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RE: Length of torklift supertruss with Arctic Fox 992?

The trailer tongue length will drive the requirement in length. The extra width of the camper compared to just the truck creates issues too, so having it flush may not be enough.
Supercharged111 05/03/20 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: What's your favorite camp chair?

Depends how much storage space you have and how much money you want to spend. The anti-gravity recliners can be bought cheap, but take lot of storage. Most of the time we take the "umbrella" chairs that we bought for $7 few years ago. Just make sure you get the one with armrests and cupholder. They're not cupholders, they're beer holders.
Supercharged111 04/24/20 09:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Ramblin' 2019 Video

Many thanks for the watches and comments here! Yes, it does make one antsy to watch nice scenery and be stuck at home. :) Re MPG: I bought my truck new in late 2005 for my used camper. Looking back at my stats, almost all my years have been 11.0 to 11.4 mpg. Last 3 have been just under 11.0. Now have 196K miles, so maybe it's getting tired (like me). With camper on and loaded with long term stuff, I'm right at GVWR. Safe travels (when you can travel). Pshh, you're just broken in. Many miles left in that rig.
Supercharged111 04/21/20 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Ramblin' 2019 Video

The landscape out west here is amazing. I'm shocked you only got 10.8mpg though? Last I measured mine with camper was 9.8 and that was climbing from 6,000' to 10,000'. I couldn't believe it was that good. You should look into a tune for your rig. My neighbor has the same truck and I tuned it, really woke it up and he says he doesn't kick it in the ass near as hard with his truck camper and a trailer full of quads. Bone stock otherwise.
Supercharged111 04/19/20 08:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

I've always just run the fridge off propane when I'm driving, never had it blow out.
Supercharged111 04/07/20 08:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Hardside that fits thru 8'x8' opening

Throw a blanket on it.
Supercharged111 04/07/20 01:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Hardside that fits thru 8'x8' opening

HOAs can suck it. That's #1 on my deal breaker list for my next house. Do you have a dealer nearby you could take a tape measure to?
Supercharged111 04/07/20 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

No upgrade from truck to camper plug. In fact, it's a downgrade as it's a regular 7 pin and not Lance's proprietary plug. Camper presently has 2 group 27 deep cycles.
Supercharged111 04/06/20 08:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

I've been hauling for years over my GVWR on my upgraded 1500. Bone stock it would never have hauled my enclosed trailer safely, but it does as it sits and I've never had an issue. My dually has a GVWR of 10k which is a joke. The chassis cabs got a 12k rating with nothing more than a different transfer case and different upper overload leaf pack. The RAWR is 7500# and the axle's true rating is 8,600#. With the camper alone, I figure I'm at or under that and with the trailer and camper I'm likely north of that, but not astronomically so. I'm certainly south of the 12k+ the wheels and tires are all good for. The truck handles the load just fine. While it doesn't have 1000# of torque and a 10 speed tranny like the new new, the 600+# of torque from the Whipple gets the job done in OD most of the time and the temp gauge never climbs even in the dead of summer. The truck is stable and it stops well, so why would I have reason to believe I'm overloaded? GM intentionally slapped a 10k gvw on this thing to avoid it being a class 3 truck plain and simple. That's the thing nobody's brought up yet.
Supercharged111 04/06/20 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: this 20 ton bottle jack? this air compressor?

Why wouldn't you release your tie downs and use the camper jacks to lift the camper a bit off the truck bed? Then your just lifting and "empty" truck with the OEM jack. It might even be necessary to access the winch to lower your spare tire anyway. Some campers' rear overhand blocks the winch hole. Or, I've seen some people unbolt the winch and turn it 90 degrees so the winch handle can fit in thru the rear wheel well. This is more in line with my approach, but I probably wouldn't bother releasing tie downs. Just alternate between camper and Jack as you lift. You don't need all the camper weight off the truck for the jack to get a wheel off the ground. No need to add more **** (to forget to bring) and more complication.
Supercharged111 04/05/20 09:07am Truck Campers
RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

I was looking at a 2002 GMC Sierra 3500 Extended but consumer reports says the 2002 Sierra 1500 is not reliable so I dont think the 3500 would be great. The 1500 ***** trannies and diffs, the HDs do not. There is nothing unreliable about a 2002 Sierra 3500 gasser unless it's lived a life of neglect. And the comment about a diesel going 300k and a gasser only going to 160k is equally ignorant. My 98 1500 with 350 is north of 270,000 miles and runs the same as it did when I bought it around 150k miles. Trans and diff were upgraded long ago. The LS motors found in 99+ trucks go even longer. 6.0/4L80E and 8.1/Allison combos are both very durable, long lasting powertrains.
Supercharged111 04/03/20 05:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

Here what Idid to bypass the converter when using Inverter. Follow the link below. Cam Switch That's a pretty slick idea too. To be clear, with the inverter on, all it does is drain the batteries trying to charge them, correct?
Supercharged111 04/03/20 02:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

