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RE: Do you lock or unlock the hitch while pulling your TT?

Yes, I always do, no reason just because I want to.
Sandia Man 08/08/22 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: What to look for in a TPMS

Most everything we buy for our RV we research and read reviews from Amazon and watch product videos on youtube to narrow down possible selections. No doubt accurate tire pressure and temperature are primary features for any TPMS, equally paramount is consistent connectivity to dedicated monitor or cellphone (via app) from valve stem mounted sensors, some may require a repeater be installed depending on distance from sensors to display. Most TPMS have the same features, some monitors show tire info incremently while some show all tires at one time. Of course there are the major brands that tend to cost double the price of their less known competitors, whether they perform better and are worth the extra expenditure will be your call. We recently purchased six new 22.5" tires for our class A and picked up a 10 sensor TPMS with repeater on Amazon to monitor our $3K+ investment in rubber and Michelin tires on our toad.
Sandia Man 07/26/22 09:00am Travel Trailers

Of course it is up to you but we leave our 3 vents and a couple of windows open during the summer months. Our RVs have always been stored at home, plugged in with batteries fully charged and fridge running for any whim departures during active RVing season. If someone is staying over we will run RV ACs for as long as needed, we don't fret the electric bill or the fuel bill, why would we even have an RV if that was the case.
Sandia Man 07/22/22 12:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Good RV Mattress for heavier people

X2 on going to a mattress store in your area since you actually have a standard queen in your RV. When we had a rig with a standard queen we would always buy locally from a furniture or mattress store, we find it best to at least try mattress out before purchasing. We are on our 6th RV in 30+ years of enjoying this pastime and we have either replace entire mattress our added a high end topper to existing mattress for each rig. We have tried bed in a box type mattresses (for our home) purchased online and have been pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are.
Sandia Man 07/22/22 12:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire pressures

I certainly understand your concern, I recently paid nearly $4K for a set of six 22.5" tires for our motorhome, a lot of dough for rubber for sure. All the answers above are great advice, simply set your tire pressures when tires are cold, cold does not indicate a certain temp, just means when tires have not been used, best to do in the morning as tires have been resting/cooling down overnight. Set them at your desired pressure in the morning, we use 90psi for our motorhome tires, and don't worry about increase in psi while going down the road, perfectly normal as tire manufacturer engineers have already accounted for this. Even when not moving down the road our TPMS indicates psi increases, although minor, when the sun is beaming down on the side of the coach where tires are exposed. That all being said, you spent the money for them and if you prefer to do it the way you have in the past, you were happy with the results and that's all that counts.
Sandia Man 07/18/22 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: quickie flush

Yeah, they tend to clog from time to time, particularly when traveling with black tank that has not been fully dumped. Did the same thing and tried to fill black tank full and let it sit awhile, it helped but would just perform poorly or just reclog quickly. Was just going to install another unit, ended up removing from tank and cleaning/drilling out clogged holes adding a couple of extra holes for good measure, works like a champ now.
Sandia Man 07/14/22 03:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recommendations on a back up camera

Had to replace the camera system in our class A nearly 2 years ago, like most items I did the research to figure out what works best for my scenario. Spent about a half hour weighing pros and cons of various multi-camera systems for our 40' rig, Amazon had the best price and all 4 cameras have performed flawlessly over the last couple of years and 12K+ miles. Just a few months ago we did the very same thing when searching for a 10 tire TPMS system, needed a system that came with a repeater for best results while going down the interstate. Purchased from Amazon and have had no issues with getting all sensors to register, TPMS we had before would have issues with the sensors on our toad showing up. Happy shopping!!!
Sandia Man 07/14/22 03:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tank cleaning wand - how much water does it leave?

We have always used tank wand after dumping on past RVs we have owned, although it would be once every fourth or fifth trip out. We did it mostly to keep tank sensors working properly and to prevent residual debris from hardening on side walls, we found dumping and refilling tank a couple of times still left lots of waste behind. Since it only took a couple of minutes to use wand on those occasions (at home or full hookup sites) maybe 5 gallons or so of water usually does the trick. Last couple of RVs we have owned had built in flush kits on black tank, they do work to a degree but using a tank wand will net the best results if tank really needs a deep rinsing.
Sandia Man 07/08/22 01:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Month/Year of Mfr

We purchased a used class A a couple of years ago and had no issues getting both chassis and house build dates with vin #, there were a couple of stickers in our rig that also contained various build info. With your 2020 class A being built rather recently getting all the specifics on that rig including all options should be an easy task, our used class A was a bit older but was simple to access records with vin in hand.
Sandia Man 07/08/22 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fireworks

We grew up with fireworks on the Fourth and I am all for it on that holiday, we enjoy setting them off when we happen to be home. Certain types of fireworks are restricted in our area, but as others have noted some will purchase from out of state and have no ambivalence in setting them off ilegally. Some places we lived it was literally a contest between neighbors and neighborhoods, we never participated in such antics, plus those types of fireworks are way more than I want to pay for a few minutes of enjoyment. With any pets we had that were sensitive to the noise we simply put them indoors with music or tv on. Funny how explosions and other loud noises from our TVs doesn't bother our cats and dogs a bit, they sleep like rocks with our speakers blaring. Last couple of Fourth of July holidays we just had a paltry supply as were were not keen enough to get some from Walmart, Samsclub, or any of the major grocery stores before they sold out, had to buy last ninute from one of the firework stands where mark up is incredulous to say the least. That reminds me, we are staying put for the Fourth and I need to go to Samsclub and Walmart anyway, happy Independence Day to everybody and God bless our military and all who've served.
Sandia Man 06/22/22 01:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

Members are either camping or are too busy with life, I know When I am out RVing I don't have time to get on any online forums, although I do check online forums periodically when I am homebound. Still spend more time perusing this RVing forum than other related online forums, it is not just here as I have noticed waning participation on all the online forums I visit.
Sandia Man 06/20/22 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you unhook for the night?

