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Search Along Route ??

We are trying to plan a camping trip. On our phones we are able to use Google Maps, specify destination and then "search along route" for campgrounds. BUT I want to do this on my laptop instead of the tiny cell phone screen. Best I can tell my laptop Google Maps for some reason does not have the "search along route" feature. Is there a way to get the search along route on my laptop? Or is there another RV camping trip planning tool I should be using? Thanks
TC&Z 10/19/19 08:11am Roads and Routes
Replacement of Trans Cooling Lines ??

Hi, we have a 2007 Winn Voyage 38J on a Workhorse W24 chassis with a 6-speed Allison transmission. The transmission cooling lines are weeping in their flex section near where they attach to the transmission. Doesn't drip best I can tell but I can see where fluid has stained other areas. Appears I may be able to order the replacement lines; W0004928 & W0004929. However, my questions are: - am I able to replace these without further engine disassembly? Am I able to access the fittings to replace them? - is there a transmission line "patch" kit so I could repair the weeping flex section without having to replace the entire line assembly? - has anyone else had these leak? If so, what did you do?
TC&Z 10/16/19 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
Where Fill Trans Fluid ?

We have a 2007 Winn Voyage 38J on a Workhorse W24 chassis 8.1L gas engine. The owner's manual says if the transmission fluid is low to add some. But doesn't tell me where the transmission fill cap is. The transmission dip stick tube seems too small to serve as a fill tube. Where is it? As always, many thanks....
TC&Z 10/16/19 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
Furnace Filter?

I replace the air filter on our AC system on a regular basis. Is there an air filter on the furnace? If so, where is it kocated. We have a 2007 Winn Voyage 38J Thanks,
TC&Z 09/24/19 08:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions for RVers with DISH

You need to turn them both on at the same time. If the antenna is on for 5 minutes with out a signal from the reciever, it will shut down. Good to know, thank you. Wish all this was documented somewhere....
TC&Z 09/03/19 08:43am Technology Corner
Questions for RVers with DISH

Hi, we recently bought a Winegard G3 carryout antenna and DISH receiver. It works fine, but takes some fiddling, and patience to get it running. I attribute that to me being new and not knowing what I am doing. I have read, and reread the instructions several times. After I get set up and everything is connected I turn ON the power inserter. My question: is the receiver supposed to already be ON too? Or I am supposed to turn the receiver ON after the antenna has completed pointing. Or does it matter? Also, on the receiver TEST SWITCH menu there is an option to ALTERNATE ON/OFF at bottom. It defaults to OFF. Do I ever change to ON? Or always leave OFF. This isn't covered anywhere I can find. Many thanks, safe travels....
TC&Z 09/02/19 01:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Trouble at State Park

It seems to be a common mistake especially when a person or electrician isn't familiar with the 30 amp RV plug. They see the schematic and know which side each wire goes until they turn it around to connect the wires and forget that left is now right and right is now left. At least you weren't the first user who discovered the dreaded 30 amp 220 volt mistake. Black always goes to the brass screw, white always goes to the silver screw, green to the green screw. That way you don't have to worry about sides, and position, left, right, front, back, etc.
TC&Z 08/26/19 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Trouble at State Park

YOu said with the polarity reversal on teh box the A/C did not work. The thing is. UNLESS you have somethign like a Progressive EMS or a TRC Surge guard which would have told you on it's face (or remote) what the problem is.. The A/C really does not care about polarity. No AC (Alternating current) device cares about polarity.. The issue is important only for YOU... WHY. Well AC current flows the same no matter how you wire it up. but if it's backwards the danger of shock to YOU goes up. Seriously UP But the device actually can not tell unless (Like the Progressive Industries EMS) it is designed to do so We have a 2 ton Coleman 2-stage AC unit. One stage is on one leg of 50A, 2nd stage is on the other. All I can assume is that somehow the single control board for both stages detected the polarity reversal and would not allow the AC to work. You are right, all other items worked properly.
TC&Z 08/26/19 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Trouble at State Park

