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RE: Diesel Brothers

Additionally, all my farm tractors are diesel as well and all are Tier2 (you know what that is?) If you don't' let me explain. They are all emissions exempt. Run fine but they do produce visible particulates (as all T2 engines do under load) so you can also buy me 3 new T4 compliant tractors to farm with along with a new T4 pickup truck and a comparable T 4 tractor to the ones I now own free and clear will set you back around an additional 250 grand plus the 80 or so for the pickup truck and I'll take them all to the shredder, no problem, you have the jack right? Duh Actually I do know a lot about diesel emissions. Not only have I worked for a diesel manufacturer for many years(Cummins), I have worked on the customer, dealer, and manufacturing side of various vehicles OE's from Ford to Peterbilt since I was 16 so well over two decades. I know full well what diesel emission regulations are, their actual impact, and how they came to be. I also have a farm/ranch with over 50 head of cattle and a JD 4430 with a cab. However, we are not talking about non-road tier 2 equipment. I am talking about your 97 truck that you chipped for increase power output that increased the emissions even more. Now before you go an say this truck was exempt from federal emissions, let me remind you of the diesel emissions standards of 1990 and 1994 which applies to your truck. You see, federal diesel emissions standards didn't just start after your truck was made, they started years before, but because they were considerably more strict after 2004 lowering limits below a gram, most people didn't know much about these years because stuff like EGR's and DPF's weren't required to meet these standards. For on road pickup diesel engines the major emission requirements for diesel engines are as follows- 1985, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2004, 2007, and 2011. Even though the EPA didn't start using the tier system until 1996, that does not mean prior years were exempt from emissions regulations. So not only were you emitting more than me stock, but even more so now that you chipped your truck (and do not comply with your year's PM/NOx requirement), you have higher fuel consumption, and you use over three times the oil. Yet, you are chastising me for dirtying your air. Blah, blah. Hey bub, I have the EPA certification number affixed to the rad cross member from Gale Banks pertaining to my truck and his aftermarket modifications. It don't use any oil and gets 21 empty. Want me to get it for ya, I can if you want it. Candidly, I don't care what rabbit hole you stick your head in either. Diesel Brothers were in violation and got caught, Plain and vrey simole.
SidecarFlip 03/25/20 06:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

Additionally, all my farm tractors are diesel as well and all are Tier2 (you know what that is?) If you don't' let me explain. They are all emissions exempt. Run fine but they do produce visible particulates (as all T2 engines do under load) so you can also buy me 3 new T4 compliant tractors to farm with along with a new T4 pickup truck and a comparable T 4 tractor to the ones I now own free and clear will set you back around an additional 250 grand plus the 80 or so for the pickup truck and I'll take them all to the shredder, no problem, you have the jack right? Duh
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 02:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

Whatever, I bet you blatantly ignore the advice of medical professionals concerning the Wuhan Flu too. I don't reside in a glass house but obviously, yo do. Here is what I don't understand about you. If you are so concerned about air quality, then why do drive a truck that is pre-2004 or even pre-1998 regulation standards? On top of that, you said you had it "chipped" and increase its power output(more fuel) in another thread which increases it's emissions out put even more. Because you have a HEUI fuel pump that has much lower pressures than modern diesels, single fire injectors that allow for a lot more un-burned fuel than modern multi-fire injectors, and a fixed geometry turbo than cannot alter the amount of air that goes in as effectively, your truck emits more than even a modern deleted diesel. Even more so with the power adders you added to it. So you yourself would not be legal in accordance to your year model if you strapped it down to a dyno and your truck emits even more yet you are chastising them. I don't get it.... And before you try and say that your power adders do not increase emissions, I am going to call BS on that. Also, because of your HEUI pump uses engine oil to get its pressure which puts a great amount of strain on the oil, you have to change your 17 quarts of oil three times as often(every 5k) versus my 12 quarts of oil(every 15k) making even more pollution. So not only does your truck emits more than mine, it also uses more fuel, and three times more oil. Why don't you step up to the plate and buy me a new one. I'm retired, I cannot afford a new 80 grand Tier4 truck but maybe you'd like to buy me one. Hows that Mr. Moneybags? My truck has a Gale Banks EPA approved (for 1997 EPA certified) chip and turbo on it, all nice and legal (and approved) but if you want to, you can buy me a new one, I'll take it and scrap my old, paid for one, if that blows your dress up. If not' quit whining. Diesel dummies broke the law and got dinged. How it plays and whining about it proves nothing but your blatant ignorance of the law.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1987? Bigfoot Fiberglass Camper project time!

