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RE: Fleetwood American Tradition Washing Machine/Dryer Problem

It is a 21 year old dryer. Just saying... Yes, when our w/d was less than 10 years old, the belt slipped off the back and we had Westland in Elkhart look at it. It had to be pulled out, but the repairman said the bearing in the cross piece (looked like an X) that held the belt was bad and seized and that caused the belt to jump off. PART NO LONGER AVAILABLE, so it would require replacing the entire unit. He offered to put the belt back on. Said it might run once or twice. We said okay. That was several years ago and it continues to run to this day. My point is that parts for those units are not always available. But at least in our case, we didn't quite need it yet. Dale
Scottiemom 06/30/20 06:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnetic Induction Cooking And Pacemakers?

My husband has a Medtronic ICD. Medtronic publishes an Electromagnetic compatibility guide and I often refer to it when I have questions about his device and risk factors. That guide says to maintain a 2-foot distance between your device and the induction cooktop. Kinda hard to use if you have to stand away from it. Here is a link to the guide. We chose not to jump on the bandwagon with the induction cookers. They sound really neat but not worth the risk to DH. Dale
Scottiemom 06/13/20 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Diverticulitis

My Dad lived and RV'd all his life with diverticulitis. Once you get healed, you should be able to be asymptomatic with proper diet. But if I were you, I would find a good GI doctor and have him/her treat your illness. My dad did not have to take anything for infection or pain after he was healed and if he stayed away from his triggers. Much like any other chronic illness. Dale
Scottiemom 06/12/20 06:14am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

The way Terry's doctors have described it to us is that they legally cannot take your license away but with certain heart issues (Terry has an ICD) they prefer you not to drive for six months after an episode. His "episodes" would result in passing out. . . actually his heart stops. Then it would restart. As it got weaker, they added the ICD which will "jumpstart" the heart. The last time this happened was 10 years ago. The device also regulates his heart rhythm which hopefully keeps the heart from stopping. He has had a few incidences of passing out, but no heart stoppage. Those times happen when he isn't feeling well and during those times, Terry does't do much till he feels better. When his instances occurred ten years ago, he voluntarily gave up driving the motorhome. Okay by me. It's just not a situation where a passenger could intervened before the 45,000 lb. rig would careen off the road or into another lane. When he is not feeling up to par, he chooses not to drive anything. It's been about 4-5 years since he became very ill and he was on a roller coaster, but never feeling up to par. So he has not driven much. Lately, this past year seems to have been a healing one for him and things are better for him. He is starting to drive the car a bit and that is a big help to me. He was always an excellent driver. . . that had nothing to do with it though. . . it was his health and being alert, etc. We just drove a rental car to Indiana, with Terry helping, and we drove the little motorhome back to Florida pulling the trailer. In ten days we are flying back up and driving the Miata back. He's going to help on that driving, although he will not drive the "Tail of the Dragon." He's never liked mountain driving and will prolly have his eyes closed! This works for us. I have always loved to drive and I don't mind because it's still something we can do together. We met another couple in a Class A years ago. She did all the driving and everything else because her husband was going blind. He had a work related condition that caused his blindness, but they wanted to RV so they bought one and they go anyway! Once they get your heart more stable, I assume they will relax their stance. I don't consider Terry any more a danger than someone who has seizures. They can still get a license depending upon how long it's been since their last one. Other people with conditions that cause blackouts, etc., may still get licenses to drive. I believe it would be easier to intervene with an impaired driver in a car, but big rigs are a different matter. Don't be discouraged, Richard. Now that they know this, they should be able to help. And feeling tired is very NORMAL after any kind of heart problems. It takes a while. A couple years ago when they were trying to get Terry to go on the heart transplant list, physical therapy gave him some exercises that they said they give all their heart patients which work to build up their core. He has faithfully fully done the exercises every day and they have surely helped. We normally walk 1.3 miles daily, although we've been so busy working on the house, we've fallen off doing that in the heat. But we are hauling furniture around, etc., so he is still getting exercise. Good luck and we will be praying for you and Sue! Dale
Scottiemom 06/12/20 06:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry to hear, Richard. Prayers for a successful procedure and for you and the doctors. Dale
Scottiemom 06/09/20 05:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We made it back to Florida today, got home, got the food out of the motorhome and in the house and unloaded all of the trailer except for my organ, which I am hiring out. It rained off/on yesterday and today. That storm in the gulf sent its outer bands over Florida and we had periods of torrential downpour on the interstate. A gal in her Mercedes hydroplaned and put the nose into the guardrail. Lot of damage. She was moving pretty fast. Fortunately, most of the others slowed down in the downpours, but kept moving, so we covered the rest of the interstate we needed in good order. We got off and ran the last 60 miles on red roads which were not heavily traveled today and got home without incident. The house is a pit. We just unloaded boxes into the living room. Our new furniture will not be delivered till the 19th, the room WAS empty, which was good. We ordered out pizza and are looking at relaxing and sleeping well in our new bed. Hope all is well with all of you. Dale
Scottiemom 06/06/20 07:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Thanks for the tips, Wanderlost. That would be just how we would take the "Tail." With the Miata, I will be shifting a lot (6 speeds), but I love it! I can take off with the wind in my hair, shifting, etc. When I look down, I'm doing 40 mph. LOL It feels like I'm FLYING! And I'm doing 40! LOLOLOL Dale
Scottiemom 06/04/20 06:25pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We are back in Indiana. We drove a rental car up to get our little motorhome that's in storage and get our cargo trailer and pack it with stuff in storage and my organ. Then we will drive it back home to Florida to unload and find a place for stuff. We won't be able to get everything, but it's a start. We don't really have to interact with anyone along the way. We will stop and get the Miata battery we left at my Mom's so we have a car to drive. Then the Mazda goes back in storage till July. We will visit with Mom outside social distancing of course. A few weeks later we will fly up and rent a truck and load the rest of the stuff up and drive back. Then the middle of July we fly back up for the great niece's graduation. The only thing left up here will be the Miata and we are going to drive her back to Florida. Talking of a leisurely drive. Not sure how much shifting these old bunions can take. But Terry is driving the cars a bit, so he will be able to help. He wants to do the "tail of the dragon." It will be s . l . o . w for us oldsters, but will still be fun. Everyone take care. Dale
Scottiemom 05/27/20 04:09am RV Pet Stop
RE: Should I carry a spare tire?