Did you report what you found? Perhaps there are more pedestals wired wrong. Yes, I reported it to the campground host, the Park Ranger, and to the Park Superintendent. The sad thing was that the Park Ranger said that others had complained about the site previously and their facilities folks had checked it and found it to be okay. I suspect they just measured the voltage, got 120V, and found no problem. I showed the Park Ranger our site, then walked to the adjacent site as comparison. He agreed was incorrect. If you measure hot to neutral you will get 120V and not realize that the polarity is reversed. If you measure hot to ground and get 0V, or measure from neutral to ground and get 120V then you have polarity reversed. The Park Superintendent said he would credit my stay due to the issue, although I have not found the credit processed yet...
TC&Z 08/26/19 01:31pm Tech Issues
Trouble at State Park

We have a 50A class A, we were going camping at a state park in Kentucky. It was hot so we were running the generator w AC on. We backed into our site, turned off generator, plugged in to 30A post using 30-50A adapter. Everything was fine but the AC would not work. I unplugged, started generator again, AC worked fine. I turned off generator and plugged into 30A post again. AC still would not work. I suspected the 30-50A adapter. I used volt meter and confirmed there was 120V on both hot legs of the 50A adapter outlet. I checked my disconnect switch with volt meter, showed 120V. After further trouble shooting I finally determined that the post 30A was wired wrong. The hot and neutral leads were reversed. Looking at the outlet with the round ground lug at top the hot leg is supposed to be at 7 o'clock, neutral at 5 o'clock. They were reversed. So the 30-50A adapter was splitting neutral instead of hot. I checked the site next door, it was good. So not only were they reversed, but also inconsistent. Ranger let me move. I am stunned to think how many years it has been wrong like this. Folks with 30A rig probably would't notice. Perhaps some with 50A rig were okay too, but not me. I now have a dedicated outlet checker in the cord compartment to easily check the post wiring before I set up and plug in. Another lesson learned the hard way...
TC&Z 08/25/19 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Recent Good Sam Roadside Assistance Experience

They drove from Gatlinburg to Jellico to fix your rig at the side of the interstate? That must have cost you a fortune. Yes, GS would try to get you off the side of the interstate to a safer location first, before sending a mobile RV repair service to your location. They've usually asked me before anything else, "are you in a safe location?". They have to consider their liability regarding the potential dangers of sending someone to try to fix it on the side of a freeway, versus getting you to a repair shop off the beaten path. Good Sam did ask us several times if we were safe. We were, we had pulled off on a quiet exit ramp. The cost was $250 for the distance, plus labor and parts. It was worth every penny to us! Anyone know of a nationwide listing of mobile RV repair folks??
TC&Z 08/18/19 07:12am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Recent Good Sam Roadside Assistance Experience

I wanted to share our recent poor Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance experience for other’s benefit. We have been members for 3 yrs but this is the first time ever used. We got a pin hole in brake line due to rust, pedal went to the floor, so we had to stop and were stranded on I-75 at the Kentucky Tennessee border near Jellico. I called Good Sam, they engaged. Said they would call me every 20 minutes to update me. After an hour I called them. They said they had been busy trying to find a shop that could service our rig. Really, a shop? Wouldn’t it be better to get mobile RV repair? They called later stating they had found a shop that could service my rig in Knoxville. Really, are you sure? That’s 60 miles away! Now they were trying to find a tow truck that could tow our 38 ft MH from the rear without damaging the body. DW and I were not confident this was the right path forward so we began searching for mobile RV repair ourselves. We found East Tennessee RV Mobile repair on Facebook and called them. Very professional, knew their stuff, already I felt comfortable. They asked for make, model, VIN so they could buy and bring various compatible parts they may need. They were in Gatlinburg so would take them 2 hrs to get to us. I called Good Sam back, after 4 hrs they were still trying to find a tow track for us. I told them to cease further support, we were going to handle it ourselves. E TN RV repair texted update enroute and arrived when they said they would. We were back on the road within an hour. I plan to try to claim my repair costs with Good Sam, I expect them to cover it but we will see. Our repair costs were certainly less than what they would have incurred and no overnight stay was needed. Will post later with results. We were not impressed with Good Sam’s customer service, almost seemed as if this was the first time they had to deal with a situation, wholly inept. In hindsight, is there a nationwide listing of all of the mobile RV repair folks and their locations? Would seem this would be very valuable for these types of situations for RVers and Good Sam too. Safe travels....
TC&Z 08/17/19 10:06am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Replacing Workhorse Brake Line

