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Repairing damage to fibrglass.

Today I raked the left rear of my new travel trailer and put a few larges gouges in it as I slid by a post. Its going to take a pro to fix it. I have done the small repairs on my older trailer but body work is beyoned my ability. It will need filling , sanding and painting. Do dealers have body men that can handle this type of repair? I'm a thousand miles from my dealer at the present. It sure feels ugly when you mess up a new toy.
Spade Cooley 09/05/20 08:45pm Travel Trailers
Need tires on my Ram Tow Vehicle.

I have a 2016 Ram 1500 with Hemi that is 4X4. I love the truck and thus far I've towed my older trailer with the stock Wranglers. My new TT is a Rockport Ultralite at around 6500 LBS. The truck tire size is P275/60R20. I've been looking at Coopers, General Grabbers and Hankook. So far so good on towing with the old Wranglers but I'm going to take a long trip and want a decent set. Do I need something special to tow or will any LT tire work? What do you like?
Spade Cooley 08/19/20 04:11pm Travel Trailers
Wanted, Snowbird park in Big Bend area.

We are usually either in Rockport of Galveston but want to give the Mission Texas area a try this year. Hopefully things will open up. My wife loves games, dancing, ballroom and line, socials, etc. We also like good eating out nearby. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Spade Cooley 07/27/20 04:44pm Snowbirds
Do any of the new TTs come with Surge Protectors?

I just bought a new (2021) Rockwood Ultra Lite travel trailer. Do the new trailers have a built in surge protector? I have a message into the factory but have not heard back. I understand the problems moving up to 50 amp from my former 30 amp unit could necessitate getting one. Without starting a riot, which one do you prefer on a 50 amp trailer?
Spade Cooley 07/06/20 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: Water miser issues.

Thanks, The Oxy system was the unit I put on my last trailer. I m not concerned about saving water if I am in an rv park and might even like to modify this unit if at all possible. I want a good flow. Or is there an even better unit on the market?
Spade Cooley 06/12/20 06:25pm Tech Issues
Water miser issues.

I just bought a new Rockwood travel trailer with stall shower. It has a water miser set up in the shower with a stainless shut off valve under the knobs. The knobs turn goofy., opposite what normal valves turn. I want more pressure. In my old TT I switched the head out to another brand I can't remember what it was but it put out more pressure. I do have a pressure regulator that is a little bit larger than the restricted units recommended. Any ideas on how to modify this unit? What were they thinking
Spade Cooley 06/12/20 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: new RV purchase advice

I owned a Sunset Trail for the last ten years and sold it. It took me some time to figure out all the little flaws of the ST but I had it working perfectly. We wanted a new design and we looked at a ton of travel trailers before we both settled on a Rockwood. the quality looked good compared to the others. Now I'm finding weird things in this new trailer. The water miser shower, although roomier than my old stall shower, has a very low water output which makes it difficult to get clean. I'm not sure what they were thinking. I have two A/C units on this rig and it can hardly keep up on a 90 degree day. This is our first weekend in it so hope things get better. I still like the overall quality of the unit. When it comes to a good deal on any trailer, go with RV wholesalers and if you deal closer to home give the dealer a grand over the wholesalers price. They need to make money too. Remember you are in control and decide what you want to pay.
Spade Cooley 06/12/20 05:56pm Travel Trailers
To buy or not to buy insurance?

I sold my old travel trailer after ten years of use and I just ordered a new rig that tops out at $30,000. I never bought insurance on my old trailer because I paid cash and did not finance. I'm paying cash for this rig too. Since I have more money in this trailer I think I might buy it just in case, at least for the first two years I own it. It would cost me around $600 per year with a thousand dollar deductible. What is the opinion of everyone else.
Spade Cooley 06/05/20 11:05am Travel Trailers
RV Park in So. Texas with lots of activities.

Every winter we spend a month or two in south Texas but we have never been to the bottom, Big Bend Area. We always opt for Rockport or Galveston because its closer. Anyone recommend a park in the south end that has a lot of activities? My wife loves the games, dancing etc.
Spade Cooley 02/27/20 04:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Fireplace in TV, Do they work?

