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RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

My wife and I have to fly to Puerto Vallarta beofre mid Feb to renew our resident papers. It can only be done in Mexico. Fortunateley we do have 4 N99 masks left over from when my wife had to fly while on chemo 3 years ago. They are not available right now so we are lucky to have them. Along with face shields we feel reasonably safe getting on a plane. It's a case if renting a car at the aIrport, doing what we have to do, and getting back out of there ASAP.
Tequila 11/21/20 05:33pm Snowbirds
RE: Safety in Puerto Penasco

I dont think I would go right now either in that condition. Only good thing is you are within 3 hours of phoenix. With a vaccine possibly 4 months away I would be patient.
Tequila 11/17/20 01:10pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Two Medical Crises their Resolution and Costs

Actually Sharp was the hospital we took my brother too. $500 seemed amazingly cheap to us for an overnight ER stay and various tests. Also, regarding the comment about Canadien health care costs, it may be inexpensive, but all I ever hear from Canadien friends down here are complaints about the wait times for receiving treatment through the public health option. Seems a downside not often reported. Some report waiting 6-9 months or more for procedures like hip replacements and the like. They are now exploring their options here even if they have to pay out of pocket as they want to get things done sooner. Wait times for some non emergency procedures, but I have also heard of people waiting for knee replacements etc in the uS. I do know when my wife got breast cancer she was admitted within the week and underwent 2 years of chemo at no cost. Same for my mom when she broke her hip. It has been under more pressure over the last couple of decades as the population ages and the demand on the system increases, but i dont encounter anyoen who would trade it for a user pay system. I think my bill at sharp was about $1200 for 2.5 days with a private room. I did see the bill, but my insurance paid it. They charged me $60 fro a A1C and cholesterol lab tests last year.
Tequila 11/15/20 11:34pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Flying to the USA and shipping car

Always amazes me how much effort people go to to commit suicide.
Tequila 11/13/20 12:20pm Snowbirds
RE: Two Medical Crises their Resolution and Costs

Lou; Seeing we now winter in Mazatlan, curious to know which hospital? Sharp is good, but they are pricer. i ahd insurance and wasin there 3 days.
Tequila 11/13/20 10:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Two Medical Crises their Resolution and Costs

Reading all of this, I should point out that it all free in Canada. My wife went through 2 years of chemo and only had to pay for parking. Having said that, I have had good reasonable care in Mexico. Since I only spend 6 months a year ther (this season excluded) I did sign up for Skymed. On another subject, the guy who runs the hot dog stand outside a Canadian Tire here in abbotsford is donating a kidney to a customer. A stranger. There are some very good people out there. They are raising money to cover his time off work. I can donate to that. On edit if you are interested, PM me and I will give you the link. They have raised 10k of a 15k goal. Sounds like a lot, but he has to shut his business down for 2 months. The medical costs involved are covered under Canada's universal health care
Tequila 11/13/20 10:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

They are starting to test the chinese vaccine (CanSino) in Mexico.
Tequila 11/13/20 10:17am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

Closed border for us Canadians so we are staying put. There are options for Canadians to snowbird to the USA but none that allow rvs in. Canadians can fly to their snowbird destination and rent a car or have their car shipped. Not true. A friend is on his way south in his motorhome right now. He had his coach shipped across the border then flew over and started the drive. The lengths some people go to to shorten their lives amaze me. I hope they realize that no matter what their insurance says it is very unlikely they can be airvaced back to Canada & free medical if they get covid. In a worst case scenario they could spend 3 months in a US hospital, and travel insurance or not, they would be on the hook for 100's of thousands. On the other hand they may get it, survive and become a long hauler with all sorts of medical issues. Next season when they apply for travel insurance they may find they either can't get it, or afford it. Have a nice time spending the next 20 winters snowbound. I value my retirement years, I worked a lot of years to get them. I am not willing to risk them over one season of snow.
Tequila 11/08/20 01:27am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