Rick - We have the same situation. Our rig had excessive rust on the underside from day 1. We bought it from a RV dealership in Florida. They were negligent and had not washed off the underside after delivery from factory in Iowa during winter time so rig still had the ice/snow chemical residue. That combined with the Florida heat and humid air it rusted. DW had fallen in love with floor plan so I begrudgingly went ahead and accepted the condition. Winn did do a rust treatment underspray for me and replaced some sheet metal body parts that had rusted excessively. The brake line that began leaking was in same spot as yours. It was one of the pair of 1/4" hard lines next the the muffler. I agree, it was rusty to begin with, but sure that the heat from the muffler aggravated it moreso. We were stranded on I-75 for 8 hrs waiting for mobile RV repair. They came, replaced it and said my rig had a special system the doesnt need to be bled. We did a test drive and brakes seemed to work fine so I was not suspicious. I now know this is not the case, they should have been bled. I plan to take rig to shop to get the other original 1/4" rusty brake line replaced for peace of mind. I will get them to bleed the whole system at same time. Always something, safe travels.... TC&C
TC&Z 08/17/19 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Workhorse Brake Line

Bleeder screws are on the calipers Workhorse caliper The link you provided is for a W21, I find no bleed screw on the W24 calipers. Workhorse W24 Caliper
TC&Z 08/15/19 07:35pm Tech Issues
Replacing Workhorse Brake Line

I plan to replace a rusty leaking hard brake line on my '07 Workhorse W24 chassis. I find no brake fluid bleed plugs at the wheels. Does this system need to be bled? Or pump the brakes until all the bubbles are driven out okay? Any one know. Last resort I will try to call Workhorse. Thanks...
TC&Z 08/15/19 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Which Sat Antenna & Receiver to Get...

Buying something you want but knowing nothing about it is...hmmm...interesting. How helpful, why do you think I am posting asking for advice? Man...
TC&Z 08/15/19 06:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Norcold Recall Reset

Hmmmm ... what is a "Beacon wash" ... and why should it affect a Norcold propane refrigerator's operation? mention? Beacon is a tractor trailer truck wash that will wash RVs too. They are several of them on the interstates. They use pressure washers so the spray and mist got through the refrig exterior wall vents and onto the circuit board of the Norcold recall box causing it to falsely trigger.
TC&Z 08/15/19 06:32pm Tech Issues
Which Sat Antenna & Receiver to Get...

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29944308
TC&Z 08/07/19 04:21pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Which Sat Antenna & Receiver to Get...

We are on trip and this is the 4th location where we can't get TV signal w Winegard crank uo on roof. DW is not happy. For her to do more camping I am going to need to upgrade. I want to get a carry out, self acquiring HD satellite antenna and receiver. I know nothing about them. We have ATT U-verse at home via phone line. I would appreciate any recommendations or guidance on brands and how to compare pros & cons of systems. Am I correct we can use same to get Internet too? Note we have an upgraded smart HD TV in rig. Thanks in advance....
TC&Z 08/07/19 04:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Engine Reduced Power

MH started okay this morning. The check engine light is still on. Will try to read codes somewhere. Stopped bought gas at Pilot. Started okay and check engine light is now off! Go figure.....
TC&Z 08/07/19 09:02am Tech Issues
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