is original equipment, Iota makes great converters, going with more charging amps and multi-phase capabilities (IQ4) will keep batteries happiest over the long haul.
Sandia Man 11/15/21 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: You're kidding...Right?

If you have already done axle weights as you stated in your OP you are close enough number wise to adjust according to inflation charts. Every time we got new rubber on any of our RVs over the last 3 decades tire installer always put max psi as stated on sidewall, no real biggie as I would adjust psi to my preference. On our towable RVs we ran close to max psi, on our motorized RVs we run approximately 20# below max psi. Sure, it would be nice to attempt to get your coach weighed on each corner believing you have the exact weight every time you hit the road, but real world numbers will never be that precise. How much water do I have in each tank, or did I purchase too much at walmart that tire inflation needs to be adjusted, come on folks on a 22K# rig a few hundred pounds in either direction is meaningless.
Sandia Man 11/11/21 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter battery maintenance

We leave our batteries in our RV over the winter, our garage is not insulated so temps are not much warmer than exterior temps. Since we have our RVs stored at our residence they are plugged in 24/7 in most cases. No need for us to purchase a separate trickle charger, our multiphase converter and inverter charger with temp compensation do a great job of keeping batteries properly charged no matter the time of year. Another reason we keep batteries onboard while winterized is our proximity to south TX and southern AZ, we often take trips throughout the winter season. Although rig is winterized we know batteries are always topped off and ready to go in a moments notice, we simply jump in and dewinterize when we reach warmer climes. As long as batteries are fully charged when rig is winterized they should keep from freezing, we have done it both ways and have not seen an advantage with either method.
Sandia Man 11/10/21 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: has Forest River upgraded their furniture covering

As stated above, most RV builders source from the same suppliers and have had issues with peeling and cracking of materials used on RV furniture. It has happened as well in the home furniture sector, particularly with materials that simulate leather, they sure look great at first but extreme wear and deterioration soon follows. From the post above it seems newer FR products along with most mass produced RV manufacturers have moved on to more durable materials. With few exceptions, the vast majority of RV builders do their absolute best trying to save a buck, rather than producing quality rigs. Been that way for sometime now, with RVs selling like hotcakes they see no need to change.
Sandia Man 11/10/21 12:36pm Tech Issues

We have been RVing over 3 decades and initially used our rig's OTA antenna, works okay in large cities, just unreliable reception anywhere else, and that's the problem as we don't do much RVing in major cities. Even with a good OTA signal, channels were limited and all commercial driven, makes it difficult to watch marginally good tv with all the interruptions from sponsors. Practically 100% of RVing back then was with our kids, not an issue as VHS and DVDs made every night a movie night, kids had a blast and DW and I could have some time to ourselves. We have satellite service at home and as most of our camping was on weekends I was missing out on keeping tabs on scores throughout the day. Again, this is going back a couple of decades, we started to bring along a spare bedroom receiver and manually setting up Directv satellite antenna, only one satellite back then and acquiring sat 101 was easy peasy. The advent of HDTV and having to acquire 3 sats did not pose much of an issue, dealing with the skew parameter only adds a couple of minutes to our pointing routine, overall a 10 minute process to begin downloading program guide. Today there are more options, plus OTA has several dozen channels to peruse making it a more viable although we rarely use it. We do occasionally stream video content and still use DVDs here and there, but our bread and butter is satellite tv, and all the satellite recorded programming on our DVR. We have Dish and their mydish app works great, makes it easy to change local channels to your location. There are many automated satellite acquisition domes available, all we do now is plug rig into shorepower upon arrival, we have same channels we have at home all before we have finished setting up rig.
Sandia Man 11/09/21 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

Front storage bay or main storage bay are the best options to keep batteries close to inverter, the second pair of batteries can be 6 volt golfcart batteries (we buy ours at Samsclub) and using a blue sea switch allows you to run them together or separate. Somebody will chime in about Peukert's theory/law of combining them for better discharging results, the miniscule amount of improvement overall is not really applicable for your scenario as you stated you are plugged into the power grid nightly. I wouldn't spend a whole lot either with the fact you rarely partake if ever in extended boondocking, a set of GC2 batteries ($200 a pair on sale) will give you an extra day, hard to say how long with what needs to be powered other than your residential fridge. I hear you, having the convenience of an onboard genny would easily erase this issue, many of the higher tier 5ers have an option from the factory, additionally I have had neighbors that have had theirs installed aftermarket when they noticed we had one on our rig. No doubt that the fridge is consuming the lion share while underway, for best results make sure your converter has multiphase charging and is actually going into bulk mode, a common issue for some converters which leads to batteries never reaching 100% full charge.
Sandia Man 11/08/21 03:25pm Fifth-Wheels
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