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RE: Water heater temperature

Meh, if you're accustomed to taking "Navy showers", 5 gallons is plenty. It's also another incentive to conserve water while dry-camped. It probably wouldn't be all that difficult to adapt the adjustable thermostat from a residential electric water - i.e., something like this:
Skibane 08/07/22 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Looks like a nice TT

9 times out of 10 an extra door is a waste of space. Yep, you really can't use that space inside the door for storage of any sort - It needs to remain clear for access. Typically, a door isn't as well-insulated, air tight or water tight as a solid wall, either. Not only does the door itself add extra weight, but now you've also got the weight of a second set of entryway steps.
Skibane 08/06/22 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Zinger Lite Traven Trailer

As a general rule - Any RV with "Lite" in the name...isn't.
Skibane 08/05/22 07:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

Unless your looking at new and the 1 year warranty that comes with an RV, then how does the question apply? Good point. The only compelling reason to take an RV back to one of their dealers is to have warranty work done on it - And that only applies until the warranty expires. Just about every appliance and fixture in the average RV is generic, and also commonly installed in other brands of RVs. Any competent independent service shop is familiar with it, and capable of troubleshooting, repairing or replacing it. Unlike the warranty, an RV manufacturer's reputation is important. RVs built by manufacturers with established reputations for quality tend to need fewer repairs. It's no different than buying cars: If you're concerned about reliability, you look for certain brands, and avoid certain others.
Skibane 07/31/22 08:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator Fuel Question

Gasoline quality is a consideration. Ethanol in gasoline reduces its energy content, and thus the generator's power output. Generator manufacturers test and rate their products using ethanol-free gas, so this power reduction isn't reflected in their specifications. The upshot is that a generator with marginal power output using ethanol-free gas will have even more marginal output using gas with ethanol in it. The maximum amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline was recently increased to 15 percent - so this is going to be more of an issue than it previously was. Since ethanol tends to shorten the storage life of gasoline, many folks avoid using it in generators. Unfortunately, in areas where ethanol-free gas is available, it usually costs quite a bit more. That extra expense needs to be included when comparing fuel costs.
Skibane 07/29/22 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Generator Fuel Question

Was it worth the extra expense investing in a multi-fuel generator? During an extended power outage, being able to run your generator on an almost limitless supply of natural gas is priceless. During the Texas "rolling blackouts" in February of last year, I was without power for around a week. It didn't even faze the local natural gas supply, so I stayed warm while most of my neighbors froze - They couldn't run their NG furnaces without electricity.
Skibane 07/28/22 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

Well FWIW, with our onboard converter-charger switched off, the 2200 Honda runs our 11kbtu Coleman (with Easy-start) in Eco without a hitch - but my understanding is that what happens (at least with a single Honda) is that it’ll handle brief excursions to max wattage (say to 2000w), but rated at 1600w on a continuous basis The EU2200i is rated at 1800 watts continuous. That's the same continuous rating as a lot of other manufacturers' models equipped with 33% smaller engines. What does that tell ya?
Skibane 07/28/22 03:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Security

Someone nuts enough to take a running gen out of ones truck bed while you are there takes guts, determination and a lot of stupidity.. Or a DA who is sympathetic to criminals. Been to the Bay Area lately?
Skibane 07/28/22 03:14pm Tech Issues
RE: New Freedom Express 192rbs is home

I'm not much for new laws, but... We need a law that requires RV manufacturers to immediately refund 50% of the selling price if an RV's actual weights exceed their advertised values.
Skibane 07/28/22 03:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator Security

Concealment also helps - i.e., a non-descript vinyl cover that doesn't scream HONDA!!! on the outside. (Someone needs to manufacture a generator cover that looks like an old, stinky blue sewer toter on the outside - Nobody's gonna want to steal that!)
Skibane 07/27/22 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Security

There are a bazillion different bicycle alarms available for reasonable prices, some of which would also work great with a generator. There are also some good bike locks out there. Also, consider hiding an AirTag somewhere inside the generator - They're only around $25, and do a surprisingly good job of tracking the location of items. Basically, as soon as anyone with an iPhone wanders by it, you know its location. (You don't actually have to own any Apple devices to program or track an AirTag - Any friend or relative with an iPhone, iPad, etc. can do it for you.)
Skibane 07/27/22 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

Forest River is so famous that you can find Forest River products in almost every campground. In my opinion, Forest River has some outstanding features that distinguish them from other brands. They require strict standards for their products. These automobiles are subjected to additional review to make sure that each model meets all criteria, including pipework, electrical and LP systems, cosmetics, rain bay, function, navigator, as well as other miscellaneous tests. LOL - No, not even close. Generally, the best build quality comes from independent "Mom and Pop" companies. Some examples: Bigfoot Casita Escape Oliver Outdoors RV Arctic Fox None of these companies is owned by a large RV manufacturing conglomerate. Not coincidentally, the best service also often comes from these same brands. Most of them have few or no dealers, so service is handled right at the factory. The technicians are good at troubleshooting and fixing them, due to being intimately familiar with them - It's all they ever work on. Being located right at the factory, they also have factory replacement parts immediately available - No sitting on a dealer's service lot waiting 3 months for parts to be shipped and installed.
Skibane 07/26/22 08:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: New battery cost.

