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RE: Cheapest Li I've seen

nice, but I like how they use different pictures to try say they are better. they show prismatic and say class b or c but say theirs are class A but dont show what format. you can get class a Prismatic also haha. but good to see the prices are still droping. The major companies are trying to stick to there crazy pricing they started when they were the only players,by trying to make you think they are better, where in most of the cases they are pretty much on par with the low cost entries. steve
StirCrazy 10/23/21 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood furnace needs new blower motor

following this one I have the FA7912DF, that usaly squeels for about 30 seconds then is fine, but it has been starting to squeel a bit more laitly. Steve
StirCrazy 10/23/21 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: RuggedFlex solar panels -- a significant new product??

240.00 for a 95 watt 12V panel. no thanks...
StirCrazy 10/22/21 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: I want to run a microwave on an inverter

I put in 2 Lion 105 ah batteries and a 3000 watt inverter and 360 watts solar so I use the microwave for short heating cycles of a minute a couple of times without the generator. Also brew coffee, make toast, etc. nice for early morning or late night heating requirements. thats depends. normaly my GC2 batteries are down to about 80-86% in the morning when I am runing the frnace at night and thy are fully charged by noon by the solare on a good day. would they charger faster if they were LFP, ya probably be about an hour quicker... if its taking forever you dont have enough solar. Steve
StirCrazy 10/22/21 05:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Dolly Woe

they still alow them down there? surge brkes on a trailer with a weight capacity over 6160lbs are ileagle up here as they dont meet the requirment of being able to be aplied independently of the two vehicle brakes.
StirCrazy 10/22/21 05:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Wife and I love the 865... it's an awesome model. The kitchen, dinette in back, windows on three sides. It's open, bright. Just think it's an awesome unit. I'd throw it on a 1 ton and go play. I did like the wrap around view of the back, we also have a puppy, well a 90 lb lab, so I liked the idead of a slide but we can live with out one. Steve
StirCrazy 10/21/21 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Every 3/4 or one-ton pickup out there will haul a 5000 pound camper. It’s all about what your rear tires are good for. Don’t believe camper weight specs, they’re 100% always unrealistically light. oh ya the weight they list is 2641lbs, but then there is the mandatory option package weight of about 600 lbs so thats up to 3250ish now. take the weight of water, propane, food cloths and such and that fills up to about 4000ish. Steve
StirCrazy 10/21/21 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

120 over gvwr is pretty good. You'll find that it is quite common for folks in here to ignore gvwr and just use combined axle ratings. Some will even just say "rear axle is rated for 10,000 by its manufacturer so put bigger tires on it and pile it on." oh I know, and thats what I go by also. that and tire weight, but I also use front axel weight as some of the weight goes there also. I have 4K available on my rear and about 1000 on my front. GVW is nothing here unless you are a comercial truck, aside from determining how much regestration you'll pay.... Steve
StirCrazy 10/21/21 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: Best Rv batteries

If lithium peddlers were HONEST and ACCURATE they would not include the unusable first and last percentages of the amp hour capacity in their huckster advertising. doesnt that apply with any batery format. they all list the capacity asif you can use the whole battery. well you can. I can run my GC2 batteries down to 0% and use all 210AH once or twice....... I can do that with my starting batteries once.. heck sio2 you can do it a few times.. they dont tell you that if you want any life out of it to only run it down to 50% . with LiFePO4 you can run it down to 0% aproximatly 2-3000 times depending on the manufactur,so not bad, and like the other technologies you get more life if you dont. Steve
StirCrazy 10/19/21 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Wiring Diagram for Review

ok couple points. they are right, your not showing your DC house loads or taking them into account. run 2 ga to your bus bars from the batteries. all your lights, furnace and so on will draw pure 12V even if you have your inverter on so the largest draw you will experiance is between the batteries and your bus bars. also yes your dc house panel will have to go to the bus bars, ac section will not.. it will come of your auto transfer switch which allows you to switch between shore power/inverter power/dc power. you have a generator also, so you might need two auto transfer switches set up to turn off your charger when using the inverter and alow it to be on when using your genny or shore power. I agree with some of the statments about the panels being a weird set up, do you already have them or are you purchasing.. if you havent purchased yet I would look into two larger 24V split cell panels. more efficient and only two to mount, I would look at around the 400 watt each, but I know that room constraints may restrict that. Steve
StirCrazy 10/15/21 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

we realy do like the 992Steve Going on 6 years with our 992 in a 2005 F350 SRW. To each their own:) did you modify anything? Steve
StirCrazy 10/14/21 06:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Steve, Northwoods recommends a dually for all their AF TC’s, you maybe ok with the 865 with minimal gear and empty tanks. I would definitely run a set of Timbren double convolutes as insurance and get a Roadmaster sway bar. no with the heavy gvrw package of my truck if it is fully loaded to max I am 120lbs over my gvw including myself the dog and the wife. I have a couple friends that have that one on there SRW and no issues either, but ya I agree every other one I looked at just got heavier. a new truck may be in the books in 10 years but not now and I dont need the slides if it is a good unit. as for the timberen's what are double convolutes? I had timberns on my old truck. and ya a rear sway bar is already on my radar. Steve Steve
StirCrazy 10/13/21 06:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Is your truck a dually? No, thats why there is realy only one artic fox I could buy. the 856 is the one that I could carry. the others would be pushing my max a little to much. we realy do like the 992, but thatvputs us up around 4500 lbs which I dont know how crazy being 500 lbs over on a 14 F350 is (have the heavy payload option on it)? I know 20 years ago guys were hauling 5000lbs campers on trucks that were only rated for 3800 - 4500 lbs Steve
StirCrazy 10/13/21 09:08am Truck Campers
Looking for options

