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RE: Help with identifying delamination / water damage

The images in your pictures do look like delamination however, sometimes there are support pieces under that can also look that way. So, not every "bubble" is delamination, look for supports when you see that first before you run. Mine had a water leak so when they took it apart to fix, this caused some delamination. It is fine and doesn't leak, but it has that look in a place or two. The problem with the materials that are used to build these things, this happens. It would be great if we all had an open check to buy a rig, but some of us are on a budget and have to look beyond the fist sign of trouble. Delamination on my trailer has not caused any other issues, we fixed the source of the problem and it hasn't come back. This was about 5 years ago, so it is fixed and there have been no other issues. Trailers are built really poorly so often they have to be fixed. A sale price should reflect these issues, then you have to decide what it is worth to you and if the problem is truly fixed.
Thermoguy 08/08/22 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Newbie Tow Capacity Question

What is your trucks payload capacity - tow capacity means nothing. Payload (how much you can carry) is the only thing that matters. This is written on a label in your trucks door jamb. Then, look at pin weight of the trailer - this is 10-15% of the trailers total weight. Don't look at empty weight, look at full weight. Include water, sewer, etc. you don't want to get caught with full tanks and not able or uncomfortable to tow it. I tow mine all the time with full water, then back home with full sewer, trying to find a place to dump on the way home, sometimes its right near home. If you limit yourself to places with full hookups, you will be staying home because its difficult to get reservations. Your trailer weight should be camp ready, full of gear, lawn chairs, dishes, clothes, etc. The GVWR is the weight of the trailer full, per the manufacturer. Reading this site, most are over that weight once they put stuff in it. Don't forget, your payload includes anything in the truck or bed of the truck like bikes, camp fire wood, etc. Easy to fill it up, so start low then you don't have to worry about what you add later.
Thermoguy 08/08/22 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rubber Roof Replacement

That looks really nice - any pictures of your roof now that it has been a couple years? curious how it is standing up over time...
Thermoguy 08/08/22 01:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

The only thing that matters here is if the trailer is within the vehicles payload numbers. Upgrading tires, suspension, adding air bags, just makes towing within the vehicles payload more comfortable and safer. So, can an 1/2 ton pull a 5th wheel, the answer is yes. But, that 5th wheel must be within the weights the 1/2 ton can handle. I was looking to buy a 1/2 ton to tow a gooseneck trailer with a 1200 lb hitch weight. So, they are out there and 5th wheels are out there. But, just because it says 1/2 ton towable, doesn't mean it is. Look at the trucks payload. Also, does anyone make a hitch for that particular model? I think the 5.5' bed limits your options very fast. The 6.5' bed has more options. If he was buying a truck, best to buy something you can upgrade trailers later. 3/4 or 1 ton is a better choice if you plan to tow for many years. I'm at a park today and there is a public RV dump at the end of the row. All the RV's driving to the dump, I have seen multiple trucks with overweight trailers, or at least rear bumpers that are low to the ground and headlights pointing to the sky. Either their weight distribution hitches are incorrectly installed or they are overweight, or both...
Thermoguy 08/06/22 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Assessing RV Value

You can look up RV values on NADA. That is what I looked at when buying my RV. I would assume with the current market no source is really that accurate. A dealer needs to make money. Guessing that RV values are going to drop over the next year or so they are going to low ball you just so they can make a profit should the value drop and they can't sell it for "todays" value. I would look at Craigslist, other sources where people are selling a similar year make, etc to see what they are asking. Expect a trade to be much lower than that value. You can try to sell it outright but you take a tax hit on the new trailer and you might not be able to sell it quickly. If you do, good for you.
Thermoguy 07/31/22 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: EV's need gas too - Tow with a Tesla?

Ignoring the snarkiness of the original post, I wonder if there is an opportunity to develop an emergency rapid charge battery pack for RSA's in cases like this. The more EV's that get on the road, the more we will see running out of range issues. I envision one of those large battery packs like they use for jump starts etc, sort of like a quick charger for your phone only sized for an EV. Or even EV to EV charging. I can share power with someone else's phone if they need it, why couldn't the same principal be leveraged for EV's? Someone assists an EV out of power and juices them enough to get to a station without the need of a gas generator. Battery to battery. Foldable emergency solar panel? Just spitballing.. but I smell an opportunity. You invent a portable emergency charging method for EV's and cash would fall over itself to get in your wallet. Actually someone has already developed that for emergency towing companies. They have something like a super charger that can charge fast enough juice for a vehicle to get to a charging station. I'm sure not every towing company has one, but they are available.
Thermoguy 07/30/22 10:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator Fuel Question

I have a Champion 4500 dual fuel. I have never put gas in it. It is plenty of power for the AC (which is why I have it) I can run 1.5 days or so on 1 20lb propane tank. It is much easier to get and carry propane when camping vs having to bring a gas can that smells and can leak or be messy. Also, propane is much cleaner and I don't have to worry about cleaning the carb which I would if I used regular gas. Which, by the way, all my yard equipment, etc, I only buy ethanol free gas. It's a little more expensive, like buying diesel, but removes many of the carb issues that I had before I started buying ethanol free gas.
Thermoguy 07/30/22 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Patching an enclose underbelly

They make Coroplast tape - I haven't tried it but it should work. I have a couple cuts in mine as well. I used what I had laying around. Not great, but hasn't come undone.
Thermoguy 07/30/22 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

