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RE: Border closings

Closed until either a vaccine or the rate in the uS drops to the same, or lower, than Canada's
Tequila 09/16/20 11:43am Snowbirds

I also support keeping the border closed until the issue equalizes in both countries. Just south of us in Washington state its 10 times worse than BC.
Tequila 09/16/20 11:41am Snowbirds
RE: Has the online permit web site changed?

I have been trying to get on the Mexico on line permit site for over 2 months. I click on it and it just does nothing and times out. Is there a new site? I've used the old one for years. Thanks for any info. This one seems to work fine. VEHICLE TEMPORARY IMPORT APPLICATION SYSTEM thats the same one that has been there for years. maybe it was just down
Tequila 09/02/20 09:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Melaque is a mess

Yes they do recover quickly.
Tequila 09/02/20 08:56pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

tons of french canadians go to florida each winter, plus a lot of them in Puerto Vallarta and Lo de Marcos. That should free up a lot of sites.
Tequila 09/02/20 08:54pm Snowbirds
RE: Melaque is a mess

Yeah I knew it went down that far. My friend operates an RV park down that way. The beach is a mess.
Tequila 08/29/20 08:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Melaque is a mess

They got nailed hard. I am working with someone down there to provide some help, send me a PM if you want to help.
Tequila 08/29/20 06:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Just saying

Might be a while, we just had our worst day ever of new cases! Still way below WA State, but not good
Tequila 08/28/20 09:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: What is it you like about your Snowbird nest?

Actually it's $600 a month, not a night. Maybe talk her into a caravan after covid, that usually fixes the fear factor. I do cust orientation for a company, but use PM if interested I don't want to be advertising here. To be quite frank, apart from learning the ropes, it's quite safe to RV in Mexico in my opinion, especially if you stick to toll roads. The biggest danger is bad power, but there are ways to protect against that. Took a lot of nerve to try it myself in 2004 for the first time. 10 years later I was leading caravans, and now I am actually a legal resident.
Tequila 08/26/20 11:50pm Snowbirds
RE: What is it you like about your Snowbird nest?

I have been spending winters in an RV park in Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico for several years. See Melaque. Not super cheap ($600 mnth), but on the ocean with a pool and full hookups. I like the town and the culture.
Tequila 08/26/20 08:38am Snowbirds
RE: Border closure extended..again

I dont think the border will be open until a vaccine. I am a Mexican resident with documentation and I cannot transit the US by land. Not that I want to right now.
Tequila 08/23/20 09:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 2021-22 Florida and/or Arizona

Once covid is over consider San Carlos or Kino Bay in Mexico, good full service parks and cheaper. Or Rocky Point. No vehicle permits required for any of those.
Tequila 08/23/20 09:35am Snowbirds
RE: What will Canadians fo this fall/winter

That is good news for those of us in the soggy NW. Maybe not so good for mexico once the dry season starts
Tequila 08/18/20 08:31am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Midland GRMS base stations

lots of grms radio's in mexico, as I said highway construction crews use them and you hear them on the GRMS frequencies not just the 1-14 FRS channels. You hear Mexicans on GRMS channels a lot in larger towns and I have seen them for sale in stores down there. They sell handhelds in walmarts, Costcos, Mega, etc. I hav ebot seen the base station radiso for sale, not even the 5 watt midland you can buy in walmarts in the US. The midland antennas are magnetic just for convenience, when I mentioned it to Midland that they did not appear to need a ground plane, they did not contradict me. Nothing mentions it in the instructions. In practice we have found it does not matter. We did a lot of testing on this as lots of participants have class A's with fibreglass bodies and it was always an issue wth CB's. We tested a 5 watt version (mxt105) on bith an aluminum Ford and a fibreglass class A with the antenna doubled side taped to both and I was able to converse 3 km away on other side of the town of Teotihuacan which has a lot of stone colonial buildings in the way. Past 3 km it started to fade, but he could hear my 15 watt version for almost 5 km. This was the first year we used them and we had 5, 15 & 40 watt GRMS and CB's on that trip and we could not communicate via CB's between the same 2 locations. We compared both them & CB's over a wide variety of conditions and the CB's came nowhere close to being as good. We axed CB's on the next trip and now use GRMS exclusively. Customers like them because they can do a temp install if they dont want to keep them and we can resell them the next season.
Tequila 08/17/20 11:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Midland GRMS base stations

That is true, except you do not need a good ground plane. It may help but to be quite honest we have not been able to tell the difference in range with or without it. We have installed these in over 100 rigs so far and many Class A's are fibreglass construction and have found little, if any, difference in the range with or without a ground plane. With a CB it is essential, but these do not seem to matter. Getting them up onto the roof does help a bit. We have used them all over Mexico in a variety of terrains. Obviously the range is better on the flat. No issue with a license down there. We do advise customers to get one when back in the US. There is a 40 watt version but it requires purchase of a different antenna. Although we have used that version for Wagon masters & tail gunners, the increase in range is not that a big deal. We have tried the units with several customers who have existing CB antennas and have found in most cases the range is still acceptable even though the antenna is tuned to the wrong frequency range. I have yet to find a GRMS repeater in Mexico but these uits are compatible with them. They do use GRMS radios there, we have heard highways workers on them plus others. Most people down there seem to use channels 20-22 on the mistaken theory that the higher the channel, the higher the range. We use 17 or 18 and hardly hear anyone on them. Its handy in some ways since if its spanish we know they are not part of our group.
Tequila 08/17/20 04:53pm Technology Corner
Midland GRMS base stations

We started using these instead of CB's for RV Caravans about 3 years ago. Very happy with them. Midland asked me to produce a video about installing them in an RV. (hence the company plug at the end) I sent them a prototype which I thought was a bit rough, but they liked it and are going to use it, as is. One thing I did not to mention is that the antenna is magnetic, but it does not require a metal ground plane, so if you have an aluminum or fiberglass body, you can tie-wrap it somewhere or use double sided tape. Technically you need an FCC license to use these although few bother. In Mexico, where we run caravans, we even tried out Marine radios which are really a no no in the US and Canada on land. Midland is planning an ad campaign to promote these for RV's so they may have some good deals come up. Installation video
Tequila 08/17/20 04:03pm Technology Corner
RE: For Alaskans going S... is snowbirding essential travel?

I know one fellow who lives in Mexico and currently has his temporary resident card and working on his permanent resident card in Mexico; he is visiting close friends in BC Canada to take care of some personal business and now wants to drive back home to San Miguel, and the US Border Patrol won't let him through to return home, even when showing them all the residency paper work. If the US back in March allowed all Canadians to cross into the US to go home, why would the US not allow him to cross into the US so that he can also go home to Mexico? Just doesn't make any sense. Hmm, I am also a Mexican resident in Canada. I was wondering if my resident card would get me across into the US or not.
Tequila 08/17/20 02:28pm Snowbirds
RE: What will Canadians fo this fall/winter

I am with you Rob. Neither Mexico nor Arizona are good destinations. I doubt this will change before spring. The uncertainty is the worst part.
Tequila 08/17/20 02:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What will Canadians fo this fall/winter

Be the first missed year in many for you too, rob
Tequila 08/16/20 06:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What will Canadians fo this fall/winter

When I booked tickets they were not filling the center seats, now they are doing that and made it probably a no go for me.
Tequila 08/16/20 07:54am RVing in Mexico and South America
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