You can get a decent Group 27 for a little less than US$100. Walmart is about the cheapest. Walmart also sells the larger Group 31 size for right around that same price - Well worth it, if you can squeeze it into your particular battery compartment. If you're willing to spend the extra money on an AGM battery, O'Reilly Auto Parts sells a "Super Start" Group 31 AGM battery for around $260 (including the $22 "core charge"). It's made by East Penn (the same company that makes DEKA batteries) - They have a pretty decent reputation for build quality.
Skibane 07/24/22 11:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Easy startup for A.C.

People are hung up on the fact that the Easy Start is mounted directly to the starting capacitor and A/C motor windings. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE IS MOUNTED ! If it didn't matter, Micro-Air would have simply instructed users to connect it to the AC supply for the air conditioner - at any point. There would be no need to open the A/C shroud - or even any need to go up on the roof. You really think they'd make the installation process any more difficult than necessary? THE LOCATION MATTERS.
Skibane 07/23/22 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: 2 a/c units on 1 gen?

1540 + 1670 = 3.2KW in moderate temperatures 1850 + 1920 = 3.8KW in desert temperatures Generally, any time you're constantly running a generator at more than 80% of its rated continuous output, you're stressing it enough to significantly shorten its lifespan. 80% of 3.5KW is 2.8 KW.
Skibane 07/22/22 04:32pm Tech Issues
RE: 2 a/c units on 1 gen?

Coleman lists their 13.5K Mach 3+ as drawing 12.8 amps (1540 watts) in moderate weather, or as much as 15.4 amps (1850 watts) in "desert" conditions. Coleman lists their 15K Mach 15 as drawing 13.9 amps (1670 watts) in moderate weather, or as much as 16.0 amps (1920 watts) in "desert" conditions. That's the continuous running wattage - not the startup surge.
Skibane 07/22/22 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Easy startup for A.C.

A little pricey but if you sell your trailer you can take it with you. At $600, it's twice as expensive as a Micro-Air EasyStart 364. If I sell my trailer, I'm either taking the EasyStart with me, or rolling it into the trailer's selling price - Buyer's choice. The fact that the Softstartup subjects every 120 volt device inside your RV to a waveform which has been modified to reduce the startup surge of the air conditioner is a deal-breaker for me. There are sound technical reasons why the Micro-Air connects at specific points inside the A/C unit itself, rather than simply at its AC power wires. The way Micro-Air does it makes the installation process a little more involved - but is probably worth it, IMO. In theory, a easy start could be wired as a dog bone between the post an the RV power cord. No, it connects to several specific points inside the A/C, including the compressor run capacitor. Coleman Mach connection:
Skibane 07/21/22 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: New Freedom Express 192rbs is home

and no suprise the published dry weight of 490 was 600. Are you referring to the tongue weight?
Skibane 07/21/22 01:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Inverter ?

Money, time and effort spent on equipment capable of running your large, inefficient roof air conditioner might be better spent on a smaller, more efficient air conditioner instead - like a mini-split, for example.
Skibane 07/20/22 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

I have the Easy Start installed on my 13,500 btu A/C and power it with a Champion 2500 w Inverter generator. Does fine and will even start A/C when on 'Eco". Don't know what size engine in my 2500W Champion Inverter but I do know it's enough to run my A/C. Perhaps not for a 15,000 btu model though. The amount of current demanded by an A/C varies quite a bit with ambient temperature - For example, Coleman lists their Mach 3+ as drawing 12.8 amps when in cooling mode, but also lists a 15.4 amp draw for "desert" conditions. That's a 20% difference. And, you also have to take into account the generator's reduced power output with altitude (approx. 3% per 1000 feet), less-than-perfect state of engine tune, fuel quality variability (i.e., amount of ethanol in the local gasoline)... So, you have situations where a marginal generator starts and runs the A/C in moderate conditions, but not in extremes.
Skibane 07/20/22 02:36pm Tech Issues
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