So we did our first real trip in the camper (usaly use the 5th wheel and the camper has been for my solo travels) but the wife loved it. not enough to get rid of the 5th wheel but enough to look at a newer caper with a north south bed and bigger bathroom and so on. I max my truck out at about 4000lb and I was looking at the artic fox 865. everyone has told me that they are one of the bestbuilt on the market but thats just from what the people I know are saying. I would like to get as much bang for my buck for a 4000lb or less wet weight camper. I do have a long box if that makes a huge difference. anything else I should be looking at? we do camp in colder weather, not crazy cold but I dont want the wether to stop me from traveling. thanks
StirCrazy 10/12/21 06:34am Truck Campers
RE: where to stop for the night

StirCrazy....ioverlander is a free app. and it shows about a dozen places between your designations. Give it a try. yup, I downloaded it and checked it out. I also have a book called "camp free in BC" which is pretty deicent. Steve
StirCrazy 10/11/21 06:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Chains in BC

like. Motor homes fall under the camper symbol on the sign. that sign was a misprint that they originaly put up. most have been replace with the proper ones now. it should have a "Or" inbetween the mountian snowflake and the M&S. I didn't see any snow on my way home from work this moring, unless your talking south of meritt in the snowshed? Steve I looked at every BC govt website that I could find, and they show that signs…. None of them show the sign I posted with the word “or” between the 2 symbols, however the other two signs for heavier commercial type vehicles does show the word “or”…. Go figure. The web cams I saw this morning and this afternoon showed snow on the Coqu on a few cameras, and on Hwy 3 Paulson and Hwy 3-B. Most of it has melted now… and temps dropped so black ice is most likely Lerking. However, 40kms away from Paulson Summit is the Kootenay pass which is the highest mountain pass open year round in Canada…. It didn’t have any snow at all…. Again….. go figure. So…. Tomorrow it’s time to service the snowmobiles….. yippy… Soup Ill see if I can get a pic. maybe Im just geting old and senile haha. I did see one like you posed out east, but Im sure the ones around me have the "or" as people were trying to find snoflake with the M&S on it and well you'll be looking for a long time haha. Steve
StirCrazy 10/11/21 06:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

What is the USUABLE amp hours of a "100 amp hour" lithium battery? Or is it hypothetical like solar panel wattage as measured on the planet Mercury?Sweet spot is up to 80% for 4000 to 6000 cycles. 100% maybe 3000 cycles or almost 10 years for daily cycling. This rating drops you to 80% capacity. Possibly still very usable. For many of us it could prove to be the last battery we buy. depends on the brnd, some advertise 5000 @ 100% dept of discharge and up to 8000 or more if you stay in that 80% so to me its 3-5000 depending on the battery at 100% and if you use less you get bonus rounds. but your tight even if you max out on the 100% thats just the figure to get to 80 to 90% capacity and then you can go a lot linger like that. Steve
StirCrazy 10/11/21 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: Chains in BC

like. Motor homes fall under the camper symbol on the sign. that sign was a misprint that they originaly put up. most have been replace with the proper ones now. it should have a "Or" inbetween the mountian snowflake and the M&S. I didn't see any snow on my way home from work this moring, unless your talking south of meritt in the snowshed? Steve
StirCrazy 10/07/21 05:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Chains in BC

We may have to travel from Calgary to Vancouver sometime around the end of October. I know there are chains laws at that time Our mh is a 42 ft. and we do not have snow tires nor are there any available in that size. Chains would be next to impossible to install. Would I be ticketed? We also are towing a truck with summer tires. What do people in BC do to comply with the law? Thanks if you tires are "M&S" all seasons with a good amount of tread depth left you are ok. the requirments for personal vehicles is winter or M&S tires. end of october you likly wont hit much snow but you never know. on the coq if you hear the road is getting snow some times it is best just to pull over for a day and wait it out. it can be crazy at times even with snow tires, but it is a major trucking route and the road crews are mandated to have it back to bare roads within 24 hours and cleared and sanded with in 4 hours of the snowfall. it rarly happens in a heavy snow, but they try. ever sence the clearing has been sent to contract instead of provincial employs the maintence and snow clearing is sub par, but thats another issue... Steve
StirCrazy 10/07/21 05:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How to build a LiFePo4 battery bank.

If the heating pads are wired directly to the batteries terminal and if needing them because the actual cells are below 32f and not the ambient temp how would a generator help unless you have a heater cube plugged into it throwing heat to the compartment. Are you going to add extra insulation on the walls/ floor to help keep heat in and cold out during the colder months if using them during that period?Heaters will be wired on the load side of the BMS. If the load side is powered by generator, solar or vehicle, the power will go to the battery heater. Insulation will not be added unless it seems to be needed. Most camping is in fair weather. Not intended to be a north pole expedition vehicle. Just some minimal protection for a mild cold snap. I think everyone is going on about a mute issue, unless the batteries are totaly dead then just the charging is going to be cut off at 32 degree ish, the discharge will still be available so the heating pads will work untill it gets down to a heck of a lot colder. if you insulate good around the batteries you may never come to this as the discharge from using/charging the batteries will create there own internal heat and with the right insulation it might be enough to keep them above zero down to a pretty cold temp, but that just theory... Steve I was thinking about this at work, and I may be wrong... it all depends on the BMS and how it is configured for the internal pass through of power. if it is just one line then the cold weather will kill the whole battery, but if they spent some money and used diods and did two internal paths then you could controle charging and discharge independently. I guess we would have to dig into the BMS construction to know for sure... Steve
StirCrazy 10/07/21 05:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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