Think I'd start with a newer longer bed pickup truck. You buggy is very marginal.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: Comet in late May -- hope we can hit the boonies to see it!

No problem here. I don't live in a populated area. All I need to do is walk out the the back 40 acre field and observe.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 10:07am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Before you jump into the 20 year old pool read what Chuck Woodbury writes about such a loan. In essence the rig probably won't last past 10 years and the owner will then be paying for 10 years on something that doesn't exist! +1 on that unless it's a very high end unit like say a Prevost. But of course with a unit like that, you'll need 20 years to see the surface of the water anyway.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 10:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Diesel Brothers

Whatever, I bet you blatantly ignore the advice of medical professionals concerning the Wuhan Flu too. I don't reside in a glass house but obviously, yo do.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

Going from a hardside (Lance) to a pop up (palomino) was a revelation for us in the handling department which is for me, is important, I got tired of fighting the wind and the rocking when passing trucks on the slab, but the big revelation came with the overall closed height as it pertained to the type of camping we do which is primarily primitive. I don't have to worry about tree limbs or even underpass height anymore. No need to look up to see if I have the overhead clearance and storage became a non issue as well, as it fits in the garage wen not in use. The Lance required I keep it in one of the barns and I need the barns for farm use. We will never go back. I'd say something about fuel mileage but no point in doing that as cheap as fuel is today.
SidecarFlip 03/24/20 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Our RV is our home, but we are slowly heading north to our upstate NY family cottage where we'll hunker down for awhile until things settle down. We're currently near Savannah, GA and are not concerned at all about passing through the seven states we'll traverse on our way to NY from Florida. Since we'll be calling the cottage "home" for this purpose, if asked, we'll just say we can't obey a stay home order until we get home. This is why so many people are going to die unnecessarily in the US. We've been raised all our lives to think that our country is the exception to everything, and that we as individuals are exceptions to every rule. Exactly and, it's a horrible death as well as you drown in your own bodily fluids. This year, our 'RV experience' will be backyard campomg.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 10:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

Can you go potty in the Northstar when on the road without popping? We can use the potty in our Palomino without raising the top, the fridge and the sink and sit at the table to eat, you just cannot stand up or you'll bump your noggin. The Palomino and the Northstar use the same roof lowering-raising mechanism. Takes 20 seconds up, 20 seconds down. On mine, 4 latches, one in each corner and off we go. Very simple. Northstar was my first choice but the Palomino factory is 45 miles from here and they sell me anything I require direct so that became the deciding issue for me. Have not required much in 4 years either. Needed a new decal for the side (original one came loose, replaced it). Thats been it. No issues at all really. We are very happy with out purchase.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 10:13pm Truck Campers
RE: 2011 Ram HD 3500 DRW Cummins 68RFE 523k miles!

Engine, turbocharger, and transmission have 523K on them without any major repairs? Impressive. I wonder if the injectors are stock as well although he said the engine has not been cracked so I am assuming so. Even more impressive are the original rear brakes especially when being used a hot shot truck. Many Ram/Cummins have amassed more than one million miles without the engine taken apart. It is a great engine. The rest of the truck often requires typical high mileage repairs and replacement parts. At least 420k on this, my Son now has it. Truck is rust free and in great shape! FISH, this is a 98 12V and runs around DFW, TX all the time. Never happen in the North country, That would be a 'certified' rust bucket, aka: Ghetto cruiser
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 02:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

Pros and cons both ways. I'm on favor of the pop up going down the road. Had a hardside Lance and my truck is similar to yours but lots older. The pop up is like having nothing in the bed at all, especially in the wind or passing trucks plus I like mine because it fits in the garage when not in use. Hardsides 'feel' more secure when you are inside and with a hardside there is more storage and appliances can be mounted higher. Pop ups have light years better ventilation, I didn't even get ac (and option) on mine, no need. Pop up's will be lighter apples to apples as well. Finally is the overall height issue. With a pop up, clearance is never an issue and because I run off road a lot, a pop up with it's low stowed height and lower Cg is a much better option for the wife and I. Your mileage may vary however. They aren't for everyone.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 02:12pm Truck Campers
RE: virus

