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RE: will a flat tire cause my fifth wheel to lean

Just put the flat side on top and it will look fine. Ken
TXiceman 11/17/20 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Purchase

A 1/2 ton truck is severely limited as for towing by the rear axle GAWR and the payload capacity. The payload capacity included the trailer pin weight, hitch weight, passenger and cargo. A typical 5er will have a loaded pin weight of about 20% of the trailer GVWR. So if your trailer has a GVWR of 8000#, the loaded pin weight will be about 1600#. A short bed truck should have a slider hitch, so add another 200# to the bed. Add 2 kids and a wife and any cargo in the truck and you have another 300# or more. Your load on the truck is 1600 + 200 + 300 or 2100#. Is your truck payload or cargo capacity over 2100#. Also, most 1/2 ton trucks on the dealers lots have P series tires, not LT series tires. The P series have softer side walls and will squirm more under load. Ken
TXiceman 11/16/20 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coachman Chaparral

It is a typical entry level RV. Light weight construction, Lippert frame, etc. Floor issues typically come from poor construction and poor maintenance. All RV will eventually leak, so you have to stay ahead of the issue and keep them sealed. Ken
TXiceman 11/16/20 08:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

Montana or cedar Creek....neither one are considered higher end units. They both take their basic unit and add some bling to make it pretty. Nothing in particular is done to make the unit better except for heavier tires. Same Lippert frame and components. Ken
TXiceman 11/11/20 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaf springs new best brand triple axle advice

Truth be known, the best thing to do is get rid of the springs. Go with a Mor/Ryde IS system on the trailer. Not cheap bur well worth it.
TXiceman 11/05/20 09:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you value your RV?

No matter what logic you use, the unit is still USED and as far as any banks are concerned, the loan value is based on used. Ken
TXiceman 11/02/20 07:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shocks F 250 Ranchos or Bilstiens?

I replaced the Ford shocks with Ranchos. 25000 miles and they were shot. Rancho quality has gone to pot. I put on KYB shocks and over 50,000 miles on them and they are fine. Ken
TXiceman 11/01/20 05:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Used 2020 Chaparral 373MBRB question

They can ask for as much as they want in hopes a sucker will come along and pay it. The trailer is used and worth what a used trailer will bring. Ken
TXiceman 10/21/20 07:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gen Y fiver hitch increase fuel economy?

You can say anything in advertising and someone else has to prove it is not true. Nothing but snake oil. Ken
TXiceman 10/21/20 07:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dualie vs SRW benefits?

The difference between a DRW and SRW is the Cargo Carrying or payload capacity of the trucks. There is more to towing than GCWR. A typical 5er will have a loaded pin weight of 20 to 22% of the trailers GVWR (ignore the brochure pin weight). Look at the yellow sticker on the truck for that particulars trucks payload capacity. Take the trailer estimated pin weight + the 5er hitch +any cargo in the bed + passengers. This total should be less than the trucks payload capacity. The DRW will ALWAYS have a higher payload capacity and rear axle GAW than a SRW. A long bed with a longer wheel base will ride better loaded or unloaded than a shorter wheelbase truck. I would NEVER a 5er with a short bed truck. I see too many short bed trucks with busted rear windows or dented cab. Towing RVs since 1984 and 5ers since 1999. So the net results is to estimate the real pin weight and see if it is enough truck to haul the trailer, not just tow it. Ken
TXiceman 10/16/20 06:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel adapter for goose neck

I recently bought my first 5th wheel (Cougar Half Ton 25res), and the dealer put in an Anderson Ultimate hitch. It’s easy to hook up and disconnect. I did inquire about safety chains and was told they were only required in Texas. I like to be on the cautious side and plan to get them. Even if you are from out of state and travel through Texas, safety chains are required on ALL ball hitches. Ken
TXiceman 10/14/20 09:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel adapter for goose neck

He may be referring to a "goosebox" which does not cause issues with your chassis warranty. The one I am thinking of is made by Reese, however there is another out there that I have seen but do not remember the manufacturer. Oh, and I would use it (if I could) so I do not have to remove a 250lb fifth wheel hitch in/out of my truck bed if I wanted to use my pickup as a... well... pickup. //KMac Anyone the thinks the goosebox does not apply the same leverage on the 5th wheels frame as a gooseneck adapter cut classes that day when they were teaching about levers. If the adapter/pin box and goosebox extend down and forward the same distance the leverage on the frame is the same. All the GooseBox provides is a glorified goose neck adapter. I agree that someone cut class and I doubt if they managed to get an engineering degree. I would not touch a GooseBox pinbox with a 50 foot pole. So Lippert accept it, but with Lipperts history on frames, I doubt if they have ever had an engineer work on frame design. Ken
TXiceman 10/11/20 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to figure out best 5th wheel? Advice appreciated