Duh! I forgot that Torklift makes mounts like this. I could easily make my own and hang it off the frame in front of the rear wheels. Out of the way and I could have a relay in the mix to divorce it from the truck too. Would plug into the camper the same as something that lived in the back of the truck. I just went via torklift site and the only thing they do is hanging bracket with standard battery box. So you need 1 for each battery. At $140 a pop, that can get pricey and I can't imagine this thing lasting. Yeah I have no intention of overpaying for that, but it reminded me of the idea to hang them off the frame in front of the tire. Excellent place for the weight.
Supercharged111 04/03/20 02:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

Are you using a relay or something to disconnect the converter when the inverter is on? How about the air conditioner? Are you disconnecting that when running the inverter, or do you have a huge inverter and battery bank to run the AC? I don't think this was directed at me, but I had read about killing the converter with the inverter running. Seems to me that a simple trigger wire from the output of the first transfer switch could feed a relay to keep the inverter on, then when the second switch hits it'd lose that input and stop charging. As for the AC, my intent was to just leave that be. I plan to have 4 batteries total which probably wouldn't run the AC for very long, but it's as simple as just turning that off. My challenge now is to find a 3000W pure sine wave inverter that can be hardwired, all I'm seeing so far is inverters with ~4 outlets on the front panel.
Supercharged111 04/03/20 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

I wonder is somebody tried to install batteries under truck bed? There should be enough space and that would not only be more convenient, but also lowers COG. I found this one on ebay designated for Sprinter vans. For transfer switch, I am making conversion with no generator and I made inverter the default. When transfer switch is activated, it will draw some power and you don't want it while using batteries. Still have to remember to turn converter breaker off/on. width=500 Duh! I forgot that Torklift makes mounts like this. I could easily make my own and hang it off the frame in front of the rear wheels. Out of the way and I could have a relay in the mix to divorce it from the truck too. Would plug into the camper the same as something that lived in the back of the truck.
Supercharged111 04/03/20 10:17am Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

I just installed a second transfer switch in my new Northstar 12 STC a few weeks ago. The camper came with a transfer switch installed to switch between shore power and generator power. If you are connected to shore power, and start the generator, after 30 seconds or so the switch disconnects the shore power and almost instantly connects the generator power. I added a second transfer switch that switches between the output from the first transfer switch (either shore power or generator power) and my inverter. The only tricky part to a transfer switch is choosing the priority for the switch. There are two input connections to a transfer switch, usually called shore and generator. The generator input is the priority, if both shore and generator are connected, the switch will always shut off shore and connect the generator. If the generator is turned off, the switch will switch back to shore. I took the output from the first transfer switch, and connected it to the "Generator" input of my second transfer switch. I then connected my inverter to the "Shore" input. Then I connected the output to the 110V distribution panel in the power center of the camper. So now, if I'm running on the inverter and plug into shore power, the second switch disconnects from the inverter and connects to the shore power. If I'm running on the inverter and have no shore power, then start the generator, the second switch disconnects from the inverter and connects the generator. So the priority for 110V in my camper is lowest priority inverter, mid priority shore power, highest priority generator. You can set the priority however you want, just have to connect each power source to the appropriate priority of the transfer switch. As I said, the transfer switch two input connections are usually labeled "Shore" and "Generator", the "Generator" input has priority. If there is power coming into the "Shore" input and the "Generator" input at the same time, the transfer switch turns on the generator input and shuts off the shore input. It sounds more confusing than it really is. But if I can figure it out, anybody can. Good, this is how I'd envisioned the switch worked and needed to be wired, glad to hear it confirmed and now I anticipate how the thing will be labelled. That's exactly how I want mine to be.
Supercharged111 04/03/20 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

That was kinda generic unless I missed something, I just need to hunt a little more for a diagram on how the transfer switch does it's thing. And get my hands on the schematic for my camper. I think I have those.
Supercharged111 04/02/20 08:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

Seems something like this ought to work, I'd just put it downstream of the transfer switch I must already have that switches from shore power to generator. I'm guessing one of the 2 inputs is considered the priority input and will favor it over the backup source?
Supercharged111 04/02/20 07:00pm Truck Campers
Extra Batteries and Inverters

I saw this article and thought it was pretty neat. Since I want to add aux tanks in front of the rear fenders, I like the lift off wooden box that sits on top of the fender the best. Looks easy enough to build and wire. I wonder if anyone else has gotten more creative than what's in the article? The point of this and the inverter would be quieter boondocking, I hate to have to fire the generator to make a pot of coffee or run the microwave. I'm also curious about wiring an inverter. Wiring doesn't scare me one bit, I've done a few motor swaps in my day and am no stranger to a soldering gun. The camper/house wiring in comparison seems even simpler. I'm wondering if there's a junction box somewhere that I'm supposed to get into to tie the inverter in? Do you use a contactor of some sort to switch from shore power to the inverter? Yes, I need to up my solar game as well, but don't plan to get into that in this thread. I had my questions answered there in a thread I posted previously.
Supercharged111 04/02/20 02:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

Boy they don't give those pork chop tanks away, do they?
Supercharged111 04/02/20 01:13pm Truck Campers
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