We've done it both ways, if we need to use tow vehicle for whatever reason we detach, otherwise we quickly drop stabilizers and get some shuteye. When having to overnight when trying to get as far as possible, usually we arrive between 10pm to midnight and just stay attached, have done the same when arriving late at private parks, just hookup to shore power and get some sleep. Whatever the scenario we don't fret the hitching/unhitching process as it takes just a few minutes, it is more a matter of what you personally prefer at the time of arrival.
Sandia Man 06/16/22 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Painting travel trailer white to reduce heat in summer?

As stated above, our TT is white and gets plenty hot, we are from the Valley of the Sun and I would not under any circumstances do any RVing during the summer in the lower deserts of AZ. Now in the high country like Flagstaff and the White Mountains area of AZ would be fine for summer camping, although RV sites in those areas come at a premium if there are any available.
Sandia Man 06/08/22 01:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black tank not draining!

Whether it is self made concoctions or store bought black tank chemicals, neither works without sufficient water. If you have time fill it with water and let it sit, if in a hurry add sufficient water and get to busting a poo mountain. Although I have explained to my DW, 3 DDs, and 1 DS about using more water for solids, it is ultimately up to me to add water as I am the one that gets to perform the dumping ritual, mostly unassisted. No biggie really, just add a few gallons back into blank tank via onboard tank flush rinser after final rinse, we never leave black tank dry.
Sandia Man 05/10/22 10:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blu Ox tow bar

The prior owners of our class A through in a 10K# Blue OX tow bar that is similar in age to yours, it was pretty stiff but when we drove back home after purchasing rig I was able to clean and lube. Functions quite well for it's age, maybe one day I will replace it but attaching/detaching toad takes but a couple of minutes, we leave Blue Ox locked in rig's hitch.
Sandia Man 05/10/22 10:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Blackstone Owner - Do I still need my grill?

We have room so we take both griddle and weber, both have their pros and cons. For us griddle is better for breakfast/lunch although we usually go out for local cuisine, our Weber is more suited to the type of dinners we enjoy when RVing. Without a doubt there are times that we may use one, or the other, and sometimes neither, in any event I want to have choices, as such they remain stalwarts of our favorite pastime.
Sandia Man 05/10/22 10:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New Member introduction

Great to have you onboard, let us know how your maiden voyage goes with your new Coleman Rubicon. New RVs will tend to have some issues, most are minor and easily remedied by dealer under warranty period. Forum members are here for advice and solutions to most any scenario, hope you enjoy RVing as much as we do and happy camping!!!
Sandia Man 05/06/22 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Dish Satellite Dish

We have 2 of the Vip 211 receivers that predate the current Wally version and have never had an issue when manually setting up our own satellite antenna, which is the same one Dish mounted on our roof. The Wally/Vip receivers might not integrate with a home based hopper system, but if separately fed a satellite signal it would work in your home. We manually set up our own satellite antenna when RVing, been doing it so long it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Best thing is all satellites can be accessed at the same time by each receiver, we just purchased the same satellite antenna we have at home online for about $50, initially we used a homemade stand, got a tripod to simplify setup and storage. We recently purchased a used class A and owners threw in 2 King Pro satellite domes, one for Directv and one for Dish. Surprisingly, they both have worked great, I converted the Directv dome to Dish. Although both domes are roof mounted, they can be removed with a single pin, now bedroom and living room TVs have their own, separate access to all 3 satellites, thus all channels.
Sandia Man 05/05/22 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: GM 6 liter vortec what are you towing with it?

We tow a 32' TT toyhauler with ours, at a bit over 10K# when loaded with toys and water, it handles it well, although I wouldn't want to go much heavier as towing comfort will spiral down to where I would have much disdain even hitching her up. Our Chevy Silverado HD2500 with over 3.2K# of payload capacity (label on door frame) has plenty of power, and we don't mind letting her rev up into the power band. Still a 12K# 5er would be more than I would take on, especially here in the mountain west. Virtually every where we go we are at high elevation detracting approx. 3% of engine power for every 1K' elevation, we average 20% derated engine performance making it all that more difficult, anything more than 12K# would certainly hasten wear and tear. We did think about going with a 5er when shopping a couple of years go, and we did find some nice light 5ers to fit the bill that were 10K-11K gvwr, we don't shop by so called dryweights, particularly when a gasser tow vehicle is involved. My DW prefers flat floorplans so we decided to keep TT toyhauler for RV adventures that lead us off road, and purchased a used class A more suited for couples living and extended stays. Our Silverado is in good condition, getting a heavier 5er would require getting a new truck sooner than later.
Sandia Man 05/05/22 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

Depending on who you ask there pros and cons just like residential and absorption fridges when used in RVs. If you are plugged into shore power you should be good to go unless unit is faulty. Do not know personally if they consume more power as compared to same size 120 volt fridge, but if without power hookups upgrades to replenish consumed amphours will be needed. Many manufacturers at least give options on fridge choice, 12 volt/120 volt are less costly, we prefer absorption for RVing. I guess we have been lucky over 3 decades as as all our Dometics and Norcolds have performed well across 6 different RVs, it is well over 80 degrees today and I was just out in our RV and had a big glass of Coke with ice from the freezer, even 95+ degree temps have been no issue for our Norcold 4 door fridge. Without a doubt the biggest issue with absorption fridges is improper installation, on a few RVs I made modifications to both interior and exterior of fridge greatly improving cooling efficiency.
Sandia Man 04/21/22 07:41pm Tech Issues
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