Here's how I see the virus using a shooter analogy. 1.Shelter in place means stop. Look around. Duck into the safest place and sit still. 2.Until we know better what we're up against, don't underestimate your chances (or bring attention to yourself and the hundreds with you). Maybe the shooter is right outside that door! And maybe he ain't. Maybe there's more than one! Maybe he's on the other side of the church. So get safe, get aware, and be ready for your safe escape. Don't open the door and yell "hey hoax shooter!" 3. Keep getting safer. Trust the facts. Leave your conspiracies on the shelf for the moment. +1 and don't be stupid or think you are invincible. It's a horrible death with no cure (right now) so why chance it.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 12:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Brothers

11 pages of postulation. Bottom line is, they broke Federal Law, and got dinged. Laws are written and enforced to 'protect the innocent' They ain't. Oh well. Probably not the first and won't be the last either.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buyer beware

My bottom line is... When I'n not using the TC, it stays in the tractor shop, inside, under roof, always. Outside in the elements is always detrimental to it's longevity. Even the fiberglass tub ones. Shop is heated and air conditioned as well, nice and dry year around. Tractors stay inside as well as my 1997 Ford. Amazing how inside extends their life.
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 12:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

This is my front yard. We enjoy hiking with dogs several times a week, now doing it every day, since we don't go out anywhere. But it is getting crowded. On 1 hr walk we can meet 2 more walking parties. But they don't go into higher elevations, where we prefer. Next week I will have to go and buy milk & veggies. Even almost all grocery places are open, I heard about long waiting lines. I wonder how do they observe 6 foot spacing? width=700 If you are close enough to smell their farts, you are too distancing...
SidecarFlip 03/23/20 11:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

You twisted the stem where it enters the rim when you cranked down on the valve cap. real simple. Take it and have a new stem put in. I got rid of all those cheap azzed import fake rubber valve stems years ago. They all take a puke eventually, some sooner some later but they all fail. Get yourself some screw down metal racing stems. One time replacement. Last forever.
SidecarFlip 03/22/20 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Camper problems

One thing about Biscuit, he cuts right to it... Bad battery x 10.
SidecarFlip 03/22/20 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Water damage under shower.

Sounds like you have some loose compression fittings in the drain line plumbing, pretty typical. I don't thing the Amish craftsmen know how to tighten fittings up. Had the same deal with my new one but I checked all of them before I ever used it. They were all either loose or had inadequate blocking under them or both. Very typical, what I never buy used, only new but I go over everything before using the first time, I dislike surprises.
SidecarFlip 03/22/20 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Buyer beware

The new ones are most likely WORSE. So, why do you have a 2015? I had a Lance actually, one of that vintage but mine had the 'optional' one piece aluminum sheet roof. I also had the lower skirt issues and the pizz poor jack mounts and I rebuilt everything in my own shop. When I saw the video (I watched it all) I was unpleasantly reminded of exactly what mine looked like under the filon skin. That skin hide all the substandard workmanship until it ages (and rots). At least the roof and substructure was okay, but the lowers and the mounts were **** right from the factory. I do have a new one but I bought a pop up instead and I was careful when I bought it to one, make sure that the lowers had no seamed filon, my lowers are one piece and with the minimal amount of intrusion (no outside doors to leak). When I bought the new one I was already aware of the substandard workmanship that all RV's in general share and I've modified mine accordingly as the need arises. Always ongoing project but starting with a new unit, I won't have any surprises underneath (lowers) like I did with the Lance. With the Lance, considering what it cost, I was shocked at the poor grade of materials used in it's construction and the way it was put together. I learned some valuable lessons and I applied them to the new one when I bought it. The other thing I do that insures it will last (and why I opted for a popup instead of a hardside), besides being easier to haul and the low overall height, is, my Palomino is kept inside a heated and air conditioned storage space in my tractor shop when not in use. IOW, unless I'm planning on taking it somewhere, it's ALWAYS under roof ad protected from the elements. Fits right through the 10 foot high overhead door (on a dolly). So yes, I rebuilt my Lance, took 2 years and subsequently sold it and bought another typically substandard built TC but I was educated before hand so I knew what to expect before hand. IOW, no surprises. That video was EXACTLY what my Lance looked like under that pretty filon skin and I suspect mist camper do, to some extent, depending on age and how they are stored in the off season. In summation, they are all poorly built, some worse than others, some better but overall, overpriced and under built. Amish craftsmanship is a joke, a joke on the consumer perpetrated by good salesmen and glitzy advertising. Get past the fancy interiors and into the meat of any TC, you'll soon discover that hidden aspect.
SidecarFlip 03/22/20 09:04am Truck Campers
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