Here in BC Canada the rate is rising fast so they have just enacted new rules. You can no longer socialize with anyone not in your household. Still I feel it is safer here than traveling. I usually RV in Mexico, and when I go on the facebook page for the town I stay in, I see tons of people flying in and using hotels. Most of them aging snowbirds in their 70's & 80's. 2 people I know there have already died of it and now my spanish teacher tells me both her parents have it. It is a beach town, and what happens in Mexico in beach towns is that tour buses arrive every weekend loaded with potential superspreaders from the large cities. Pools will be full of their kids who I doubt will have masks on. Christmas will be crazy. When I tell snowbirds they are taking a big risk, I get told to go back to my cave and that sort of thing. The fact is, it is getting out of hand again in Europe and in the US. While everyone was distracted by the election, the infection rate in the US went up by 25%. I do not know why these folks think Mexico will be exempt. If it gets really bad they will all be expecting the government to evacuate them. That may have been fine in March when people were blindsided, but I dont think anyone who goes on vacation during a pandemic can expect the taxpayer to bail them out. No, I hate winter, but I hate dying more.
Tequila 11/08/20 01:18am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

staying put. I see a lot of people flying down. Not too bright IMO with a second wave building
Tequila 10/20/20 07:47pm Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

Trump may not have much to say about it after november, who knows
Tequila 10/18/20 12:30pm Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

china is now offering a vaccine for about $60 s shot
Tequila 10/17/20 10:56am Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

I think most of it is to discourage people traveling. It obviously increases the spread if people move around, a lot even within countries
Tequila 10/16/20 09:33am Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

Yesterday Wisconsin had 7700 new Covid cases. BC had 147. The population of both is between 5 & 6 million. I dont think the US/Canada border will be opening any time soon. As far as flying is concerned, I suspect they will be rapid testing by year end. IF they can do a 15 min test in the departure lounge it would make flying much safer. That along with an N95 mask (which I have), I may, just may, get on a plane. I do have to try and get to Puerto Vallarta for about 3 days to handle soem immigration paperwork before eteh end of Feb. If possible. height=500 width=480
Tequila 10/16/20 08:07am Snowbirds
RE: Winter in Vancouver Island

A bit OT - but what about summers on Vancouver Island? We live in Tucson and this summer was the hottest and driest ever in recorded history - absolutely brutal! Any ideas or suggestions welcomed! Or should I start a new thread? Lots of American spend summer on the island or mainland coast or both. It can get busy with tourists though. Tons of Germans, French, Swiss etc etc. Best to scout it out first year and see what you like. Victoria area is a very nice spot to spend a month or two. Or for a completely different more European experience head for Quebec City in the province of Quebec. Beautiful historic area and one of my favourite parts of the country. Totally French speaking area but they are a great bunch and they’ll treat you well. We love the culture and the history. Hope to get back there in a couple summers and pass the entire summer in the old city. And no it’s not as hot as Arizona. :). Cheers. The okanagan valley of BC can be almost as hot as arizona
Tequila 10/15/20 04:28pm Snowbirds
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

staying home, although i go to mexico
Tequila 10/15/20 04:26pm Snowbirds
no Can/US border opening for a long time
Tequila 10/15/20 04:24pm Snowbirds
RE: Turned back at border

It is self quarantine. As in your own home. On the honor system. But they can check
Tequila 10/10/20 05:26pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How about a RGV update

If you're scared lock yourself down and stay home. Simple. The chance of you coming down with Covid19 and dying is lower than the chances of being killed in a vehicle accident on the way to an RV park. Considering I now have 2 dead friends from it, I think I had better avoid driving to an RV Park. The worst thing is getting it, survviing and ending up with possible lifetime consequences. Covid legacy
Tequila 10/10/20 03:14pm Snowbirds
RE: How about a RGV update

It's one the states on the increase. I am surprised at how many seniors are big fans of Russian Roulette. Can't you live without one lousy season? Remember we are not all President Trump who gets whisked off at the first cough by helicopter to the finest medical facilities available and given every possibible intervention. That is not a political comment, it would be the case with any president, but the average Joe does not get to go to hospital until they are almost critical. So your chances of survival are far less if you get it. 2 of my friends have now died from it.
Tequila 10/10/20 10:36am Snowbirds
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