One more question. I have a Rockport TT on order and it comes with a fireplace. I suspect it is just an electric heater. If you have experience with this type of unit, does it supply heat to the trailer? Does it replace the usual small electric heater? Do they use a lot of power?
Spade Cooley 02/19/20 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Moving from 30 Amp to 50 amp in my new TT

Many thanks for all the comments. I think I'll be happy by moving up to a 50 amp system
Spade Cooley 02/18/20 06:03am Tech Issues
RE: ??? MOLD ??? Damp Area. ??? SOLUTION ???

I've been using Damp Rid the last couple of years with good results. It comes in small canisters and you can use it in larger doses by placing it in a colander over a 5 gallon bucket.
Spade Cooley 02/17/20 08:57pm Tech Issues
Moving from 30 Amp to 50 amp in my new TT

I sold my old Travel Trailer with 30 amp system and I just discovered the new trailer I ordered has a 50 amp system. From what I've read I still can power the trailer as it sits next to my garage with the 110 volts outlet. I just plug into 110 to keep the battery charged and to power the inside lighting. I guess the bonus is while in an RV park I can run the coffee maker and other electrical appliances without the usual breaker tripping. I don't believe there are any 220 volt items running off the 50 amp system, I hope. I better carry and adapter, 50 down to 30 in case they do not have 50 amp shore power. The draw back, if there is one, to this new system could be that I will be limited to the trailer spaces without a 50 amp plug. I'm new to this power.
Spade Cooley 02/17/20 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Stabilizer Jacks

Thanks for all the help. I've decided to go with the standard jacks just to keep things simple and save a buck. Right now I'm negotiating on the trailer purchase. I used the portable drill on my last trailer until it quit and then resorted to the crank method. Even the crank method isn't that bad.
Spade Cooley 02/15/20 05:57am Tech Issues
Stabilizer Jacks

I just sold my old travel trailer and am in the process of trying to buy a Rockwood 2608 BS. One of the options is electric stabilizer jacks. I have no experience with them. I'm 78 and still find the standard crank up jacks on the four corners easy to operate but would like to hear from someone who has this option. Are they easy to use and worth the extra money?
Spade Cooley 02/14/20 06:23am Tech Issues
Best weight distribution hitch?

I'm going to buy a new hitch when I buy a new trailer. Is there anything new on the market or is the E Z Lift still the best answer? I was just looking on line and it looks nothing had changed over the last ten years. Anything new I should look into before I buy another E Z Lift?
Spade Cooley 02/07/20 07:24am Tech Issues
Toilet choices, plastic vs. porcelain.

i'm in the process of selling my old trailer and ordering a new one. Our old plastic toilet has never let me down. I'm also trying to save on weight and I figure there is about a 40lb. weight penalty in owning a trailer with the porcelain toilet. I would be buying a 6500 lb. trailer pulling it with a half ton Dodge Ram, 5.7 Hemi so every pound counts. But I do love the look of the porcelain vs the Plastic. What do you like?
Spade Cooley 01/26/20 06:02am Travel Trailers
RE: I shopped for a new TT today

When I was shopping and spoke of the quality of the Rockwood, what I should of said was it was a cut above the rest. Nothing is perfect. I'm wondering about how far you can go to customize the Rockwood I have in mine. They have options I want and I can get but there is one thing I do not want, the outside shower. I don't use it and it is one more problem when it comes to winterizing I don't care to deal with. I have it on my current trailer and wish it was gone.
Spade Cooley 01/23/20 08:36am Travel Trailers
What ever happened to RV Park Reviews?

I can no longer find it. It was my go to site to check out RV Parks throughout the nation. It had a big map of the country on the home page. I get other sites that do not measure up.
Spade Cooley 01/12/20 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: I shopped for a new TT today

Thanks for the help. One thing that bugs me is everything I looked at has draw backs when the slide is in. Either you can't get to the bathroom or refrigerator when the slides are in and when in a rest area or a parking lot it isn't always advisable to put out the slide. The trailer I'm looking at has two different dump areas and I didn't see a flush valve. My old Sunset Trail has an open path to everything with the slides in and one dump valve and separate flush valve for the black tank. I have it all right now so will not be upset if my old trailer doesn't sell.
Spade Cooley 01/08/20 10:03am Travel Trailers
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