I would look at Arctic Fox for what you want. They are built in Oregon and seem a step above the other junk on the market now. Or go back and find a nice used NuWa HitchHiker or a Carriage Cameo. From what we have seen, I would not consider anything from Forest River or Thor. With a 3/4 ton truck, you will need to make sure you are not over the trucks rear axle GAWR or cargo capacity. They cargo capacity will include the total of the pin weight, plus cargo, plus hitch, plus passengers. The actual loaded pin weight of a 5er is typically between 20 to 22% of the trailers GVWR. Do not use the brochure weights on the trailer. Ken
TXiceman 10/04/20 08:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Real-life experience blocks to aid 6-point leveling system

The jacks have a limited travel range and if you are too far off level, the system may not even energize. We carry a few wood boards to get closer to side to side level. We have also found that if you use blocks under the jacks to keep them from extending so far, the trailer is more stable. Ken
TXiceman 09/18/20 08:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Keystone - Montana 3100RL -- Chev 2500HD Diesel

First off, you loaded pin weight will be closer to 2900# than the dry 2300# from the brochure data. The tow ratings on the website are manure in my opinion. The numbers they list are based on a stripped model truck and a 150# driver. You need to work the specific numbers up for your truck. First look for the yellow sticker on the drivers door jamb. There will be a paylaod rating for your truck. This is the most load you can add to the truck bed and passengers. Use 20 to 22% of the trailer GVWR for an estimated loaded pin weight. Now add the estimate pin weight plus a hitch plus cargo in the bed plus passengers. This total has to be less than the payload capacity sticker. Adding air bags is a crutch and does not increase towing or load ratings or safety. A 3/4 ton truck will reach its payload capacity before you reach the maximum towing capacity. Ken
TXiceman 09/16/20 08:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Half ton towing

First thing is to forget the dry weights. Use the trailer GVWR from the tag on the left front of the trailer. This is the maximum weight of the loaded trailer. To estimate your loaded pin weight take 20 to 22% of the trailer GVWR. Now look on the drivers door jamb for a yellow sticker that provides the payload capacity of the truck. Take your estimated pin weight plus a hitch plus passengers plus any cargo in the truck bed. All of that added up needs to be less then the payload capacity of the truck. A 1/2 ton truck will reach its payload capacity long before you reach the trucks maximum towing capacity. Good luck. Ken
TXiceman 09/16/20 08:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone towing 5er with 6.7 ctd Ram 2500 short bed ???

first thing is to forget the dry weights, unless you never plan to add any personal supplies to the trailer. Look at the sticker on the left front for the trailers GVWR....This is the most the trailer can weigh loaded. Now for an estimated pin weight when loaded, take 20% of the trailer GVWR. Use these numbers for sizing your truck. Pay no attention to the folks that tell you they are towing fine with no mention of weight or dry weights. Take the estimated pin weight plus the hitch weight plus passengers in the truck plus any cargo in the truck. This total is to le less than the pay load capacity of the truck. The payload should be on a yellow sticker on the drivers door jamb. Ken
TXiceman 09/15/20 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Shopping Help

Forget the dry weight and base your weight decisions on the trailers GVWR and 20% of the GVWR of the trailer for the trailer pin weight. Look at your trucks payload sticker...the yellow sticker inside the drivers door. Take the estimated pin weight (not the lie in the brochure) plus the weight of the hitch, plus passengers, plus cargo. This total needs to be below the payload sticker weight of the truck. Our pin weight is closer to 22% of the trailer GVWR. So typically they run 18% to 22% once loaded. Ignore the truck brochure for MAXIMUM 5th wheel capacity. A 3/4 ton truck will reach the payload capacity, rear axle GAWR of the trucks GVWR long before you reach the max towing or GCWR. Ken
TXiceman 09/13/20 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Champion generator

The reason to get a Honda generator. Honda is here to stay. KenMany people said the same thing about Montgomery Wards and Sears. All I know is Honda provides support nation and world wide, if you should need it and the Hondas have worked great for better than 7 years....always start and run. As per the OP, he can't get support for his Champion. Ken
TXiceman 09/13/20 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cleaning the carpet?

Stanley Steemer or rent a Rug Doctor cleaning machine. Ken
TXiceman 09/13/20 07:06am Fifth-Wheels
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