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RE: Harvest Hosts

To each his own. I'm willing to try it. When DH and I fulltimed, we often visited wineries (DH didn't drink, me only occasionally) as they typically are set in the beautiful countryside and many have restaurants. I will not spend a night in a Walmart parking lot, never have, never will. Okay for you if you want to, but not me. Also belong to PPA and use them occasionally. Just another tool. Dale
Scottiemom 11/30/22 05:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Harvest Hosts

The recommendation for purchasing is $20, not $30-$40. They do ask you to call ahead to make sure they can accommodate you as most places have limited availability. I don't drink a lot of wine, but many of the wineries offer other items for sale and some have cafes/restaurants. There are also significant churches on the list. I will be taking delivery soon on my "new" to me coach and it is equipped with lithium batteries and some solar, so I thought boondocking would be a good option occasionally. I don't have a problem with RV parks, but they have gotten crazy expensive in the last year or two, with little difference in the way of amenities. But I will continue to use RV parks as well, and hope to include state parks more than I do now. My dog doesn't like RV parks. He hates traffic noise and will spend all his time indoors rather than hear it. I finally bought a membership to see if staying at wineries or other low=key places would work better for him. I'm thinking he would like that a lot better. He likes other animals and dogs and cats. Dale
Scottiemom 11/29/22 04:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

I have the FMCA hotspot device and it works great. It is $59.99/month for unlimited. Works great and I'm not sure who their carrier is now. They have changed occasionally. I used my phone which has unlimited for awhile. Problem was, it's only unlimited on my PHONE. When I connect another device to it, it is only like 5G. I hate doing anything on my phone. Dale
Scottiemom 11/28/22 05:28am Technology Corner
RE: Washer/dryers

When we were looking, PPL in Houston had the best price. I think they will install as well. Dale
Scottiemom 11/25/22 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Congrats to your family, Burch! Your new addition is so cute and I'm sure the dogs will come around. In addition to a new dog, they have to wrap their heads about the idea of a puppy! But they will. Dale
Scottiemom 11/21/22 05:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: B+ motorhomes

Well, I found my dream coach. Put earnest money down and she will soon be sitting under my port. Haven't picked out a name yet. She is silver, so perhaps the Silver Gypsy (a toast to my gray hair and her color) or the Gray/Silver Ghost. I did not buy the Leisure Travel with the macerator toilet. But I am SOOOOO glad I went to look at it. I had never seen one in person and I would never buy one. First off, up front there is virtually no sitting. There are 2 jump seats which are very blocky and one owner told me they are good to put your feet up on when you turn the front seats around. Also, the inside storage is really weird. They don't make use of available space like other coaches do. And some doors you open up, the space basically extends under the floor level so a lot of stooping. No closets in the bedroom and the storage there is under the bed. You have to lift the bed which is on a ratchet type lift. To lower it you have to raise it all the way up, then down. I tried to do it with the mattress on and I couldn't do that. The lady showing it to be will forever be known as the "queen" OF velcro. She had it everywhere. No ducted A/C (a real deal killer for me) so she fashioned a fabric "scoop" which was velcroed to the A/C to push air out of the bedroom into the front. She mentioned that the bedroom stayed cold and it was always hotter up front. They had removed the bathroom door because they didn't like going past it in the hall to open it up. They had saved it and you could rehang it. They used a curtain. The macerator toilet they knicknamed the angry bear because that's what it sounds like when you flush it. Nice and noisy in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. Finally the price. She had a price higher than MSRP on this 2 year old coach. I asked about that. She said she went to the web site and priced out a new one equipped like theirs and knocked a couple thousand off. I asked if she looked at NADA and she said, Oh no. Their prices don't reflect that you must wait 2-3 years for a new one to be built. ????? I didn't even ask to drive it. I told her it was a very nice coach, but not for me. Went back home to my son's as we were leaving on a cruise the next day. Looked at RV TRader and low and behold. . . there was my dream coach maybe 4 miles up the road from me at my house in Polk City. And it was the exact coach I wanted! Priced already reasonably!!!! But here I was 100 miles away at the time. But I contacted them through RV TRader and eventually got to talk with them and begged them not to sell it before I got back and could come look. Long story short, it was love at first site. The ONLY thing it is lacking is a TPMS in the tires. I really wanted that. I don't like the add ons, but who knows. I may learn how to do that. I have signed the purchase agreement. They are currently living in it, remodeling their home they bought but have a new fiver being delivered as soon as they can get their port modified to slide the unit under. I am giving them till December 31. They are very nice people and we are all happy with our deal. They were asking about $1500 under low retail according to NADA and new ones from the factory are $67000 more. No that is not a misprint. It's a 2021 with lots of extras. Solar, 2 lithium batteries, a leveling system (BigFoot) on the Ford Transit. It's a Coach House, which was #1 on my list. So MinnieMee will get a new home. I don't have plans to offer her for sale yet as my son and his wife are contemplating taking her. They have actually camped in her before and while I think it is really crowded for the three of them, they made it work. And if we camp together, I would take my granddaughter as I have twin beds now! If I end up selling her I shouldn't have trouble. Every time I post a pix of her on FB, people ask me how much. Yay me! I am really happy and anxious to get her home. Told my son now if they want to visit, call ahead first, cause I may be out camping! Dale
Scottiemom 11/19/22 06:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Truck starts on its own

If I could not get this issue solved today I would not go to sleep with truck in garage without disconnecting the batteries. Do you have a remote start? Could it have got a signal from your remote or another source? A friend's car alarm kept going off. She would grab pistol, go check it out. Finally discovered the cat was playing with a lost set of keys. Loved the cat story! LOL But yeah, I would park that puppy outside or disconnect the battery. That is just too scary. Dale
Scottiemom 11/19/22 05:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I am so sorry about Lola, Burch. Sounds really mysterious. Perhaps Dr. Doug will have some insight. Bless you and your wife for loving your dogs beyond measure. We are entrusted with their lives and do what we can to make it a loved one. Praying for you both and your other dogs. Dale
Scottiemom 11/16/22 09:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