Unless your looking at new and the 1 year warranty that comes with an RV, then how does the question apply? The only work I've had done was by me or a local repair shop. Mostly me... Reading these forums it seems like any repair that is required by the manufacturer will go through all kinds of back and forth as they drag their feet. I think it all comes down to dealer. Some will be great and others not so much. Find a good local repair shop and start there.
Thermoguy 07/27/22 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rubber Roof Replacement

I'm surprised how many RV's I see headed down the road with a big bubble of roof in the front. Seems like a more than typical problem. I would think an inspection (for caulking, etc) you would see stretch marks and wonder why it looks that way. More people need to look at their roofs.
Thermoguy 07/27/22 05:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

Really a simple fix is a no compromise LongBed Truck. Don't tell me how a LB won't fit in your garage or how hard it is to park etc. My wife drives our RAM DRW Crew cab in Down Town Palm Springs, CA. I don't think you can call down town Palm Springs "town"... I was recently there for the first time and was surprised what a slow moving town it was. Lots of places to park in lots of on street. Go to down town LA and try to park in a garage, then let me know how that goes. Honestly, I think you can take a dually most anywhere, but if I had to do it often, I would choose a different daily driver.
Thermoguy 07/27/22 05:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

I popped out my back window the first year with my 5th wheel - in my driveway. My trailer has square corners so it definitely in the way. I don't have a slider and don't think I need one. I am just more careful how I back up. I really don't think it is ever an issue going forward, just backing up. I slow down and watch the rear of the cab on tight corners, but have never seen it get within 6" or so of the cab. It's not fun, sounds like a gunshot hit the window. Just glad no one was in the back seat.
Thermoguy 07/25/22 01:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sumo Springs on 2022 F350 SRW

I'm impressed that you have driven 4K miles in just over a month...
Thermoguy 07/24/22 01:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping in an EV.... Always charging...

I read that it's not recommended to charge to 100% unless you plan to take a trip. You should only charge to 80% for typical driving to maintain battery longevity. I also read that using supercharges for a tesla can reduce battery life significantly if you use them regularly, occasionally is OK, but not recommended to use them all the time. I also read that Pilot Gas Stations are adding charging stations to all there locations with the intention that some will be pulling trailers. They will also add for heavy haul trucks. In addition, the state of WA plans to add charging stations to all rest areas. Right now, the issue is the cart before the horse, not enough charging stations, that is changing quickly.
Thermoguy 07/24/22 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Good RV Mattress for heavier people

from personal experience, I would stay away from any kind of foam or memory foam mattress. I'm not suggesting I have tried all of them, but I have found they are too soft and sag towards the middle. Most important if you do try one, make sure you can return it or donate it for full refund if you don't like it. We have a sleep number at home and the best part is if it is too soft, you add more air to make it harder.
Thermoguy 07/23/22 12:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sabre 37FLL vs what?

There are a few units out there with mid bunks and a loft that would probably be similar. Or, Sierra and I think another one has a rear queen with a loft for a bunk house that would allow the kids to grow larger. One of the issue I have with my bunkhouse is not having room for toys. We have a bike rack on the back, but 3 bike is max as the bikes get larger it is harder to fit them on. We have taken 4 but it's hard to get them all on. Small bikes and kids bikes don't attach to a bike rack correctly. I would think about toy haulers, just so you can give the kids a place to call there own, store bikes, kayak or paddle boards. You might upgrade to a quad or motor bike in the future or something. The toy hauler lets you grow.
Thermoguy 07/21/22 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: renting a 5er tow vehicle

Does anyone know of any rental companies that would rent a tow vehicle for a 5th wheel? My cousin is stuck in Fillmore, UT because his diesel truck had water in the system. His truck might be out of commission for a bit and he is missing out on his vacation to Yellowstone. The local mechanic is not able to fix it so he is towing it to the Chevy dealership in Delta Utah. In hope of salvaging his trip, I was wondering if there are any companies who rent tow vehicles for a 5th wheel? Thanks in advance. Jason I tried to find a truck to haul my gooseneck as I have 2 trailers and 1 truck and needed to take both to an event in another state. I could not find any rentals that allow towing a trailer in the bed. I finally found a friend to drive and tow one of my trailers. I did not search for private rentals but found anything even close the rates were too high. You might try renting an RV or just staying in hotels.
Thermoguy 07/21/22 12:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

Camping this past week the people nearest us had a van camper. Every morning, they made breakfast, packed up their van and drove off, coming back that night. Until the 3rd night when someone else parked where they had been camping (not a reservation location). They drove in the area, drove around, then left to go somewhere else. Having a truck camper, if you went fishing, or just drive around the area, you could lose your camp spot having to find another one possibly every day. The advantage to a TT is you leave it, take the truck and come back to your camper after a day of fishing...
Thermoguy 07/17/22 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 2022 campgrounds

I just checked the WA State parks website and another more local parks website for availabilities, nothing that meets the requirement of 30-35' with power. All reserved for the weekends, checked July 14-17. I did see a few openings on mid week, like Tuesday - Thursday but only some sites. We're going to boondock starting Sunday to avoid the crowds. Already have a place picked out.
Thermoguy 07/08/22 02:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

Here is another video with someone towing an Airstream trailer with the Lightning. Looks like about 100 miles towing available, but they only drove about 5-10 miles so not a good "real world" test for distance, but a good review of everything else. They are good to point out that an RV user needs to go 300 miles with a charge for a EV to be viable to a RV user. Basically, as pointed out in this tread, the issue is battery capacity and range anxiety with regards to towing.
Thermoguy 07/08/22 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
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