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RE: Sizing a battery bank. Ah VS wh?

Oh, just realized I forgot to add the diesel block heater to that :/
Sarahps33 01/01/22 04:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Sizing a battery bank. Ah VS wh?

The camper I have was already ran with 120ac electric, nothing 12v to plug into except ciggertte lighter. I've heard about the inverter powerless, I thought most of them were 80-90 % efficient,  so I'd lose that 10-20%. Not sure what you mean by the 10:1 ratio. From what I've learned so far I've seen that different inverters draw different amount of amps depending on the wattage inverted. Generators I've seen locally are pretty cheap, like $275 for 1500w. I'm thinking when its cloudy it may be worth having. OldWizard said "when you want Amp-hours at 12V (instead of 120V) you need to multiply be 10, so about 31,000 Ah !"  I'm confused on why I would need to multiple that if I'm using an inverter and everything I'd being turned into AC? Thanks Piano, I didnt think about the leap the inverter would have to take from 12 as opposed to 48v. I would have liked to run a 12v system but I dont have but a month left before my lease is up. So maybe something for the future. Also you mentioned "divide the watt-hours used in a day by 5 (example 2200 / 5 = 440 watts of panels)." Is the '5' in that formula the hours of sunlight a day? 2510/4.5 = 113 That seems like such a little amount. I thought it would be more about the solar's charging rates. Like "25amps per hour" or 25ah x 4.5hrs of sunlight = 100 amps charged in 'one day.' I havnt quite gotten to that research yet... To clarify no electric frying pans and no toasters lol. Just a propane stove top. We will be mobile and hope not to encounter weather any less than 40 degrees (at night.) 202ah sounds kinda like a lot to me considering what we plan on running, if anyone feels like reading a list, feel free if not I totally understand lol. Laptop x2 Mp3player charger x2 E-cig charger x2 Phone charger x2 Flashlight charger Coleman lantern charger Mini dehumidifier 22.50w Small fan Overhead lights Coffee maker 700w (10mins daily) 4.5 cubic foot fridge (not 12v) Printer (100-200v/.6a) Heating pad And a couple other odds and ends With that I ended up with 2510wh / 202ah That's without the coleman mach 3 AC on top.
Sarahps33 01/01/22 04:22pm Tech Issues
Sizing a battery bank. Ah VS wh?

Hi again! So, I'm trying to size out the battery bank I will need for my husband and I to live off grid in a camper. We don't have tons of time or money, so that's a bit of a factor. We plan on using an inverter for pretty much everything. And using either standard lead acid batts or agm. We plan on getting a few solar panels and possibly a small generator if needed. I've read tons of forums and watched hundreds of youtube videos and it seems like everyone I look into tells me something vastly different, from calculations and formulas to bank size & voltage and so on. I believe we need roughly 2510 watt hours. I calculated this by getting the watts of each appliance and multiplying it by the number of hours we'd use it each day. I tried to do the same thing with amps. I divided the watts by volts to get amps then multiplied it by how many hours we'd use it. I came up with 202 amp hours. I've read that some folks use 6v batts and wire them both in series and parallel to equal 12v with higher amps, while others just use 12 in parallel, or wire in series for 24v or even 48v. What really confuses me here is that from what I understand the concern should be amp hour capacity? Or should it be watts hour capacity? I've seen people ramp up their watt hours by using 24v and 48v batteries while the amps stay quite low. While others ramp up the amp hours by using 6v golf cart batts and get tons of amp hours. Which one should I be concerned about and why? Do they equal the same thing essentially? And how in the world do I figure out a batt bank that will fit our needs with all this contradicting info. I'm stumped, lol. Thanks for reading, looking forward to your responses.
Sarahps33 01/01/22 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: Amp draw vs battery bank & solar array = totally confused!

Thank you everyone for the replies and happy holidays! My husband and I plan on living in the camper full time and travel for at least a year. We dont plan on being plugged into shore power hardly ever, so I'm looking for something "off grid." I talked to a friend yesterday who dabbles in electric and he pointed out one huge mistake he thinks I made. I plan on running everything through an inverter. So he said I wouldnt need to multiply the amps by 12v because I'm running everything off AC via the inverter. So, the amps would not increase, does this sound right? Thanks for pointing out that the chargers and etc list the maximum volts & amps, that's a good point. I have also recently stumbled upon people using 6v batteries which increases amp hours quite a bit. I've seen for example say they have six 6v batteries, they'll wire pairs in series to create 12v then run them in parallel to up the amp hours. They sell relatively small 6v batts that start at 225ah. After learning all this, things seem much more possibly without having to use a huge bank and or huge array. When I finish my new list of appliances/watts/wh etc - I'll share it here to see if it makes sense and for future folks with the same question.
Sarahps33 12/27/21 05:14am Tech Issues
Amp draw vs battery bank & solar array = totally confused!

Hey there, so I'm hoping some of yall have already dealt with this and could shed a little light. Things aren't making since to me. I have checked each appliance's output power that I plan on bringing on the road. For example my laptop says 20v/2.25a on the charger. For each device like this I went to this website for a quick calculation: And I'd turn it into 12v DC - giving me the amp draw. In the case of my laptop it was converted to 4.14a I took those amps and multiplied it by how many hours a day I would use it. The most I'd ever use it in one day would likely be 7hrs. 4.14a x 7hrs = 28.98a So that tells me how many amps I'd use from that laptop a day, right? Am I doing it right so far? Lol. I did this for my coffee maker, phone charger, flashlights, printer, and so on and came up with 348 amps that we could "potentially" use in a day if we used and charged everything we owned in a single day (I think that's overkill, but just in case right.) And that's without a fridge. We want a fridge with a freezer so we can be off grid for longer periods of time. I have one now and if it ran 12hrs outta 24 it would be an additional 192 amps. So the total with a fridge is 539 That seems like an awful lot to me. I dont understand how people have whole gaming systems, fridges, and microwaves and can run off a small batt bank. Did I mess up somewhere? I'm reading that AGM's have a depth of discharge rate of 80-50%. If we used 80% of each batt then we'd need seven 100ah batts just to run for one day! (539a/80a=6.7 batts at 100ah). If we wanted enough back up power for 2 days (say it was cloudy out) than we need 7x3 = twenty one 100ah batteries. That's what I dont understand.... But! I also understand that this is where solar charging rates come in. I've only seen 60a being one of the highest charge controllers. So does that mean I can charge with 60 amps an hour with my solar panels? (Assuming I have full sun light?) And say I have 4 hrs of full sunlight a day 4hrs x 60 amps = 240 amps charged per day. With an amp draw of 539 it would take roughly 2 days and 1 hour to put that back into the battery bank. And that would still only be replenishing our daily draw but not as fast as we use it and wouldnt provide those 2 days of cloudy weather cushion. I'm so in need of some help here, lol. I cant wrap my head around it. Thank you so much in advance for any info you can give me.
Sarahps33 12/23/21 11:53am Tech Issues
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