SGTJOE, Sounds like you have found a really special new friend. My son has a labradoodle and she is the sweetest. She also loves everyone and everything and gets along with my Scottie when we visit. They are wonderful dogs. I forgot to wish Burch a safe trip to Kentucky and back. Be careful and stay safe. Dale
Scottiemom 11/10/22 04:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Hello FOOF's! My Brendon is doing great. Went through a scare thinking he might have bladder cancer. Scotties are 20% more likely to develop it than other breed and I have lost one to it. So when he started peeing blood I went into helicopter mom mode. I ended up changing vets and am much happier where we doctor now. They have a new urine test called a BRAF test and it is quite accurate for detecting bladder cancer. He tested negative, but it took a month and adding stronger meds to rid him of the infection. I boarded him for the first time last weekend while I went on a 3 day cruise with my son and his family. Son boarded his dog at the same place, so I paid for Brendon and Lily to have a playdate every day they were there so they would know they weren't alone. He did very well and wasn't agitated or showing any stress when I picked him up. We are getting hammered right now with Hurricane Nicole. I had everything put up and have the bathtub full of water. LOL My biggest news is that I am in the process of purchasing a new to me motorhome. It's a 2021 Coach House and is exactly what I wanted. And it is just about 3 miles down the road. I won't have it here for about a month as they are finishing up the remodel on their home and living in it, but it is in very good condition and very clean. More about that later. Dale
Scottiemom 11/10/22 04:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: B+ motorhomes

Going to look at a coach tomorrow. It has a macerator toilet, not an external pump but toilet. Totally unfamiliar with that. Anyone have any experience with those? Dale Dale, I have no experience with them but as a mechano/techie, what I do know is that the macerator grinds up the waste and is pumped out thru a smaller hose than the typical 3” version. I’ve always perceived it as an upgrade. Yeah, I understand what it does. Terry used the add-on macerator. Helps finding things accidentally dropped in the toilet. Don't ask me how I know that. LOL We had two. . . one I let go with the Phaeton when I sold it and I kept the other one. But this is the toilet itself. There is a built in macerator in the toilet itself. I just wondered if they are prone to problems, etc. Dale
Scottiemom 11/03/22 04:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

Going to look at a coach tomorrow. It has a macerator toilet, not an external pump but toilet. Totally unfamiliar with that. Anyone have any experience with those? Dale
Scottiemom 11/03/22 04:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Enjoyed your pictures. Great sounding trip! Dale
Scottiemom 11/01/22 02:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Have a safe trip, Burch. Enjoy your down time! Dale
Scottiemom 10/22/22 06:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

We travel full time and have for many years. I am in excellent health but have been battling a pinched nerve in my neck. Long story short, I ended up with MRI, surgery, neurosurgeon, 2 nights hospital. Now sitting for 3 months with no driving but traditional Medicare and a part F supplement appears to be covering it all but expect some bills for the required deductible payments. Part F covers your deductibles. You won't be getting any bills. That's why we bought that supplement. I understand it's no longer available but if you have it, you're good to go. Dale
Scottiemom 10/20/22 05:43am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

I caution against skimping on coverage due to "I'm in good health" because we don't normally stay that way as we age. With aging brings health challenges to the healthiest of us. I, too, am in good health, but a fall, an accident, etc., can happen to anyone and your health care plan needs to be in place prior. My Medicare and AARP is not the cheapest, but I think it's the best. Dale
Scottiemom 10/15/22 06:19am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

Medicare here plus AARP Plan F supplement. Fulltimed for 15 years with DH who had a serious heart condition, which eventually caused his death. Had many hospitalizations and doctor visits plus cancer treatment in Houston at MD Anderson. Never paid a penny for any of it. But I don't think a Medicare Advantage plan will be your friend. It's my understanding that those plans are more specific to your region, so traveling with the plan is problematic. That is what I have heard, so make sure you do your homework before purchasing a plan. With Medicare you can seek treatment anywhere and with any doctor who accepts Medicare. Dale
Scottiemom 10/14/22 04:43am Full-time RVing
RE: Not destroying the awning

Do what you want. It's your awning, but when people pose a question here, my guess is they want others' opinions. I give just that. I was talking about seeing awnings tied out for the season in south Texas. . . for six months at a time, not 2-3 weeks. It does also depend on the awning fabric itself. There are many different kinds, quality and strengths of fabrics, etc. Dale
Scottiemom 10/09/22 04:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Not destroying the awning

I see a lot of awnings out and tied down. By the end of the season, that awning is stretched and rippled and doesn't roll up well. Dale
Scottiemom 10/08/22 03:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2023 Burns Night

Sounds like great fun, magnus. Dale Dale: I was sorry to hear of Terry's passing. Truly. Tennessee or Kentucky whiskey? lol Of course it will be Scottish Whisky - mostly the more affordable blended malts of the different Scottish distillers (note the spelling too.):W Thank you for your condolences, Magnus. It's a journey, for sure. But I'm trying to carry on. It's been 2 years now, but seems like yesterday. I still RV in our "Alaska" rig, looking for an upgrade, but MinnieMee is running fine and I have a local mechanic who keeps her in tiptop shape. We had just bought a house in Florida before Terry died, so I am 90 miles from our son in Melbourne. I joined an RV Women's group and hope to get some more camping in with them. I am in a motorhome gated community and I like where I live, so that's good. Thanks again! DAle
Scottiemom 10/08/22 03:10pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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