Having been in a somewhat similar situation, I would at least carry the tire if you have the space to put it. Road service can always mount it for you. I got taken really bad for a tire, like almost 2 times the price, when I had a problem. Won't be without one again. Same thing happened to us. The tire was salvageable, but the tech sent to us insisted it was shot and wanted to take it with him. We kept it and had it repaired the next morning. He made us wait 6 hours on the side of the road and then brought a used tire with a sidewall patch and charged us almost $400 for it. He put it on and like I said, we drove 22 miles to a tire shop we had called and they fixed us up the next morning. Since then we carry an unmounted spare. It determined what new toad we got a few years ago because we keep the tire in the back end of the toad, a Flex . It just fits. . . 39", that 22.5" tire. Have only needed one that one time in 15 years of fulltiming, but we wouldn't be without it. Dale
Scottiemom 05/22/20 04:50am Tech Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Before we went full time, we had a feral cat who hung around all the time. I'm not really a cat person, but I am an animal person and don't want anything to suffer. I started to feed her as winter approached. Eventually I put a cat house filled with straw out on the deck and put a rug over it so she could keep warm. Most of the time she slept on top of it, but I was satisfied she could stay warm. Even though I fed her well, she still brought me "gifts" she had killed. The dogs always chased her till one day she didn't run. The dogs braked so hard they nearly ran into her. They all became friends and even though I could never touch her, she and the dogs were close. I made arrangements for a neighbor to care for her when we sold our house and went full time. But she disappeared some time that summer and I'm sure she died. She was an old cat by that time. I think your neighbors are wrong about the cats. They need to take responsibility to care for them. Good luck with your doctor's appointment Richard. Hope you can find some answers. Dale
Scottiemom 05/19/20 06:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: Asking the cooks! I need new microwave.....

A convection oven is a regular electric oven with a fan to circulate air. . .. period. That's it. There is no learning curve. I tried all the "adjustments" when I got mine, and didn't need any. I set the temp for what the recipe calls for. If it says to bake for 25-30 minutes, I do 25. Perfect every time.I have 3 convection/micros. . . all different brands. One I will bake usually for 5 minutes under the minimum time. . . the rest I don't. Every oven is a bit different, just like your home models are. Super easy and I would always go for the convection/micro rather than an RV oven. Dale
Scottiemom 05/15/20 04:28am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Very sorry for Robin's predicament. Praying everyone can make this about celebrating Ed's life and leave the bad feelings behind. Will be praying for her. Dale
Scottiemom 05/15/20 04:18am RV Pet Stop
RE: Norcold refrigerator door seal problem - strange

Is it still under warranty? If so, I would pursue replacement. Our seals have been gone on our Norcold 1210 for years. Leon at National Refrigeration suggested we use Gorilla tape. We placed it where the seals came off and it has been working ever since. Refer is over 10 years old. Dale
Scottiemom 05/13/20 06:01am Tech Issues
RE: Do you use glass plates ?

In our home I used Corelle ware. When we started fulltiming I bought a good quality melamine by Pfalzgraff. I still use those daily after 15 years. We recently bought a house in Florida. I can't find a Corelle pattern I like and the other stoneware is much too heavy for me to lift into the cupboards. I found a good quality melamine at a home store and bought 8 place settings. Still looking for Corelle that I like, but I really do like the melamine i bought. Dale
Scottiemom 05/13/20 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Very sorry to hear about Ed. Prayers for healing for all. Dale
Scottiemom 05/13/20 05:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Happy Birthday, Richard!
Scottiemom 04/24/20 04:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I love the color, Burch.
Scottiemom 04/14/20 04:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Verizon's free 15gig

Well, yesterday we hit our 15 G on our unlimited plan and we got throttled back. . . no free 15G for us. What gives? Dale
Scottiemom 04/08/20 04:49am Technology Corner
RE: levelers

We replaced our Atwood Levelegs last summer in favor of the Bigfoot system. Very happy with them. Customer service is excellent. We have a Phaeton DP. Dale
Scottiemom 04/04/20 05:31am Tech Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I'm glad we are at our home in Florida for this. Phaeton Place is about 10 steps from the front door where she sits under her bus port attached to the house. Monday we called our doctors' offices in Indiana. Terry wanted to continue to doctor at our "old" places till fall when our transition to Florida would be complete. All the doctors were rescheduling as much as 90 days out. We opted to "telehealth" with our primary physician, so we have that coming up. Terry's cardio has not responded to our phone message. . . typical since our wonderful pacer nurse retired. So our calendar is clear till the end of May when I wanted to be in Indiana for my great-niece's graduation. But that can be cancelled if need be. The biggest drawback of being stuck here is that we have stuff in storage back in Indiana that we hoped to have here by now to unload and put away. I have hobbies and have been keeping busy, but Terry doesn't have hobbies and is bored to death. We aren't going anywhere or visiting anyone. We go out for a walk in the morning and rarely see anyone. Ride our bikes in the evening. . .same thing there. No socializing. Hope all of you are well and staying inside. Dale
Scottiemom 04/01/20 04:04am RV Pet Stop
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